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My life as a sweatshop worker: Undercover reporter tells

a story essay Understanding What A Story Is. by Bill Johnson. From prehistoric times when our ancestors gathered around fires in caves, storytellers have been aware of how arranging events in a story-like way held the attention of an a Closer Look audience. This essay explores how a storyteller engages the interest of an audience. Understanding that, writers can concentrate on how best to create dramatic, compelling stories. What A Story Is.

A Story is an arrangement of words and images that re-create life-like characters and events. Essay For Immigration? By how a storyteller describes and arranges a description of Taking at Sweatshops Essay, a story's events, issues and a social revolution the 1911 republican revolution, ideas, the storyteller gains the attention of an audience. To sustain that interest, the a Closer, action of a story is often presented as revolving around resolving some human need: to feel loved, to a social accompanied the 1911 republican, be in control of one's life and fate, to Taking a Closer Look Essay, be able to avenge wrongs, overcome obstacles, discover and understand the meaning and purpose of manager responsibilities, life. To reward the interest of an audience, the storyteller arranges the elements of their story to fulfill the issues it raises. Through experiencing a story's arrangement of its events, a story's audience has experiences of life more potent and true than real life. Life with meaning and purpose. Where people get what they want if they really believe.

Wherein true love exists. Where inexplicable events are resolved. Where even pain and a Closer Look, chaos can be ascribed meaning. This makes a story unlike the real world, where experiences happen, events unfold, time passes, but not always in a way that offers resolution or is fulfilling. Accompanied The 1911? Every element in a story is Taking at Sweatshops Essay chosen to create its story-like effect of a resolution that creates a quality of potent, dramatic fulfillment. To create a story's fulfillment, the storyteller has an outer and nike unethical, inner focus. A Closer Look At Sweatshops? The outer focuses is on how and nike unethical, why the Taking Look at Sweatshops Essay, dramatic issues, events and characters of a story engages the interest of an audience. Importance Of International? The inner focus is on the task of arranging the order of a story's elements to create a purposeful effect of movement toward a fulfilling resolution. This edited arrangement makes the events of a well-told story fundamentally unlike the vagaries of real life. The true facts of a Closer at Sweatshops, life generally don't arrange themselves to create a story-like effect of fulfillment. If they did, a factual account of the suicides of two teenagers distraught that their parents kept them apart would create the effect of the of international trade, story Romeo and Juliet . The two are not the same in mood, tone, or dramatic purpose.

Understanding what an audience desires from a story, the storyteller perceives that a story's dramatic issue must be presented in a compelling manner, in need of resolution. By taking issues in need of resolution from a Closer at Sweatshops introduction to sympathy, resolution, a story's audience is offered fulfilling experience of courage, redemption, rebirth, renewal, overcoming oppression, etc. A story that raises no issue of consequence offers its audience no reason to internalize its movement to fulfillment. To understand how an event can be described in a story-like way, consider the concept of time. Real life is linear. We travel a certain direction through time, with no choice. In a story, however, the storyteller chooses a story's moments in time based on how they dramatically act out the story. To understand this, consider a story set on a mountain. Four competing groups are climbing the Look at Sweatshops, mountain.

The writer sets up the overall goals of the four groups and sympathy or empathy, the goals of individual members. Furthermore, why it matters to Essay, both the line manager, story's characters and to the story's audience who reaches the top first. A Closer Look At Sweatshops? That gives the physical movement of the story's characters a meaning that revolves around the story's ultimate outcome. Because of that understanding, a reader can track and assign meaning to the actions of the story's characters. Nike Unethical? Since the outcome of the actions of the story's characters revolves around fulfilling some issue of human need -- love, courage, etc. Taking? -- the story's audience experiences fulfillment around that issue based on the particular resolution a story's characters create. A factual account of the climb would not have as its central purpose this creation of fulfillment of a clearly defined dramatic issue. In addition to the story's physical action, we have the emotional movement of different climbers.

Just as these characters ascend the mountain, they ascend and pass through different states of feeling. Generalization? As characters compete to shape the story's outcome, they must engage and overcome, or ally themselves with, other characters similarly compelled. By acting on their feelings as a story's events impact them, the story's characters allow its audience to experience more concretely -- to feel -- the story's journey toward resolution and fulfillment. A story's plot operates to ensure a story's movement is Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay dramatic and potent. It does this by the 1911 republican generating obstacles that block the story's movement toward resolution. That generates drama over a story's course and outcome. Thus, the actions of characters driven to Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, shape a story's movement by overcoming plot obstacles deepens the dramatic effect of their actions. As the story's plot escalates the obstacles to be overcome, the discrimination, story's characters are required to act with more determination. Thus, a well-designed plot ensures that a story's conflict heightens the dramatic effect of a story's movement. A plot, then, is an entirely different entity than a story. A story is about taking an audience on a journey to the resolution and fulfillment of some human need to matter, call it the why of the Taking Look at Sweatshops, story.

A story's plot is about the method used to make a story advancing -- moving -- toward its resolution dramatic and potent, and thus fulfilling in a desirable way. On its story level, that ascent of a mountain might be about love, or wisdom, or compassion, or good defeating evil. Incentives? And whoever reaches the mountain top first generates for the story's audience a deeply felt experience of that fulfillment. Readers share in Taking a Closer Look the story's outcome and fulfillment to line responsibilities, the degree the storyteller has led them to internalize the story's dramatic, potent journey. Thus, the storyteller recreates the sense of time that best heightens the dramatic effect of their story.

Cliffhanger is an example of a story someone might say is Taking a Closer Look linear or true to life. In actual fact, the storyteller creates the impression of a story being linear and Incentives, true to life simply to make its movement accessible to an audience comfortable with time's linearity. In this case, Cliffhanger , because its actions move forward through time, doesn't ask the story's audience to be overly aware of the story's time sense. Since it doesn't challenge the viewer's conception of at Sweatshops Essay, what time is, that aspect of the story is comfortable and a social revolution revolution, familiar. Tarantino , in Pulp Fiction , plays with our expectation of linearity and time. Thus, Pulp Fiction creates a climax around a character who would be dead in a more straightforward, life-like interpretation of Taking Look, time linearity. Viewers enjoy a Pulp Fiction -like story for the very reason that it pleasurably points out that the effects of a story are more potent and dramatically true than life. Thus, the storyteller sees that time does not exist in their story in a literal, worldly sense.

It is arranged for the effect it creates. All the elements of importance of international trade, a story, like time, are shaped around a particular dramatic purpose in a story. Taking A Closer Essay? This is what makes the events of a story and or empathy, its characters ring true in Taking a Closer Look Essay a potent, vivid way. It is not a matter of descriptive details, but details that make vivid a story's movement toward resolution and fulfillment. Importance Of International Trade? Because for many people, life is at Sweatshops not something they can, or are able, to experience deeply, when a writer is able to create an experience of deep feeling, thought, or sense impressions through the details describing a story's dramatic movement, such writing is innately satisfying. And by being available upon the demand and particular needs of nike unethical, a reader, a story is a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay empowering and satisfying. The romantic can read novels that explore romance. The lover of action, heroic quests.

The philosopher, stories that explore subtle nuances of thought and feeling. A story can thus create for its audience a quality of having a place where the reader fits in. Another experience many people enjoy, but don't always get from real life. Of International Trade? Writing that is life-like in detail and design can lead to a Closer at Sweatshops, a story being rejected because a life-like retelling of an event doesn't generate that powerful, story-like effect of nike unethical, resolution/fulfillment its audience desires/craves. It risks being a collection of Taking Essay, inert details that fail to suggest a dramatic purpose or movement toward resolution.

Thus, a story takes life-like events and gives them a sense of meaning and purpose that touches us. Even a story about chaos and the meaninglessness of nike unethical, life, if well told, can ascribe a quality of meaning and purpose to those states.That's why there's such a relentless desire for stories that are uplifting. They allow readers to feel that the weight of life is bearable. Essay? That solutions can be found to any problem. That no amount of pain is of international insurmountable, no obstacle unconquerable, if we have courage and persevere. That even the most painful sacrifice will be ultimately rewarded if we have faith. What is a story? I say it is a vehicle that carries us on an engaging, dramatic journey to a destination of resolution we find satisfying and fulfilling.

When we find a particular story/journey to be dramatically potent and pleasing -- more true than life, or life as we would like it to be -- we can desire to re-experience the same story/journey over and over. The ability to craft such a story vehicle that takes its audience to such a desirable state is at the heart of the art of storytelling. A Closer Look At Sweatshops Essay? This essay was written and edited with the assistance of Lawrence Booth, Founder/Director of the internationally known Film School of Half Moon Bay. Copyright 1995 Bill Johnson. The ideas expressed in this essay are developed more comprehensively in my workbook, A Story is a Promise, which is being published by Blue Heron Press.

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Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay

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Hotel Rwanda Analysis Essays and Research Papers. Hotel Rwanda , released in December of a Closer at Sweatshops 2004, is Incentives for Immigration, based on the true story on the life of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel . manager of a Closer at Sweatshops Essay Hotel des Mille Collines, who saved the stimulus generalization discrimination, lives of 1,268 people in the face of genocide. This movie is based on the true events of the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 that occurred in Kigali, the capital and largest city of Rwanda in Africa. It touches upon when the Hutu extremists of Rwanda initiated an act of genocide on Taking Look Essay thousands of the minority group, Tutsis. This movie was directed/written. Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 2245 Words | 5 Pages. Resolution based on the movie screened, Hotel Rwanda . Nike Unethical. This film captures the unimaginable violence of genocide by a Closer at Sweatshops telling the Incentives for Immigration, . true story of a person, Paul Rusesabagina, manager of the Hotel Mille Collines in Rwandas capital city of Kigali who fights impossible odds to save everyone he can and provide a shelter where hope survives. While the rest of the Taking a Closer Look, world closed its eyes, Paul opened his heart and proved that one good man can make a difference. This analysis will focuses on the types, causes and. Burundi , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 1528 Words | 4 Pages. search of inspiration, and I found it on the website.

Robert Benjamin's article Hotel Rwanda and the Guerrilla . Negotiator definitely caught my eye particularly since I had checked the DVD out from the library last Friday but hadn't yet watched it. Benjamin's article piqued my interest enough to do some additional research on Rwanda , and passion was born. While a colony of Belgium, Rwanda was separated into two tribal groups which many say was based on physical characteristics such. Burundi , Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda 1615 Words | 5 Pages. ? Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda was directed by Terry George and produced by Sam Bhembe and . Roberto Cicutto. It was released into a social accompanied the 1911, the United States on December 22, 2004, but it released elsewhere in the world throughout 2005. The three main stars of the movie were Don Cheadle, who plays Paul Rusesabagina the hotel manager, Sophie Okonedo, who plays Tatiana Rusesabagina, Pauls wife, and Nick Nolte who plays Colonel Oliver, the Taking Look Essay, United Nations peacekeeper.

I watched this movie about a week ago. Burundi , Don Cheadle , Hotel Rwanda 1089 Words | 4 Pages. ? Hotel Rwanda is a movie based on sympathy true history in 2004 historical drama, about the hotelier named Paul Rusesabagina played by a . man named Don Cheadle. This took place during the Look at Sweatshops, Rwandan Genocide of 1994. The film was called an sympathy African Schindler's List. Directed by Terry George, the film was co-produced by US, British, Italian, and South African companies to Taking at Sweatshops Essay help wit the line manager, ideas and Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, the budgets. The filming done on location in Johannesburg, South Africa and Kigali, Rwanda to help the importance, plot of the story. Don Cheadle , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 857 Words | 3 Pages. n 1994 in Rwanda , a million members of the Taking at Sweatshops, Tutsi tribe were killed by or empathy members of the Hutu tribe in Essay, a massacre that took place while the world . looked away. Hotel Rwanda is not the story of that massacre. Nike Unethical. It is the story of a hotel manager who saved the lives of 1,200 people by being, essentially, a very good hotel manager.

The man is Taking a Closer Look Essay, named Paul Rusesabagina, and he is sympathy or empathy, played by Don Cheadle as a man of Taking quiet, steady competence in nike unethical, a time of chaos. This is not the Taking Look at Sweatshops, kind of man the camera silhouettes. Don Cheadle , Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda 1081 Words | 3 Pages. October 2011 Hotel Rwanda , Terry Georges 2004 film about the Rwandan genocide, is caught in a situation with other genocide . films that leads to some viewers to object to it while others are strongly drawn to it and everything between these two extremes. That situation is one where some find that the film fictionalizes and understates its events whereas others find that it represents a gateway through which the audience learns more about the Essay Incentives, relatively overlooked genocide in Rwanda . In order to make.

Genocide , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 1267 Words | 4 Pages. genocide rampage that swept through Rwanda , Africa in 1994. Hotel Rwanda , a film directed by Terry George in 2004, . is a story based on Look the tragedy that occurred ten years prior. The massacre is a result of the nike unethical, Hutu tribes prejudice and Taking Essay, discrimination of the Tutsi tribe and the worlds lack of intervention. Georges depiction of the event is less about the massacre itself though because of his choice to portray it from the view of Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu hotel manager married to a Tutsi woman. . Burundi , Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda 950 Words | 3 Pages. 10, 2014 AP World History: Movie Review- Hotel Rwanda 1. What time period does the a social revolution revolution, film take place in? What is the Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops, time . span? ? This movie takes place in the spring of 1994 in the country of Rwanda during the Rwandan genocides. 2. Sympathy Or Empathy. What civilization or part of the ancient world is the at Sweatshops Essay, film portraying? ? This movie portrays the Rwandan society in Africa. Sympathy Or Empathy. The characters are attempting to find safe haven within the campus of a hotel called the Hotel des Mille Collines.

The pressure holds between. Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 1084 Words | 3 Pages. Riley Sykes Mr. Ptacek CSJ, Period G 8 September 2013 Rwandan Genocide In the Look Essay, film Hotel Rwanda , the story of Paul . Rusesabaginas life is line, put on a Closer Look display. It opens with a scene with the nike unethical, characters Paul and Dube, a fictional character based on the Tutsi workers of the Milles Collines.

Paul is discussing what style is to Dube; they proceed to drive to pick up supplies from Georges Rutaganda. Rutaganda is a businessman and Taking a Closer Essay, the leader of the Interhamwe militia group responsible for the genocide. Hotel Rwanda , Human rights , Hutu 1582 Words | 4 Pages. Kaila Thomas Hotel Rwanda Essay The film Hotel Rwanda should be used in a world history program . because it accurately depicts a significant historical event that people should be informed about and reflects several major themes of world history. The movie begins in Rwanda in the early 1990s, when racial tensions between the sympathy or empathy, two major ethnic groups, Hutus and Tutsis, have led to a civil war. Taking Look At Sweatshops. After the importance trade, Hutu president is killed, Hutu extremists begin a mass-slaughter of the Tutsis. Paul Rusesabagina.

Burundi , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 896 Words | 3 Pages. Hotel Rwanda John Breymaier Comparative Criminal Justice Strayer University Steven Holeman January 30th, 2013 From . watching the movie, why do you think the international community allowed the massacre to occur? The decision of the international community not to intervene in the Rwandan conflict was result of many different factors. Firstly, no country felt like they could justify sending their men and women into harms way in a Closer Look Essay, order to settle a local conflict in a part of the world that. Genocide , Hotel Rwanda , Jean Kambanda 969 Words | 3 Pages. Hotel Rwanda and United 93 Analysis of Film Techniques - Historical Representation of Veracity. Hotel Rwanda , directed by Essay Terry George, is a 2004 film made depicting the Rwandan genocides.

The historical context of the film . Taking Look At Sweatshops Essay. is in 1994 in Rwanda , when the Incentives, extremist Interahamwe militias were gathering forces to kill Tutsi tribe's people. They succeeded for the most part, killing more than 800,000 innocent people within a hundred days. The film is shown entirely from the point of view of Paul Rusesabagina, who hosted over 1200 Rwandan refugees in his Hotel Mille Collines. The camera only leaves. Attack! , Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda 737 Words | 3 Pages. Intercultural Communication in Film: Hotel Rwanda. Intercultural Barriers in Look at Sweatshops, Film: Hotel Rwanda Intercultural communication is a method of communication that aims to share . information across different cultures and nike unethical, social groups ( The challenges that may occur during this type of communication stem from misunderstanding or lack of trust of people customs that are foreign to the listener. At Sweatshops Essay. This can cause many barriers when trying to initiate intercultural communication.

I will be discussing the film Hotel Rwanda while analyzing the. Hotel Rwanda , Hutu , Interahamwe 1489 Words | 7 Pages. stand by and let this happen. I wanted to Essay for Immigration scream, to wail, but I could not. I remained strong. I could not fall apart, not now, not yet. It was then . that I made my decision. I had to save those people, those people that waited for me back at the hotel . I had to do whatever I could, anything I could, to save them from this massacre.

I returned to the van and took my place in the passenger seat. Gregoire had not moved the entire time. Without looking at him I said, Back up the car Gregoire.. 2007 singles , Don Cheadle , English-language films 721 Words | 3 Pages. How Is the Theme of Genocide Presented in Hotel Rwanda and the Boy in Striped Pyjamas? How is the theme of genocide presented in Hotel Rwanda and The Boy in Essay, Striped Pyjamas? The Official Oxford English . dictionary defines genocide as the `deliberate killing of a very large number of people from a particular ethnic group or nation.' It also is sympathy, said as a holocaust. Holocaust is the great or complete devastation or destruction or any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life and at Sweatshops Essay, it is normally referred to the genocide of the Jews that happened during the period of 1939 to 1945.

Hotel Rwanda , Hutu , Interahamwe 2323 Words | 6 Pages. documentary As We Forgive, directed by and starring Laura Hinson. Full of the devastation thats in their lives these children and adults capture the line manager responsibilities, type of . pain caused by Look Essay Rwandas genocide. Thus, Hinson begins building her argument that the Essay Incentives for Immigration, people of Rwanda need help and Look at Sweatshops, the reconciliation project is revolution accompanied the 1911, design to help ease the pain caused by Look at Sweatshops the genocide and show the people apart of the genocide taking responsibility for and stimulus discrimination, their actions during this horrific event. In As We Forgive, Laura Hinson tries to evoke. Documentary film , Hotel Rwanda , Politics of Rwanda 1132 Words | 4 Pages. Warren Bennis' Article 'Differences Between Managers and Leaders' Used to Look at Sweatshops Essay Describe Paul Rusesabagina in Hotel Rwanda. The real life story of Paul Rusesabagina, depicted in nike unethical, the movie Hotel Rwanda , displays the hardships and unique situations that . can force people to take on a leadership position and endeavour through modern day predicaments and crisis.

Critically acclaimed author Warren Bennis, an expert on Taking Leadership studies, has himself served in the army as one of the youngest ever infantry officers and has been commemorated with awards of the highest order. In Bennis article Differences between Managers and. Don Cheadle , Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda 1144 Words | 3 Pages. Once I finished watching the movie Hotel Rwanda , the first thought that came up to me was that the revolution accompanied the 1911 revolution, structure and the lesson of Taking a Closer at Sweatshops . the story seems to be similar with the very well-known movie Schindeler's List: A very average, wise man with a motive that emerged from nowhere to risk all that he has to save the lives of a couple hundred people with the same destiny, death. Hotel Rwanda is nike unethical, based on Taking at Sweatshops Essay the genocide during the early 1990s where the a social the 1911 revolution, Tutsis were being exterminated by the Hutu. As the reporter. Burundi , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 555 Words | 2 Pages.

CRITICAL ANALYSIS : HOTEL RWANDA : Sociology of Developing Countries (SOC300) Professor: . Hotel Rwanda : Introduction Hotel Rwanda is a story about a country in central Africa that turned violent after their president is assassinated. Throughout all of this a man by the name of Paul Rusesabagina who was a Hutu and a hotel manager, would find himself giving refuge and saving thousand of a Closer lives at Essay Incentives, the expense of his own. Taking A Closer Look At Sweatshops. Critical Analysis The event takes place in or empathy, the county of Rwanda located. Burundi , Democratic Republic of the Congo , Hotel Rwanda 489 Words | 2 Pages. PER: 8 1/10/11 Hotel Rwanda the movie is a Closer Look, about the Hutu extremists of Rwanda beginning a terrifying campaign of . genocide, killing hundreds of thousands of revolution accompanied minority Tutsis while the rest of the world did nothing to Taking Look at Sweatshops Essay help.

The main character of this story is Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager at the fancy Les Milles Collines hotel in Kigali. Rusesabagina's acts to save the lives of his family and more than a thousand other refugees, by granting them shelter in the besieged Hotel des Mille Collines. English-language films , Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda 400 Words | 2 Pages. Name:____________________________________________ Date:_____________________________ Hotel Rwanda Character List Main . Sympathy. Characters: Paul Rusesabagina (Hutu): manager of the Hotel de Milles Collines Tatiana Rusesabagina (Tutsi): Pauls wife George Rutaganda (Hutu): A supplier runs a warehouse. A Closer Look Essay. He wants Paul to come to the rally to show support for the Hutu power, and he gives him a shirt symbolizing the Hutu power. Generalization And Stimulus Discrimination. General Bizimungu (Hutu): Makes Paul bribe him with liquor. Colonel Oliver: Canadian. Burundi , Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda 332 Words | 2 Pages. happened in Rwanda in 1994, when a massacre took place.

The incident itself has been a popular topic for books and articles and also films. One . Taking A Closer. particular film that represents the Rwanda incident is discrimination, Hotel Rwanda . A Closer Look. That film will be reviewed in this essay in relation to the Rwanda genocide, and the way Hotel Rwanda gives a picture of how the Essay, incident happened will be looked at as well. Hotel Rwanda is Taking Look at Sweatshops, set in manager responsibilities, Kigali when there was a chaos in 1994 between the two ethnic groups in Rwanda , Hutu and. Ethnic cleansing , Ethnic group , Hotel des Mille Collines 955 Words | 2 Pages. Critique ( Hotel Rwanda ) Aug. 7, 2013 Hotel Rwanda a film directed and at Sweatshops Essay, produced by Terry George was . released February 4th, 2005. It is based on responsibilities a true story of Paul Rusesabaginas heroic actions during the Rwandan genocide. The major cast included Don Cheadle (Paul Rusesabagina), Sophia Okonedo (Tatiana Rusesabagina) and Nick Noltle (Colonel Oliver of the UN). I watched this film during class and was touched by Pauls courageous actions. The film centers on Paul Rusesabagina, a manger of Hotel des Milles.

Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 672 Words | 2 Pages. ?The movie Hotel Rwanda This is a true story about the Taking a Closer Look Essay, life in Rwanda during the spring of of international trade 1994. It is about . Paul Rusesabagina who saved a lot of lives. He was the hotel manager of Hotel des Mille Collines where he housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees when the Hutus killed all the Tutsis on their way. Taking A Closer. Hutu extremists within Rwanda's political elite blamed the entire Tutsi minority population for the country's economic and political problems.

The Tutsis were called cockroaches on the radio by. Burundi , Democratic Republic of the Congo , Hotel Rwanda 662 Words | 1 Pages. Genocide: Rwanda , Darfur, and the Holocaust I cant go on. Line. Its over (Wiesel 56). This quote from Elie Wiesels Night is the thought . At Sweatshops. pattern of line manager Wiesel and the captives of the concentration camps who faced, and are still facing genocide. Genocide is defined as the deliberate and Taking Look Essay, systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group (

Through mutinous acts of genocide, the a social accompanied the 1911 republican revolution, concept of exterminating ethnic groups thrives in the region of Darfur in Look at Sweatshops Essay, Sudan. Genocide , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 973 Words | 3 Pages. Paul Rusesabagina Hero or Opportunist. Jonathan Middleton Professor Fink WR 121 27 May 2011 Paul Rusesabagina: Hero or Opportunist In the film . Accompanied Republican Revolution. Hotel Rwanda , we see the portrayal of events at the Hotel Des Mille Collines as they were described in Paul Rusesabaginas book titled An Ordinary Man, which talks about a Closer at Sweatshops Essay his experiences in Rwanda during the genocide committed by the Hutu people in importance trade, 1994. The Hutu people went on a killing spree, massacring over 800,000 Tutsi natives in the span of two. Hotel Rwanda , Hutu , Interahamwe 2380 Words | 6 Pages. 1994, when the East African state of Rwanda was divided into two factions of the Hutu and the Tutsi people, of a Closer Look at Sweatshops which the Tutsis were the . victims of a 100-day massacre that accounted for 20% of the populations death. The characters who lived through the Cypriot Liberation and Rwandan Genocide respectively are a nameless executioner who is forced to choose between his life or his friends life, a pastor who falters in his faith in the face of Hutu killers, and a hotel manager who gives himself to his. Hotel des Mille Collines , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 1522 Words | 5 Pages.

and letting them go to manager responsibilities protect them is Taking Look Essay, very courageous. Paul Rusesabagina makes the impossible decision to let his family travel to safety without him. He . decides to stay behind, with his only strength stemming from the thought of their safety ( Hotel Rwanda ). He made the manager responsibilities, decision thinking that it would produce the greatest possible good for everyone. If he had stood up and a Closer Look, made another decision, then he would have either hurt his family or the other refugees. Even though his family was attacked and.

2005 albums , Decision making , Don Cheadle 1292 Words | 4 Pages. Hotel Rwanda/Paul Russebagina Essay. Hotel Rwanda Essay- Freedom vs. GovernmentWould you rather have freedom or be controlled by a government? There are three main . reasons that government is chosen over freedom. First, not everybody has freedom. Responsibilities. Second, people get more safety with government rather than when they are free. Third, chaos erupts because in freedom there are not any laws. The number one reason why government is Look, chosen over freedom is because not everybody has freedom. If everybody has freedom, it would most likely be. Hotel Rwanda , Human rights , Hutu 574 Words | 2 Pages.

English 11 Lord Of The Flies And Hotel Rwanda. William Goldings Lord of the sympathy or empathy, Flies and the movie Hotel Rwanda directed by Terry George both Ralph and Paul Rusesabaginas . courage proved that an a Closer at Sweatshops Essay ordinary person can act against great evil. Both the book and the movie have a similar setting, theme, character, tone, and mood. The setting in Lord of the Flies and Hotel Rwanda is very similar. Nike Unethical. In Lord of the Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, Flies the boys are stuck on a deserted island with no help and in Hotel Rwanda no one wants to help them so they are also deserted. English-language films , Hotel Rwanda , Interahamwe 497 Words | 1 Pages. The Curse of revolution Genocides: A Review of the a Closer Look Essay, Film Hotel Rwanda. genocides will occur is a way to shelter the nike unethical, thought of ever being victim to these mass killings. By watching the Taking, film Hotel . Rwanda , I have come to agree with Hobbess theory of people naturally being evil. Or Empathy. Everybody truly only cares about themselves.

While the Hutus were literally slaughtering the Tutsis by the masses, the world didnt care. That to me is true iniquity. Hotel Rwanda captivates the Rwandan genocide between the two rivaling peoples, the Hutu which account for the majority of Taking a Closer Look Essay the. Burundi , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 487 Words | 2 Pages. Sophie Okonedo . Tatiana Rusesabagina Hotel Rwanda tackles one of the most dreadfully ugly events in recent history. I . believe that this conflict in of international, the 90s marked one of the bloodiest chapters in African History. Based on a true story, director Terry Georges war-time drama is Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, set in Rwandas capital city of or empathy Kigah during 1994 civil genocide. Rwanda erupted with genocidal rage after the countrys Hutu president was assassinated. The Hutus blamed the murder on the hated Tutsi minority and took. Burundi , Hotel Rwanda , Hutu 527 Words | 2 Pages. Geography Determines Your Destiny.

homeland in search of a better home or to start fresh. In some ancient civilizations, the people have learned to cope with the problem of not having . technology. The revolution of a Closer Essay destiny is a result of a persons geography. In a movie called Hotel Rwanda it describes a man named Paul Rusesabagina who lives in the middle of or empathy a civil war in Nigeria that was currently being torn apart by two groups. These two groups were called the Hutu and the Tutsi. In this movie the strong connection between destiny. Burundi , Democratic Republic of the a Closer, Congo , Hotel Rwanda 691 Words | 2 Pages. Textual Analysis : Hotel Rwanda (Terry George, 2004) The horrible evidence of what Kant variously called the . wickedness, corruption and sympathy or empathy, perversity of the human heart is, unfortunately, not encountered only in a Closer Look Essay, memory, it is also met with among our current experiences. We are daily obliged to witness fresh atrocities as ethnic and racial hatreds seek to express themselves in the annihilation of their proponents enemies. Nike Unethical. (Copjec, 1996;9) The above quote effectively demonstrates that debates on. Ethics , Hutu , Interahamwe 1571 Words | 5 Pages.

Hotel Rwanda Rwanda Reaction Paper. Summer 2012 Summer 2012 A partial requirement for RS2 A partial requirement for RS2 Hotel Rwanda Teresa Gonzales Yulo . BEEN 4 A Reaction Paper on Taking a Closer Look Essay the movie Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda Teresa Gonzales Yulo BEEN 4 A Reaction Paper on the movie Hotel Rwanda 08 Fall 08 Fall Hotel Rwanda describes the rivalry between two ethnic groups, the Hutus and the Tutsis. Both groups shared the same language, culture, territory, customs and Essay Incentives, beliefs but had different physical features and. Burundi , Don Cheadle , Hutu 1034 Words | 3 Pages. Night and Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, Hotel Rwanda Similarities. Night and Hotel Rwanda Similarities Throughout the course of humanity, we have experienced terrible transgressions in our . society. Although they took place sixty-one years apart, similar horrific events from the Holocaust (1933-1945) and the Rwandan Genocide (1994) occurred.

In Night, the Holocaust was the nike unethical, systematic, bureaucratic, state sponsored persecution and murder of Taking a Closer Look Essay approximately 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. The Nazis believed they were racially superior. Burundi , Hutu , Nazi Germany 996 Words | 3 Pages. Decisions of Hotel Industry subject to generalization and stimulus discrimination Judicial review. Taking Look Essay. Hotel industry Industry Analysis - . Discrimination. Hotels , Motels, And Other Lodging Places The purpose of Essay this study is to analyze the premium segment of the hotel industry.

In this regard, we used primary data to nike unethical focus on two hotels within the Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops, groups discussed to understand the relative importance of the strategic dimensions. Based on the positioning obtained, we have tried to understand the or empathy, strategic groups operating in the industry and map them. Complementors , Costs , Hotel 736 Words | 4 Pages. ethnic group targeted the Look at Sweatshops, Tutsis ethnicity of Rwanda , this was one of the worst massacres to occur in or empathy, recent history and is now deemed to be a . Look At Sweatshops Essay. genocide of the Tutsis. During this genocide, a citizen of Rwanda , Paul Rusesbagina assumed responsibility for many Tutsis refugees that were fleeing for revolution, their safety. Paul was a Hutu man that was the General Manager of Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay a luxury hotel known as the nike unethical, Hotel Des Milles Collines in Kigali, Rwanda . Throughout the film the hotel becomes a refugee camp for Tutsis. During.

Burundi , Hutu , Refugee 1070 Words | 3 Pages. Rednaxela R. A Closer At Sweatshops Essay. Calderon ASSIGNMENT No. Essay. 4 HOTEL RWANDA GUIDE QUESTIONS: 1. If you were in Taking at Sweatshops Essay, the situation of Paul, how far . Stimulus And Stimulus. would you go to protect your countrymen, when you know very well that this will cost you the life of your family? Will you abandon your family to save the lives of others? = If I will put myself in Taking a Closer, Paul's situation, I think, I would help and protect my countrymen as long as I can and as long as I'm living. But first I'm going to stimulus generalization discrimination ensure my family's safety before I gamble.

Burundi , Discrimination , Ethics 921 Words | 3 Pages. the theme of war. The texts I have studied are Hotel Rwanda directed by Terri George, The Pianist directed by Roman Polanski, . Life is Beautiful directed by Roberto Benigni and Taking at Sweatshops Essay, Saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg. The connections in these texts examine the effects of war as they are all set during war time. Incentives For Immigration. It was interesting to Look see that the same ideas came throughout the texts; in particular I expect Saving Private Ryan and Essay Incentives, Hotel Rwanda to connect as they both explore how war builds. Academy Award for Best Director , Academy Award for at Sweatshops Essay, Best Picture , English-language films 1145 Words | 3 Pages. Ways to Murder Thousands of People Hotel Rwanda and accompanied revolution, Erin Brockovich are two provocative films that take a look at separate . deviant acts but still present similar dangerous social problems.

The conflicts that are portrayed are different in the means of operation but both share a similar end with the endangerment of thousands of people. We will examine how these deviant decisions affect both their societies and the reasons behind these atrocious acts. Hotel Rwanda is a very graphic film filled with. Crime , Criminology , Hutu 1649 Words | 5 Pages. For replacement credit, I watched the film, Hotel Rwanda . In this reaction paper I will write my impressions and reaction to Taking a Closer Essay the . Nike Unethical. film, as well as address the film as it relates to the concepts of human geography that I have learned over the semester. The movie is a Closer Look, about the genocide in Rwanda in nike unethical, 1994. The movie shows how Hutu extremists mass murdered the Tutsi population and how one Hutu named Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager, helped save the lives of his friends and family and over one. Burundi , First Congo War , Hutu 516 Words | 2 Pages. A Case Analysis of Look at Sweatshops Hotel Continental Submitted by: Michael F. Cui . I. Perspective Held by the Student I assume the point of a social republican view of Mr.

Oscar Mendoza, the owner of Triumph Tours, who has been seriously thinking about operating a hotel to complement his travel agency business. II. Case Facts Mr. Oscar Mendoza has been considering opening a hotel to complement his travel agency business, Triumph Tours, because. Destination hotel , Hotel , Hotels 1115 Words | 5 Pages. SWOT analysis of Hilton hotel Strengths Hilton Hotel Corporation (HHC) is a well established organization . and a Closer Look Essay, industry leader in the hotel , hospitality and gaming industry HHC is well diversified across the importance of international trade, industry with hotels in Look at Sweatshops Essay, the high end, business and mid-priced classes in their product mix HHC also possesses solid integration features such as owning the companies that manufacture its furniture and responsibilities, has invested in online reservation travel enterprises Weaknesses . Casino , Hotel 496 Words | 3 Pages. SWOT analysis of Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel . Strengths of Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel 1. Best Location and a Closer Look at Sweatshops, Seaview . Incentives For Immigration. Hotel located at a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, Tsim Sha Tsui, it is center of Hong Kong, many shopping complexes and nike unethical, near Hong Kong Space Museum, Cultural Center, and major corporate offices. MTR, Star Ferry and Bus Terminus are nearby.

2. Famous Brand 3. Taking Look. It also has a Grand Ballroom and 14 function rooms to host business meetings, large conference or celebration. Hotel offers meeting and business services including. History of importance Hong Kong , Hong Kong International Airport , Hotel 607 Words | 3 Pages. the Organization Dalata Hotel Group In August 2007 Dalata Ltd was establisched by a Closer Look Mr Pat McCann and TVC Holdings. Mr McCann purchased eleven . hotels in Essay for Immigration, Ireland with support from Davy Private Clients. Maldron Hotels Brand was introduced in September 2008, which includes 10 three-star and four-star hotels in Taking a Closer Look Essay, key locations throughout Ireland. Maldron Hotel Cardiff was first opened in UK in May 2011. The main strategy was to develop the Maldron Hotel brand in Ireland and UK.

Hospitality , Hospitality industry , Hotel 1274 Words | 4 Pages. Overview Rosewood Hotels Resorts 1. What are the pros and cons of nike unethical moving from individual brands to a Closer at Sweatshops Essay a corporate brand? Read carefully . the the 1911 republican revolution, case and make a list of the a Closer at Sweatshops, pros and cons of maintaining the Individual Branding strategy or changing to stimulus and stimulus a Corporate Branding strategy. Use the following table to summarize your findings. | |Individual Branding |Corporate Branding | |Pros . Brand , Brand architecture , Brand management 1047 Words | 5 Pages. Hilton Hotels is one of the market leaders in the hotel and gaming industry in the United States. Hilton is Look at Sweatshops, a well-known and trade, . Taking Look At Sweatshops. distinguished name in nike unethical, fine hotels across the United States and worldwide. In 1999, Hilton expanded aggressively by acquiring the Promus Hotel Corporation, Hampton Inn and Taking a Closer, Suites, Doubletree Hotels , Embassy Suites Hotels , and a social revolution accompanied the 1911 republican, Homewood Suites. Taking A Closer Look. Hilton Hotels Corporation has grown to become the accompanied the 1911 republican revolution, world's most recognized and most successful hotel company (Hilton Innovation, 2007).

Doubletree , Hampton Inn , Hilton Hotels 1181 Words | 6 Pages. Hotel Management Business Analysis. Strategic Management Business Policy Hotel Management Business Analysis External Factor Analysis Summery . (EFAS) Economic Factors: 1. Nature of Competition 2. Per Capita Income 3. Economic Development Technological Development Factors: 1. Energy availability / Cost 2. Skill level of workforce 3. Computer hacking technology Political-Legal Factors: 1. Tax Laws 2. Government attitude toward foreign companies 3. Terrorist Activity Socio-cultural. Economics , Factor analysis , Hotel 801 Words | 7 Pages. Hotel Industry/Marriott Analysis Analysis of the Essay, Hotel Industry Industry Profile The need for . lodging for individuals after traveling a great distance from and stimulus, home has been around since mankind began living inside of dwellings. To serve this need, hotels , or as they were more commonly referred to, inns, were created as a means to accommodate these travelers. In fact, the first recorded inn in America opened in 1607. Since their introduction they have grown in complexity, amenities, price, and. Choice Hotels , Hampton Inn , Hospitality companies of the United States 2293 Words | 6 Pages. Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda takes place in the years to1994, during the horrific genocide by the . Hutus to hundreds of Look Essay thousands of Tutsis.

In Rwanda , you were a Tutsi or a Hutu and intense violence and accompanied republican revolution, hatred toward the Tutsi was encouraged and supported through the radio. Fighting, killing and Taking Look at Sweatshops Essay, opposition had been going on for several years, and when a new president signs a peace treaty to put the insane turbulence to an end, he is murdered. Paul Rusesabagina is a hotel manager at the nicest and. Burundi , Don Cheadle , Hutu 547 Words | 2 Pages. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS : A CASE STUDY OF THE UK HOTEL INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION The hotel industry, (despite its . Nike Unethical. importance to the UK economy) has not received the attention that it deserves from the central government at Downing Street.

A report by the British Hospitality Association in 2010 showed that it has grown over the years to a Closer Essay contribute 45 billion pounds to the UK economy. The hotel industry also employs about 3.64 million people both directly and indirectly making it the fifth largest industry. Destination hotel , Hospitality industry , Hotel 1974 Words | 7 Pages. Business Administration Hotel Continental and Armour Garments Company (Case Analysis ) In Partial Fulfillment of the for Immigration, Course . Requirements In Principles of Taking a Closer Look Organization and Management MGT211 Kim Albarda Danika Issabel I. Anulao Alyssa Caren Bueno BSA 1B Dr. Trade. Edmundo Banagan Professor Hotel Continental I. Background of the Study Mr.

Oscar Mendoza is the owner of the Triumph Tours, and in July 1989, he read from newspaper an advertisement of leasing Hotel Continentals facilities. Hotel , Hotels , Knitting 1038 Words | 4 Pages. Waterfront Mactan Casino Hotel , Inc. (WMCHI) ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Profitability Analysis 2008 . 0.084266313 0.046495453 0.009816935 0.027953925 2007 0.115098173 0.042234313 0.018062622 0.054801237 Profitability Analysis Return on sales Return On Assets Return On Equity WMCHIs net income for Look at Sweatshops, 2008 improved by .004 points, but reflected a 50% decline on its ability to nike unethical use its assets as a source of revenue. Essay. Moreover, because of the companys heavy reliance on borrowings from financial. Asset , Balance sheet , Debt 989 Words | 4 Pages.

Angelique Kay G. Consular August 15, 2013 BA Political Science II Hotel Rwanda . Essay Incentives For Immigration. Hotel Rwanda is the true story of genocide of Taking Look Tutsi people at a social accompanied republican, the hands of Taking a Closer Hutu extremist. During the genocide Paul Rusesabagina the manager of the generalization discrimination, Sabena Hotel des Mille Collines is a Hutu who provides shelter for Look, over a 1,000 Tutsi refugees. Essay. His wife Tatiana is also a Tutsi who helps Paul provide shelter and comfort for the refugees. As the political situation in the country worsens. Hotel des Mille Collines , Hutu , Interahamwe 776 Words | 2 Pages. kill or displace Rwanda's Tutsi minority. Before the European occupation of Rwanda , the Tutsis and Hutus lived different lifestyles.

Tutsis and . Hutus were separate ethnic groups that lived peacefully with no discrimination or clashes between the Look at Sweatshops Essay, groups. Responsibilities. After World War 1, Belgium overtook Rwanda as a colony and established the Tutsis as the natural born leaders of the nation. The once peaceful lifestyle that existed in Rwanda was no more, as all Tutsis were given Identity cards to Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay distinguish them from. Burundi , Genocide , Hutu 1180 Words | 3 Pages. last week, before we watched Hotel Rwanda in social studies, but now, after seeing that movie, whenever I hear the word genocide . I feel a chill down my spine. Because thinking about people getting sexually abused, beat, whipped, burned, cut, is the 1911, totally different from actually seeing it. In class, we thought what we were seeing was horrible, but that wasnt even a fraction of Taking Look what actually happened it was kind of or empathy just a preview. A Closer Look Essay. The genocide that happened in stimulus, Rwanda was depressing and horrifying. Death , Genocide , Genocides 416 Words | 2 Pages. After watching Hotel Rwanda , I had many emotions including confusion, frustration and gratitude.

I was initially unfamiliar with . tribal labels, such as Hutu of Tutsi. Tribal violence is not discussed frequently on the western part of the globe. I was incredibly frustrated by Taking Look at Sweatshops Essay the non-stop nagging of the supposedly officials. The officials took advantage of their power and chose to ignore the genocide. Their ignorance made them responsible for the thousands of innocent people horrendously killed. Believe , English-language films , Frustration 504 Words | 2 Pages. Teflon cocoon. When we are living in a Teflon cocoon, we are denying that we as humans can do something to stop other humans from suffering. In this case, . human beings were denying that they could go out and help the Incentives, Tutsis who were being persecuted in a Closer, Rwanda . Or Empathy. People were only caring about Look getting on line manager responsibilities with their own lives and not helping out others who really needed other people to be there for them. When Daglish says, I think if people see this footage they'll say, Oh my God that's horrible, and then.

2008 singles , Africa , English-language films 617 Words | 2 Pages.

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Specifications for a Closer, Thesis Preparation. This entire document can be read from beginning to end or particular sections can be quickly referenced by using the table of contents. This guide has been prepared by the MIT Libraries, as prescribed by the Committee on Graduate Programs, to assist students and of international faculty in the preparation of theses. The Institute is committed to Taking the preservation of each student's thesis because it is both a requirement for the MIT degree and a record of original research that contains information of lasting value. The requirements in this guide apply to sympathy all theses and have been specified both to facilitate the care and dissemination of the thesis and to Taking Look at Sweatshops assure the preservation of the archival paper copy. Individual departments may dictate more stringent requirements. A Social The 1911 Revolution! Questions not answered in this guide should be referred to Taking a Closer Essay the appropriate department officer or to the MIT Libraries (14N-118,, 617-253-5136).

The academic department is required to deliver the proper number of copies of the of international trade thesis to the MIT Libraries within one month after the last day of the term in Taking Essay which the line thesis was submitted (Faculty Regulation 2.72). One copy is kept as part of the permanent archival collection, and Taking the other copy is reserved for future disposition. An online catalog record, which includes the thesis abstract, is prepared for all theses deposited in the MIT Libraries. This information appears in Barton, our online catalog, which is Essay for Immigration, accessible to researchers at Taking a Closer Look Essay other institutions through the Internet, as well as in the OCLC database WorldCat, an online international bibliographic system available to nike unethical libraries and individuals worldwide. A Closer At Sweatshops Essay! PhD and ScD theses are also listed (with abstract) in ProQuest Dissertations Theses database ( PQDT ) and Dissertation Abstracts International ( DAI ). For each thesis received by the Libraries, a digital version is created and made publicly available in line responsibilities DSpace@MIT ( Taking Look At Sweatshops Essay! Copies of theses may be obtained through the MIT Libraries' Document Services (14-0551, 617-253-5668;; Students may choose to submit a born-digital PDF of the thesis via the Libraries voluntary submission portal (

However, the electronic version is not considered to be the official copy. Degree candidates must submit the required copies of their theses to the appropriate office of the department or program in which they are registered on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar. And Stimulus! The Academic Calendar may be found in Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay the MIT Bulletin and at September, February, and June are the only months in stimulus generalization which degrees are awarded. Additional copies of the Essay thesis may be required by the department. All theses should be turned in to the appropriate departmental office; the office will deliver the theses to the MIT Libraries within a month after the last day of term. In this guide, the copy that remains in the Archives is called the first copy . Additional copies required for the divisional libraries (see following section) are referred to as the second and (possibly) third copies . The department may ask for copies in addition to responsibilities those required for the Libraries. Taking A Closer! The student may, of course, keep personal copies. Not all departments send bachelor's theses to the Archives. If your department does, only one copy should be submitted to the Archives.

Please check the requirements of your department. Undergraduate students do not pay a library processing fee. Number of copies: Normally, two copies are required for the Libraries one for the Archives and a second for the appropriate divisional library. A third copy is Essay, required only when a student is submitting the a Closer same thesis to departments or programs from two separate MIT schools (e.g., Management and Engineering). If the departments are in the same school (e.g., Engineering Systems and Mechanical Engineering), only two copies are required. A Social The 1911 Republican! Doctoral theses only: A completed UMI/ProQuest form (see section below) with an additional copy of the title page and abstract stapled to it is also required.

Most MIT theses are written by a single author. In those cases where two or more students are responsible, only a single copy (for undergraduates) or set of Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay copies (for graduate students) should be submitted to the Archives. The title page of the thesis should bear the signatures of all authors and thesis supervisors. (Permission to undertake collaborative thesis research must be obtained in advance from the Essay for Immigration Dean of Graduate Education [3-138, 617-253-4860, Submission of Doctoral Thesis Abstract to International Database: UMI/ ProQuest Dissertations Theses Database. Abstracts of all doctoral theses (PhD and ScD) will be submitted for inclusion in ProQuest Dissertations Theses , an online database used by Taking at Sweatshops Essay researchers around the world. PQDT can be searched by author name, subject terms, and all words in the title and abstract. All MIT abstracts will contain a note stating that copies of the full text are available from DSpace@MIT or the MIT Libraries' Document Services. Abstracts should be no longer than 350 words; longer abstracts will be edited by UMI/ProQuest.

Please complete the UMI/ProQuest form at, staple it to a copy of your title page and abstract, and submit it with your thesis. Accompanied The 1911 Republican! The form may printed and completed by hand or opened and filled out in Acrobat Reader, then printed. When filling out the form, choose the a Closer Look Essay appropriate subject categories from the revolution accompanied revolution list provided with the form. Please take care both in choosing terms and writing them (if filling out the form by hand). Subject-based access to your thesis will depend on the accuracy of the information you provide and the precision with which it is transcribed by UMI/ProQuest. It is especially important that your name appear on this form exactly as it does on the title page and abstract of your thesis. CHANGES AFTER SUBMISSION OF THESIS. All change made to a thesis, after the thesis has been submitted to the MIT Libraries by the student's department, must have prior approval from the Dean of Graduate or Undergraduate Education.

When the purpose is to correct significant errors in content, the student should create an errata sheet using the form and instructions at and obtain approval from Essay, both thesis supervisor or program chair and the Dean for Graduate or Undergraduate Education. If the purpose of responsibilities change is to excise classified, proprietary, or confidential information, the student should fill out the application form at and have the Taking Look request approved by nike unethical the thesis supervisor or program chair and the Dean for Graduate or Undergraduate Education. Students and supervisors should vet thesis content carefully before submission to avoid both scenarios whenever possible. Students receiving advanced degrees from MIT are required to pay a library processing fee: $115.00 for a doctoral thesis ($50 for processing and $65 for the UMI/ProQuest abstract fee) and $50.00 for Taking, all other advanced-degree theses. Undergraduate students do not pay a processing fee. Thesis charges are billed to the 1911 republican revolution the students account when the thesis title is entered on the degree application.

Please refer to the academic calendar on the Registrars website to review relevant deadline dates. All copies must be submitted to the students department unbound between cardboard covers; the thesis and covers should be clipped or tied together, NOT stapled or punched. Recycled temporary covers and binder clips are available in a cabinet in the first floor stairwell of Hayden Library, near the a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay circulation desk. The front cover should be labeled with the following information: author's name, thesis title, course, month and year of graduation, and which copy it is (first, second, or third). The MIT Libraries pay for the binding of theses retained in their collection. Personal copies may be bound in hard or soft cover at MIT CopyTech or many commercial binderies in the Boston area.

The Institute's policy concerning ownership of thesis copyright is covered in Rules and Regulations of the Faculty , 2.73. Essay Incentives! ( and MIT Policies and Procedures 13.1.3 ( The following are guidelines to assist the at Sweatshops Essay student in line manager responsibilities determining who holds ownership of the thesis copyright: The Institute will hold ownership of the copyrights to theses if: the thesis research is performed in whole or in part by the student with financial support in Taking at Sweatshops Essay the form of wages, salary, stipend, or grant from funds administered by the Institute. the thesis research is manager responsibilities, performed in whole or in part utilizing equipment or facilities provided to Taking a Closer Essay the Institute under conditions that impose copyright restrictions.. In general, students may retain ownership of thesis copyrights when the only form of support is (a) teaching assistantships (the duties of which do not include research activities) and generalization and stimulus discrimination (b) NSF and NIH traineeships and fellowships (although the Taking a Closer Look Essay trainee or fellow may be required to grant certain publishing rights to NSF or NIH). Importance! Actual determination of a student's status is made by reference to the account from which the student receives support. Questions regarding restrictions imposed on any of the Institute's facilities or equipment may be addressed to the administrative officer of the laboratory or department or to the appropriate contract administrator in the Office of Sponsored Programs ( Specific questions on permission to copyright should be referred to the Technology Licensing Office (617-253-6966,

When copyright ownership is held by the student, the student must, as condition of a degree award, grant royalty-free permission to the Institute to reproduce and a Closer Look publicly distribute copies of the thesis, and must place the following legend on the thesis title page: The author hereby grants to MIT permission to reproduce and to trade distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of this thesis document in whole or in part in any medium now known or hereafter created. A Closer Look! For such theses, requests for permission to use portions of the stimulus generalization discrimination thesis in third-party publications must be addressed to and granted by the student author. When copyright is held by the Institute, students and third parties should contact the MIT Technology Licensing Office (617-253-6966, to obtain permission to reuse thesis content in other publications. However, the student is authorized to post electronic versions of the students own thesis, in whole or in part, on Taking a Closer, the World Wide Web. Any further publication of the thesis in whole or in part shall be made only with the authorization of the sympathy or empathy Technology Licensing Office, in consultation with the head of the Look at Sweatshops department or course in which the student was registered when the importance of international trade thesis was accepted.

Regardless of whether copyright is at Sweatshops, held by the student or the generalization discrimination Institute, the MIT Libraries publish the thesis electronically in DSpace@MIT ( allowing open access viewing and limited downloading/ printing. Students may request a waiver of Institute copyright by written application to the Institute's Technology Licensing Office ( The waiver shall be granted only if the Taking at Sweatshops retained rights of the student as described in this guide are inadequate for the students needs and nike unethical if a license from the Institute to the student would also be inadequate. Any such waiver of the Institutes copyright shall be subject to a royalty-free grant from the student to Taking the Institute to and stimulus publicly distribute copies of the Taking a Closer Look Essay thesis, in whole or in part. The student must also place the of international legend above on the thesis title page. Implementation: How to Taking a Closer Look Essay Copyright a Thesis.

Each student should place the appropriate copyright notice on the thesis. Copyright notice consists of four elements: the symbol c with a circle around it and/or the word copyright, the year of publication (the year in which the importance of international trade degree is to be awarded), the name of the copyright owner, and the words All rights reserved. These four elements should appear together on a Closer Essay, the title page (or verso of the title page). student is copyright owner: 2008 Jane Doe.

All rights reserved. Institute is copyright owner: 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Importance Of International Trade! All rights reserved. See sample title pages. A copyright notice should also appear on any non-paper material (e.g., DVD or CD) included with a thesis. Use of Previously Published Material in a Thesis. Each student is responsible for obtaining permission, if necessary, to include previously published material in the thesis. This applies to most third-party materials (i.e., those created and published by someone else); it may also apply to the students own previous work.

If, for at Sweatshops Essay, example, a student has already published part of the generalization thesis as a journal article and, as a condition of publication, has assigned title to the journal's publisher, the student has no further rights in the article. Written permission must be obtained from the publisher to include the article, or any portion of it, in the thesis. Similarly, permission must be obtained to include papers written while the student was employed by Essay a commercial company or non-profit organization if title belongs to the company or organization. A sample permission letter can be obtained from the nike unethical Office of the General Counsel ( If the student knows, prior to Taking Look Essay publication or employment, that such material will be included in a thesis, he or she may wish to retain title to Incentives the material or to reserve sufficient rights to use the material. Look Essay! Further information is available at Scholarly Publishing @MIT Libraries ( or by contacting for more information. POLICY FOR TEMPORARY RESTRICTIONS ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF THESES. Thesis research should be undertaken in line responsibilities light of MIT's policy of open research and the free interchange of information. Written notification of patent holds and other restrictions must reach the Institute Archives before the thesis in a Closer question is received, since under normal circumstances all theses are open and a social revolution available for public inspection once they have been received by the Archives. When there is good reason for delaying the distribution of a thesis, the procedures below should be followed. For additional details on procedures for a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay, temporary restrictions, please see Graduate Policies and Procedures at

When MIT holds the rights to any intellectual property contained in a thesis, students and their supervisors must work with the MIT Technology Licensing Office ( to importance determine if a patent application is to be filed. If so, the Technology Licensing Office will notify the Institute Archives, and the thesis will be withheld from distribution for up to Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops three months. If an extension is required, application must be made to nike unethical the Vice President for Research, who will inform the Archives if an extension is approved. When a student holds the a Closer Look rights to any intellectual property contained in his or her thesis, application for permission to withhold a thesis must be made to the Dean for Graduate Education for a social revolution the 1911, graduate theses or the Dean for Undergraduate Education for a Closer Look, undergraduate theses. If the hold is granted, the dean will inform the for Immigration Archives, and a Closer Essay the thesis will be withheld for a period of line responsibilities three months. If an extension is required, application must be made to the Vice President for Research. A student should not embark without prior approval on a thesis that requires government restrictions. The Institute recognizes that certain government agencies which sponsor research may require that theses be submitted for security review before they can be placed in the Libraries or published. Occasionally, on completing a thesis, a student may believe that its distribution will jeopardize the privacy or safety of the author, other individuals, or organizations.

If the at Sweatshops thesis cannot be rewritten to remove the problematic material, the author and supervisor should submit the thesis to the director of the program, who will prepare a recommendation for the Dean for Graduate Education for graduate theses or the Dean for Undergraduate Education for undergraduate theses, who will then consult with the Vice President for Research. The appropriate office will advise the Institute Archives of the restricted period. In all cases the and stimulus discrimination restricted period should be kept to a Closer at Sweatshops Essay a minimum. The title page is always considered to be page 1, and every page must be included in the count regardless of whether a number is physically printed on a page. The entire thesis (including title page, prefatory material, illustrations, and Essay Incentives all text and appendices) must be paginated in one consecutive numbering sequence. Theses should be prepared double-sided whenever possible. Look! In a double-sided thesis, both sides of every page (starting with the title page and including any pages that have been left blank) must be accounted for in the numbering sequence. Therefore, in a double-sided thesis, odd-numbered pages are always on the right and even-numbered pages on the left. Essay! Pages with illustrations may be single-sided, but both sides should be counted. Single-sided theses should be numbered only on the front of every sheet.

When using thesis templates on Athena, use caution and Look at Sweatshops verify that the pagination requirements are being met. Your work will be a more valuable research tool for other scholars if it can be located easily. Search engines use the republican revolution words in the title, and Taking a Closer at Sweatshops sometimes other descriptive words, to locate works. Therefore, be sure to select a title that is a meaningful description of the content of your manuscript; and when possible, use word substitutes for formulas, symbols, superscripts, Greek letters, etc., which do not appear on most computer keyboards and would make your title more difficult to search. The Effects of Ion Implantation and the 1911 republican Annealing on the Properties of Titanium Silicide [not TiSi 2 ] Films on Silicon Substrates Radiative Decays of the J/Psi [not J/ ψ] to a Closer at Sweatshops Two Pseudoscalar Final States The title page of the first copy must bear the original signatures of the author, supervisor, and chairman; a photocopy of the signed title page is acceptable for the second copy. The title page should contain the title, name of the author, previous degrees, the degree(s) to be awarded at MIT, the generalization date the Taking a Closer at Sweatshops degree(s) will be conferred (June, September, or February only), copyright notice, and appropriate names and signatures. For candidates receiving two degrees, both degrees to be awarded should appear on generalization and stimulus discrimination, the title page.

For candidates receiving degrees across departments or programs, all degrees and departments or programs should appear on the title page and Essay the signatures of both department heads/committee chairmen are required. Whenever there are co-supervisors, both signatures are required. Each thesis offered for a graduate degree must include an abstract, preferably one single-spaced page, but never more than two pages (generally less than 350 words). The abstract should be thought of as a brief descriptive summary rather than a lengthy introduction to the thesis. Doctoral abstracts are submitted for inclusion in UMI/ProQuests Dissertation Abstracts International and ProQuest Dissertations Theses database ( PQDT ). Doctoral candidates should keep their abstracts under 350 words. Longer abstracts will be edited and shortened by UMI/ProQuest . Databases such as PQDT provide full-text searching of abstracts, so the presence of significant key words in a short abstract will facilitate access. The abstract should immediately follow the sympathy title page. Biographical Note and Taking at Sweatshops Essay Acknowledgment. Although not a requirement, each thesis may contain a short biography of the candidate, including institutions attended and dates of manager attendance, degrees and honors, titles of publications, teaching and a Closer professional experience, and other matters that may be pertinent.

An acknowledgment page may also be included. These sections may be single-spaced. Please note that your thesis will be publicly available online at DSpace@MIT, which is regularly crawled and Essay indexed by Google and a Closer Look Essay other search-engine providers.. The style of quotations, footnotes, and bibliographic references may be prescribed by your department. Generalization! If your department does not prescribe a style or specify a style manual, choose one and be consistent. Further information is available on a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay, the web site of the MIT Writing Center (

NOTES AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES. Whenever possible, notes should be placed at the bottom of the appropriate page or in the body of the text. Notes should conform to the style appropriate to the discipline. If notes appear at of international trade the bottom of the a Closer page, they should be single-spaced and included within the specified margins (see section below). It may be appropriate to place bibliographic references either at the end of the chapter in which they occur or at the end of the thesis.. The same paper size and quality, pagination, margins, notes, and illustration requirements apply to appendices. They support the research in your thesis and should be as readable and reproducible as the rest of your work.

Page numbering should continue the nike unethical consecutive pagination of the a Closer thesis. For the line manager main body of the text, including appendices and front matter, font size should be at least 11-point and should not be script or italic. A Closer At Sweatshops! Italics may, however, be used for short quotations or to highlight variables in an equation, for or empathy, example. Notes and the text in tables, etc., should not be smaller than 10-point. Top, bottom, and a Closer both side margins must be at least an inch wide (1) to or empathy allow for binding and trimming. All information (text headings, notes, and illustrations), excluding page numbers , must be within the text area. Theses should be prepared using both sides of the paper (double-sided) whenever possible. A Closer Essay! Oversize sheets must be folded to come within the text area so the folds will not be trimmed off or bound in accompanied republican during the binding procedure. The text of the thesis may be single- double- or one-and-a-half-spaced. The abstract, biography, notes, bibliography, and Taking a Closer acknowledgment should be single-spaced.

If you are writing your thesis on Athena, follow the formatting and typeface instructions under the line manager responsibilities LATEX or FRAME olc stock answer topics by typing the Taking a Closer Look command olc_answers on any Athena workstation. If you are preparing your thesis on Athena, follow the instructions under the LATEX or FRAME olc stock answer topics by typing the sympathy or empathy command olc_answers. When using Athena templates, be sure the Taking Look at Sweatshops format conforms to the required specifications, especially for the title page and pagination. Final copies should be printed on the printer Thesis (11-004), which is stocked with acid-neutral, Libraries-approved thesis paper. First copy: For the first copy the Essay Incentives for Immigration paper must be chosen for its permanence and durability. This is the at Sweatshops copy that should bear the original signatures. Incentives For Immigration! The paper must be (a) acidneutral or acid-free, (b) watermarked, (c) at Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay least 20-lb. weight, and (d) contain at least 25% cotton. It may contain some post-consumer waste (pcw) recycled material. The following 20lb. watermarked acidneutral papers are examples of those that are acceptable.

Mohawk Via Bright White (available at CopyTech, 11-004) Xerox Image Elite Crane's Thesis Paper Hammermill Bond Strathmore Bond. Second copy: The paper for the second copy should be (a) acid-neutral or acid-free, (b) at least 20-lb. weight, and (c) contain 25% cotton. It need not be watermarked. The following are not acceptable for either copy: MIT bond, erasable paper, or regular paper from photocopy machines. The paper used should be sufficiently opaque so that text and line manager responsibilities illustrations on one side do not impair readability on Taking at Sweatshops, the other. If there are any questions about the acceptability of paper, contact the Institute Archives (, 617-253-5136). The standard size for theses is 8 by and stimulus discrimination 11 inches (see section on oversized pages). DOUBLE-SIDED OR SINGLE-SIDED PRINTING. Double-sided printing is strongly recommended.

However, the Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops paper should be sufficiently opaque so that text and illustrations on one side do not impair readability on the other side. A single-sided illustration page in a double-sided thesis should be numbered on both sides. When creating a double-sided copy, be sure that the page numbers are either in the center or on the outside edge of each page. Charts, graphs, tables, etc., should be reduced whenever possible to an 8-by-11-inch format. If material is Incentives, not reducible, oversize sheets must be folded to come within the text area so the folds will not be trimmed off or bound in a Closer at Sweatshops Essay during the binding procedure. Acceptable 11-by-17-inch watermarked paper can be requested at CopyTech (11-004). Students may print their theses in full color. Theses containing color figures, illustrations, and photos will be scanned in color and converted to color PDFs for inclusion in DSpace@MIT. Please be aware that heavily saturated color graphics may bleed through and compromise legibility for double-sided pages. In such cases, use of single-sided printing or heavier, less transparent paper stock is advised.. Pages containing photographs should be numbered as regular pages.

A single-sided photograph page in a double-sided thesis should be numbered on both sides. All graphics must respect the a social accompanied the 1911 revolution 1 margins. Digital and magnetic materials such as cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs may accompany the written text of the thesis; one should accompany each copy of the thesis submitted . No guarantee can be given that the Libraries can preserve, reproduce, or make this information available in the future. Therefore, when feasible, the information that is in these forms should also be represented in Taking Look at Sweatshops Essay the written text of the thesis. A label containing the author's name, the date of the thesis, and the copyright notice must be applied to all material in non-paper format. The label should also include any relevant technical information, such as software or hardware specifications. Is the stimulus and stimulus authors full name on a Closer, the title page and the abstract? (See sections on importance of international, title page and abstract.) Before submitting to your department.

Are all necessary signatures on the title page of each copy? (See section on title page ) Institute Archives and Special Collections. Technology Licensing Office. One Cambridge Center. Cambridge, MA 02142. Office of the General Counsel.

Office of the Dean for Graduate Education. Dean for Undergraduate Education. Office of the Vice President for Research. Prepared by the MIT Libraries. as prescribed by the Committee on Graduate Programs.

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Two Faces of Economic Development: The Ethical Controversy

62 Motivational Quotes about Excuses (aka Bad Habits in Disguise) Simply put, #8220; it's a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. #8220; Many people's lives are proliferated with excuse after excuse. From school days #8220; My dog ate my homework #8221; to Taking, health, #8220; I will start my new fitness routine on Essay Incentives Monday#8221; and Look Essay our professional lives, #8220; I don't have time today, but tomorrow I'll finish that report #8220;#8230; the list goes on. In a fantastic article posted on stimulus generalization discrimination, #8220;The 8 Most Damaging Excuses People Make For Their Unhappiness#8221; goes on to list the following as reasons for people's unhappiness. Have you ever used one of following 8 excuses? I don't have the money to do this. I'm not ready to a Closer at Sweatshops, do the work required to change. Nike Unethical. I'm afraid of what I don't know.

What if it doesn't work out? What would people say if I did this? My family needs me to keep doing this. I don't really believe it's going to work out. Taking Look Essay. This is just me I can't change it. All this being said, sometimes it's just easier to choose tomorrow as the day to get things done#8230; but I want to let you in on a little secret tomorrow never comes.

Tomorrow will never come#8230; there's only ever today. 62 Motivational Quotes about Excuses (aka Bad Habits in Disguise) Don't look for excuses to Essay Incentives, lose. Look for Taking Look at Sweatshops, excuses to win. Chi Chi Rodriguez. I attribute my success to this I never gave or took any excuse. Importance. ? Florence Nightingale. At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets. ? Steve Maraboli. Bad things are always going to happen in life. People will hurt you. But you can't use that as an excuse to Taking Look Essay, fail or to hurt someone back. You'll only hurt yourself.

Procrastination on Autopilot: The Later Button. Destiny: A tyrant's authority for crime and a fool's excuse for failure. Ambrose Bierce. Don't use your past as an generalization excuse, excuse your excuses and Look at Sweatshops Essay take action now! ? Bernard Kelvin Clive. Don't you dare take the lazy way. It's too easy to Incentives, excuse yourself because of your ancestry.

Don't let me catch you doing it! Now #8212; look close at me so you will remember. Whatever you do, it will be you who do. ? John Steinbeck. Every man ought to be inquisitive through every hour of Taking at Sweatshops Essay his great adventure down to the day when he shall no longer cast a shadow in nike unethical the sun. For if he dies without a question in his heart, what excuse is there for his continuance? Frank Moore Colby. Good taste is the excuse I've always given for Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, leading such a bad life Oscar Wilde. He that is trade, good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. ? Benjamin Franklin. It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. ? George Washington.

It is easier to move from Look failure to success in from excuses to line, success. John C. Maxwell. Kick the a Closer Look at Sweatshops crutch out from Essay under your excuses Lorii Myers. Taking A Closer At Sweatshops. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine; and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. Nike Unethical. Not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were for the moment unpopular. This is a Closer Look at Sweatshops, no time for men . Importance Of International Trade. . . to a Closer Essay, keep silent, or for those who approve. We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result.

There is no way for a citizen of a republic to generalization and stimulus, abdicate his responsibilities. Edward R. Murrow. Difficulty on the way to victory is opportunity for God to work. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay, sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help. ? Criss Jami, Killosophy. Love will find a way. Indifference will find an excuse.

Man gives every reason for his conduct save one, every excuse for stimulus, his crimes save one, every plea for his safety save one; and that one is his cowardice George Bernard Shaw. Never make excuses. Your friends don't need them and your foes won't believe them. ? John Wooden. No one will ever blame you for trying to get it right. Taking Essay. Lorii Myers.

Oldest excuse in the book My Dog Ate My Homework. Pessimism is an and stimulus excuse for Taking a Closer Essay, not trying and a guarantee to a personal failure. Bill Clinton. Rationalization is a process of not perceiving reality, but of attempting to make reality fit ones emotions. ? Ayn Rand, Philosophy: Who Needs It? Smokers, male and female, inject and importance trade excuse idleness in their lives every time they light a cigarette. Sidonie Gabrielle Colette. A Closer. Success is not obtained overnight. It comes in stimulus discrimination installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day's success. ? Israelmore Ayivor. The heart has its reasons but the mind makes the excuses. ? Amit Abraham. The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it. ? Jordan Belfort.

The trouble with excuses, however, is that they become inevitably difficult to a Closer Look, believe after theyve been used a couple of times. Scott Spencer. There is trade, a lie in between a promise and many excuses. ? Toba Beta. There's no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. A Closer Look Essay. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there's no excuse for nike unethical, boredom, ever. Karolvig Viggo Mortensen. We have more ability than will power, and it is Taking a Closer, often an of international excuse to ourselves that we imagine that things are impossible.

Francois de la Rochefoucauld. We may place blame, give reasons, and even have excuses; but in the end, it is an act of cowardice to not follow your dreams. ? Steve Maraboli. An excuse is Taking at Sweatshops Essay, worse and more terrible than a lie; for manager, an excuse is a lie guarded. Alexander Pope. Bad excuses are worse than none. Thomas Fuller. Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.

Edward R. Murrow. At Sweatshops Essay. Don't make excuses, make good. Elbert Hubbard. Every vice has its excuse ready. Publilius Syrus. Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure. Don Wilder. For many people, an excuse is better than an achievement because an trade achievement, no matter how great, leaves you having to prove yourself again in the future; but an excuse can last for life. Eric Hoffer. He that is at Sweatshops, good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

Benjamin Franklin. Generalization And Stimulus Discrimination. Face Palming stops bad habits too#8230; #128521; He who excuses himself, accuses himself. Gabriel Meurier. Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you, never excuse yourself. Henry Ward Beecher. I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse. Taking Look. Florence Nightingale.

If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another. Yiddish Proverb. It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. George Washington. It is easier to find an excuse than to find a reason. Doug Brown. Never ruin an apology with an excuse.

Kimberly Johnson. Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the line manager responsibilities habit of making excuses. George Washington Carver. Nothing is impossible; there are ways that lead to everything, and if we had sufficient will we should always have sufficient means. It is often merely for an excuse that we say things are impossible. Francois De La Rochefoucauld. People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. Essay. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them. Essay. George Bernard Shaw. People with integrity do what they say they are going to do.

Others have excuses. Taking. Laura Schlessinger. Several excuses are always less convincing than one. Aldous Huxley. The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses. Napoleon Hill. The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself. Henry Ward Beecher. Nike Unethical. The trick is not how much pain you feel but how much joy you feel.

Any idiot can feel pain. A Closer Look. Life is full of excuses to feel pain, excuses not to live; excuses, excuses, excuses. Erica Jong. There aren't nearly enough crutches in the world for all the lame excuses. Marcus Stroup. There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results. Importance. Art Turock. To rush into Look Essay explanations is always a sign of weakness. ? Agatha Christie. Two wrongs dont make a right, but they make a good excuse. Thomas Szasz.

Uncalled for nike unethical, excuses are practical confessions. Charles Simmons. We are all manufacturers. Making good, making trouble, or making excuses. H. V. Adolt.

We have forty million reasons for Essay, failure, but not a single excuse. Rudyard Kipling. You can give in to the failure messages and be a bitter deadbeat of line excuses. Or you can choose to be happy and positive and excited about life. A.L.

Williams. If you found this article inspiring, be sure to also read the following#8230; The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is not just about physical health but whole-life fitness that blends mindfulness and personal development with equipment-free workouts. 3 Reasons I Love Manscaping and Why You Should too. 6 Exercises that will Boost Your Brain. Exercising Tips For People Who Hate to Workout. The Best 6 Ways to Get Rid of Stress and Your Body Fat. Taking A Closer. Beauty is only skin deep.

Whilst this popular saying is quite true, we live in 11 Fitness And Nutrition Truths We Hate To Admit Are True. It's never fun to hear uncomfortable truths that you'd rather not admit are true Apply for the WLM Coaching Program. 3 Reasons I Love Manscaping and line responsibilities Why You Should too. 6 Exercises that will Boost Your Brain. 5 Practical Tips to Taking a Closer, Help Skinny Guys Grow New Muscles. Revolution Republican Revolution. How to get into ketosis#8217; and why you should care. What you Need to Know about National Mesothelioma Awareness Day.

No Equipment, no problem: Here#8217;s 92 Workouts without equipment. The One Reason why Bodybuilders Hate CrossFit. Taking At Sweatshops. Exercise and Eating smart is key for long-term weight management. 21 Inspirational Quotes about Never Giving Up. Working Out Naked Has Its Benefits can you name 3? Get health, fitness and Incentives lifestyle stories sent straight to your inbox.

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Two Faces of Economic Development: The Ethical Controversy

coursework inf Introduction to a Closer Look at Sweatshops, Identity Management. Restricted to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Identity Management and manager Security program. identity management, security, and privacy across different market sectors. Identity in Society Community. Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program. Identity Public Policy. Restricted to students in the Master of Taking Essay, Science in Identity Management and Security program. identity policy areas including privacy, surveillance, identity theft, health information, business-to-business relationships, and the co-evolution of identity and information technologies. Identity Business Practices Governance. Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security.

Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program. communications; communication and business continuity planning; time management; sense making processes in organizational crisis; and nike unethical reputation management. Identity Risk and Benefit Analysis. Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program. Special Topics in Identity Management Security.

Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program. Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and at Sweatshops Security program. Identity enrollment and authentication for cyber and physical access and transactions, cryptography, biometrics, device identity security, and security culture. Identity Information Management Repositories. Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security. Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program. information, and multiple genres of legal information and legal writing. Legal requirements and social responsibilities as they pertain to data protection and the prevention of different types of. Restricted to students in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program.

option. The equivalent of three lecture hours a week for one semester. Offered on the credit/no credit basis only. Individual Studies - RESTRICTED (1 hour credit) In-depth study of a problem or topic related to information studies, usually culminating in an examination or a scholarly written report. With consent of the graduate advisor, may be repeated for credit. Creation of a website that displays the student's professional aims, interests, and pursuits, including resume and work samples. Designed to be taken during the final semester of the Master of Science in Information Studies degree program. Internship in Libraries Other Information Agencies - RESTRICTED. Individual Studies - RESTRICTED (2 hours credit)

In-depth study of a problem or topic related to information studies, usually culminating in accompanied republican revolution an examination or a scholarly written report. With consent of the graduate advisor, may be repeated for credit. Internship in Libraries Other Information Agencies - RESTRICTED. Academic Success in the Digital University. Exposure to a wide variety of information and academic resources, tools, and skills. Focus is on the digital landscape of higher education. Subjects include features of the primary learning management system used; communication and organizational tools; library resources; basic online research resources; and ethical and safety concerns. Introduction to Information Studies. Overview of the information field as it relates to the technology-based world culture. Topics may include the a Closer Essay idea of information, information in relation to.

technology and stimulus generalization discrimination culture, human-computer interaction, information technology in education, information literacy and the digital divide, information and communication technology, information and gender, public information policy, and information organization and preservation. Introduction to Information Studies (HCI/UX Emphasis) Overview of the information field as it relates to Taking, the technology-based world culture. Topics may include the idea of information, information in relation to. technology and culture, human-computer interaction, information technology in education, information literacy and the digital divide, information and communication technology, information and gender, public information policy, and nike unethical information organization and preservation. Topics In Human-Computer Interaction. Fundamental concepts, techniques, and questions in Taking Look at Sweatshops human-computer interaction. Topics. covered may include user research, interaction design, user interface design, and nike unethical usability.

Information and Culture. Examines information as a cultural phenomenon. Topics may include e-commerce, privacy and secrecy, censorship, information as a commodity, Internet culture, access to cultural heritage, and control of the cultural record. Evaluation, selection, and proper and creative use of books and other media with children. Taking A Closer Essay? Three lecture hours a week for Essay Incentives, one semester. Information Studies 322T and Taking at Sweatshops 322W may not both be counted. Information and People. Study of how individuals and stimulus discrimination groups create meaning. Explores research topics concerning people and communication, including information literacy, organizations and innovation, knowledge management, and identifying information needs. A general introduction to information searching and evaluating information in digital, print, visual, and aural formats. Information In Cyberspace (HCI/UX Emphasis)

An overview of the history and social impact of Internet, Web, and other network technologies. Students will learn methods and Taking Look Essay tools of responsibilities, media creation with an Look at Sweatshops Essay, emphasis on technological self-sufficiency. Information in revolution accompanied republican revolution Cyberspace. An overview of the history and social impact of Internet, Web, and other network technologies. Students will learn methods and tools of media creation with an emphasis on Taking a Closer technological self-sufficiency.

Information Organization and Access. Basic aspects of of international, representing and organizing information resources in Taking Look digital information settings. Introduces the fundamentals of identifying informational objects, including description, content indication, and metadata. Advanced Topics In Human-Computer Interaction. Advanced concepts, techniques, and questions in human-computer interaction. Topics covered may include the design of rich interfaces, evaluation of interactive systems, and importance visual design. Design and use of information technologies, including interface design, trends in information technology development, usability, information retrieval, immersive media, and information architecture. Information Studies 350E and 350W may not both be counted unless the topics vary. Technologies of the Book. Design and use of information technologies, including interface design, trends in information technology development, usability, information retrieval, immersive media, and information architecture. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Information studies 350E and 350W may not both be counted unless the topics vary. Information in Society. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Projects In Human-Computer Interaction. Hands-on user experience design project. Students examine users' needs; complete an. interactive system design, evaluation, re-design; and/or similar tasks.

Projects In Information Studies. Study of a current practical question, phenomenon, or controversy involving information. Includes designing, evaluating, and testing an information system or producing a project report. Information in Social and Cultural Context. Examines the role of information in human activities, particularly in relation to particular social and cultural contexts. Examines how individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and society at large create, find, use, understand, share, transform, and curate information. Designing Dynamic Web Pages. Principles and practices for designing, developing, and evaluating interactive desktop and mobile Web pages. Theories and a Closer at Sweatshops Essay models for color, styles, and interactive page elements, such as forms. Students create and evaluate Web pages using current technologies, such as XHTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and Adobe Flash. Perspectives on Information.

A multi-disciplinary and historical examination of sympathy or empathy, information as a primary and foundational concept. Contrasts key literature from information studies with perspectives from other fields. Introduction to Internet concepts, protocols, applications, and services. Examines the impact of policy and management decisions on current and future developments, and studies the Taking Look design and implementation of Internet applications, including HTML, CSS, and related tools. Introduction to Programming. Introduction to problem solving and structured thinking, with an emphasis on design and implementation. Concepts and constructs underlying modern programming languages, such as data types, variables, operators, procedures, functions, classes, and objects.

Includes significant hands-on programming opportunities in designing Web, mobile, or desktop applications. Individual Studies - RESTRICTED (3 hours credit) In-depth study of a problem or topic related to of international, information studies, usually culminating in an examination or a scholarly written report. Look At Sweatshops Essay? With consent of the graduate advisor, may be repeated for credit. Advanced Problems in Information Studies - web-based - RESTRICTED.

Study of a problem or topic related to information studies. Understanding and sympathy or empathy Serving Users. Overview of human-computer interaction, understanding client groups, information filters, information literacy and information-seeking behavior, as well as user studies and usability testing. Introduction to Information Resources and Services. Major reference resources and strategies useful in providing information services in libraries and other information agencies. Materials for Children. A survey of children's literature; materials in various formats suitable for use by and with children. Evaluation tools, application of selection and evaluation criteria, and Look planning for the use of materials.

Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Materials for Young Adults. Evaluation, selection and use of books and other media to meet the needs of young adults of middle-school and high-school age. Information Resources and Incentives for Immigration Services for Children and Young Adults. Examines the evaluation, selection, and use of books and Taking Look Essay other media for young adults of junior and senior high school age. Briefly surveys the reading experience, psychology of adolescence, and reading interests of young adults. The 1911 Republican? Includes extensive reading and viewing. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Legal Information Resources.

Identification of relevant legal information resources, efficient retrieval of legal information, and the role of technology in legal information access. Information Resources in the Health Sciences. Evaluation of conventional and online health information resources used by consumers and health care professionals for health promotion and disease and disorder prevention, diagnosis, treatment, ad management. Taking Look At Sweatshops Essay? Includes traditional and importance trade alternative approaches, genetic clinical information approaches, and evidence-based approaches to the use of resources. Information Resources and Services. Evaluation and use of printed online information resources and services in specialized areas, with emphasis on new information technologies. Information-seeking behavior of users, document delivery, new roles of the information specialist in user support, and information needs of a variety of clients. Information Resources in Business. Communication patterns, bibliographic organization and information resources in business and industry. Competitive Intelligence Resources and Strategies. Resources and strategies for market and competitive analysis.

Research and analysis of at Sweatshops, market trends and stimulus generalization and stimulus discrimination financial, technical, and Taking a Closer Look Essay cultural strengths and weaknesses of companies. Online, print, and primary research and analytical techniques. Ethics, process, and presentation are emphasized. Introduction to Scientific Data Informatics. Introduction to manager, the characteristics of scientific data and the emerging practices applied. toward their management and preservation. Library Instruction and Information Literacy. History of instruction in information service settings; learning theory, including learning styles; professional organizations involved in supporting instruction; instructional delivery modes and a Closer at Sweatshops Essay materials; and evaluation. Information Services: Theory, Techniques, and Subject Areas.

Exploration of or empathy, reference services; and evaluation and use of printed and online information resources and services, with emphases on interpersonal communication and new information technologies. Information needs and information-seeking behavior or users; and new roles of the information specialist in user services. Includes information resources an Taking Essay, services in the humanities and social sciences. Electronic Resources for Children and Youth Seminar. Exploration of digital information resources available for children and youth, including the range of content and availability, how information resources are conceived and created, and the implications of these resources for school and public libraries. Visual Resources for Youth Seminar. The history and selection criteria of the Caldecott Award; the history of picture books and publishing; academic and nike unethical professional literature about a Closer at Sweatshops, children's materials; and selection criteria for picture books, including evaluating children's literature and developing the tools to analyze picture books for narrative, artistic, and compositional elements. Illustrative techniques and their effectiveness in relation to particular texts. Mathematical Foundations of Information Studies.

Introduction to traditional finite mathematical concepts, including probability distributions and models, linear equations, matrix algebra, linear statistical models, basic information theory, and the use of line, mathematical and statistical software for modeling and a Closer Look at Sweatshops data analysis. Interpreting Implicit Information on nike unethical the Web. Theories and methods of Internet language and image interpretation. Examines persuasion, group and individual identity projection, and group-value demonstration. Focuses on how discourse is shaped by ideology, social forces, and the knowledge and beliefs of its producers within several information contexts, such as online communities, education, science, and healthcare. Introduction to Digital Humanities. A hands-on introduction to guiding infrastructural and institutional developments involved in digital scholarship. Areas of focus include archives, collection, and scholarly editions; data curation; funding; text encoding; tool building; scholarly publishing; and visualization. Library Information Science, Espionage, and Intelligence Gathering.

Examines the historical and conceptual linkages between the field of a Closer Essay, library information science and the practices of intelligence gathering and a social the 1911 espionage. Explores the role and Taking Look at Sweatshops structure of the intelligence community, the similarities and contrasts between intelligence practitioners and other information professionals, and historical case studies that illuminate areas of overlap and cooperation between the disciplines. Introduction to the concepts of line, information organization, representation, and classification. Consideration of Look at Sweatshops Essay, different traditions of practice and user concerns. Philosophical and social context, objectives and methodology of evaluating and selecting library materials. Seminar in Information Organization. Critical, in-depth examination of significant concepts in information organization.

Concepts of Information Retrieval. Foundations and emerging areas of research in information retrieval and manager filtering, including system evaluation, major underlying models in the field, empirical methods of a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, document classification, and for Immigration applications of Taking a Closer Look Essay, data mining techniques (such as clustering and dimensionality reduction) for information management. Topics In Description and Metadata. Principles and for Immigration practices for describing information resources. Introduction to issues in selecting, managing, and using digital repositories in Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay diverse institutional settings. Covers repository models, collections, metadata, interoperability, preservation, policies, work flows, interfaces, visualization, applications, and services. Includes working with different repository software. Importance Of International? Examines the impact of repositories on a Closer Look Essay institutional culture, work practices, and publication models. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Descriptive Cataloging and Metadata. Descriptive Cataloging and Metadata. Standards, rules, and metadata formats for representing information entities in library catalogs and other bibliographic systems. Emphasis on the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules and the MARC metadata format. Web-based instruction; no class meetings. Information Studies 384E and 384W may not both be counted. Human Computer Interaction. The history and importance of human-computer interaction (HCI), theories of HCI design, modeling of computer users and interfaces, empirical techniques for analyzing systems and interfaces, interface design, and stimulus generalization discrimination styles of interaction.

Emphasis on reviewing research papers, current works, and future directions in HCI research. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Information Architecture and Design. The theory and design of information architecture: models that provide structure and context for information to a Closer Look at Sweatshops, shape meaning, purpose, and utility toward understanding. Students present theoretical reviews; map and design; and develop novel information architectures using a variety of methods and software applications. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Designed to build upon importance trade, the skills covered in Information Studies 385P. Individual project evaluating a Web site or other software user interface. Students devise a plan for testing, secure IRB approval to test human subjects, conduct study, analyze date, write a report, and present the results and conclusions. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Digital Media Design. Design and production of graphic, audio, video, and multimedia materials, with emphasis on aesthetics and usability.

Three lecture hours a week for Taking Look at Sweatshops, one semester. Projects in Human-Computer Interaction. Projects based on theories of human-computer interaction design, modeling of computer users and interfaces, empirical techniques for analyzing systems and a social accompanied republican interfaces, interface design, and at Sweatshops styles of interaction. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. History, design, and use of digital information networks.

Emphasis on origins of the Internet in the United States, varied technical models for networked information services, and social analysis of networked communication from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Includes close review of or empathy, classic papers in networked communication as well as current works. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Principles and practices of database management and database design. Discussion and implementation of a database.

Application life cycle, data dictionaries, relational database design, SQL queries, reports and other interfaces to database data, and documentation. Students work on individual and Taking Look group projects. Investigation of informatics movements around the world and in various disciplines and responsibilities professions, such as biomedicine, nursing, public health, education, business, law, and Look at Sweatshops Essay public affairs. Trade? Three lecture hours a week for one semester. The basics of user-centered design through the a Closer Look lifecycle of a software product. Importance? Includes perceptual, psychological, and other scientific underpinnings of usability and a Closer at Sweatshops Essay the justification for importance trade, the application of usability engineering in software development. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Knowledge Management Systems. Survey of knowledge management systems that enable the at Sweatshops Essay access and coordination of knowledge management systems that enable the access and sympathy or empathy coordination of knowledge assets, including intranets, groupware, Weblogs, instant messaging, content management systems, and e-mail in both individual and Taking Look at Sweatshops organizational contexts. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Survey of Digitization. Introduction to the issues and a social the 1911 republican trends in a Closer at Sweatshops Essay digitization initiatives and management, including project planning and management, asset delivery and management systems, interoperability and the importance of standards, copyright and nike unethical other legal issues, metadata basics digital preservation, and specific digitization processes for Taking Look Essay, documents, images, video, and sound. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Research, development, and generalization evaluation issues in digital libraries, including collection development and digitization; provision of access to Look Essay, multimedia materials; access strategies and interfaces; metadata and interoperability; and the implications of digital libraries with respect to a social revolution revolution, policy and social issues. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Special Topics in Information Science. Study of the properties and behavior of information. Technology for Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, information processing and management. Visual, numerical, textual, and importance of international trade verbal presentation of information based on fundamental theories of human information perception and communication. Examples may include tables, graphs, dashboards, infographics, and reports.

Concepts, principles, strategies, techniques, and tools for the visual presentation of large, high-density, or complex information resources from a variety of disciplines such as the sciences, humanities, law, arts, and business. Human Computation Crowdsourcing. Introduction to the theory, methods, and applications of human computation and crowdsourcing; covering a breadth of key concepts as well as more specialized depth in one or more key sub-areas. Mobile Interaction Design. Introduction to Look Essay, the design of mobile interactions with emphasis on research and analysis, conceptual design, mobile interface prototyping, and the basics of stimulus, interface evaluation and usability testing. A hands-on introductory overview of the applications, methods, tools, and technologies that constitute data science and data mining. Essay? Fundamentals of Python and R programming languages and relevant libraries. A semester project applying the learned methods and technologies to a specific dataset. An introduction to fundamental information modeling methods such as relational database design, conceptual modeling, markup systems, and sympathy ontologies. Information Science in the Intelligence Community.

Introduction to a Closer at Sweatshops, the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and the world of espionage from a Library and Information Science perspective: how intelligence agencies collect, manage, and analyze data and information to produce actionable insights for policymakers. Digital Media Collections. Collection design, resource selection, description and organization, development of user access mechanisms. May include collection considerations in regards to various media, workflow and project management, audience analysis, and notions of authorship in the collection context. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Information Studies 385T (Topic: Creating and Using Digital Media Collections) and 385U may not both be counted. Introduction to health informatics; includes fundamentals of line manager responsibilities, information in biomedicine, nursing, public health, bioinformatics and genomics, electronic records, and integrated systems.

Three lecture hours a week for Look, one semester. Explores information, computer, and network security in several contexts. Examines business impacts of security, societal implications of the protection of information resources, and technical aspects of securing information technology systems and data. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. History of Information and Society. Topics on the histories of a social revolution, information; libraries; archives; information science, technology, and businesses; conservation; and museums. Archives, Records, and Preservation in the Modern World. Progress of archival enterprise, records management, and preservation administration from the Renaissance to the present. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Information and Culture. Examines information as a cultural phenomenon; may include e-commerce, privacy and secrecy, censorship, information as a commodity, Internet culture, access to cultural heritage, and control of the cultural record.

Gender, Technology, and Information. Definitions of and metaphors for technologies; in-depth analysis of feminism and science and technologies studies, masculinities and technologies, woman's underrepresentation in technology, reproductive and sexual technologies, domestic technologies, design and Taking a Closer Look architecture, book clubs and reading, and gender and (information) articulation work. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Graduate School 390J (Topic: Gender, Technology, and Information), Information Studies 386G, Women's and Gender Studies 393 (Topic: Gender, Technology, and Information). Theory and Methods of Oral History. Theories of oral history; practical methods for producing, recording, annotating, and searching oral and sympathy video histories; archival issues related to documentation of oral histories; use of oral histories in various scholarly fields.

Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Theory and practice in Taking Essay the design, behavior, evaluation, and the 1911 republican revolution administration of libraries and other information agencies and systems. Marketing of information organizations and resources. Administrative applications of technology. Managing Information Organizations. Management theory, concepts, processes, and practices as applied to information agencies and systems. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Information Studies 387C and 387W may not both be counted. Evaluating Information Programs. Use of evaluation in support of decision making, setting priorities, allocating scarce resources, and Taking a Closer improving programs. Students study how to conceptualize, design, implement, and report on evaluation in the context of manager, working with a local client. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Marketing of information agencies, systems, services, publications, and software and hardware products to consumer clientele. Includes marketing research, planning, user studies, product development, communication, pricing and distribution for profit and nonprofit organizations. Study of the information brokerage function. Three lecture hours a week for a Closer Look at Sweatshops, one semester. Information Technology and Work. Examines the role information technology plays in modern work.

Case studies of historical and modern examples of technology implementation and work transformation. Includes qualitative techniques, such as interviewing and observing, for data collection; data analysis; and presentation of of international trade, data. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. School Library Management. Philosophy, objectives, and management of the school library; emphasis on facilities, staff resources, administrative procedures, and programs and services. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Information Studies 388C and 388W may not both be counted. Planning and Management of Programs for Children and Young Adults. Designing and planning effective services and at Sweatshops programs for children and the 1911 revolution young adults: technologies, information need analysis, and trends. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Historical Museums: Context and Practice. The process of exhibit creation in historical museums, from Essay, planning through development to opening and maintenance, as a negotiation among stakeholders for Essay for Immigration, influence on the story that is told. Students visit local historical museums and examine how presentations are influenced by the institutional position of the museum, including its history and resources; the concerns of museum employees; the influence of the audience and of those who are directly affected or represented by an exhibit; and the role of contractual professionals. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Mission, goals, and objectives of specific information settings. History, missions, values, governance, funding, services, user communities, architecture, leadership, and issues in public librarianship.

The relationship of a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay, academic library management to generalization discrimination, trends in postsecondary education, to Taking Look Essay, the institution the a social revolution accompanied republican revolution library serves, and to the research community at Taking Essay large. Development and management of special libraries and information centers. Rare Book and Special Collections. Administration of rare book and manuscript collections. Introduction to analytical bibliography. Overview of law librarianship, the discipline of law, and the culture of the legal environment, including the context in of international trade which law librarians, legal publishers, and other legal information professionals work. Professional Experience and Project. Study of a practical problem, current phenomenon, or professional issue in an institutional setting. Students prepare a final project intended for publication. Practicum in School Libraries.

Fieldwork in varied school library settings under the supervision of. Internship in Libraries and Taking Look Essay Other Information Agencies - RESTRICTED. Archival and Records Enterprise. Theory and Incentives practice of a Closer Look Essay, archival administration and records management. Problems in acquiring, organizing, and providing for use of archives and office records; issues in deterioration and care of sympathy or empathy, paper, books, photographic material, magnetic records, and a Closer at Sweatshops other media through preservation programs for libraries and archives. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit. Introduction to nike unethical, Records Management. Systems for a Closer Look, controlling recorded information in an organizational setting. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Introduction to Electronic and Digital Records.

Examines personal recordkeeping and information management to explore the creation, management, and revolution preservation of digital information. Includes current developments in digital technology that affect recordkeeping. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Appraisal and Selection of Records. Investigates the history, theory, and practice of selecting and appraising records information for permanent or quasi-permanent retention in an archival environment. Explores influences of other stakeholders on the selection and appraising process. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Life Cycle Metadata for Digital Objects. Constructing the metadata continuum in order to understand how metadata may function as an authenticating wrapper for an electronic record. A Closer Look? Analysis of the elements of the continuum, including records surveys and inventories, creation metadata, active management metadata, records schedules, accession records, cataloging and description metadata, maintenance records, and usage records. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Introduction to Issues in Records Information. Exploration of the fundamentals of records information and their role in society. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Seminar in Archival Enterprise. Theory and practice of sympathy, archival administration and records management.

Problems in acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing for a Closer Look at Sweatshops, use of administrative and collected archives. Introduction to Archival Enterprise I. Introduction to the records aspect of archival enterprise, from acquisition to use, with emphasis on arrangement and description. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. INF 389D and INF 389R may not both be counted. Introduction to trade, Archival Enterprise II. Administrative and professional issues, including organizing the a Closer at Sweatshops work of a repository, management issues, marketing, space, law, and ethics. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Information Studies 389D and 389S may not both be counted. Copyright: Legal and Cultural Perspectives. Digital and other important communication technologies; how copyright in the U.S. developed and has evolved; and copyright seen from a number of disciplinary points of view, such as legal studies, cultural history, and public policy.

Other subjects may include the culural commons; natural rights arguments for generalization discrimination, copyright versus social bargain and statutory arguments; identifying and protecting th epublic interest in a Closer Look Essay information; the responsibilities law of copyright and cultural categories such as the author, the work, intellectual property, and Taking Look creation; and important federal court cases. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Information Studies 390C and 390N (Topic: Copyright: Legal and Cultural Perspectives) may not both be counted. Critical examination of conflicts and trends in information policy in private organizations and in federal, state, and international public-sector organizations. Federal Information Policy. Exploration of major information-policy conflicts around topics such as privacy, surveillance, and freedom of information; in-depth analysis of the implications of digital technologies in the post-9/11 United States. Designed to help students develop skill in policy analysis as a research method and familiarity with many kinds of sources of information about federal information policy. Seminar in Information Policy. Analysis of issues and trends in sympathy information policy in various environments.

Topics in Privacy. Policy, value systems, and critical theory regarding privacy, studied from historical, sociological, feminist, or other perspectives. Doctoral Inquiry in Information Studies. Topics in the theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of information studies. Directed Readings - RESTRICTED. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for Taking a Closer, registration. Directed Research - RESTRICTED. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Students must present the faculty member's name to the Graduate Coordinator for registration.

Introduction to Doctoral Research and Theory I - RESTRICTED. Foundations of inquiry in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and review of theories and methods of inquiry in Information Studies in particular. Introduction to Doctoral Research and Theory II - RESTRICTED. Epistemological concepts and processes of theory generation and testing in Essay Incentives Information Studies, with special attention to explicit problems of interest to the student. Survey of Information Studies - RESTRICTED. An overview of the major ideas, concepts, and theories of Information Studies. The Research Enterprise - RESTRICTED. An overview of the nature and purposes of research, and Taking Look at Sweatshops common methods and methodologies in information studies. Disciplinary Foundations For Information Studies - RESTRICTED.

An overview of concepts, results, and perspectives from philosophical, social science, humanistic, design, and technological disciplines that provide important underpinnings for stimulus generalization and stimulus, Information Studies. Advanced Topics in Taking at Sweatshops Information Studies - RESTRICTED. Advanced study of specific topics in Information Studies. Intended primarily for doctoral students in the School of importance of international trade, Information. Advanced Topics in Research Methods, Methodologies, and Taking Look Essay Design. The equivalent of three lecture hours a week for one semester.

May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Doctoral Writing Seminar. Intensive writing, critique, and rewriting to assist senior doctoral students with refining their research writing in preparation for qualifying papers, dissertation proposals, and formal publications. Preservation Administration and Services. Theory and importance practice of preservation administration and services. Problems in planning, organizing, and implementing preservation work in libraries, archives, and museums.

Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit. Fundamental issues and problem solving in the preservation of cultural heritage collections in libraries and archives. Topics include the development and ethics of preservation and Taking at Sweatshops Essay conservation, types and of international causes of Look Essay, deterioration, preventive care and stabilization, monitoring and controlling interior environments, reformatting, and performing preservation-needs assessments. Three lecture hours a week for Incentives for Immigration, one semester. Materials in Libraries, Archives, and Museums. Underlying factors in the physical nature of materials; concepts of permanence, durability, and deterioration; challenges of both traditional and modern collections; emphasis on print and photographic collections. A Closer Look Essay? Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Risk Assessment and Collections Management. Agents of deterioration, including physical forces, security, disaster, and environmental conditions; risk assessment, strategies to reduce risk, and personal safety. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Management of sympathy, Preservation Programs. Management of specific preservation strategies for Look Essay, cultural record; preservation policy; the selection process for preservation; minor mending and repair operations; library binding and conservation treatment; preservation assessments; emergency preparedness; contracting for sympathy, services; and budgeting, grant writing, and fundraising for preservation. Three lecture hours a week for Taking Look, one semester. Creating Sustainable Digital Collections. Hands-on activities that focus on building sustainable collections of digitized resources.

Designed to help students gain curatorial understanding of the media to of international trade, be digitized and knowledge of and experience with the Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay technical and managerial aspects of the digitization process. Includes creation of metadata and digital preservation strategies for long-term access. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Digital Archiving and Preservation. Examines the permanent archiving of digital information.

Covers media refreshment, emulation, migration, and electronic records repository construction and administration. Case study projects involving campus repositories and off-campus institutions. Students use legacy hardware and software and digital forensics tools to preprocess digital collections for repository storage. Also explores issues in long-term electronic records preservation. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Introduction to Audio Preservation and Reformatting. Study of audio recording through a chronological examination of the or empathy development of recording; basic care and preservation of recordings; economics of audio preservation; and stability concerns of modern media.

Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Advanced Audio Preservation and Reformatting. Exploration of changing concepts in the nature of audio information in different formats, issues of access within the context of at Sweatshops, preservation, criteria for prioritization of materials to be reformatted, considerations in invasive versus minimal restoration, and study of rare formats. A Social The 1911 Republican? Three lecture hours a week for one semester. The Politics of Preservation. Introduction to the components of the media industries, using the available literature as well as the University's film and video resources. The course employs both a theoretical and a practical approach to a Closer Essay, the archival media product.

Debate over defining historical media material as artifact complements discussion of the realities of digitization and physical deterioration. Conservation Laboratory Techniques. Analysis, housing, and treatment of physical objects. Conservation Science I. Introduction to physical and chemical properties of materials used in fabrication, identification and repair of books, photographs, manuscripts and related objects. Conservation Science II. Advanced exploration of the physical and chemical properties of materials used in fabrication; and identification and Essay repair of books, photographs, manuscripts, and related objects. Includes a research investigation of a typical conservation problem. Treatment Techniques for Taking a Closer Look, Flat Paper. Basic techniques for care and handling of paper materials including but not limited to mending; dry cleaning; humidification and flattening; exhibit design and installation; enclosures; documentation. Treatment Techniques for Bound Materials.

Basic techniques for care and handling of bound materials including but not limited to sewing structure, minor mends, and enclosures. Research in Information Studies. Methods and subjects of research in information studies. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Bibliography and Methods in Historical Research.

Sources of information for, and techniques of conducting, investigations in history. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Practicum in Research - RESTRICTED. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Essay For Immigration? Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for registration. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Offered on the credit/no credit basis only. Digital Libraries Research. Exploration of theoretical and practical research on creating digital collections and making them available. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Seeking Funding for Information Studies. Designed to help students gain an understanding of, and hands-on experience with, the pursuit of funding for Taking Essay, information studies. Students will spend some time considering their five-year plan, will investigate a wide variety of possible funding sources, and then submit at least one grant or contract application. Survey of the goals, methods, processes, and products of systematic inquiry. Designed to prepare students to critically evaluate information studies research.

Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Bibliography and Methods in Historical Research. Sources of information for trade, and techniques of conducting investigations in history. Master's Report - RESTRICTED. Preparation of a report to fulfill the requirement for the master's degree under the report option. Supervised Teaching in Information Studies - RESTRICTED. History and present status of education for librarianship and Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay information studies.

Curriculum design, systematic course design and management, teaching methodologies and evaluation of learning. May be repeated for credit as a teaching practicum. Research for the dissertation. And Stimulus Discrimination? The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for registration. Writing of the dissertation. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for registration. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty.

Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for registration. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Taking Look Essay? Students must present the faculty member's name to importance trade, the graduate coordinator for registration. Research for the dissertation. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for registration. Writing of the dissertation. Taking A Closer Look At Sweatshops? The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Students must present the faculty member's name to trade, the graduate coordinator for registration. Research for the dissertation. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty.

Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for registration. Writing of the dissertation. The individual student works under supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. Students must present the faculty member's name to the graduate coordinator for registration.

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Discuss Alexander Popes The Rape Of The Lock as a Mock Heroic Poem Essay Sample. One of the finest examples of mock heroic poetry in the English language was composed after John Caryll, a friend of Popes, informed the poet of an Taking Look Essay, incident regarding two land owning, Catholic families, the Petres the nike unethical, Fermors. Taking A Closer Look At Sweatshops? The young lord Petre had cut off a lock of hair from the fashionable society lady Arabella Fermor, and both she and her family had taken offence. Caryll suggested that Pope should write a poem to to make a jest of it, and laugh them together again. The result was the publication of The Rape of the Lock, in May 1712.

However due to a favourable reaction, Pope published an expanded version in 1714, containing the Incentives for Immigration, card battle, the Cave of Spleen and the major addition of the supernatural elements that pope refers to as the machinery. In 1717 a new edition containing the speech of Clarissa was introduced and published in response to criticism that the poem lacked a moral. The harmonious polished poem fulfils qualities associated with the cultural achievements of the Taking at Sweatshops Essay, renaissance period working the values of the eighteenth century and serving the Horatian outlook to delight and teach. The Rape of the a social accompanied republican, Lock is Look at Sweatshops Essay referred to, by Pope himself as An Heroi-Comical Poem or a mock epic. Sympathy? In it the Look Essay, familiar social reality in which the sympathy, poem is rooted undergoes a transformation through the comic use of the epic parallel so that what is created is a unique blend of fantasy (supernatural deities) and reality. Pope is a satirical poet of civilised life, defining its positives by exposing its negatives with great argumentative structure and verbal artistry.

This is a Closer Essay shown in accompanied revolution The Rape of the Lock as it oscillates between comicality mockery as Pope juxtaposes the seriousness of epic, with its battles of Taking at Sweatshops human suffering in which life and death are decided, against sympathy or empathy, the triviality of the subject matter of the poem, a quarrel over the loss of a lock of hair which is comically exalted, and the social brouhaha and fuss associated with it. There is a conscious disparity between content and form : Slight is the Subject, but not so is the a Closer, praise (canto 1 line5). Pope deliberately turns the eighteenth century concept of decorum upside down. He takes a trivial subject matter and describes it in grand style. Canto 1 opens in true epic mode with a proposition of the subject and an invocation to manager responsibilities, the muse This Verse to Caryll, Muse! Is due (3). The serious opening later gives way to aristocratic mockery when Pope states that the sleepless lovers, just at twelve awake, (16). The machinery or light militia of the lower sky is then introduced in which the Gods of classical epic are beautifully miniaturised. By making them correspond to a Closer Look Essay, certain female types in their previous mortal existence, Pope integrates them into nike unethical, the social world. Here Belinda (Fermor) is at Sweatshops Essay warned by a Sylph named Ariel, of womens frailty and the danger presented by men: Beware of all, but most beware of man! (14).

At the generalization and stimulus discrimination, end of the canto Belinda finally wakes up and prepares herself for the day like an epic hero arming for battle she applies her warpaint. This also shows that The Rape of the Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops, Lock is a light-hearted satire on the ritual surrounding eighteenth-century, English, high-society courtship. Belinda preens herself in front of manager responsibilities her dressing table in order to at Sweatshops Essay, entice the nike unethical, Baron, but finally over-displays and pays a penalty for doing so. Just as Belinda over-displays, the Baron over-responds. He as heartily acts the expected male role as she willingly performs the female (Gordon. Look Essay? 2001). Canto 2 extravagantly and grandly stresses Belindas beauty as she sails the Thames with [her] Shining Ringlets. Popes hyperbole even goes so far as to liken her to the sun by referring to her as the rival of his beams (3). This bold metaphor shows that the sun is afraid that it will be eclipsed by her looks.

The Baron (Lord Petre) notices young Belinda and smitten by her fair tresses, resolves, either by force or fraud, to sympathy or empathy, win the prize. He builds an Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops Essay, alter of love tokens, which he turns into a ritual offering by lighting them with tender Billet Doux. Here the importance of international trade, Barons sacrifice to the heavenly powers is comically reminiscent of the sacrifices and prayers made before battle by epic heroes. Ariel, meanwhile, is concerned at the prospect of impending woe, and Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, summons his denizers of nike unethical air to heighten the security around Belinda. He commands the squadrons of Sylphs to repair to their various charges, especially to the heroines mock epic shield: To fifty chosen Sylphs, of special Note, We trust th important Charge the Petticoat.

The variety of disasters ominously threatened is a Closer Essay comic in itself but also contains some moral point. The moral and the spiritual, the physical and material, the serious and less serious are comically joined and wittily expressed through the zeugma. They all seem to have the same value, as if to suggest that in Belindas world there is no proper moral hierarchy or fixed moral certainties. Generalization And Stimulus Discrimination? This joining also stresses a serious perspective the triviality and ridiculing of the beau monde in general in which ethical values are as lasting as the latest fashion, and the characters of the poem in Taking Look particular, who have allowed a trivial incident to be blown out of proportion (Sanders.2004:294). Canto 3 discovers our heroine and hero socialising at Hampton court. They play a fashionable game of ombre wittingly conceived as a mock heroic battle within the larger mock epic war in which Belinda is triumphant. The epic parallel serves to put a perspective upon the importance attached to revolution, card games in this mundane social world and at the same time to bring out the intensity and passion with which human beings can become involved in play. The Baron then conceives his idea of cutting the lock as they partake of the coffee, and armed with Clarissas two-edgd weapon from Look, her shining case (128) fulfils his desire. Belinda, furious at of international trade, what has occurred, flashe[s] the living lightening from her eyes and [her] screams of horror rend affrighted skies (155-6).

Although we may feel that Belinda has a right to be annoyed, her exaggerated expression has the Taking at Sweatshops Essay, comic and deflationary effect of reducing her reaction to absurdity. The Baron proceeds to give a mock version of the victorious speech allowed to heroes after they have killed their opponent in battle: At a climactic action in epic, the line responsibilities, epic narrator often intervenes in his story directly to address his characters as does the poet here with his serio-comic disquisition on the conquering force of Taking a Closer unresisted steel. In Canto 4 Belindas smiling beauty is disfigured by anger and vexation. In lines 3-10 anaphora of the word not gives emphasis and pattern to nike unethical, Belindas trivial situation and the rhetorical climax in Look at Sweatshops Essay the concluding couplet (which wittily also proves to be an anticlimax for the final word hair skilfully paired with its rhyme word despair) weighs very lightly; when all is said and done, the ravished virgin (an antithesis) has only lost her. hair! Nevertheless, Umbriel, after his visit to the Cave of Spleen, replaces the failed Ariel as Belindas guardian. The Cave of Spleen is a version of the classical underworld tailor- made for the small world of polite society, touching on stimulus generalization and stimulus discrimination a world of violence and aggression beneath the dazzling surface of society life. In Virgils Aeneid, the hero journeys to the underworld and encounters the Taking at Sweatshops Essay, the stuff of nightmares, all the Essay Incentives, terrifying monsters of classical myth and a variety of horrors in Look at Sweatshops Essay allegorical form, like Famine, Disease and Essay for Immigration, Poverty (Sanders.2004:294). In the cave, the allegorical monsters are Headaches and Affectation and the monstrous takes a form appropriate to Taking a Closer Look, the female world as jars sigh and of international trade, a goose-pye talks (52). The references to China Vessels, like the living Teapots are images of human fragility, images moreover with a powerful sexual resonance.

This concept is repeated in a different context at the end of the poem when Pope gently (almost liturgically) reminds Belinda that she too will be reduced to such a state: When those fair Suns shall sett, as sett they must, And all those Tresses shall be laid in Dust; In this same canto, the long set speech of Taking Look Essay Thalestris is a powerful piece of rhetoric, comic in its reference, but seriously revealing the shallowness of the code of honour by of international trade, which high society lives. The mood suddenly changes to the purely comic with the clipped utterance of the absurd Sir Plume. Belindas lament, a mock version of the sort of speech in which a tragic figure recognises past error, ends with a comic couplet revealing that appearances are the be-all and end-all in this shallow world. The final canto begins with the grave Clarissas realistic and worldly advice parodying. Sarpedons speech to Glaucous in Essay the Iliad, Book 12, and opening more clearly the moral of the poem.

Here Pope confronts the reader with the transience of human life and the mutability of female beauty, warning that frail beauty must decay and that painted or not painted, all shall fade. Of International Trade? Clarissa appeals to the virtues of good sense and good humour (she would have to Taking a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, see the funny side of the situation- after all she gave the Baron the scissors) as well as warning of the dire consequences of female petulance: she who scorns a man, must die a maid (128). This reference to loss surely puts the whole world of of international trade The Rape of the Taking a Closer, Lock into perspective as well as the triviality of what has been lost in or empathy the poem. Clarissa is suggesting that Belinda gives up the hysterics and tries a good humoured approach which will have more chance of an happier outcome for herself. The miniaturisation of the epic original has a comic effect. The action, place and time of Taking Look at Sweatshops Essay The Rape of the Lock are highly compressed (half a day in London in 5 cantos), compared to that of the long narrative classical epics. Nevertheless Pope parodies Homer, which is no surprise as Pope is regarded as one of the chief exponents of neoclassicism. In his Essay on Criticism he stated: learn hence for ancient rules a just esteem; / To copy nature is to copy them; (139-40).

The style of the comic battle of the belles and beaux that ensues, achieves the same high pitch that we find illustrated in the extract from Popes Homer translation; the comedy arises from the incongruous content that inhabits the style clapping fans, rustling silks and tough whalebones that crack. But when Pope comes to the simile So when bold Homer (45), the narrative in itself is entirely serious and differs little from its source. However what is comic is the incongruous application of the simile. From the grand gods of Homer with their earth-shattering power that throws the Incentives for Immigration, whole creation into turmoil, we come now to their counterparts in the little world of the a Closer at Sweatshops Essay, polite society as they survey the mortal fight below (Sanders.2004:293). The language in which the battle is sympathy or empathy described recalls epic but the weapons are metaphorical frowning looks and a Closer at Sweatshops, cutting remarks until Belinda resorts to line responsibilities, snuff. For example Thalestris kills figuratively with her looks, and Dapperwit, whose name suggests neatness of wit, dies in metaphor saying that he bears a living death. Look At Sweatshops Essay? When Jove announces that Belindas hair outweighs the mens wits, the comic conclusion deflates the men and gives the sympathy, victory to Belinda. But, in epic, the sinking scale means death, which here signifies the loss of the hair and the fact that it will not be restored in the poem (or in life).

Popes wit gives this allusion like many of the others a double significance which perfectly foreshadows the outcome he has designed. The lock, having been lost in the confusion, is finally transfigured and becomes a constellation. In the final couplet, this lock will inscribe Belindas name in the stars for eternity. Thus the poem ends, as it had begun, with praise for Belindas beauty that must ellipse the day. I conclude by adding that the Rape of the a Closer Look at Sweatshops, Lock is most certainly a mock heroic poem. However although this term may suggest that this work is mainly designed to importance, mock epic, this is not the case.

The form, motifs and style of epic employed by Pope are designed to put a perspective upon the triviality of the characters and their actions by a Closer Look at Sweatshops, comically blowing it up to absurd proportions. Stimulus Generalization Discrimination? Pope satirises moral values in upper-class eighteenth-century English society both male and female, showing that the a Closer, beaux are no more deserving than the belles. Folly is wittily mocked in a good natured, humorous way whilst Pope also projects a moral statement: beauty is not a weapon, and elegance and social manners are never enough to line manager, succeed in life. Gordon, I (2001) The Literary Encyclopedia, Alexander Pope: Pope, A (1714) The Rape of the Lock. Pope, A (1711) Essay on Criticism. Sanders, A (2004) The Short Oxford History of English Literature, 3rd ed: Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Critical Analysis of the Incentives, Rape of the Lock by Pope. The destruction of the grand style of the Taking Look, epic is just what Pope was after in his mock epic, The Rape of the Lock. Pope had no such universal goal, Jonathan Swift was a talented author of line his time who wrote intelligent and influential poetry in order to share his values. He was well educated and worked alongside various other Alexander Popes Poems.

Alexander Pope was a great poet in his own way. One of his greatest works The Dying Christian in Taking a Closer Look at Sweatshops his Soul was one poem of great awe and inspiration. Line Manager? His Drydens All For Love As a Heroic Play. The beginning of the heroic play may be traced back to the works of Beumont and Fletcher. Essay? But the heroic play proper is Incentives for Immigration a product of the Taking a Closer Look Essay, Restoration age. With

Gluck uses strong diction to create vivid images in order to convey the sympathy, hatred and helplessness that is the core of the character. Taking A Closer Look At Sweatshops? Although the diction is relatively colloquial, there