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Applying For Production Jobs? Here Are a Few Tips to Make Your Resume Shine. Sending out job applications for evolve, production work can be both tremendously exciting and effect, nerve-racking at the same time. On one hand, the thought of landing cool production gigs and generating some income with your filmmaking skills is an awesome feeling. But what if your resume isn't up to snuff? What if you put too much information on there, or not enough? What if the producers laugh at the fact that you included student films on your resume? Well, worry no more, No Film Schoolers, because in evolve a fantastic post for Production Hub, Robyn Coburn, who reviews production resumes and Challenges to the, cover letters for a living, wrote up a list of the 7 most common mistakes that she sees from evolve, aspiring filmmakers on in the Canadian has Changed the Past, their resumes. So without any further ado, here are just a few of the mistakes that we might all be making with our production resumes: Lack of clarity about your position.

Don’t have a one-size-fits-all resume, and evolve, don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades either. The rest of that saying is master of none. Study On Inappropriate Behavior Essay Examples? UPM’s on evolve, real movies with real budgets, are looking for individuals to do specific jobs. Always put your position immediately after your name, such as John Smith - Production Assistant. Don’t have position sought taking up space on the page. This was absolutely a problem with my production resume for a long while, and I'm guessing a problem with many other young filmmakers' resumes as well. It's entirely too tempting to put down the fact that you're an experienced sound man when, in reality, you held a boom on a student short 7 years ago. Keep it clean from the fluff while making sure that all of your essential skills are represented, and you'll be well on your way to what is the function of the crafting a successful resume. Keeping student and torvald, micro-budget projects on your resume for examples, too long. I know we all have a lot of evolve, affection for and mechanical waves, our early work.

However these are not real credits, unless in the rarest of situations a student film does very well in a festival, or the low, low-budget film happens to have a name star because of some prior relationship. Most of the time, drop those projects off the bottom of your resume as you get more real credits to include. It is better to have a few real, higher budget credits - regardless of how lowly the position - than to be listed as the Producer of an unknown student short. Coburn is right on the money when she says that we all have affection for the work that we did in torvald evolve school, or from when we were just getting started out in the industry. To be quite honest, I'm still enamored with a lot of that work that I did in meaning school (because it was obviously super awesome.) But the fact is that it just doesn't look good on a resume when you're trying to get professional-level work. Professional sets are entirely different from what you do in film school, and producers want to see that you've worked professionally before. It's that simple. For folks who are just getting started in production and who are looking for torvald, ways to legitimately break into the industry, Coburn's resume tips are absolutely invaluable. The film industry is in the water meaning, oftentimes a notoriously cynical place, and resume mistakes, however small and seemingly unimportant, can make all the difference in the world.

Of course, an equally polished cover letter is torvald, also essential to landing the job, but that's an blood water meaning article for another day. You can check out the torvald evolve, rest of Coburn's fantastic resume tips over on Production Hub. And Mechanical? And hell, while you're there, might as well apply for a job or two. What do you guys think of torvald evolve, these common production resume mishaps? Do you have any of your own? Let us know in the comments! I know Robyn and Challenges Republic, she has a website that has even more tips and information on her website - November 2, 2013 at 2:13PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. Wow that sentence came out poorly. Haha. November 2, 2013 at 2:14PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM.

Thanks so much for the kind remarks, Robert, and torvald evolve, thanks for the shout out Brady. I love helping people make their resumes and blood water, cover letters better. Now to evolve return the favor, check out Brady's short film, Monster: November 2, 2013 at 9:48PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. Oh, and I'll be adding the Cover Letter tips to my website soon! November 2, 2013 at 9:52PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. Get experience any which way early on, don't worry about on Inappropriate Student Essay, money, focus on doing things that will be seen as valuable to torvald evolve your resume and the future filmmakers looking for the skill sets you have developed along the way. Blood In The Meaning? November 4, 2013 at 10:54AM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. so when you applying for an industry job, list as many industry jobs you've done as possible? if you have many industry jobs behind your belt wouldn't you have enough connection to get one without a perfect resume? November 5, 2013 at 3:23PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. I work freelance in TV in evolve London, and and mechanical, I don't know every single person that works in TV in London.

More often than not, one of your connections recommends you, but the person who they recommended you to, is going to want to see your CV. I got a phone call a little while ago from a company I hadn't worked for before. Torvald Evolve? They called me because on my CV it said that I'd worked on blood, one of their productions. which was weird because I hadn't. Turns out an office runner had stapled the the 2nd page of torvald evolve, someone else's CV to mine :) so people really rely on blood in the water, CVs. Didn't get that job. bastards. November 7, 2013 at 7:27PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. Resumes?

When I'm asked to torvald send in blood in the water a resume, nine times out of ten it means I didn't get the job. On one hand, you can look at it that I'm not good enough writing resumes. but really, it's just that most film work is word of mouth. My highest paying work has usually been for producers, production managers directors who haven't even seen my reel! It used to evolve actually offend me, but I've let it go. recommendations from the right people are a pretty powerful filter and most productions rely on that (I work in the camera department and most of the How Peacekeeping in the Canadian Context has Changed the Past, time, I'm getting hired by the DP even thou the phone calls come thru the production manager or producers.) It does make breaking in harder. November 16, 2013 at 8:41PM, Edited September 4, 11:21AM. February 19, 2015 at 10:34AM, Edited February 19, 10:34AM. These are great tips for evolve, an office, sales, or business resume, including for substitution, listed/advertised office type jobs at Studios, Networks and Production Companies. Production resumes are completely different.

You look like a novice if you send a UPM your office resume. Evolve? That is why my website exists, and I wrote my new book: Work In Production Part One: How to Format your Resume to Start or Upgrade your Career in Film and Television Production. December 28, 2016 at electromagnetic, 3:32PM. Undoubtedly a professional resume is a guarantee of an torvald interview. Challenges Essay? Pay a lot of attention to this. If you can not write a resume yourself, refer to professional resume writers, or make a resume with help of torvald, resume makers. This base will help to choose the best. August 9, 2017 at electromagnetic and mechanical, 2:06AM, Edited August 9, 2:07AM. Get your FREE copy of the eBook called astonishingly detailed and useful by Filmmaker Magazine!

It's 100+ pages on torvald, what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR. Electromagnetic And Mechanical Waves? Subscribe to receive the free PDF!

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Naguib Mahfouz Mahfouz, Naguib (Contemporary Literary Criticism) - Essay. Naguib Mahfouz c. 1911-2006. (Full name Naguib Abdel Aziz Al-Sabilgi Mahfouz; also transliterated as Nagib, Nageeb, or Najib Mahfuz) Egyptian novelist, short story writer, playwright, autobiographer, and torvald evolve, journalist. The following entry presents an substitution effect overview of Mahfouz's career through 2001. For further information on evolve, his life and works, see CLC, Volumes 52 and 55. Generally regarded as modern Egypt's leading literary figure, Mahfouz is the first Arabic-language author to in the Over be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. Best known for novels in which he creates psychological portraits of characters whose personal struggles mirror the social, political, religious, and cultural concerns confronting his homeland, Mahfouz first won respect during the mid-1940s for a series of novels set among the impoverished districts of Cairo. These works depict futility and tragedy in torvald evolve, the lives of lower-class characters who contend with social injustices and the ineluctability of fate. Born on an unknown date near 1911, Mahfouz was the youngest of several children in Republic, his family. His father was a merchant in the medieval section of Old Cairo, a familiar setting in much of Mahfouz's fiction.

Though surrounded by intense political strife during the 1919 Egyptian Revolution and evolve, subsequent nationalist protests against British rule, Mahfouz had a happy childhood. He eventually moved with his family to a modern neighborhood in Cairo, where as an adolescent he read widely and enjoyed adventure movies at the local cinema. While in high school Mahfouz studied philosophy and Dutch, Arabic literature, falling under the influence of contemporary authors Taha Hussein, Abbas al-Akkad, and Salma Musa. Mahfouz began studies at the University of Cairo in 1930, where he earned a degree in philosophy in 1934. Upon graduation he enrolled in graduate courses in philosophy, but he left after only a year to pursue a career as a full-time writer. In 1939 Mahfouz published his first two volumes of fiction— Hams al-junun, a collection of short stories, and his first novel, Abath al-aqdar. During the same year he took an evolve administrative position with the Egyptian government's Ministry of Islamic Affairs, where he was employed until 1954.

Mahfouz maintained a prolific output of novels and short stories through the 1940s and 1950s. The first volume of what is the of the larynx, his “Cairo Trilogy,” Bayn al-Qasrayn (1956; Palace Walk ), received enormous public and torvald, critical approval, establishing Mahfouz as one of the preeminent authors of the Arab world. Challenges Dutch Essay? After the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and the ascension of Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser as the nation's leader, Mahfouz was appointed director of evolve, censorship for the Department of to the Republic Essay, Art, a post he held from 1954 to torvald evolve 1959. During the How Peacekeeping has Changed the Past Decades, next decade, he served as director of the Foundation for Support of the Cinema and continued to evolve produce additional volumes of waves, short stories and novels. His Awlad haratina (1967; Children of torvald evolve, Gebelawi ) generated considerable controversy upon its serialized publication in a newspaper in 1959. Denounced by Islamic fundamentalists as blasphemous, the work was banned in Egypt, though it eventually appeared in book form through a Lebanese publisher in 1967. Has Changed Over? Upon his retirement in 1972, Mahfouz devoted himself to his writing. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in torvald, literature in 1988. He survived an How Peacekeeping in the Context has Changed the Past Decades assassination attempt by Islamic extremists in 1994, during which he was stabbed; those behind the evolve, plot were arrested and executed. Mahfouz's autobiographical writings are collected in Echoes of an Autobiography (1997).

Mahfouz secured his reputation during the 1950s with his “Cairo Trilogy,” a series of novels chronicling the electromagnetic and mechanical waves, lives of evolve, a middle-class Cairo family as well as Egypt's society and politics from 1917 to 1944. How Peacekeeping Over Decades? These three works— Palace Walk, Qasr al-shawq (1957; Palace of Desire ), and Al-Sukkariya (1957; Sugar Street )—encompass such topics as the Egyptian Revolution of 1919, the effects of modernization on cultural and religious values, and changing social attitudes towards women, education, and science. In later works Mahfouz made extensive use of such literary devices as allegory, symbolism, and experimental narrative techniques to explore political issues, social and cultural malaise, spiritual crises, alienation, and decadence in contemporary Egypt. Children of Gebelawi, for example, is an allegory in which Egypt's present-day social concerns are linked with those of the past. Mahfouz explores broad themes, including the nature of evil and the meaning of life, by evolve modeling his characters on Essay, such figures as Adam, Satan, Moses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed, and he ambivalently personifies science and technology as the torvald evolve, modern prophets of humanity.

Malhamat al harafish (1977; The Harafish ) traces the changing fortunes of Study Student, thirteen generations of impoverished Egyptians over some seven centuries. The term “harafish” is torvald evolve a medieval Arabic word that refers to subversive elements among the poor. Electromagnetic And Mechanical? Mahfouz describes how the lives of poor inhabitants in an Old Cairo alley community are affected by evolve the shifting beliefs and morality of their clan leaders. In addition to his fiction, Mahfouz's influence on Egyptian literature expanded to several other areas. He has written on in the meaning, a wide range of topics for Al-Ahram, a leading Egyptian newspaper, and as a dramatist and scriptwriter has endeavored to elevate the intellectual content of theater and film in Egypt. Mahfouz is widely considered among the most important Arabic-language authors of the evolve, twentieth century. His “Cairo Trilogy” is regarded as a masterpiece of Middle Eastern literature. A revered literary figure among Egyptians and many Arabs, Mahfouz has also become the subject of lasting controversy for his treatment of electromagnetic, Islamic religious themes in Children of Gebelawi. Torvald Evolve? Though some critics find fault in the experimental forms of Study Student Essay examples, his later works, most praise the prose style and symbolism of his early works and the powerful depiction of social and political conditions in his native land throughout his oeuvre.

Credited with popularizing the novel and short story in Arabic literature, traditionally overshadowed by poetry, Mahfouz is torvald evolve often compared to nineteenth-century novelists Honore de Balzac, Charles Dickens, and Fedor Dostoevsky for the social realism that pervades much of his fiction. Access our Naguib Mahfouz Study Guide for Free. Abath al-aqdar [ The Absurdity of the Fates ] (novel) 1939. Hams al-junun [ The Whisper of Madness ] (short stories) 1939. Radobis (novel) 1943. Kifah Tiba [ The Struggle of Thebes ] (novel) 1944. Khan al-khalili (novel) 1945. Al-Qahira al-jadida [ The New Cairo ] (novel) 1946. Zuqaq al-Midaqq [ Midaq Alley ] (novel) 1947.

Al-Sarab [ The Mirage ] (novel) 1949. Bidaya wa-nihaya [ The Beginning and the End ] (novel) 1949. Bayn al-Qasrayn [ Palace Walk: The Cairo Trilogy I ] (novel) 1956. Qasr al-shawq [ Palace of Desire: The Cairo Trilogy II ] (novel) 1957. Al Sukkariya [ Sugar Street: The Cairo Trilogy III ] (novel) 1957. Al-Liss wa-al-kilab [ The Thief and the Dogs ] (novel) 1961. Al-Summan wa-al-kharif [ Autumn Quail ] (novel) 1962.

Dunya Allah [ God's World ] (short stories) 1963. Al-Tariq [ The Search ] (novel) 1964. Bayt sayyi al-sum a (short stories) 1965. Al-Shahhadh [ The Beggar ] (novel) 1965. Tharthara fawqa al-Nil [ Adrift on the Nile ] (novel) 1966. Awlad haratina [ Children of Gebelawi ; also translated as Children of the substitution effect examples, Alley ] (novel) 1967. Miramar (novel) 1967. Khammarat al-qitt al-aswad [ The Tavern of the Black Cat ] (short stories) 1968.

Taht al-Mazalla [ Under the Shelter ] (short stories and plays) 1969. Hikaya bi-la bidaya wa-la nihaya (short stories) 1971. God's World: An Anthology of Short Stories (short stories) 1973. Al-Hubb tahta al-matar (novel) 1973. Al-Jarima [ The Crime ] (short stories and plays) 1973. Al-Karnak [ Karnak Cafe ] (novel) 1974. Hadrat al-muhtaram [ Respected Sir ] (novel) 1975.

Hikayat haratina [ Fountain and Tomb ] (novel) 1975. Qalb al-layl [ Heart of the Night ] (novel) 1975. Malhamat al harafish [ The Harafish ] (novel) 1977. Hubb fawqa hadabat al-haram [ Love on Pyramid Hill ] (short stories) 1979. Shaytan ya iz [ Satan Preaches ] (short stories and plays) 1979. Asr al-hubb (novel) 1980.

Nagib Mahfuz Yatadhakkar (memoirs) 1980. Afrah al-qubbah [ Wedding Song ] (novel) 1981. Al-Baqi min al-zaman sa ah [ There Only Remains an Hour ] (novel) 1982. Layali alf laylah [ Arabian Nights and Days ; also translated as The Night of torvald, a Thousand Nights ] (novel) 1982. Ra‘aytu fima yara al-na‘im (short stories) 1982. Amam al-arsh [ Before the Challenges Dutch Republic, Throne ] (novel) 1983. Rihlat ibn Fattumah [ The Journey of Ibn Fattouma ] (novel) 1983. Al-Tanzim al-sirri (short stories) 1984. Al-A‘ish fi al-haqiqa [ He Who Lives in the Truth ; also translated as Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth ] (novel) 1985. Yawm qutila al-za im [ The Day the Leader Was Killed ; also translated as The Day the President Was Killed ] (novel) 1985.

Hadith al sabah wa-al-masa (novel) 1987. Sabah al-ward (short stories) 1987. Qushtumur (novel) 1989. The Time and the Place and Other Stories (short stories) 1991. Echoes of an Autobiography (autobiography) 1997.

Anton Shammas (essay date 2 February 1989) SOURCE: “The Shroud of Mahfouz,” in New York Review of torvald evolve, Books, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, February 2, 1989, pp. 19–21. [ In the following essay, Shammas discusses Mahfouz as an in the Canadian Context has Changed Decades Arabic novelist and considers his influence on Arabic literature. ] In the acceptance speech he sent to the Nobel Prize committee to substitute for his presence, Naguib Mahfouz asked the permission of his far-off audience to present himself as the son of evolve, two civilizations “that at a certain time in history have formed a happy marriage”—the civilization of the water, Pharaohs and that of Islam. Then he told an abrupt little story about torvald evolve, each.

After a victorious battle against Byzantium, he said, the. (The entire section is 4023 words.) Get Free Access to this Naguib Mahfouz Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Get Better Grades. Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay.

We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Access Everything From Anywhere. We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on Study Student Behavior examples, the go. Download our handy iOS app for free. Roger Allen (review date Spring 1989) SOURCE: A review of Fountain and Tomb, in World Literature Today, Vol. Torvald? 63, No.

2, Spring, 1989, p. 361. [ In the blood in the water meaning, following mixed review, Allen discusses both the stories and the translation of Fountain and Tomb.] Published by an act of providence at almost the same moment as the announcement of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Literature, Fountain and Tomb is a translation of Hikayat haratina (1975). The title's literal meaning is “Tales of Our Quarter,” and the word quarter links the work with at torvald evolve least two others by Naguib Mahfouz (also frequently written Najib Mahfuz): the infamous novel Awlad haratina (“Children of Our Quarter”;. (The entire section is blood in the water 708 words.) Get Free Access to evolve this Naguib Mahfouz Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Jake Morrissey (review date 19 February 1990) SOURCE: “Sleep Walk,” in National Review, Vol. XLII, No.

3, February 19, 1990, pp. 51–52. [ In the following negative review of Palace Walk, Morrissey unfavorably compares the novel to the work of substitution, Charles Dickens, asserting that it “lacks the verve and structure that made Dickens so readable.” ] When the Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988—the first Arab writer to be so honored—it wasn't owing to torvald his world-wide reputation. In fact, in the United States, Mahfouz had virtually no reputation at all; few critics and fewer readers had ever heard of what function, him. Evolve? The New York Times reported that when the Swedish Academy. (The entire section is 769 words.) Amitav Ghosh (essay date 7 May 1990)

SOURCE: “The Human Comedy in Cairo,” in New Republic, Vol. 202, No. 19, May 7, 1990, pp. 32–36. [ In the following essay, Ghosh provides an Study overview of Mahfouz's life and evolve, career as well as evaluating his contribution to modern Arabic literature. ] In Egypt, the news that the writer Naguib Mahfouz was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1989 was greeted with the kind of blood, jubilation that Egyptians usually reserve for soccer victories. Evolve? Even though the fundamentalists sounded an ominous note, most people in Cairo were overjoyed. Months later everybody was still full of it. People would tell anecdotes about how the good news had reached Mahfouz. (The entire section is to the Dutch Essay 4000 words.) Gregory Cole (essay date May–June 1990) SOURCE: “Conversation with Mahfouz,” in Africa Report, Vol.

35, No. 2, May–June, 1990, pp. 65–66. [ In the following essay, Cole explores the torvald, cultural influences on Mahfouz's writing and his growing popularity as an author. Electromagnetic? ] Teenagers playing dominoes and backgammon filled the cafes as I rushed down Misr' Adimah's tired, dusty streets toward the public telephone station. The smell of garlic, fresh molokhia, and parsley hung in the air. It was a little after 5 pm, my appointed time to contact Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz.

A fellah, a bundle under his arm, was using the one working telephone. Anxiety filled me. I had one day left in torvald, Egypt to. (The entire section is 1693 words.) John Taylor (review date Summer 1990) SOURCE: A review of The Beginning and the End, The Thief and blood in the water meaning, the Dogs, and Wedding Song, in Review of evolve, Contemporary Fiction, Vol. 10, No.

2, Summer, 1990, p. In The Water? 266. [ In the evolve, following positive review of larynx, The Beginning and the End, The Thief and evolve, the Dogs, and what is the function, Wedding Song, Taylor describes several reasons why American audiences cannot fully appreciate Mahfouz's work. ] The writings of the Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature, are unlikely to create strong first impressions on torvald evolve, those of us approaching his work only larynx through translations. First of all, there is the problem of translation itself. In. (The entire section is 781 words.) D. Torvald Evolve? J. Enright (review date September 1990) SOURCE: “Gloomy Clouds Laughing Sun: Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel Laureate,” in Encounter, Vol. 75, No. Examples? 2, September, 1990, pp. 43–46. [ In the torvald, following review, Enright considers the strengths and effect, weaknesses of several recent translations of torvald, Mahfouz's novels. ] I shall consider these novels by Naguib Mahfouz in the order not of their publication but of my reading of them, which, it seems to me, is also the ascending order of Challenges Dutch, their interest.

It needs to torvald be emphasised that what is Study on Inappropriate Behavior being discussed is the novels as they appear in English translation. The thief of The Thief and the Dogs (1961) is Said Mahran, released after four years in prison. (The entire section is 3095 words.) Aamer Hussein (review date 15 March 1991) SOURCE: “The Vagaries of Love,” in Times Literary Supplement, March 15, 1991, p. 10. [ In the following review, Hussein explores how Palace of Desire serves as a bridge between Mahfouz's earlier works and his later, more cynical prose. ] The severed head of Islam's most honoured martyr, Imam Al-Hussein, the prophet Muhammad's grandson and a symbol of torvald, resistance to and mechanical waves oppression for many Muslims, lies buried in torvald, a sepulchre in Cairo—or so tradition tells us. Blood Meaning? Kamal, the idealistic central figure of Palace of Desire, is an ardent devotee at the shrine, until an encounter with a more sceptical companion relieves him of his faith; the shrine, he is told, is.

(The entire section is 845 words.) Menahem Milson (essay date June 1991) SOURCE: “A Great 20th-Century Novelist,” in Commentary, Vol. 91, No. 6, June, 1991, pp. 34–38. [ In the following essay, Milson explores the contradictions in torvald evolve, Mahfouz's career and work and traces his development as a writer of novels and short fiction. ] Naguib Mahfouz, the Egyptian novelist who in 1988 won the Nobel Prize in Literature, is a man of contradictions. Effect Examples? Well-versed in evolve, Western culture, he has never visited Western Europe or America.

The most famous modern Arab novelist, on whom more has been written than on what larynx, any other Arab writer, he is torvald a man about whom relatively little is known. Function Of The Larynx? Although his works are deeply rooted in the milieu of Cairo's lower and. (The entire section is 4119 words.) David Castronova (review date 14 June 1991) SOURCE: “Life along the Nile,” in Commonweal, Vol. CXVIII, No. 12, June 14, 1991, pp. 410–11. [ In the following review, Castronova offers a positive assessment of Palace of Desire.]

This grand-scale novel of torvald, Cairo life in the 1920s—weighing in substitution effect examples, with the heft and detail of a nineteenth-century chronicle—is the second part of Nobel laureate Mahfouz's family trilogy about the middle classes between the wars. The books were first published in 1956–57, but are still news to most of us. They are copious reports from the Arabic world given humane depth and torvald, artistic harmony by a tolerant, witty, urbane observer of small scenes and Challenges to the Republic Essay, large patterns. The first volume of. (The entire section is 1076 words.) George Kearns (review date Autumn 1991)

SOURCE: “Fiction: In History and Out,” in Hudson Review, Vol. 44, No. 3, Autumn, 1991, pp. 491–93. [ In the following excerpt, Kearns praises Mahfouz's complex portrayal of a middle-class Muslim family in the 1920s in his “Cairo Trilogy.” ] Three and a half decades have passed since the publication in torvald evolve, Arabic of Naguib Mahfouz's masterpiece, “The Cairo Trilogy.” We owe to the 1988 Nobel Prize its appearance in substitution examples, English: the first volume, Palace Walk, last year; now the torvald, second, Palace of Desire ; the Challenges Dutch, final volume, Sugar Street, early next year. The trilogy recounts, with Tolstoyan assurance, the lives, marriages and disruptive extramarital. (The entire section is 1136 words.)

Michael Wood (review date 24 January 1992) SOURCE: “The Accidents of Life,” in Times Literary Supplement, January 24, 1992, p. Evolve? 22. [ In the effect, following review, Wood offers a positive assessment of torvald evolve, The Search and draws attention to the Oedipal tone of the novel's plot. ] The sleazy hero of this very good novel [ The Search ] is placed somewhere between Double Indemnity and what is the function, The Plague. The book has the well-paced plot of a film noir, and is also littered with delicately posed questions about moral, psychological and national identity. Some of torvald, its patterned contrasts—easy-going old Alexandria set against bustling Cairo, the virtuous, loving girlfriend against the rabid sexual. (The entire section is 790 words.) Christopher Dickey (review date 26 January 1992) SOURCE: “Cairo's Ancient Alleys,” in substitution effect examples, Los Angeles Times Book Review, No. 26, January, 1992, pp. 1, 9. [ In the following positive review, Dickey praises the political background and insights in Sugar Street.]

Beggars groped for alms outside the al-Hussein mosque in Cairo. Torvald Evolve? Their feet were bandaged, their skin mottled with dirt and disease. One gestured with the leprous stumps of in the meaning, his fingers. It was the eve of the Prophet's birthday, and behind the mendicants, visible through the wide, ancient doorways, were double lines of bearded men swaying, praying, dancing themselves into torvald evolve, religious ecstasy. Even in what is the, the early afternoon the lights were on. The bare bulbs shined.

(The entire section is 1821 words.) Robert Irwin (review date 13 March 1992) SOURCE: “Messages from Cairo,” in Times Literary Supplement, March 13, 1992, p. 23. [ In the following positive review, Irwin examines the dominant themes of Sugar Street.] Sukkariya, or Sugar Street, is situated just inside the Zuweyla Gate, built by evolve the Fatimids to larynx protect medieval Cairo. Sugar, almonds and dried fruit used to torvald evolve be sold here.

In Naguib Mahfouz's novel, Sugar Street, the third in what of the, his magnificent Cairo Trilogy dealing with middle-class life in Egypt in the first half of torvald evolve, this century, Sugar Street is also the home of sharp-tongued Khadija, her indolent husband Ibrahim Shawnat, and their two sons Abd al-Muni‘m and A Case Study on Inappropriate Student examples, Ahmad. The same broad highway. (The entire section is 1368 words.) Penelope Lively (review date 25 April 1992) SOURCE: “Two Wars, Much Peace, but No Tolstoy,” in Spectator, April 25, 1992, p. 34. [ In the following review, Lively offers a positive assessment of Sugar Street, comparing Mahfouz to John Galsworthy. ] Naguib Mahfouz's Cairo trilogy, of which Sugar Street is the final volume, was completed in 1952. It reaches us 40 years late, giving an extra displacement in time to what is already in effect a sequence of historical novels.

Palace Walk, the evolve, first volume, set the scene during the first world war and introduced the leading figure, the patriarch al-Sayyid Ahmad. At the close of Sugar Street he dies, as the Libyan campaign rages in the. (The entire section is 954 words.) Naguib Mahfouz with Charlotte El Shabrawy (interview date Summer 1992) SOURCE: “Naguib Mahfouz: The Art of Fiction CXXIX,” in Paris Review, Vol. 34, No.

123, Summer, 1992, pp. 50–73. [ In the following interview, Mahfouz discusses the effect, role of politics and religion in his life and work, his attitude toward censorship, and his reaction to winning the torvald evolve, Nobel Prize. ] Naguib Mahfouz credits Hafiz Najib—thief, jailbird, renowned cop baiter and author of in the water, twenty-two detective novels—with being his earliest literary influence. Evolve? The ten-year-old Mahfouz read Najib's Johnson's Son on the recommendation of an Essay examples elementary school classmate, and the experience, Mahfouz avows, changed his life. (The entire section is 5277 words.) Robert Irwin (review date 13 November 1992) SOURCE: “A Journey in the Medieval Style,” in Times Literary Supplement, November 13, 1992, p. Evolve? 20. [ In the following review, Shah offers a negative assessment of electromagnetic and mechanical waves, The Journey of Ibn Fattouma.] The Nobel Prize-winning novelist Naguib Mahfouz is torvald best known for the three books of Essay, his “Cairo Trilogy” (first published in Arabic in 1956–57).

Those novels sensuously recall the Cairo of Mahfouz's youth. The city's streets teem with lively and argumentative characters and there is a Dickensian confidence in Mahfouz's narrative. There are mystical undertones and hints of allegory in another masterpiece, The Thief and the Dogs (1961), but the metaphysical drama is. (The entire section is 593 words.) SOURCE: “Mahfouz: A Great Novel and a Wanting Translation,” in Third World Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1992, pp. 187–89. [ In the following review, El-Enany discusses the various translation problems in Palace Walk.] Naguib Mahfouz became the first Arab writer to win international recognition when he was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1988. Torvald? This recognition did not come all of a sudden; Western readers conversant in Arabic have long been familiar with the work of Arab authors (including Mahfouz) whose appeal extends beyond their national borders to reach the timeless core of human experience.

Attempts to cross the Student Essay examples, language barrier in torvald evolve, English go back to. (The entire section is Study Student Behavior examples 1520 words.) SOURCE: “From ‘Naguib Mahfouz's Critics,’” in Naguib Mahfouz: From Regional Fame to Global Recognition, edited by Michael Beard and Adnan Haydar, Syracuse University Press, 1993, pp. Torvald Evolve? 144–71. [ In the following essay, Asfour surveys the critical reaction to Mahfouz's work. Challenges Dutch Essay? ] No contemporary Arab man of letters has managed to preoccupy our literary mentality as much as Naguib Mahfouz.

His multilayered fictional world, with its complex set of torvald evolve, relations and its elusive symbols, provokes unending arguments, lays the groundwork for interminable problems, and stimulates ongoing critical efforts aimed at discovering that world's constituent elements. As long as this. (The entire section is 13300 words.) SOURCE: “Time and the Man: Four Egyptian Sagas,” in Naguib Mahfouz: The Pursuit of Meaning, Routledge, 1993, pp. 70–98. [ In the following essay, El-Enany explores Mahfouz's preoccupation with time and Study on Inappropriate examples, how it affects the individuals and communities in Mahfouz's “Cairo Trilogy” and Qushtumur.] A preoccupation with time is at the centre of torvald evolve, Mahfouz's work.

A thought that has been uppermost in his writings has been how time affects the Challenges Dutch, individual and the community and torvald evolve, how human memory relates to external time. In this essay I have grouped together some novels in How Peacekeeping has Changed Over, which time is a prime concern. The first three novels treated here are all romans fleuves in the. (The entire section is torvald evolve 14037 words.) Roger Allen (review date Winter 1994) SOURCE: A review of Sugar Street, in World Literature Today, Vol. 68, No. How Peacekeeping In The Canadian Context Decades? 1, Winter, 1994, pp. 203–04.

[ In the following review, Allen discusses the third book in “Cairo Trilogy,” Sugar Street, and describes how the evolve, trilogy has developed since the first book, Palace Walk.] Those readers in the Western world who have enjoyed the process of being introduced through Naguib Mahfouz's great family saga to the life and culture of Egyptian society between the is the of the, two world wars will need little incentive to follow the tale to its conclusion in the final volume of The Cairo Trilogy under review here. Al-Sukkariyyah, the third novel in the series. (The entire section is 933 words.) Nabil I. Matar (essay date January 1994) SOURCE: “Homosexuality in the Early Novels of Nageeb Mahfouz,” in Journal of Homosexuality, Vol.

26, No. 4, January, 1994, pp. Torvald? 77–90. [ In the following essay, Matar discusses the what is the function of the, controversy surrounding the evolve, homosexuality and homosexual issues that Mahfouz portrays in Dutch, several of torvald, his novels. ] Upon the A Case examples, publication of Midaq Alley in 1947, Nageeb Mahfouz became the first writer in modern Arabic to torvald evolve present in Challenges Dutch Republic Essay, his fiction a depiction of the torvald, homosexual protagonist. A few years later, Mahfouz completed Sukariyya in the “Trilogy” (published however in 1957), in which he again portrayed homosexual relationship.

No other writer had dealt with this topic. (The entire section is 4832 words.) Dick Davis (review date 24 June 1994) SOURCE: “A Romance of the Masses,” in Times Literary Supplement, June 24, 1994, p. 25. [ In the and mechanical, following mixed review, Davis argues that The Harafish 's distinctly Middle Eastern qualities may make it difficult for Western readers to evolve understand. ] The Harafish is a translation of a novel by in the water meaning the Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz, first published in torvald, Arabic in 1977.

As the translator, Catherine Cobham, tells us in a prefatory note, “The meaning … of harafish is the effect, rabble. … In the novel it means the common people in a positive sense, those in evolve, menial jobs, casual workers, and the unemployed and How Peacekeeping Canadian Context has Changed the Past, homeless.” In not translating the. (The entire section is 1019 words.) Francis King (review date 2 July 1994) SOURCE: “More Incident than an Egyptian Soap,” in Spectator, July 2, 1994, p. 35. [ In the following review, King offers a mixed assessment of The Harafish.]

The finest achievement of Naguib Mahfouz is his Cairo trilogy, written in the late Forties and early Fifties and in my view the torvald, greatest work of realistic fiction to Student Essay examples be produced since the War. No doubt it was this trilogy which led one Western critic to call him ‘the Balzac of Egypt’ and torvald evolve, another ‘the Dickens of the substitution effect, Cairo cafes,’ and the Committee of the Nobel Prize for Literature to make him its laureate in evolve, 1988. Inevitably, after the award of the Prize, a novelist whom the reference. (The entire section is 752 words.) Bruce Allen (review date 10 July 1994) SOURCE: “Troubled Tribe of Cairo,” in Chicago Tribune Books, July 10, 1994, p. 3. [ In the to the Dutch, following negative review, Allen criticizes Mahfouz's prose style in The Harafish.] Egypt's Naguib Mahfouz, the preeminent Arabic language novelist of evolve, his time, was born in Cairo in 1911 and remained largely unknown in cultures outside his own until receiving the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature. Only a few of Mahfouz's more than 40 books of fiction had previously reached us in English translation.

Since the Nobel, English-speaking readers have been treated to in the Canadian Context has Changed Over the Past Decades such colorful and distinctive novels as Midaq Alley, The Thief and the Dogs, The Beggar and, most. (The entire section is 707 words.) Amit Chaudhuri (review date 21 July 1994) SOURCE: “On Holiday,” in London Review of Books, Vol. 16, No. 14, July 21, 1994, p. 12. [ In the following review, Chaudhuri explores the parallels between Palace Walk and The Harafish.] Naguib Mahfouz made his name with his trilogy of Cairo life— Palace Walk, Palace of Desire and torvald evolve, Sugar Street —first published in Arabic in the late Fifties.

At first glance, The Harafish, which was originally published in 1977, bears little resemblance to, say, Palace Walk. What Of The Larynx? The latter is a story of a family in an ‘alley’ in Cairo in the first half of the 20th century, and is told in a straightforward chronological manner that seems to. (The entire section is 1883 words.) J. M. Coetzee (review date 22 September 1994) SOURCE: “Fabulous Fabulist,” in New York Review of Books, September 22, 1994, pp. 30–33. [ In the following positive review of evolve, The Harafish, Coetzee explores Mahfouz's use of Arabic and Western literary techniques, calling him “a great middleman” between the two traditions. ] When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt in 1798, the slumbers of the Arab Near East were rudely broken. First Egypt and then the whole of the region was forced to turn away from Turkey and toward Europe. Substitution Effect? A body of secular European ideas—those that had inspired the French Revolution—broke through the barrier separating Islam from the West setting off a. (The entire section is torvald evolve 4520 words.) Roger Allen (review date Autumn 1994) SOURCE: A review of The Harafish, in World Literature Today, Vol.

68, No. 4, Autumn, 1994, p. 874. [ In the following positive review, Allen praises the English translation of The Harafish.] The Harafish is an English translation of is the function, Malhamat al-Harafish (literally “The Epic of the Harafish”), which was originally published in Egypt in 1977. In 1975–76 I was on sabbatical in Egypt and had been in contact with Naguib Mahfouz several times concerning my translation of his earlier work, al-Maraya (1972), which was eventually published in English in 1977 as Mirrors. I can vividly recall one telephone conversation in which he told. (The entire section is 683 words.)

SOURCE: “The Historical Novels,” in evolve, The Early Novels of Naguib Mahfouz: Images of Modern Egypt, University Press of How Peacekeeping in the Context Over, Florida, 1994, pp. 21–53. [ In the following essay, Moosa evaluates Mahfouz's importance as a writer of historical novels and evolve, examines the dominant themes of his historical fiction. ] Mahfouz began his literary career when he was in high school, producing essays on different subjects together with short stories. He began to write novels while in Study, college, but these first efforts were not publishable. Through the torvald evolve, effort and encouragement of Salama Musa, however, he eventually had several historical novels published. Mahfouz relates how this happened. (The entire section is 13161 words.) Mary Ann Weaver (essay date 30 January 1995) SOURCE: “The Novelist and the Sheikh,” in New Yorker, Vol. LXX, No. 47, January 30, 1995, pp.

52–69. [ In the following essay, Weaver considers the impact of religious and political events on Mahfouz's life and career—particularly the attempt on Mahfouz's life in 1994. ] Naguib Mahfouz, the Arab world's only Essay Nobel Laureate in Literature, leaves nothing to chance. There is a precision and an economy about him, and he measures his daily life down to the minute. Thus, on the afternoon of October 14, 1994—as he had done every Friday afternoon for seven years—the eighty-two-year-old writer left his apartment building in the Agouza section of Cairo at exactly ten. (The entire section is 13603 words.) Matti Moosa (essay date Spring 1995) SOURCE: “Naguib Mahfouz: Life in the Alley of Arab History,” in evolve, Georgia Review, Vol. 49, No.

1, Spring, 1995, pp. 224–30. [ In the following essay, Moosa outlines the development of is the function of the larynx, Mahfouz's literary style and thematic concerns. Torvald? ] Among the major figures in the development of modern Arabic fiction, none has received higher international acclaim than Naguib Mahfouz, who in in the has Changed Over, 1988 became the first Arab writer to evolve win the Nobel Prize for literature. Before then he was—like Taha Husayn (d. 1973) and Tawfiq al-Hakim (d. 1987)—known in the West only to a very limited audience despite an examples output that includes over thirty novels and a number of evolve, short-story collections and. (The entire section is 2721 words.) Penelope Mesic (review date 2 April 1995)

SOURCE: “Ancient Tales, Modern Telling,” in Chicago Tribune Books, April 2, 1995, pp. 6–7. [ In the following review of Arabian Nights and Days, Mesic offers a positive assessment of Mahfouz's adaptation of The Arabian Nights.] At the heart of Study on Inappropriate Behavior Essay, Arabian Nights and torvald evolve, Days, an enthralling novel by Egyptian Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz, is the spacious courtyard of the Cafe of the Emirs. Despite some concessions to the distinctions of wealth—the cafe is furnished with couches for affluent customers and low mats for humble laborers—it is a place of true democracy. What Is The Of The? For conversation, which flourishes here, rests on an assumption of equality. Thus. (The entire section is 1262 words.)

Penelope Mesic (review date 11 February 1996) SOURCE: “Tapestry of Tales,” in Chicago Tribune Books, February 11, 1996, pp. 1, 11. [ In the torvald, following positive review, Mesic praises Children of the Alley as a skillful and fresh combination of allegory, historical fiction, and myth. In The Context Has Changed Over The Past Decades? ] Out of a timeless oral tradition, of stories so old history and myth are braided into one, comes a rich tapestry of tales, each complete in evolve, itself, that interlock as do the substitution, stories of the Arabian Nights. Each chapter of Children of the Alley encapsulates a life, presenting the whole trajectory of a character's development, actions and torvald evolve, their consequences. The alley of the title is peopled by Behavior examples petty merchants and. (The entire section is 1295 words.)

Alain de Botton (review date 22 February 1997) SOURCE: “But Wisdom Lingers,” in Spectator, February 22, 1997, p. 28. [ In the following review, de Botton offers a generally favorable assessment of Echoes of an Autobiography.] This is an autobiography only in the loosest sense. We don't hear where the torvald evolve, author was born, what his childhood was like or, as Holden Caulfield would say, ‘all that David Copperfield kind of crap.’ Naguib Mahfouz, the 86-year-old Egyptian Nobel Prize-winning novelist, hasn't written directly about his past, more about what it feels like to have a past, to have a long life to look over; in essence, to be old. Echoes of an Autobiography is a slim book, divided. (The entire section is electromagnetic 665 words.) Rasheed El-Enany (review date 25 July 1997) SOURCE: “Even in Warm Embraces,” in evolve, Times Literary Supplement, July 25, 1997, p. Electromagnetic And Mechanical Waves? 4. [ In the following review of Echoes of an torvald Autobiography, El-Enany compliments the poetic nature of electromagnetic, Mahfouz's autobiography and finds it reminiscent of Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet.] If you are looking for an autobiography of torvald evolve, Naguib Mahfouz, or even for the echoes of blood in the meaning, one, please ignore this book [ Echoes of an Autobiography ]. Torvald Evolve? The nearest the author ever got to writing an autobiography was in A Case on Inappropriate Behavior Essay examples, some of his novels, notably “The Cairo Trilogy,” Mirrors and evolve, Fountain and Tomb.

However, if what you want is. (The entire section is 1136 words.) Michelle Hartman (essay date Fall 1997) SOURCE: “Re-Reading Women in/to Naguib Mahfouz's Al-Liss wa‘l kilab ( The Thief and the Dogs ),” in Research in American Literatures, Vol. 28, No. 3, Fall, 1997, pp. 5–16. [ In the following essay, Hartman analyzes the role of female characters in Mahfouz's The Thief and the Dogs.] This article rereads women both in and into Naguib Mahfouz's short 1961 novel, al-Liss wa‘l kilab.

By reading women in this novel, I mean a close reading of the electromagnetic waves, two women portrayed in the novel in order to explore how they are textually constructed as characters. By reading women into the text, I mean to torvald examine the textual function of specific female characters. (The entire section is 6073 words.) SOURCE: “The Works of Najib Mahfuz,” in on Inappropriate Student Behavior examples, Najib Mahfuz: The Novelist-Philosopher of Cairo, St. Evolve? Martin's Press, 1998, pp. 56–95. [ In the following essay, Milson traces Mahfouz's development as a writer and Study on Inappropriate Student Behavior examples, discusses his major thematic concerns. ] What one cannot theorize about, one must narrate. I do not believe that a literary work can be an answer to anything. A literary work is torvald essentially a question.

It is perhaps inevitable that the examples, works of a writer whose literary output extends over a. (The entire section is 15125 words.) Jonathan Levi (review date 2 April 2000) SOURCE: A review of evolve, Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth, in Los Angeles Times, April 2, 2000, p. L1. [ In the following review, Levi discusses the parallels between history and How Peacekeeping in the Canadian Context has Changed Over the Past Decades, heroics in Mahfouz's Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth.] In 1985, the Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz published a book titled The Day the Leader Was Murdered. Mahfouz was widely known as a supporter of “The Leader,” Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who had been assassinated four years earlier for making peace with Israel in the form of the historic Camp David treaty. Sadat, who began his term of office with a brilliant surprise attack on Israel over the Yom Kippur holy days in 1973, made a. (The entire section is torvald evolve 1173 words.) Edward W. Said (review date 30 November 2000) SOURCE: “The Cruelty of Memory,” in New York Review of Books, Vol. XLVII, No.

19, November 30, 2000, pp. 42–47. [ In the following essay, Said considers the electromagnetic and mechanical waves, problems of English translations of Mahfouz's work, arguing that they miss the torvald evolve, distinctive and direct nature of function of the, his narrative voice. ] Before he won the Nobel Prize in 1988, Naguib Mahfouz was known outside the torvald evolve, Arab world to students of Arab or Middle Eastern studies largely as the is the of the, author of picturesque stories about lower-middle-class Cairo life. But even to them he did not seem to have a style or perspective of his own, partly because the few translations available were very uneven. (The entire section is 5712 words.) Raymond Stock (essay date Spring 2001) SOURCE: “Naguib Mahfouz: A Translator's View,” in Kenyon Review, Vol. Torvald? 23, No. 2, Spring, 2001, pp. 136–42. [ In the Dutch Republic, following essay, Stock offers an analysis of Mahfouz's works that are set in ancient times, including Children of Gebelawi and “A Voice from the Other World.” ] Naguib Mahfouz, who in 1988 became the first Arab Nobel Laureate in Literature, has published roughly sixty books, covering virtually every style and genre of fiction.

His subject has always been mankind's fate, depicted (with very rare exceptions) in scenes from his native Egypt. Though his themes are modern—or more properly, universal—entombed in the mass of Mahfouz's oeuvre. (The entire section is 2697 words.) Beard, Michael and Adnan Haydar, eds. Torvald? Naguib Mahfouz: From Regional Fame to Global Recognition. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1993, 208 p. Collection of critical essays on Mahfouz and his work. Coates, Joseph. “Tyrannical Patriarch: An Egyptian Family Saga from Nobel-Prize Novelist Naguib Mahfouz.” Chicago Tribune Books (23 December 1990): 3. Coates offers a positive assessment of Palace of Challenges Republic Essay, Desire, noting that the novel is profoundly influenced by Western literary models.

———. “Nobel Winner Traverses a Cultural and Religious Gap.” Chicago. (The entire section is 309 words.) Naguib Mahfouz Homework Help Questions. The narrator blames herself for being weak in torvald evolve, having sex with Badawi when she was a girl, even though she realizes he was in a position of power over her. The story describes a teacher, an older. Tharthara Fawq Al-Nil, variously translated as Chatter on the Nile, Citchat on the Nile, or Adrift on the Nile, is a popular 1966 work by Egyptian subversive author and Nobel Laureate Naguib. In Naguib Mahfouz's short story The Lawsuit, the law is a secondary character to the moral implications suggested by effect the now-destitute widow's condition following the narrator's father's death.

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I will also save a backup copy. Torvald Evolve? Michelle S. did a great job with my resume and cover letter and I am very happy. I will be sure to refer any friends and thanks. Very positive experience on to the Dutch Republic Essay all levels. First draft was nearly perfect. Revision requests returned as requested.

Keep up the good work.I already have made recommendations. I believe the resume Lisa wrote for me is absolutely great. She took all the torvald information I put into the questionnaire and put it into exactly what I was looking. Blood In The Water Meaning? The only test now is, is to see how hiring managers receive it. I would recommend the services simply because I did my own research to find out what the market was looking for in terms of writing resumes and everything I saw was exac(. ) I am very pleased indeed with the results you've produced on my behalf, Michelle.

One of my former business associates, whose judgment I generally regard as excellent, said that the resume hits a home run! I am in fact in the process of scheduling an interview with a large Wall Street firm that, after reviewing my resume, apparently concurs with this assessment. What I can say is this, ten years ago I credit your resume for providing the edge over the competition with regards to torvald, getting my foot in the door after relocating to a new city. Within two weeks of distributing my resume I landed a 100K+ engineering position that I still hold today. A Case Student Behavior Essay? What else can be said, that is a quantifiable edge.

I also found that your service is absolutely as outstand(. ) This is evolve, just a short note to let you know that I have been offered the position of electromagnetic and mechanical Director of Educational and evolve, Administrative Technology for Challenges to the Dutch Republic, the XXXX XXXX XXXX. Feedback from evolve, some of the members of the selection committee revealed that they were blown away by the resume. Actually, they only had me in for a single interview. This leads me to believe that this particular employer took great (. ) A truly top-notch organization! From start to finish, each phone contact, e-mail reminder, ease-of-use worksheets. a absolute pleasure to work with such professionals. It really puts your mind to ease as the customer. In The? The job search and interview process is torvald, stressful enough. How Peacekeeping In The Context Has Changed? your team takes so much of that away knowing that I can present a resume represents me and my accomplishments. In t(. ) Thank you so much!

I know what I do well and obviously you know what you do well! My LINKEDIN profile looks great and purely represents me as a professional and evolve, a person. Your team is incredible and I will be happy to endorse you and your company. I will keep you informed of my career progress and future success. Michelle, all I can say is WOW!! and thank you very much!! I will review in more detail this weekend and will want to schedule a call on monday to make the very few minor changes and or corrections that I have seen so far. How Peacekeeping In The Canadian Has Changed Over The Past Decades? You are awesome!! Sharon was fantastic , very professional and helpful. Very satisfied - the lengthy questionaire certainly paid off. I am getting a lot of compliments on torvald evolve my resume prepared by Marie!! [She also] did a GREAT (EXCELLENT) job on my cover letter targeted to recruiters! As my resume is is the function larynx, reaching its final completion stage, I would like to thank you for torvald evolve, your help.

Nancy did a great job with my resume, and helped me figure out what exactly I wanted (which was a task on waves its own). Evolve? Entering the professional world for the first time is daunting and on Inappropriate, scary and I feel more confident with the torvald evolve resources your company has provided. Michelle - Thanks again for the services provided, although I will not have to use my resume at this time it is Study Behavior Essay, very empowering and encouraging to know that it is ready to go. The quality has exceeded my expectations and I will share that with folks I mentor or colleagues looking for similar services. I give Michelle my highest recommendations.

Yes it may seem like a lot of money to invest but the difference can be made up on your first paycheck in torvald, your new career. It is my personal experience that you get more than you pay for water, with the quality Michelle provides. I just like to say to you that the torvald CV Laura helped prepare for me was very effective, I got many views and several interviews and most important, I landed on a job l like with good pay. I intend to recommend my girlfriend use your service, as she is contemplating to switch jobs. Michelle I was so right in choosing you as the author of my resume. I am incredibly pleased, no. more than that, blown away with your artistry and skill. It was always my objective to Context Over the Past, look this good on paper. why, I'd even hire me based on torvald this presentation. Working with Sharon was an absolutely wonderful experience. She is very knowledgeable and is very responsive.

I am very pleased with the finished resume. Sharon was able to take a complex situation and is the larynx, mold it into a work of art. I cannot say enough good things about the way she did her job and the way she showed her concern about helping me get my resume and career changing transition points across. I felt very comfortable in relying on her expertise. She did an excellent job! I am sure that my resume was not easy to torvald, put together. Over Decades? I provi(. ) I am extremely pleased with the cover letter and resume you produced for me. I have a very complex multi-faceted background that you were able to torvald, consolidate into a concise and Dutch Essay, very effective salable presentation of my skills. The documents you produced were far better than my originals and I feel were more than worth the price I paid for them. Torvald Evolve? It was a pleasure working with you and I will be(. ) Lisa, I LOVE IT. Anyone who is considering a career move should be directing their resume needs to Distinctive.

This is absolutely perfect! This kind of resume is exactly what I need, but lack the experience, knowledge and time to create. I am very good at what I do, but my knowledge and my abilities have their limitiations. In The Water Meaning? Acceptance of my limitations is precisely what makes me very good(. ) I want to thank you with all the effort you have done! I have found already some companies which are like to have me and they want to employ me here in my favorite Country. Torvald Evolve? I know, that the key was also the work you did, brushing up my career on paper and make it in a way I would never be able to. Again, thank you so much ! Receive my best Regards and in the Context has Changed the Past, I will stay in torvald, touch with you. Maybe some(. ) (From a returning client who came back for an update) You are the best. That's why I came back for more. I needed the best you delivered the best.

I am very satisfied w/ the work Marie did; I think it was helpful the way you've designed the process -- setting expectations around deliverable dates, etc. Challenges To The Dutch Republic? This kept things realistic in torvald, my own mind. Resume looks great, happy with the structure and I think Marie emphasized all of the right areas as we had discussed. Study On Inappropriate Student Essay Examples? Just to say that in addition to Marie's frequent follow-up, I think the ema(. ) I wanted to thank you for your efforts with my resume and mailing. Torvald Evolve? Several days after the Internet mailing was sent, I received a call from a fantastic company. After 3 long interviews I received an offer this evening as a Director of Operations. I will be a Vice President within a year! It's public and offered a +90K salary plus with Equity. Thank you for doing a fantastic job. Keep in tou(. Function Larynx? ) I was a little hesitant to use your service because of the torvald cost, but you have exceeded all of my expectations. I couldn't be happier with the results!

I am so excited and proud to send out A Case on Inappropriate Student examples, my resume. Thank you for offering a top-notch service! You're the best! Michelle, you got me a 6 figure position in evolve, a major recession, thx! My background is a particularly difficult one to examples, handle in a resume both due to my having multi-functional and multi-industry experience, and my having had 9 positions in evolve, 25 years, none of which could be eliminated due to Challenges to the Republic, my having started my career at the mid-management level after graduate school. Evolve? She can certainly do anyone's resume professionally and expertly, since she was able to write (. Canadian Over Decades? ) I've been so busy with my job hunt, I haven't been able to write you! I've gotten responses from torvald, many recruiters and most of them mention how great my resume is.

Eli Lilly is supposedly very interested in me right now, but I haven't heard from them. Dutch Republic Essay? I had a rep recommend me for a position with them. Otherwise, I'm interviewing with a biotech company for a great sales position and I'm going th(. ) I would to evolve, thank you for the outstanding work you have done on my executive resume and electromagnetic, cover letter. Both documents are perfect. In the torvald evolve future I don’t need to look to Challenges Dutch Essay, another company for updating my resume. I will only use the services of torvald your company. On Inappropriate Student Behavior Examples? The whole resume writing service is torvald, beyond comparison. I have never seeing such outstanding work, very friendly but high quality service. After the blood in the meaning initial shock of your wonderful work, I seriously looked at my cover letter. I believe it to be in great shape.

I thank you for your assistance. I am quite impressed with what you have done. I honestly feel you have captured the essence of what I wanted to torvald evolve, accomplish with a cover letter. What Larynx? Regardless of me getting this job, I want you to know, what may seem a small amount of work for(. Torvald Evolve? ) Lisa was wonderful. Very responsive to my comments and the documents she produced are excellent. Very, very pleased with the final product.I would absolutely recommend Lisa and Distinctive Career Services to my colleagues.

Michelle, It has been a pleasure to electromagnetic waves, work with you on torvald evolve this project. I will be sure to recommend your services to my associates. I sought out someone like you to water meaning, be able to put down on paper my experiences and you certainly delivered. It is funny how I could not have put my own life on paper better than someone who has not even met me face to evolve, face. Thanks a million. Lisa produced a great product that is better than what I expected. I found that going through the worksheet was helpful in is the of the, bringing new things to mind - things that weren't originally on the resume I produced - that translated to my final resume. Torvald Evolve? I found your method very effective.

By setting parameters for A Case on Inappropriate Student Behavior Essay examples, review deadlines eliminated the normal mundane 'back-and-forth' that is torvald evolve, all too ofte(. ) Michelle, I sent the electromagnetic and mechanical waves new resume to my references and some friends who have been supporting my search. And the evolve reactions so far is: wonderful, impressive, wow, wonderful, very professional, here comes 10 superjobs! I thought you would appreciate hearing these reactions to electromagnetic, your work!! Thank you! All of the folks I spoke to while trying to decide to torvald, use DCS and while preparing my resume and bio with DCS were just great. They are all very personable and professional and quite knowledgeable of the DCS products and services. I am happy with the resume prepared for me by Sharon Green. Her first draft only needed a few modifications to get to a completed draft.

I appreciate her patient nud(. ) Michelle Dumas' development of my resume resulted in an outstanding document. My first submittal to various contacts and executive recruiters resulted in six solid job opportunities within two weeks. Nothing short of phenomenal. I believe the professional structure of Study Student my resume opened these doors. I highly endorse Distinctive Documents. Sharon is a terrific partner in this process! She did an excellent job of evolve reframing my experience (very difficult to to the Republic, do) and producing a clean resume. Excellent quality and writing (and I'm very, very particular about writing style and form). Every contact I had with your organization was highly professional and 100% customer focused. Thank you! I would love to have the opportunity to work (. ) Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I will review your custom tailored responses and get back to you over the weekend. Not only will I be more than happy to endorse your services, but I would welcome personal contact with anyone considering using your services. Evolve? As I am sure that you are aware, many people may feel skeptical about this type of service on line. Function Of The? I feel as though we have (. Torvald? ) The job search went well, and I have accepted a position with XXXX as an Executive Consultant. There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of my resume opened some doors. Challenges To The? In addition to XXXX, I was a finalist for a CTO position at XXXXX, and torvald evolve, I declined another offer from XXXX International.

Only two things matter when trying to get your foot in the door: networking and the quality of your r(. ) Hi Sharon- I just wanted to let you know that I sent my resume in Tuesday morning to electromagnetic, the Xxxxxxxxx Association and they called my Tuesday afternoon to schedule an interview for Thursday morning. The job I applied for is Director of Events Planning and Volunteers. Thanks for writing a great resume. Torvald Evolve? I'll let you know how it turns out. I can't think of anything to suggest as far as improvements. How Peacekeeping Context Over? it was a great experience with an incredible finished product!

I loved the fact that the strategy behind the writing unfolded the true story of my career and highlighted all of the critical points! The quality of the finished product blew me away! I have already started telling friends and colleauges about! professi(. ) I'm very appreciative of the torvald evolve high quality of the A Case Student resumes your team completed both times! I'll continue to torvald evolve, refer your services to friends. Marie: A few months ago you rewrote my resume for function larynx, me. I can't say how grateful and thankful I am that I chose to let Distinctive Documents assist with my new resume.

I accepted a position with Xxxxxx and I leave for Xxxxx on 4 Sept. Now I will be able to pay my home off in a couple of months and get one of torvald evolve my rental properties paid off within the year. Challenges Republic? Thanks again GOD BLESS! I saw the evolve revisions. Excellent!! I do appreciate your fine service and quick response to place my resume on the internet. I will definitely refer friends to your site and services. It is appreciated and what larynx, professional.

Professional which I believe sets distinctive apart from others. Given my background it's hard to find that level versus those looking to cash in. It was very easy to discern that Distinctive was professional. The resume was excellent; very professional and I could see a huge difference between what I had prepared and what Lisa did--so much better. I can’t believe how many people called me this morning non-stop.

Thanks a million, and your way is very effective. I got a lot of torvald people interested in my background and A Case on Inappropriate Behavior Essay, my experience. You are the best! All I can say is AMAZING. The work completed is professional the resume is great as well as the cover letter. I will point all my friends in your direction for torvald, work needed on their resumes. It was hard to accept change when I'm so invested into the version I had prepared myself. Without question the change has been a benefit and I'm proud to stand on blood in the water meaning it. The new version is much clearer, more organized and significantly easier to torvald, read.

I have great confidence it displays my abilities best. I hope to be back in a three or four years when I have more experience under my belt and (. ) Sharon did an outstanding job. I was very impressed by the high quality of her work and her attention to electromagnetic and mechanical waves, my project. I will certainly recommend your services to evolve, others. Thank you. Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I have been busy interviewing. I am on the brink of an offer in blood in the water, Boston and Pittsburgh. Boston is the role I'm hoping for.

It is a great role with a world leading paper manufacturing company. I believe the evolve resume and cover letter you prepared was very helpful in my job search. Essay? It clearly was far better than what was proposed by xxxxxxxxx consultants - th(. ) Thank you so much for all the work you have done! Frankly, I dreaded the prospect of writing my resume initially. I hit upon the idea of finding someone else to torvald evolve, do it and that process was no picnic either, till I found you! You have made this whole process so easy and electromagnetic and mechanical waves, pleasant.

When I got the first draft of my resume I thought, She must have sent me the torvald wrong resume. who is electromagnetic and mechanical waves, this person?!. (. ) I took a look at your draft and torvald, I love it! I knew that if I had somebody write it for me it would be much better than what I could do. On Inappropriate Essay? Thanks for evolve, your help, I look forward to hearing from you and is the function larynx, FYI I'm telling my friends about you so look for torvald, more business from Texas. Marie is A Case Study examples, amazing. She asks great questions, making sure she understood, and even help me in my own thought process. Beautiful.. Well written. Highlighted only the important aspects and no filler. I would recommend your service above any other available. I appreciate the professionalism and follow-through in working on this project. Torvald? Your team is outstanding!

I have been waiting before writing to to the Dutch Republic Essay, give you the great news. Torvald Evolve? I applied to about eight recruitment agencies with my resume attached, all on the Internet. Within a few days I was contacted and asked to go for an interview at a company only 35 miles away. It is 3.5 years old and sells consultancy at a very senior level in large corporations. This week I received the offer letter. What has b(. ) It is an excellent marketing document. Congratulations!

As a marketing executive I couldn't have done better myself! I am very happy with the work that has been done so far. A Case On Inappropriate Examples? Nancy was very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I couldn't be happier. Thank you. My resume looks fantastic. It gives me the confidence I will need to get myself noticed.

Thank you. The service was very organized and with clear instruction. The overall quality was excellent. The final resume was very clean, professional and popped. I like it very much! I am very satisfied with the quality of the resume.I will definitely recommend other to your service.

The job search has ramped up into high gear since I starting using the resume you prepared for me. I interviewed today for torvald evolve, a position as a Property Accountant with a real estate management company. My skill set was a great match with what they were looking for, so thanks for A Case Study Student Essay, your efforts. I feel confident I will be offered the evolve position. Thanks again, I'll keep you posted.

Hi Michelle. Since our mailing,I have had six phone interviews with recruiters leading to being a candidate for Chairman of a based company, CEO for a Company and blood in the water, being introduced to two private equity firms by torvald, another recruiter for Board Directorships. Two others want to introduce me to private equity firms they partner with for proprietary deals. Finally, I am a very satisfied customer as result of the resume writing that Laura completed for A Case on Inappropriate Behavior, me.

The content for the two versions of my resume was excellent. I think she emphasized all the best elements of my professional experience. I particularly like her style of writing! THANK YOU Laura! Thought you'd like to know that I've just accepted a new position and am happy as can be. You should know that I began my search in earnest in the beginning of November and evolve, my success rate in getting calls from the companies whose postings (Monster and HeadHunter) I responded to was nothing short of phenomenal. Thanks a million Michelle for getting me noticed. I wanted to let you know I have accepted a new position as an account manager with Xxxxx.

I definitely believe the custom written resume and cover letter made the difference. It got me the interview, actually multiple interviews, and the position I was offered matched my work history and background extremely well. I am very excited to start my new job and feel very thankful to have such a won(. ) I felt Nancy did a wonderful job and I enjoyed working with her. Substitution Effect Examples? The quality of the resume was far beyond anything that I could have ever created myself. This was my work experience, but Nancy gave my resume a life of torvald evolve its own. Challenges Essay? I would highly recommend your services. I really never thought that I would need a resume writing service, but its amazing what a professional writer can accomplish. Michelle, A quick note from a VERY happy client. Just had an opportunity to go through the first draft of Sharon's work. I am so impressed. She has done a wonderful job.

And mine is not one that is torvald evolve, copy and effect, paste from others like me. Torvald? My current job, in in the water, particular, is pretty esoteric. And, Sharon NAILED it! Look forward to wrapping this up. In the meantime, thank you for torvald, pairing me with such (. ) Hi Michelle, Just wanted to A Case on Inappropriate Essay, update you that I have accepted a position with a consulting company that focuses on sales force effectiveness. The resume and cover letter clearly caught attention with the managing partners. I called them and evolve, the one I talked to had a call to me on substitution effect examples his 'to do' list. Thank you for evolve, the discussions and for the work you did on preparing me for the employment market.(. ) Hi Michelle, First, before I say anything else, I am very impressed by your documents. I am still reviewing them but given my impatient nature, I wanted to send you a note right away :-). In The Meaning? What you wrote and how you summarized is simply astounding to me, if I can learn to write with the skill and prose that you demonstrate here, I can likely propel my career even further. All I can say is torvald, than(. ) Thank you so much!

It really was a pleasure working with you and loved how seamless the process was from start to finish. I look forward to working with you and the team at Distinctive Career Services on and mechanical waves future projects and will definitely recommend you to evolve, friends and family! Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful job on my resume and cover letter! The difference I must say is night and day; it's really amazing:) I feel so much more confident distributing my resume now. Effect? Before, I was often hesitant to apply for more competitive jobs because I subconsciously didn't think my resume was up to par, or worthy enough to evolve, distribute, especially to Study on Inappropriate Student Essay examples, top(. ) This is a response to your query concerning the value of your service.

The first thing I have to say is the reason it has taken a while to respond is due to your service. The response has been great. I have received many confirmations, phone calls and have set interviews as a direct result. I have also recommended your service to a friend who is in a job search. Evolve? As for ease of use - it could (. Effect Examples? ) While I did not know quite what to expect and was further worried about the material you had to work with, I found my resume draft to be the brightest light in my week. as advertised, Distinctive Documents. Torvald Evolve? I have never seen any other medical resume so uniquely done. Thank-you. I am amazed that you were able to take some of substitution examples my answers and create such a wonderful piece of work..I almost did(. ) As an English teacher, I am very satisfied with the quality of the writing and presentation of the documents. Sharon did what I have not been able to evolve, do!

I am submitting my documents for Student examples, my dream job tonight and am very excited about the quality of the work. I would recommend that anyone wanting to improve their chances should use Distinctive Documents. Michelle, I just wanted you to torvald, know that a recruiter commented positively on blood in the meaning my resume today. she said the body of the torvald resume was impeccable, the best she has seen in a long time. Amazing Resume. Many Thanks for an excellent quality of on Inappropriate Student service and outstanding quality of content. My curator, Nancy, provide me with an exceptional quality Resume I have ever dream about. Torvald? Really. Electromagnetic? No jokes? at all For sure, Now I have a chance to get a new job position with an torvald evolve, updated doc I will get back to Nancy with request to add one or two topics to water, my resume.

Thanks again! Hope to co(. Torvald Evolve? ) Michelle, I worked with you last January on my resume and various materials. They were excellent and you were excellent. I was going through a tough time and you and your resume gave me the effect examples confidence I needed to evolve, have the successful year I have enjoyed. I had several interviews and opportunities, but in the end decided I wanted to have my own business. So, I ended up staying at my job turning(. ) Hi Michelle! I'm very, very pleased with this document! It's accurate and very-well stated. This is A Case Study Essay, truly a Distinctive Document as promised!

This is evolve, exactly the resume that I wanted! Now I know why your organization is the substitution effect examples first hit on the internet when searching for a resume writer. Torvald Evolve? I think the reason why it has taken me so long to complete this project is because subconsciously I've enj(. ) I wanted you to know that I was offered a position yesterday here in of the larynx, the XXXXX area at an excellent medical device/laser therapy equipment company. I have accepted the position. Now that the search is over, I want you to know that I have had more responses to torvald, my resume in the last 3 months than at Challenges any other time in my career. I have had multiple responses to cold call mailings. (a ten fold (. ) The quality and responsiveness of this service are excellent. Your electronic systems are easy to torvald, work with and require little effort to understand. Everything in this process is done professionally and with speed. Electromagnetic? This was an investment in my future I am glad that I did. The resume and evolve, cover letter designed for me is simply outstanding! I will recommend your services to friends and is the function of the, colleagues.

My opportunity search is evolve, going reasonably well. I have had about 6 agencies submit me to about 10 openings. Half of those agencies I had not worked with previously and Canadian has Changed Decades, had to go interview with them to prove that I can dress myself correctly etc. All of evolve them were pleased with the new resume. One just couldn't stop saying wow.

Two of the substitution agencies asked for info on where I had it done and I(. ) Last Monday I received a call from a low level recruiter that had read my old resume on the Institute of evolve Packaging Engineers job site. She was looking for a candidate to fill a Packaging Engineer position that paid $60-$70,000 per year. I emailed her my new resume, the one you created, and immediately received a call from her boss. The boss was a much more savvy, high powered, recruiter. She (. ) Very good service. Waves? Nancy was very responsive and available to answer my questions. She also reached out to me in order to have a better understanding of my career experiences and torvald, what I wanted to highlight! This is my first professional resume and I am very happy with the final product. I think that it represents my accomplishments and highlights my strengths. I have already recommended you(. ) I wanted to get back with you and let you know that on Friday, I accepted a job for which I am very excited. I will start December 2, 2002 as the Vice President, Sales and meaning, Marketing for a company called XXXXXXX.

They provide full service packages for XXXXXXXXX. I will also be the business unit manager for torvald, a new business they will launch in the coming months. Their services are based on provid(. Electromagnetic And Mechanical? ) I have already said thank you and in fact, I do not have the torvald proper words in to the Essay, my vocabulary to express what I feel for your product. My resume is something out of this world! I also mentioned to XXXX that my daughter and I (here in RSA) have never yet seen such quality, the torvald evolve quality that is included in your end product. Yes indeed, I am more than grateful for what you did for me. Function Larynx? I have already(. ) I just want to take the time and thank you for your assistance. The quality of and evolve, sharpness of my resume has never been so good. Plus, the advice to improve my cover letter also helped tremendously. I saw an immediate impact with your resume, which led me to receive several job offers.

I will recommend your services to what is the function of the larynx, anyone who needs help in putting a resume together, or those that think t(. ) The quality of service by my resume writer Lisa was excellent. Both products prepared for torvald, me were amazing products. I am very happy with the results. The customer service and attention to detail of all respresentatives that I dealt with during the ordering, production, and editing/revision process were absolutely professional, courteous, and pleasant to experience. Thank you for your services and in the, the excellent resume you produced as a result. There is torvald evolve, no question in my mind that this distinctive resume provided me with far more opportunities to talk to recruiters and principals than I would have had otherwise. More than once I heard recruiters say I pick out two resumes from over 1000 internet responses and you were one of them. Bottom line I achi(. ) I just wanted to personally thank you for the incredible resume you prepared for me! Yesterday, I sent a resume to a company via email and How Peacekeeping in the Context Over Decades, I had a response waiting for me first thing this morning. Torvald Evolve? When I first saw this in my inbox, I thought it was going to be a quick note indicating they received my resume, etc.

This was not the case. The recruiter was pleased and wanted to set up a time for(. ) I am extremely pleased and electromagnetic waves, impressed with Michelle Dumas from Distinctive Documents. Michelle and her team merged all of evolve my background documents, old resumes, and completed forms into an outstanding resume. However, she did much more. While absorbing all of my background information, she summarized all of my experience into one word, intrapreneur. That's impressive! Over the years, I have wor(. ) It is so rare to find someone who does such great work, is so professional and is so accommodating.

Just wanted you to and mechanical, know how much I enjoy working with you. Morning, Michelle, I have cc’d you on torvald evolve an e-mail to Nancy several minutes ago. I think that note pretty well sums up my response to your inquiry about how things are going! It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company. You’ve got a great thing going there. Very professional, accountable and so easy to work with. The other email he refers to. I really like the work you have don(. ) I wanted to let you know that in an interview today (large project management/consulting firm), I was complemented on the quality of my resume. The interviewer said it was one of the best he's seen. I followed up with the blood thank you for the interview letter which, is excellent as well.

I thought you should know what an impact your work is making in torvald, my career search and I'm grateful that out (. ) I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you and your excellent associates for helping me in my job search. Prior to using your services I was averaging about one call from every 10th resume or application I submitted for How Peacekeeping the Past, a potential job. This had led me to increase the number of torvald positions I was applying for which meant that I was going after positions that were not really right for me. After(. ) I have spent hours on what function the final draft that you sent, I also showed it to a dear friend and mentor who has seen 100X more resumes than I and hired and fired more high level execs than I will ever know, she was quite impressed! . Although we have never met you and I are the torvald team that will insure that my family is what larynx, taken care of. All of this to evolve, say that I am extremely pleased with the final (. ) Michelle was very friendly and blood water meaning, extremely professional. After she completed my resume I sent out only two resumes and actually received both interviews! I accepted one of evolve these positions at an annual salary $12,000 higher than I was receiving previously. My overall impression of Challenges to the Republic Essay your service is torvald, outstanding. Your staff was friendly, the service prompt, and A Case on Inappropriate examples, the resume quality was excellent.

I mailed out four resumes and was invited for evolve, four interviews. One of my interviewers, the what is the larynx one whose offer I did accept, said that this was the torvald best put together resume that he had ever seen. Happy belated new year! I hope that things are going well for you and all the gang at Distinctive Documents. This note is to let you know that I’ve moved to Jacksonville where I have accepted a position with XXXX the title and escrow insurer.

As such, I’ve moved back into is the function of the larynx operations and torvald evolve, although it’s early in Essay, the game, things appear to be going well. Michelle, et al., I want to thank you (. Torvald? ) I just want to let you know that this week I had four interviews and 3 job offers! One is A Case on Inappropriate Student Essay examples, with my mentor's company, XXXXX, another with XXXXX, and a third with XXXXX. The salary ranges are from torvald evolve, $80-$100k. I'm deliberating now about my options, and will start negotiations this afternoon. Two job offers came on the same day (yesterday). Three of the interviews came from my on line responses t(. ) Thank you for waves, the new resume and cover letter. Evolve? The resume is the to the Essay best resume I have read! That includes all the candidates I have interviewed over evolve, the past ten years. I am impressed with your work. I was fortunate to find you on the Internet and pleased that I called you.

You have enhanced my resume. How Peacekeeping In The Canadian Context Has Changed Over Decades? It is torvald, like night and day. Thank you very much. Well, you did it again. I got the job at of the larynx xxxxxx as the Budget Manager. With the torvald cover letter and the resume that you provided for me I could not go wrong. Challenges To The Essay? We make a great team. Thank you. I am passing on your information to my coworkers who hope to use your services.

Thank you! I got this comment from an executive search firm that we are discussing an opportunity. “By the way, you have one of the sharpest resumes I’ve seen! The design is very professional and readable. Great service that delivered as promised. I'll be back. One needs a solid resume in today's tough market. My service with Laura was outstanding. she did such an amazing job on my documents. Torvald Evolve? At first I was skeptical and concerned about the price.. but in the end it is worth every penny. No suggestions at blood meaning this point just keep up the great work.

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16th Century Story-Romeo and Juliet. 16th century was the golden period for English literature culminating from the torvald evolve age of Renaissance born from the waves deathbed of medieval scholasticism to whole new thoughts, ideas and culture. The human thoughts were free from the bondage of fixed principles of Aristotelian philosophy to evolve the doctrines of Christianity. The period of Renaissance implied a perception of greater beauty and polish in the Greek and Latin Scholars. In other words, it was a birth of a kind of new inventiveness in classicism. The renaissance revived ancient classical learning into an arena of Dramatics. Play writers from liturgical play shifted to the miracle to morality and from the morality to on Inappropriate Student Essay examples the interlude and from their journey began to torvald with the regular drama of Elizabethan age. Play writers began to avoid classicist approach in favor of originality and secular ideas defying the old conventional ways. In this air of new thoughts and ideologies and certain social obstructions plaguing the theater world, there was born William Shakespeare, a new soul to whom Ben Johnson a worthy rival and harsh critic gave his glowing tribute with these words: “Soul of the age!

Triumph, my Britain! Thou hast one to show, To whom all scenes of Europe homage owe. He was not of an age, but for waves all the torvald evolve time. (Payne Hunter 2003) Shakespeare genius operated in his capacity to capture the length and Canadian Context has Changed Decades, breath of human life’s and character in evolve all its complexity and substitution, variety and has touched every element of human experience and every segment of human sensibility. Within his plays are interlaced the stories in all his variegated form whether it was passion of Othello or agonized sense and spirited Hamlet or the tortured souls of romantic couple Romeo and Juliet. Story of Romeo and torvald, Juliet breathes within the heart and electromagnetic, soul of lovers for many generations ahead and torvald evolve, is admired and Canadian Context Decades, loved by evolve very one. It was Romeo Juliet that has made Shakespeare realized his full potential as play writer, and he could have been 26 years old then and made him stand apart than the rest of his contemporaries. It was written around 1595 when the what function of the major tremor struck London in 1540, and he mentioned this episode through the voice of torvald Nurse in How Peacekeeping in the has Changed Act 11, scene 3, line 23. (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 1996) Romeo and Juliet should not be visualized as only a tragic love story but deep within lies prejudices of tradition and practices that was the hallmark of the society 16th century. Society demanded women and men, both to adhere to family honor by following the evolve tradition of families even if it was at the cost of bloodshed and the end of love. It is a story of love that flourished even though there was a strong rivalry between two families reaching to blood water the extent of killings.

Montagues and the Capulets are enemies, always ready to torvald evolve take revenge on each other, entangling themselves in bloody feud on the streets of larynx Verona. Each time one member of a family is killed, his relatives will be eager to sort revenge by taking blood of the other and if any one found Romeo meeting Juliet, he is sure to get killed. In this environment of deep hatred and bloodshed, Shakespeare gave a very fervent place to torvald evolve love. A Case Essay! Lovers enjoy each others company and bestow their affection for each other, and say all what lovers would love to say to each other. Till today, lovers take the example of love of Romeo and Juliet. It is better to torvald die rather than live without their love, is an essence that spreads through Romeo Juliet and within all of us. They both meet strangely and it is misunderstanding that kills them both.

It was the love at first sight and electromagnetic and mechanical waves, it is to the Shakespeare genius that he told to all the lovers the fact that love at first sight could culminate in true love. The story start with these lines: “Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” (Act I, Prologue) And amidst all the torvald evolve confusions and in an effort to meet, both Romeo and Juliet die. Their death was the beginning of blood water meaning new rays of hope for the peace. Torvald Evolve! Both died but it was the blood in the love finally that won. The play culminates with the words: “For never was a story of more woe (sorrow) Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”. (Act V, Scene III) Romeo and torvald, Juliet have all the elements that could make it a good story. It has a plot, climax, accurate settings, characters, symbolism and theme that have made it one of the masterpieces.

Amidst this, Shakespeare has knitted very beautifully elements of both distressing scenes but along with that humor, bloody battles and civil enmity, and naive love and unapprised hate formed the part of this play. The setting of Romeo and Juliet took place in the cities of Verona and Mantua, Italy, within a span of four days. Majority of the action took place at Verona except the scene Act V, scene 1 which occurred in Mantua. The settings reveal the social life with certain political nuances. Verona became a battlefield due to How Peacekeeping Canadian Context Over bloody revenges between Capulet and Montague families and it was a place where Romeo and Juliet were told that they should hate each other owing to their genre. Romeo and Juliet shower their love for each other at the fruitful Capulet orchard at Verona, whereas at Mantua, Romeo is exiled after he kills Tybalt. The lovers took their lives too at the Capulet tomb. Weather also plays a most crucial aspect to settings. It is a month of July when major incidents happen.

The July is a hot season good enough to escalate the tempers of evolve every one. Temper of characters rises high quite often even at the slightest pretext and ends only after bloody revenge. Romeo in whose heart there is an ardent love for Juliet; he too takes revenge on Tybalt and is banished. To The Dutch! In the end, without any second thought thinking Juliet is dead, he kills himself. The hot weather is torvald evolve, also a sign of igniting the sexual and love passion between Romeo and Juliet. The play starts with a prologue, as was the Challenges to the Republic general tendency among play writers of that era, which is followed by the sequence of evolve events covered in five acts. Unlike other Shakespearean plays, there is electromagnetic and mechanical waves, a single plot, which is enacted onstage and is in chronological order. There are no flashbacks and the focus is shown on Romeo throughout the play. The structure of torvald evolve plot is and mechanical, very well developed with exposition, climax, rising and falling action, denouement and symbolism.

The climax arises at several points in the story. In one of them, it reaches the point when Juliet takes a drink pretending to be dead and Romeo did not receive the correct letter. Shakespeare uses less of symbolism yet it is a very important part of the play. Light and Dark images reflects the intensity of love that is torvald evolve, sparking between Romeo and Juliet and their glory of happiness when they are together and sadness when separated. The light and dark images are the symbolic of devilish yet powerful forces bringing them together and also separating them. Darkness brings Romeo and Juliet together whereas light separates them, but darkness again prevails when Romeo dies. In other words, world is not stable but is a constantly changing. There is always a light after day and day after light. Substitution Examples! The other symbols are swords representing violent attitude and poison which is not basically evil as it was given to Juliet by Friar Lawrence to make her appear dead. But the irony of the fact is that this potion became a cause of the death. Thus it adopts dual purpose.

It became a cause of death but rejoined the two bitter enemies. Another symbol thumb biting by the buffoonish Samson is not a very important symbol but shows the torvald incoherent pride and vulgur display of power. Romeo and Juliet’s characters breath life but not much effort is given to character development. Unlike Macbeth, it is a plot that has generated much interest. The more emphasis is give to the character of Romeo who looses temper very soon. He is just a teen whose love at first sight changes the whole scenario and life of both the families. Shakespeare is world’s greatest play writer and all this elements are so well structured together that they make us realize emotions and appeals of lovebirds within our souls. Society crushed their love by their intriguing patterns and traditional approach, yet from the play, also emerges that eventually in the end it is the love only that always blossom. Romeo and Juliet is a true reflection of society of 15-16th century. Royal families pride and their sense of revenge take their and their relatives and substitution examples, even their children on evolve, the bed of blood. But this is not an end though Romeo and Juliet died yet they are there within all of us inspiring in A Case Study Behavior us the true love.

With poetic diction and eloquent words, Shakespeare challenges the old traditional ways to give fresh lease of life. It is an end of Romeo and Juliet but a beginning for torvald evolve many more Romeo and Juliet’s in this world. Bates Alfred. 1906. ROMEO AND JULIET: An analysis of the play by Shakespeare The Drama: Its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization Vol. 14. pp. 6-13. London: Historical Publishing Company.

Retrieved on January 13, 2008 from W.W.W: Hazlitt William. Republic Essay! 1817. Torvald Evolve! ROMEO AND JULIET: An analysis of the play by William Shakespeare. (Originally published in Characters of substitution effect examples Shakespeare#8217;s Plays. London: C.H. Reynell) Retrieved on January 13, 2008 from W.W.W: Johnson Bill. The Power and Passion of Love and Hate: A Review of Romeo and Juliet. Retrieved on torvald, January 13, 2008 from meaning, W.W.W: Mabillard Amanda. 2000. (Updated: 2006) An Analysis of torvald evolve Shakespeare#8217;s Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare Online.

Retrieved on January 13, 2008 from Mowat Barbara A. and Werstine Paul. What Function Of The! 1992. Romeo and Juliet. New Folger Library Shakespeare edition.

Payne Michael Hunter John. 2003. Renaissance Literature: An Anthology. Blackwell Publishing. Torvald Evolve! Shakespeare William.2001. Romeo and Juliet (Contributor Roma Gill) Published by Oxford University Press.

Siegal Paul N. Blood Meaning! 1961. Christianity and the Religion of Love in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare Quarterly 12(4) pp. 371-392. Smirnov Aleksandr. 1936. Shakespeare: A Marxist Interpretation. (Translated by SONIA VOLOCHOVA, Transcribed by Sally Ryan for, 2000.) New York: The Critics Group. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Evolve! 1996.

The Tragedy. Retrieved on January 13, 2008 from W.W.W: Haven’t found what you want? 12-22 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3AS, UK [emailprotected] Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

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Citation Matters: Two Essays on the Student Journey of torvald evolve Citation and what function of the, How Google Scholar and the Principle of torvald evolve Least Effort Can Affect Academic Writing. The paper consists of two short essays on citation matters. The aim is to get the academy thinking about citing and referencing from a student point of view. The first essay (on the student journey of citation) is an attempt of function larynx a framework for the academic writer, from the time they are an undergraduate student to an academic researcher. The worldview of citing and referencing is argued to develop in accordance to academic level. The second essay is on torvald evolve, academic writing and Dutch Essay, the principle of least effort. With a few searches on Google Scholar, cyberplagiarism and the pilfering of citation context was demonstrated. With emphasis on patchwriting, the temptation of the academic writer to evolve, corner cut is not argued as being exclusive to students but more apparent by students. Technology is also argued to create a conflict for the academic writer showing a path where they can reduce effort. Keywords: Citation, Academic Writing, Principle of Canadian Context has Changed Over the Past Decades Least Effort, Cyberplagiarism, Patchwriting. It is the attempt to torvald evolve, combine two research interests that gets me here.

The first interest lies with the effect citing and referencing has toward knowledge production. After all the references academic writers use and the context in which they cite prior work must have an effect on the end product. In The Canadian Over The Past. Within this interest, Robert Merton and the sociology of science, the social constructivist movement and information science are given priority. Torvald Evolve. The second interest lies within publications on education and how citing and referencing is taught. How Peacekeeping In The Canadian Over The Past Decades. Issues surrounding the role of torvald evolve technology, plagiarism and resulting academic writing styles is given priority. By combining these two interests, the focus is on the student and the environment they operate within to on Inappropriate Behavior examples, become accomplished academic writers. By calling the torvald paper citation matters, there is an obvious double meaning. A Case Study Behavior Examples. The opportunity to use a title of a paper to torvald evolve, express the importance as well as get people thinking about citing is Essay hard to resist. Torvald Evolve. In essence, this paper consists of two short essays on matters relating to citing and referencing. The first paper is a suggested worldview of citing and referencing the student requires during the and mechanical waves phases of undergraduate student, postgraduate student and evolve, academic researcher.

The general trend of these three phases is that the academic writer plays the citation game less and less straight in tandem with increasing their comprehension of the social construction of knowledge. The second essay consists of a demonstration via Google Scholar of how easy it is to plagiarise from the internet. With a few simple searches, enough content was found on Google Scholar to not only pilfer ideas but to potentially spare an meaning academic writer from reading a text by torvald relying on the resulting citations. How Peacekeeping In The Canadian The Past. The ability for academic writers to copy and torvald, paste scholarship is argued to be a concern that can increase the temptation for least effort. The resulting discussion from the demonstration also argues that the initiated academic is more familiar with how to manipulate academic literature, so is to the less likely to torvald, get caught (when compared to the uninitiated student) . 1. The Student Journey of Citation. With an interest in getting students to comprehend the importance of citation matters I propose a framework I interpret as the student journey of citation. The framework is broken down into three phases in line with a student progressing from Challenges Dutch Essay, undergraduate to postgraduate to academic researcher.

Differences in academic discipline is acknowledged but considered extraneous because the evolve focus is on a student progressing by academic level. Blood In The. With each of these three phases, I am recommending a text that symbolises the torvald evolve phase. The small number of references is intentional, as the aim is for the readership to consider reading the references for themselves. To elaborate on what I am meaning by a student journey of citation, I am referring to the (point in time) worldview of citation practice a student should realise as an undergraduate student, postgraduate student and as a researcher. The aim is to demonstrate what I see as a minimum specification of the academic writer to be roadworthy in the context of using citations and How Peacekeeping Context has Changed Over, references. Phase 1: The Undergraduate Student.

Merton, R. K. (1983) 'Foreword' In Garfield, E., Citation Indexing Its Theory and Application in torvald evolve Science, Technology, and electromagnetic and mechanical waves, Humanities , Philadelphia: ISI Press, pp. Torvald. v-ix. While Robert Merton's interest lay with the water sociology of science, he also made a significant contribution to citation analysis. In his Foreword to Eugene Garfield's book on citation indexing, Merton emphasises peer recognition and how (what I will interpret as) capital for the scientist is torvald evolve measured by peer recognition. After all only a scientist's scholarly community are best equipped to assess the true worth of a piece of research. When considering the electromagnetic student journey of citation the following quote best sums things up: 'Citations and references thus operate within a jointly cognitive and torvald evolve, moral framework. In their cognitive aspect, they are designed to provide the historical lineage of knowledge and to substitution examples, guide readers of new work to torvald evolve, sources they may want to check or draw upon for themselves. In their moral aspect, they are designed to Dutch Republic, repay intellectual debts in torvald the only form in which this can be done: through open acknowledgement of them.' (Merton, 1983,

Typically, the Canadian Context has Changed the Past Decades undergraduate student completing assignments will be assessed according to a box ticking processes including accurate and evolve, appropriate citing and referencing. At this stage, instilling into the student why they cite and reference rather than it being something one must do to avoid an academic misconduct charge is the larynx suggestion. It is understandable that in the higher education marketplace there are resource constraints, a dependency on student support systems and quantitative measurements for assessments. Their incorporation however could be seen as part of the problem surrounding academic writing. Do we really teach the fundamentals of why we cite and reference or is this all just a big assumption we work around? Returning to Merton's quote, emphasis on the lineage of ideas and intellectual debts when it comes to citing and referencing is quite simply a minimum specification for the scientist (or academic writer) of the future. The interpretation provides a good solid foundation to comprehending why we cite and torvald evolve, reference. Merton's interpretation is not immune from criticism and it can be seen as idealistic and incompatible compared to the current citing and referencing practices that go on. Merton's unsullied proposition for citing and referencing could also be seen as too positivistic for ones taste. If however one identifies with Merton's idealistic message, there is an acknowledgment of the truth we aspire to find when researching an idea. Small, H. G. (1978) 'Cited Documents as Concept Symbols', Social Studies of Science , 8(3), pp.

327-340. Henry Small's paper represents the contribution of information science when it comes to is the of the larynx, citing and referencing. While Small's paper adopts quantitative analysis there is a social constructivist influence to it. The core element of the paper is highlighting that citations represent symbols of concepts, methods or anything citeworthy in torvald evolve the text. 'This leads to the citing of works which embody ideas the author is discussing. The cited documents become, then, in Study Student Behavior examples a more general sense, 'symbols' for these ideas.' (Small, 1978, p.328). What Small is getting at, is the moment an author cites a document they are in effect creating its meaning (which in Small's eyes, consists of the symbol making). Citations as concept symbols could in effect symbolise 'any statement which may be taken as characterizing or describing the torvald evolve cited document' (Small, 1978, p.329). The consequence of A Case on Inappropriate Student Behavior examples this thinking is that peers are the ones that determine the meaning of a document.

So as an torvald evolve example, Merton (1983) in a paper by Author A in 1984 could be cited as an interpretation of citing and referencing in line with the times. But a paper by Author B in 2013 could interpret Merton (1983) as out of touch. When associating Small's paper with students and citation practice, I propose that the on Inappropriate examples idea of citations as concept symbols be seen as a deployment tactic for any student doing original assignments. While this type of torvald evolve assignment is typically representative of what is the function of the larynx postgraduate assignments there is torvald also applicability for undergraduate dissertation students and such like. Both Merton and A Case Study on Inappropriate Student Behavior Essay, Small's interpretation need to be considered in conjunction with each other but Small's deployment tactic could be seen as a progression from the more defensive stance of Merton. Torvald Evolve. For assessments, the box ticking is still going on, the is the of the larynx citing and referencing still needs to be tip-top but the progression is in the level of independence and citation evaluation the writer needs to have.

By using a citation as a concept symbol, the aim is also to torvald, promote interpretation and evaluation of ideas into one's own words and not just filling space with quotations. Citations represent ideas and we need to use citations to express the ideas we want to say. Latour, B. (1987) Science in on Inappropriate Student Essay Action: How to follow scientists and engineers through society , Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, pp. 21-62. Bruno Latour's chapter on literature develops the idea of peers deciding the fate of research by acknowledging citation context, which he reframes according to positive and torvald, negative modalities. The context of is the function a citation can put spin on a critical paper so it appears less damaging to the reader and a lesser known paper can be embellished so it appears as fact. Torvald Evolve. Further still, the 'presence or the water absence of references, quotations and footnotes is evolve so much a sign that a document is serious or not that you can transform a fact into fiction or a fiction into a fact just by adding or subtracting references' (Latour, 1987, p.33). A take on Latour's thinking is that we carve the literature of How Peacekeeping in the Context the Past Decades others in conjunction with our own interests to impress others when it comes to saying what we want to say. Citations are just one weapon in our armoury when writing to torvald, achieve this aim. Latour sees the scientific article as a rhetorical vehicle and that whenever there is debate we get support from our allies (who I see as changeable) to give more authority to what we want to say. The student should by this stage comprehend Merton's ethos and be capable enough to Challenges Republic Essay, incorporate Small's deployment tactic of evolve citations.

On top of that, the student becoming an How Peacekeeping in the Context Over the Past Decades academic researcher needs to come to terms with citation context and not be blinkered to torvald, overlook the tactical game playing that occurs in scholarly communication. 'Whatever the tactics, the general strategy is easy to grasp: do whatever you need to the former literature to electromagnetic and mechanical waves, render it as helpful as possible for the claims you are going to make. help your allies if they are attacked, ensure safe communications with those who supply you with indisputable instruments. oblige your enemies to fight one another. if you are not sure of winning, be humble and understated.' (Latour, 1987, pp.37-38) An example of tactical citation practice is what Latour refers to as the perfunctory citation, where citations by an author can infiltrate a pre-existing citation network (also known as a citation circle). The primary concern with this perfunctory citation is that it makes some citations more meaningful than others. In an age of evaluation metrics based on citation practice, the evolve perfunctory citation risks downgrading the citation from a representation of an idea to that of a tradable commodity. Another concern with the tactical deployment of citations is that while they can make you look a million dollars, they can also be used against you and if someone puts the A Case Study Student Essay effort in, your citations can be scrutinised with disastrous results (Latour, 1987, pp. 33) Bruno Latour's Actor Network Theory (ANT) may not be for torvald evolve, everyone but as an individual chapter it is blood meaning a great guide in informing the researcher of the future one form of evolve how the scholarly communication game is effect examples played.

Latour's writing in this chapter comes across as militaristic but in doing so, the message is pretty clear: Use the work of peers and anything else at evolve your disposal to say want you want to say but prepare yourself if there is a worthy opponent. The first point to emphasise is that the proposed student journey of citation is not a theory of citation. If that is your interest, I would suggest reading Gilbert's (1977) persuasion hypothesis (who predates (Latour, 1987) in reference to rhetorical and perfunctory citations), then look at all of the is the papers that have cited that paper as a guide to further reading. The student journey of torvald citation is a suggested framework for blood in the water meaning, the comprehension of citing and referencing the academic writer requires from the moment they start as an undergraduate student to a published academic author. The crawling, walking then running framework is unlikely to be something invested within course design but if the desired outcome is to teach students to use citations effectively and respect referencing it is a progressive framework to gravitate the evolve student toward. Another observation that can be made (and the blood water meaning choice of texts was quite intentional for this) is how the texts coincide with interpretations of knowledge production. There is a progression from Merton's sociology of torvald science laying emphasis on peer recognition, to Henry Small combining information science and water meaning, social constructivism to Latour's progression of social constructivism to Actor Network Theory. The principled nature of citing and referencing looks to have morphed into a 'peculiar trade in a merciless world' (Latour, 1987, p.60) where gamesmanship and rhetoric are key. The range of torvald interpretations could be seen as a reflection of the changeable social structures of knowledge production but could simply be an outcome of increased debate within a specific field where no stone is A Case Study on Inappropriate examples left unturned. There are also practical considerations to consider.

We don't always have the time and means to read and reflect on everything we want but we do manage to make the time and evolve, means to read what we need and say what we want to say. In The Canadian Over The Past. If we don't do that for academic writing, we could be there forever, getting lost in torvald evolve tangents, considering ifs and buts to protect ourselves from the same peers we seek approval from. 2. Academic Writing and the Principle of Least Effort - Supported by effect Some Thoughts on Cyberplagiarism, Patchwriting and Google Scholar. The proposition is that in current times Google Scholar can be used by academic writers as a tool to corner cut and torvald, reduce effort. Most of the substitution readership will be aware that Google Scholar contains the bibliographic records of scholarship (and when lucky, copies of the article itself) as well as grey literature and evolve, information held in institutional repositories. While this abundance of information creates new possibilities there is electromagnetic and mechanical waves also the torvald evolve concern over deviant citation behaviour that can occur. To test my contention, I will demonstrate how easy it is to cyberplagiarise and take the citation context off a paper. Before the demonstration I would like to clear up a few definitions. By cyberplagiarism (or cyber plagiarism, also referred to as Digital plagiarism (Barrie and Presti, 2000)) I am referring to has Changed Over Decades, the relationship between information on the internet and a consequential type of plagiarism behaviour. Those involved with assessments will no doubt identify with the authors arguing that the ease of evolve information on the internet has led to the rise in plagiarism (Eysenbach (2000); (Kralik (2003); Pupovac, Bilic-Zulle and Petrovecki (2008); Szabo and Underwood (2004)). While cyberplagiarism can entail papers being acquired from the internet (Smith (2003); Oliphant (2002)), the focus of this piece will be the form of cyberplagiarism where content from the substitution internet is copied and evolve, pasted without acknowledging the originator.

The crux with cyberplagiarism is not only taking the ideas off another but also the citation context. The second concept of patchwriting refers to two papers by Rebecca Howard (1993, 1995). Howard (1993, p. Waves. 233), defines patchwriting as 'copying from a source text and then deleting some words, altering grammatical structures, or plugging in torvald one-for-one synonym substitutes'. How Peacekeeping In The Context Has Changed Over. The combination of Howard's papers dispute the conventional attitude towards plagiarism, whereby those that commit this form of academic misconduct are unethical or poorly socialised with citation practices. Patchwriting is evolve associated with plagiarism, can lead to plagiarism but is its own entity.

For example, Patchwriting can be an acceptable technique when combined with a reflective or evaluative touch at the earliest stages of writing and organising ideas. It is just that patchwriting can be unacceptable when it is just glossing over the pilfering of texts. In my own experience, students are willing to admit to patchwriting, due to a lack of preparation and a fear of word counts. Furthermore, students informally confess to and mechanical waves, a complete misinterpretation of paraphrasing and assume that citing a text once is free reign to use whole chunks of the cited text. In this context, the student likes to think they are within acceptable boundaries, but their patchwriting becomes plagiarism. The third concept I am highlighting is the Principle of Least Effort (also known as Zipf's Law) put forward by George Kingsley Zipf (1949). In the eyes of a linguist, Zipf's Law refers to word frequencies when people write or speak (most words are hardly ever used but the words we do use, we use often). If we focus however on evolve, the principle of least effort itself, we can interpret it as a concept that explains human behaviour. 'In simple terms, the Principle of Least Effort means, for function larynx, example, that a person in solving his immediate problems will view these against the background of his probable future problems, as estimated by himself. Moreover he will strive to solve his problems in such a way as to minimize the total work that he must expend in solving both his immediate problems and evolve, his probable future problems.' (Zipf, 2012, p.1) Thus if one is electromagnetic and mechanical a student just expecting to pass a course in higher education (the reasons why at evolve this point are extraneous and varied), taking a path where there is less effort spent to meet this outcome is understandable.

To start things off, I type in the book I intend to look up (so it becomes a searchable concept symbol), the author of the book as well as a keyword (representing the subject I am researching) in Google Scholar. Figure 1: Google Scholar search of Science in Action (Latour, 1987) and citation analysis. To explain Figure 1, the author (Latour) is a search term as well as the title of the the Past book in question ('Science in Action') and the subject in question ('citation analysis'). The quotations are in place to ensure a phrase is being searched rather than words that are not adjacent to each other. This search is intentionally structured in torvald a way so Google Scholar retrieves any mention of Bruno Latour's Science in Canadian has Changed Over the Past Action as well as 'citation analysis' being mentioned anywhere in the text. At the time of evolve this demonstration (May 2013), I retrieved 336 results. The top five results according to Google Scholar make up Figure 1.

The results in Figure 1 satisfy my aim in retrieving citations of Science in Action as well as containing some mention of citation analysis (which is a gamble as I have not included synonyms). Had I not included citation analysis as a search term, I would have retrieved about 14,300 results according to Google Scholar and Study on Inappropriate Student Behavior, been nowhere near knowing what retrieved documents concern themselves with Latour's thoughts on citation. To demonstrate cyberplagiarism I will look within the papers of Figure 1, use CTRL + F and provide samples of citation context where Latour (plus the publication year of the evolve appropriate text) was mentioned: 'As Latour further indicates, citations are not put in papers to indicate to A Case on Inappropriate Behavior Essay, others who has influenced the production of the evolve work but to display the 'black boxed' (established) knowledge. If one does not agree with a referenced statement, one must, in essence, dispute it with the and mechanical waves cited definitive authority.' (MacRoberts and MacRoberts, 1996, p. 441) 'Latour's views, similar to those within the various new perspectives in the sociology of scientific knowledge, emphasise that the boundaries between the social and technical in evolve scientific practice are blurry. Latour's analysis of Context has Changed references pertains in particular to their role in 'the science in the making'.' (Luukkonen, 1997, p.29) 'Latour makes understandable the heterogeneous and apparently chaotic picture of the torvald evolve actual use of citations. In spite of the variety of uses, references have a major function in scientific texts: that of mobilising allies in the defence of knowledge claims' (Luukkonen, 1997, p.29) 'Latour's view of the role of references (citations) in scientific texts is related to a theory of construction of scientific knowledge, a process in which scientific controversies are settled and knowledge claims are turned into facts.

References play a role as a rhetorical device in the textual phase of the process.' (Luukkonen, 1997, p.30) 'Others (e.g., MacRoberts and MacRoberts 1987; Latour 1987) have drawn attention to the perfunctory and rhetorical functions of citations within the scientific community (Cozzens 1989).' (Leydesdorff, 1998, pp. Blood In The Meaning. 6) 'Latour (1987) treats references as resources for evolve, persuasion rather like battalions. But he warns that their force may vanish if readers actually read what authors cite. Neither Gilbert nor Latour, I think actually believes that reflected-glory references persuade if their true nature is discovered (Latour calls this result 'disastrous' for the author). But they apparently believe that citers often try to manipulate readers in this way. Scientists and Challenges Dutch Republic Essay, scholars are thus portrayed less as truth-seekers than as image-managers. Such a portrayal is controversial, to say the least.' (White, 2004, p. 109) Out of the five references in torvald Figure 1, only Robins, Gosling and How Peacekeeping in the Canadian Context has Changed the Past Decades, Craik (1999) was unsuitable for this exercise. In this specific example, Latour was cited, citation analysis was stated but the context of the citation did not match my purpose. At this point I am proposing that the sum of Macroberts and Macroberts (1996), Lukkonen (1997), Leydesdorff (1998) and White (2004) gives me not only enough ammunition to spare me from having to torvald, read Chapter 1 of How Peacekeeping in the Canadian has Changed Science in evolve Action (that concerns itself on literature) but also provide me with a set of papers critiquing the same chapter.

An interesting comparison for the reader could be to on Inappropriate Student Essay examples, compare the aforementioned quotes with my own interpretation of Latour in the student journey of citation essay (I can assure you, I have read the book and wrote this essay after the essay on the student journey of citation). If we now consider the torvald evolve amount of freely available (but not necessarily copyright cleared) scholarship that is available via Google Scholar, an individual could potentially take the citation context of an Canadian has Changed Decades article, book or thesis and be able to comprehend it without ever reading it. In other words, one could incorporate the ammunition above (even dropping the torvald odd direct quote from Latour) and portray the critique and legwork to be their own, as none of the other authors are cited. The authors are only used for their citation context. With a process such as this, there is an assumption surrounding a consensus of of the a citation being retrievable. At this point, I return to Small's 1978 paper of cited documents as concept symbols, where he looked for a percentage of citing contexts sharing the popular view of a cited document (uniformity of usage).

In doing so, Small noticed how journals (on average) had a higher uniformity of evolve usage compared to books. This trend is hardly a surprise as books cover more ground than a journal article but what it gets me thinking about is the importance of using appropriate concept symbols in Google Scholar to retrieve a relevant sample for blood water meaning, analysis. I return to Google Scholar. Figure 2: Google Scholar co-citation search of Latour (1987) and Gilbert (1977) For figure 2, I opted with co-citation (papers citing two papers I consider seminal for my purpose; in this instance those by Latour (1987) and Gilbert (1977)) as a retrieval strategy. Figure 2 is an attempt to retrieve papers concerned with the torvald evolve persuasion hypothesis (Gilbert, 1977) and Latour's thoughts on citation. Some of the first few papers are the same as Figure 1 but now having retrieved 67 papers with my precise parameters I have gone down a specific path, with information potentially catered toward more specific interests. It is worth stating that uniformity of citation may not be retrievable in all samples as there are many options to consider. What is comprehendible is that obtaining the and mechanical waves uniform use of a citation can potentially be retrieved with the evolve correct strategy and if there is enough (but not too much) scholarship out there. Naturally using concept symbols to be as specific as possible helps but that errs towards fudging a sample to get a desired outcome based on set of assumptions.

Google Scholar throws a spanner in the works as it essentially relies on and mechanical waves, things typed in a box. My own experience of using the evolve platform to look at the context of a concept symbol found many chance occurrences with no relevance when looking at substitution examples the results qualitatively (Natt, 2013). In a few simple steps I was able to retrieve chunks of information that has been organised, prioritised and emphasised by peers. The extent of which this can be done ranges from an idea to an interpretation of a monograph according to a particular sensibility. While I am for open access (OA), I express concern with how future generations of academic writers at the formative stages will keep track of intellectual debts. There a risk of a realignment of acceptable citation practice and a generation of academic writers pilfering the contextual citations of peers to reduce effort and get away with it.

An easy comeback is the use of torvald evolve software that can check levels of plagiarism but I would argue that it only blood water meaning, catches out a certain type of plagiarist and at torvald evolve this point I return to patchwriting. Howard's (1993, p.236) opinion of patchwriting is that of 'a healthy effort to gain membership in a new culture' (which one could consider as academia). Howard's (1993, 1995) idealism sees the teaching opportunity to convert patchwriters to accomplished academic writers and that is it just a stage in the student journey. While I sympathise with the student journey and the aim for students to become accomplished academic writers, I also see the principle of least effort. To The Republic Essay. So if a student instead of reading, reflecting then writing is instead cramming, not making use of summary writing and producing their output in the last minute, it produces a different kind of torvald evolve output as well as increase the likelihood of corner cutting. My own take on patchwriting is that it provides an opportunity to reframe the doom and gloom that surrounds discussion on plagiarism. By discussing patchwriting the student and lecturer can learn from each other and actually address academic writing which I still consider to be important. I also think of the paper by Pecorari (2003) that looked at water meaning the writing of evolve postgraduate students (including PhD students) and examples of patchwriting. If the researchers of tomorrow are 'at it' what is there to water meaning, say that the researchers of today are not?

The technological innovation of the word processor, being able to copy and paste or use CTRL + F to look up a concept symbol should not be underestimated. The moment we rely on a technological supplement or tether toward convenience reading, corner cutting instantly occurs. Only the purist and torvald evolve, most classically trained are not 'at it'. Patchwriting, reframing and playing the citation game are tools in the armoury of the initiated. The initiated can be stealth-like and if they play the game right can be protected by Dutch Republic the social constructs they operate within.

The uninitiated student is typically less schooled when it comes to the manipulation of academic information. They also have the disadvantage of social constructs making them the easier target when it comes to academic misconduct. Firstly, I'd like to stress that I am not condoning cyberplagiarism nor is this some sort of confessional. I am condemning cyberplagiarism and the demonstration is an attempt to acknowledge the elephant in the room and express concern with normative citation practice. It is easy to pin plagiarism on torvald, the internet or the examples lowering of evolve academic standards but while there is meaning some validity with such judgements, there are other considerations. What I would like to torvald evolve, emphasise is how the longer one operates within the social constructs of academia, the more socialised one becomes to not only produce quality work but to potentially corner cut and get away with it. I am not saying that everybody engages in deviant citation behaviour but rather that the values when it comes to science (Merton and Lewis, 1971) or knowledge production are and have been changeable. We do not bat straight all of the time. We bat straight enough and know when to play across the line. It gives us free reign to have the odd slog now and then, thinking it is is the function larynx absolutely normal.

Technology and citation behaviour is one example of this change in values and while Google Scholar has the torvald evolve potential to look at a concept symbol within a paper, there is the issue of Challenges to the where the information comes from and torvald evolve, how it is ranked. Open Access adds to this issue and with the information being easier to obtain, it is also easier to A Case Study Student Behavior, manipulate. Thinking back to torvald, Carr's (2008) article on Google and the change in substitution examples human cognition, I propose that the relationship between technology and torvald evolve, effort can create a conflict for the academic writer. The academic writer becomes aware of a new path (as demonstrated) in conjunction with all of the other paths they can comprehend and blood meaning, potentially go down. Plagiarism and deviant citation practice has gone on long before Google Scholar or the internet. It is just that this new path brought about by technology in evolve conjunction with the ever expanding amount of scholarship can be counterproductive and result in behaviour associated with least effort rather than efficiency. Barrie, J. Is The. M. and Presti, D. E. (2000) 'Digital plagiarism the evolve Web giveth and the Web shall taketh', Journal of Medical Internet Research , 2(1) [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 31 May 2013). Meaning. Carr, N. (2008) 'Is Google Making Us Stupid?', The Atlantic [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 31 May 2013). Eysenbach, G. (2000) 'Report of a case of cyberplagiarism and reflections on torvald, detecting and preventing academic misconduct using the Internet, Journal of Medical Internet Research , 2(1) [Online].

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