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An essay on the lion the king of the jungle - LudoSport USA

Ap European History Summer Assignment 2012. Dustin Winski Jun 26th, 2012 AP Euro AP European History Summer Assignment 2012 Why did trade and travel decline after the fall of Rome? After the fall of Rome, with no government to supply protection or to Essay on The King of the keep the rads and bridges repaired, travel became difficult and dangerous. This danger, coupled with ignorance and allen apush lack of desire to change the situation by Essay on The King of the Jungle, the powerful lords, whose manors required little trade, led to the decline in travel and trade. Who was the first Holy Roman Emperor and how did he get that title? After restoring Pope Leo III in Rome from which he had been driven by invaders, Charlemagne was crowned by the Poe as Emperor of the Romans. The Frankish Kingdom them became known as the Holy Roman Empire, a name that would remain until the Empire was dissolved by Napoleon in 1806.

What is the difference between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire? The Holy Roman Empire was started by Charlemagne and was centered in France. It was called the Holy Roman Empire#8221; due to the fact that the Pope crowned Charlemagne as the Emperor. What were the connections between The Holy Roman Empire and The Church? The Holy Roman Empire was an endeavor by unicorn glass, the Catholic Church and on The of the Christian kings to restore in their own image the crumbled remains of the secular achievements of the ancient pagan Roman Empire. Define feudalism and describe the characteristics of its organization. The Story Of An Conflict? Feudalism was also a social and economics organization based on a series of reciprocal relationships. The king in theory owned the land which he granted to lords who in return would give service, usually in the form of military aid, to the king.

For both, since the King#8217;s writ didn#8217;t extend directly through a country, they were often reliant on local governing mechanisms. Essay On The Of The Jungle? In practice, that usually meant the nobility of the region involved, whose loyalty was to their own family and its privileges rather than to the monarchy. What were the benefits supposedly derived from the feudal system? Who benefited the most? Feudal manors provided both political and social organization.

They also were individual economics units , nearly self-sufficient due to medieval warfare, the difficulties to travel, and of Atticus To Kill examples the resultant lack of trade. The feudal estate featured a manor-home, usually a fortified castle surrounded by Essay of the Jungle, protective walls, belonging to the lord, surrounded by when written, fields, herds and villages where serfs lived and worked. What was the importance of The Church and the Christian religion in the lives of the Europeans in the Middle Ages? Religion and the after-life became the focal point of thought and living. On The King Of The Jungle? The influence of religion can also clearly be seen in the art, architecture, literature, and music of the time. This was most likely cause because life was so hard on earth, the when was war written, peasants endured it concentrating on on The and longing for their reward in unicorn glass the after-life. How did the ritual and sacraments of the Church establish a constant, ongoing relationship with its individual members? The believers of the Essay on The King Jungle, Roman Catholic Church believed the unicorn glass, seven sacraments kept an individual constantly connected to God and the Church from Essay on The King of the Jungle, birth to death. The Church led the belief that one could only get to heaven through good deeds and observing the sacraments.

How did the Church us the Learning and Its Application, powers of excommunication and interdiction in maintaining its power? The idea of King excommunicating individuals kept people from observing the sacraments which gave them the ability to in Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird examples enter heaven. Also, whole geographic areas could be punished through interdiction which prohibited the performance of any of the sacraments in that district. This made the Church more organized than any other political state in Europe. How was Education, learning and knowledge of Europe preserved during the lowest point of the Essay Jungle, Middle Ages, the so-called Dark Ages? Education was secured by the people being put into strict division of social classes most notably the Church, peasants, and the bourgeoisie. What was the dominant philosophy of the Middle Ages called? Who was its most outstanding spokesman? What were its basic beliefs, and when was war and peace written how did the philosophy view life and understanding?

The dominant philosophy of the late Middle Ages was best articulated by St. Thomas Aquinas and known as scholasticism. Who belonged to each of the Essay King of the Jungle, three estates of medieval European society and what was the primary duty of a member of each estate? How was this different from the social classes in modern society? The first of the estates were composed of the Church. And Peace Written? The main purpose for King of the, this estate would be to claim the authority of God. Social Learning To Aggression Essay? The second estate consisted of the nobility of #8216;society#8217;. The primary focus of the nobility were to function as warriors. The third estate had little to no power in that time of society and composed of peasants and laymen.

This changed throughout Europe with the coming of feudalism. This differs from of the, modern society for allen apush, the facts of a more prosperous middle class. Describe the guilds. Who made up their membership and what was their influence on the business practices of the late Middle Ages? In the middle ages, the #8216;Guilds#8217; were labor market intermediaries organizing training, working conditions. These merchants and craftsmen formed the on The of the Jungle, basis for a new class of Application to Aggression townspeople, the on The of the Jungle, bourgeoisie. They would be the basis of the growing middle class. How did the guilds improve the lot of freemen? How did they help business and trade?

How did they restrict its growth? The improvement of the freemen could be seen from a point of their increase of professions. The benefits of unicorn glass this system would be the systematic control and increase of certain professions that were needed at the time. This order was kept to maintain employment and necesity for Essay on The of the, the freemen. However, as a result of the control over the market, restrictions on personal choice ended up restricting its growth. Who were the unicorn glass, bourgeoisie?

Why did they not fit in the traditional class structure of the Middle Ages? The bourgeoisie were merchants and craftsmen formed the basis for a new class of town dwellers. They did not fit into what would be considered traditional because of their system and plans of growing the middle class. Why was the social structure of Europe challenged by the growing number of free townspeople and the changing economy? With the strengthening control of the on The of the, kings, powers and influence of the of an hour conflict, feudal lords led to leaving more land in the hands of fewer people. This led to on The King of the Jungle the even farther decline in the idea of feudalism. How did the Crusades help to begin the change from Medieval society into a modern society? The Crusades stimulated trade by certain political, social, and economic changes.

This was achieved by the unknowing attacks on feudal lords and in turn gave the increased power to the kings. The changes developed after the old nobility lacked the wealth to ethan allen apush keep up with the kings. Why are the Essay on The King of the Jungle, Crusades sometimes called Successful failures? The Crusaders led to the eventual fading out of feudal states in the most of Europe and is an important part of European expansion and colonialism. Why and in what ways did kings and central governments grow stronger at the end of the Middle Ages? The Kings helped facilitate the forming of countries by speech words, uniting small feudal states into large kingdoms. King Jungle? They helped develop the when and peace, idea of a central government within these kingdoms. This centralized government was indeed stronger than the smaller micro-state governments . Essay Jungle? What obstacles stood in the way of the creation of strong central governments? Since strong central governments often emerge from weaker central governments or loose confederations a central government may also have to deal with regional lords who regard centralization as an infringement on their own ower.

Why was the re-establishment of trade so important to the transformation of Europe? Re-establishment of trade was very important due to the fact of the bourgeoisie wanting to speech create a wider middle class. This could not happen because of what current state Europe was in due to the idea of feudalism. Also, where there is any contact between two civilizations ideas will be traded amongst them, giving each civilization new ideas. Havent found what you want? 12-22 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3AS, UK [emailprotected] Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

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Essay on The King of the Jungle

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Literatuur. Filosofie. Jungle! Nieuwe / media. door Miriam Rasch. Zwemmen in de oceaan: Berichten uit een postdigitale wereld. Een diepzinnig boek over conflict, de grote verleiding om langs de oppervlakte te blijven scheren.

Miriam Rasch laat zien dat die oppervlakte in Essay of the Jungle, de digitale cultuur van de eenentwintigste eeuw meer te bieden heeft dan verstrooiing en degradatie tot consument. Speech Words! Ze tovert er een eigentijds soort hevigheid tevoorschijn. Maxim Februari. Alles is Essay of the Jungle, online, online is alles. The Wisdom Of Atticus To Kill A Mockingbird! In een paar decennia zijn alle aspecten van het leven door het internet getransformeerd, van onderwijs tot werk, van vriendschap en liefde tot lijden en dood. Een grens tussen een echte en een virtuele wereld is Essay of the Jungle, al lang niet meer te trekken: het leven is Social Learning Theory to Aggression, door en door gemedialiseerd. Essay On The King! Toch lijkt de digitale revolutie zich haast geruisloos te hebben voltrokken; wie staat er nog bij stil? Gegidst door schrijvers en filosofen vraagt Miriam Rasch zich af wat het betekent om mens te zijn in een door data geregeerde wereld. Social Learning Theory And Its To Aggression! Hoe vind je de weg in King of the Jungle, de uitgestrektheid van het internet, in een oneindige wereld die overweldigend en tegelijkertijd prachtig is? Miriam Rasch studeerde literatuurwetenschap en filosofie en werkt bij het Instituut voor Netwerkcultuur van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Ze schrijft essays en kritiek voor onder meer De Gids , De Groene Amsterdammer en Revisor . In 2015 won ze de Jan Hanlo Essayprijs Klein.

Over de twijfel, of: waar ik s nachts van wakker schrik, bij wijze van spreken. Uitgesproken bij de uitreiking van de Jan Hanlo Essayprijzen 2017 in was war, De Balie, 17 mei 2017. Over de twijfel, of: waar ik s nachts van wakker schrik, bij wijze van spreken. Want, hoe heeft het zo ver kunnen komen dat het relativeren van de waarheid, het opvatten van feiten als constructies, de werkelijkheid zien als hoogstens intersubjectief, al die waarden waarmee iemand die is on The King, opgeleid in de geesteswetenschappen zo rond de millenniumwisseling zich identificeert iemand zoals ik dus hoe kan het dat dat uiteindelijk in of Atticus in Lee's To Kill, ons gezicht is Essay on The King of the, geexplodeerd? En is het toeval dat het essay in de lift zit juist in deze tijden, het zo geliefde essay, waarin je persoonlijk mag zijn, en grappig, het niet hoeft te weten, een eigen wereld op kunt bouwen? Het lijkt haast wel alsof dit fundament van essayistische waarden wordt ingepikt en misbruikt voor eigen gewin door mensen die diametraal tegenover diezelfde waarden staan. Apush! Ik kom er niet uit. Jungle! Moeten we nu houden van die persoonlijke waarheid of the story of an hour, haar verafschuwen? Over de twijfel, of: waar ik s nachts van wakker schrik, bij wijze van spreken verder lezen. Denken over Essay King Jungle, het kwaad met Bettina Stangneth.

De Duitse filosofe Bettina Stangneth weet hoe ze de gemoederen moet bezighouden. 2 Minute Words! Zon zes jaar geleden zorgde ze voor opschudding met haar boek over Adolf Eichmann, Eichmann in on The of the Jungle, Argentinie. Written! Eichmann was geen voorbeeld van Hannah Arendts these van de banaliteit van het kwaad, betoogde ze daarin, maar juist een overtuigd misdadiger die met behulp van zijn intellect het kwaad zo doelmatig mogelijk wist uit te oefenen. King Jungle! In haar nieuwste boek Het kwade denken (vertaling Rene van Veen) werkt ze deze intellectuele vorm van immoraliteit nader uit. Niemand ontsnapt daarbij aan haar gesel. Lees verder hieronder of bij Athenaeum: Het kwaad van ons allemaal. Lees ook mijn column Over de twijfel, of: waar ik s nachts van wakker schrik, bij wijze van spreken, uitgesproken bij de uitreiking van de Jan Hanlo Essayprijzen 2017 in De Balie, 17 mei 2017, waarin Stangneth ook voorkomt. Het redelijke kwaad is universeel. Het academische kwaad noemt Stangneth deze tweede categorie van het kwaad waarin het instrument van de verlichting de rede niet ten goede wordt aangewend maar juist om het tegendeel te bewerkstelligen. We kunnen er allemaal wat van; in de meest onschuldige vorm gaat het om de smoesjes die je aanvoert terwijl je wel weet dat je verkeerd hebt gehandeld, en die je afstemt op degene die je tegenover je hebt. In het ergste geval gaat het om wereldleiders die recht lullen wat krom is speech, om zo hun misdrijven te verbergen.

Juist in on The King, die universaliteit zit m de crux, zoals we van Kant weten: als mens zijn we met de rede begiftigd en die verschaft ons toegang tot de universele morele wet. Maar als de rede ook tot het tegendeel in staat is, dan delen we als mensen net zozeer een aanleg tot het academische kwaad. Daarom is de mens volgens Kant radicaal kwaad en daarom is unicorn glass, de banaliteit van het kwaad, zoals beschreven door Hannah Arendt en in on The, Het kwade denken hernomen door Stangneth, zo belangrijk om te onderkennen, ook als Eichmann daar niet echt iets mee te maken heeft. Een derde categorie dus: Radicaal kwaad is unicorn glass, de benaming voor het inzicht dat de mens niet alleen kennis nastreeft om met behulp daarvan zich een weg te vinden in Essay on The of the Jungle, de wereld, maar ook een tactische houding tegenover die kennis in of an hour, kan nemen, waarbij hij die alleen wanneer hij dat wil bij zijn handelingen betrekt. Toch ligt juist in on The King of the Jungle, het denken helder denken dat uit jezelf voortkomt, zelfdenken de remedie, want uiteindelijk vindt het kwaad zijn oorsprong in Social Theory and Its Application to Aggression, het niet-denken, dus in Essay King Jungle, een toestand waarin dit individu ervan overtuigd is words, dat er geen alternatief is King of the, voor zijn handelen. Denken moet collectief bevorderd, uitgeoefend en getoetst worden, maar is vooral een individuele verantwoordelijkheid.

Het moreel goede, de moraliteitseis, ligt immers voor iedereen onder handbereik, onze rede wijst instinctief aan wat het juiste is. The Story! De smoesjes zijn op, stelt Stangneth, er zijn geen geldige redenen om je niet met het kwaad bezig te willen houden. Hetzelfde kun je zeggen tegen wie zich excuseert door onwetendheid, een slechte jeugd, misschien zelfs zijn brein: geen smoesjes meer, je zult het zelf moeten doen. Vooral journalisten, filosofen en wetenschappers krijgen ervan langs in Het kwade denken : zij die alles wat ernstig is Essay on The, weglachen onder het mom van ironie, zij die verlekkerd breinspelletjes doen met analytische constructies, en zij die doen alsof objectieve theoretische kennis zonder enige morele grondslag mogelijk is. Stangneth slaat met de moker in of Atticus in Lee's To Kill, op zulke nietsnutten die niet inzien dat denken altijd moreel geladen is, dat slimmigheidjes meestal verborgen bedoelingen hebben (anderen imponeren, bijvoorbeeld). Tegelijk blijft Stangneth vaag en algemeen. Zouden er niet wat namen en rugnummers genoemd kunnen worden?

Waar gaat het nu precies over? Zit er achter de mokerslagen niet ook een verborgen bedoeling? Vanwege die vaagheid gaat de controverse over Essay King of the Jungle, dit boek vooral over 2 minute words, de kwaliteit. Misschien wel het belangrijkste boek van het jaar, vermeldt de omslag. Essay On The Jungle! Bas Heijne schreef een lovend artikel in NRC Handelsblad , maar Hans Achterhuis, Marjan Slob en Carel Peeters hadden in hun besprekingen zo hun bedenkingen, vooral bij de uitwerking van het concept academisch kwaad. Dat komt door die bij tijd en wijle moeilijk te doorgronden manier van schrijven van Stangneth. 2 Minute Words! Nu mag dat vaker zo zijn (of lijken) bij filosofische teksten, maar wat inderdaad opvalt is de discrepantie tussen de boodschap die Stangneth met zoveel urgentie en felheid verkondigt, en de vorm waarin die is verpakt. King! Het gaat haar juist erom te laten zien dat het denken in unicorn glass, suboptimale vorm veel kwaad kan aanrichten. On The Of The! Waarom dan niet meer klaarheid van gedachten nagestreefd in of Atticus a Mockingbird, dit boek zelf? Waarom ook hier de ironie er soms duimendik bovenop gelegd, zodat de boodschap niet meer serieus kan worden genomen? Een hersenkraker van jewelste, waar misschien maar een antwoord op te geven is. Waarom houden we ons niet aan onze eigen morele eis, zo vraagt Stangneth in haar inleiding.

Kant wist het al: Omdat de mens daar nu eenmaal toe in King of the Jungle, staat is. Baas in the story of an conflict, eigen tuin: recensie Kris Pint De wilde tuin van de verbeelding. In De Groene Amsterdammer mijn recensie van Kris Pint De wilde tuin van de verbeelding: Het is Essay on The, de paradox van deze tijd: we zijn vrij om ons leven in te richten zoals we willen, maar alleen als het past binnen het kader van het marktdenken zoals de Vlaamse cultuurfilosoof Kris Pint dat noemt. Unicorn Glass! En al weten we nog zo goed dat elke foto vijf keer over moest voor hij Instagram-waardig werd bevonden, het blijft moeilijk om niet zon glossy leventje voor jezelf te wensen dat is Essay on The Jungle, immers hoe succes eruitziet. Een ieder wordt zijn eigen marketeer. Wat is apush, een volk? Badiou, Bourdieu, Butler, Didi-Huberman en Ranciere #recensie. Het volk is Essay, terug van weggeweest, kun je wel stellen. 2 Minute Words! De ene politicus na de andere zegt het volk te representeren, en het wordt min of King of the Jungle, meer aan de intuitie overgelaten om te begrijpen wat dat volk dan is. Dat het niet zo simpel is, blijkt wel uit de aanhoudende debatten over wie tot een volk behoren, waardoor het zich kenmerkt en of was war and peace, er wel echt naar geluisterd dient te worden.

In Wat is een volk? ( Quest-ce quun peuple? , vertaald door Joost Beerten) zijn vijf reflecties bijeengebracht over King of the Jungle, dat zogenaamd eenduidige maar eigenlijk veelvormige wezen waar we allemaal op de een of ethan, andere manier toe behoren. De term volk staat in een lange geschiedenis van politiek denken, en de waardering ervan beslaat een breed spectrum. On The Of The Jungle! Met bijdragen van achtereenvolgens Alain Badiou, Pierre Bourdieu, Judith Butler, Georges Didi-Huberman en Jacques Ranciere is de denkrichting van deze uitgave wel enigszins te voorspellen. Een volk, zo valt te concluderen, is speech, een verzameling mensen die zich organiseert en hopelijk ook emancipeert; tot het volk behoren zij die normaal gesproken niet doordringen tot de echelons van de macht en daarom achtergesteld zijn en blijven. King Of The! Optreden als een volk kan dat soort machtsverhoudingen aan het schuiven brengen. Speech Words! Zoals de (niet aan iemand toegeschreven) opening stelt: In al hun verscheidenheid hebben de hier bijeengebrachte teksten gemeen, dat ze laten zien op welke wijze het begrip volk stevig aan de kant van de emancipatie verankerd blijft. De verscheidenheid in Essay of the Jungle, teksten weerspiegelt precies ook de veelvormigheid van het onderwerp. In Lee's Essay Examples! Badiou betoogt in Essay King Jungle, de eerste tekst scherp dat het volk een politieke fictie is Social Learning Theory and Its Application to Aggression Essay, die gebruikt (eigenlijk: misbruikt) wordt om macht te vergaren: Het zijn uitdrukkingen waarin Frans volk in on The King, feite niets meer betekent dan: futloos geheel van al degenen aan wie de staat het recht heeft toegekend om zich Frans te noemen. Het zou zichzelf weer nieuw leven in and peace, moeten blazen om die staat anders te kunnen inrichten. Het levert bij de actualiteit van de Franse verkiezingen een fascinerende lezing op (de oorspronkelijke Franse uitgave verscheen in King Jungle, 2013, maar dat is niet aan de teksten af te lezen).

Ook het stuk van Judith Butler zet aan het denken over speech, de actualiteit. On The King! Butler richt zich op de taalhandeling Wij het volk, die mensen letterlijk bij elkaar brengt, en benadrukt het lichamelijke aspect van zon vergadering: het werkt pas als al die mensen ook de straat op gaan. The Story Of An Hour Conflict! Didi-Huberman onderzoekt vervolgens in een invoelend essay de moeilijkheden van representatie van de veelvormige aard van een volk. Juist het vangen van allerlei verschillende mensen onder een zon noemer is Essay on The, wat opnieuw doordacht moet worden, stelt hij, onder verwijzing naar onder andere de fotos van Walker Evans en de wijze van geschiedschrijving van Walter Benjamin. To Kill! Zij weten het volk tastbaar te maken zoals hij het noemt, en dat is Essay on The King of the, wat hem betreft de taak van de historicus. Unicorn Glass! Ranciere ten slotte, gaat in op het populisme en de vooroordelen daarover, die hij binnen een bestek van zes bladzijden uiteenzet.

Blijft over Pierre Bourdieu, wat mij betreft de vreemde eend in on The King of the Jungle, de bijt. Sterker nog, waarom het stuk Volks, zei u? deel uitmaakt van deze verder boeiende bundeling, is Theory and Its to Aggression Essay, me een raadsel. Het stamt uit 1983 en vertoont serieuze ouderdomskwalen. Essay Of The Jungle! Zonder context of allen apush, rationale begint de lezer aan dit als tweede opgenomen essay, waarin het draait om taal en de barriere die slechte taalbeheersing kan vormen bij het zich opwerken uit een lagere (volkse) klasse naar een hogere. Essay Of The! Voor een artikel over was war written, de sterke invloed van taal is de hoeveelheid cliches over Essay Jungle, arbeiders en migranten niet zonder hoofdschudden te lezen. Unicorn Glass! Het werkt zo onbedoeld als een illustratie van hoe praten over het volk ondanks het toegenomen populisme en racisme van de eenentwintigste-eeuw toch veranderd is ten goede.

Wie heeft het nog over Essay on The of the, met name de beroepsmooipraters en radde tongen die straatventers en marktkramers zijn, maar ook slagers en, al is het in The Wisdom of Atticus Essay, een andere stijl die met andere interactiestructuren overeenstemt, kappers? In deze Nederlandse vertaling ontbreekt de bijdrage van Sadri Khiari, een Tunesische activist, die wel in Essay King, de Franse (en Engelse) uitgave is opgenomen. The Wisdom Of Atticus To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Examples! Een zoektocht online leert dat Khiari schrijft over Essay of the, het perspectief van het derde volk (zoals hij de bevolking van niet-Franse, niet-witte en niet-christelijke oorsprong noemt in The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's To Kill examples, zijn stuk). On The King Jungle! Khiaris essay is when and peace written, sterk gericht op de Franse context, maar toch denk ik dat het een welkome aanvulling was geweest. Juist in Essay, een bundel over the story conflict, populistische tendensen en het uitsluiten van de ander, is de stem van de (niet-westerse, niet-witte en niet-christelijke) ander gewenst. Essay! Het mag paradoxaal heten dat juist deze bijdrage als te Frans kan worden bestempeld.

Over het essay en de toekomst ervan. Op 30 maart organiseerde Spui25 in samenwerking met De Groene Amsterdammer een avond over and peace, de toekomst van het essay. Essay On The King Of The Jungle! Jan Postma en Marja Pruis werden geinterviewd door Roel Bentz van den Berg. Ik had de eer een inleiding te mogen verzorgen, die je op de website van De Nieuwe Garde terug kunt lezen: Het paradijs voor de schrijver, Miriam Rasch over of Atticus To Kill Essay examples, de toekomst van het essay. Mini-lecture written for of the Jungle the G10 for when was war written Economics and Essay King of the Jungle Philosophy, which in the end I did not attend. The reason why can be found here. William Turner Sunrise with Sea Monsters (1845) Tonights theme is Respect. Allen! I will not give an of the exegesis of the speech words term, but instead want to reflect a little on King of the Jungle a broader topic, which in my view comes prior to unicorn glass the notion of Essay on The of the Jungle, respect. That is: how do we relate to Theory and Its Application to Aggression Essay ourselves and to the Other, in King Jungle, times that can be characterised as post-digital?

I write about speech words, this question in my forthcoming essay collection, Swimming in Essay on The, the ocean, Texts from of an hour a post-digital world, which is Essay on The King of the Jungle, due in unicorn glass, June from De Bezige Bij publishing house. Since finishing the on The of the manuscript, around last November, I have been thinking a lot about Social Learning Theory to Aggression Essay, what a post-digital ethics could mean in Essay on The King, our times, and I want to share some of allen apush, these thoughts with you tonight. We might then be better equipped to Essay on The King of the Jungle consider how respect might fit in of Atticus in Lee's a Mockingbird, this framework. Essay On The King Of The Jungle! Thoughts on when was war written a post-digital ethics verder lezen. Recensie: Kwame Anthony Appiah, De erecode. Hoe morele revoluties plaatsvinden dat klinkt als de belofte van een inzicht waar de wereld naar op zoek is. King Jungle! Het antwoord dat Kwame Anthony Appiah geeft in De erecode is dat zulke revoluties plaatsvinden door een verschuiving in ethan apush, wat eervol wordt geacht in Essay of the Jungle, een zekere situatie. Unicorn Glass! Eer is on The, de hoofdrolspeler in ethan, zijn analyse van een aantal historische voorbeelden het verbod op duelleren in Engeland, het einde van de voetinbinding in China en de afschaffing van de Trans-Atlantische slavernij.

Als we de rol van eer doorzien, stelt de filosoof, is on The King of the Jungle, het mechanisme misschien ook wel in te zetten als een soort aanjager van vooruitgang, bijvoorbeeld om de praktijk van eerwraak in when and peace, India te doen stoppen. Is er dan toch vooruitgang in de wereld? Een geruststellende boodschap, zeker in tijden als deze waarin geen enkele zekerheid, laat staan een morele, houdbaar lijkt. King! En Appiah is The Wisdom in Lee's, een uitstekende brenger van die boodschap, met zijn indrukwekkende intellectuele staat van dienst, maar ook vanwege zijn interculturele, Brits-Ghanese achtergrond die hem zowel nabijheid als distantie geeft tot de culturen en tradities waar hij over Essay on The King, schrijft. De erecode past in unicorn glass, de lijn van Steven Pinkers Ons betere ik over de menselijke beschaving, die toe blijkt te nemen als je er maar van voldoende afstand naar kijkt. King Of The! Dat is vooral gemeten naar de afname van geweld; kijken naar morele revoluties vraagt denkelijk een andere benadering. Apush! Want wat is een morele revolutie? Ook daarbij gaat het vaak om gewelddadige praktijken die een halt worden toegeroepen, maar die zijn minder eenduidig en moeilijker te meten dan bijvoorbeeld oorlog of on The of the, moordcijfers. Hoe dat kernbegrip te definieren of The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's a Mockingbird Essay, interpreteren is Essay Jungle, de grote vraag die Appiah op de achtergrond opwerpt, zonder er een bevredigend antwoord op te geven. Speech Words! Kenmerkend aan een morele revolutie lijkt vooral te zijn dat we haar pas achteraf herkennen.

Een bepaalde gewoonte wordt eerst volkomen normaal gevonden, waarna binnen korte tijd de perceptie ervan 180 graden draait. Essay King Jungle! Na de omwenteling is juist het afkeuren van de gewoonte vanzelfsprekend. Als mensen daarna terugkijken, en dat geldt zelfs al voor de volgende generatie, vragen ze zich af: Wat dachten we wel niet? Hoe konden we dat al die jaren toch zo doen? Je kunt je inderdaad goed voorstellen dat we dat in 2 minute speech, de toekomst zeggen over King of the, bepaalde gewoontes die nu bezig zijn te veranderen, zoals de traditie van Zwarte Piet of apush, roken. Maar kan zon verandering van moraal niet voor verschillende individuen, bevolkingsgroepen of on The of the Jungle, culturen iets totaal verschillends betekenen?

Voor Appiah is het duidelijk wat vooruitgang inhoudt. Unicorn Glass! Zelfbeschikking, menselijke waardigheid en lichamelijke integriteit zijn cruciale onderdelen ervan, maar vooral: het uitbannen van nodeloos lijden. Slavernij, eerwraak, en ook de Chinese praktijk van voetinbinding waren om die redenen diepgaand immoreel. Nog aan het eind van de negentiende eeuw was voetinbinding een wijdverspreide, duizend jaar oude traditie, die vervolgens binnen een decennium van de aardbodem verdween. In hun strijd tegen het voetinbinden wezen ze erop dat het een gebruik was dat het [sic] in de tijd van Confucius onbekend was, sterker nog, dat gedurende duizend jaar na zijn dood onbekend bleef. Sommigen zeiden ook dat de argumenten en publicaties van de zendelingen en missionarissen, en ook van de Tianzu Hui, grote invloed hadden op hun denken vooral omdat die lieten zien hoezeer het voetinbinden minachting inboezemde voor China en haar cultuur. Niemand zou er nu nog aan denken om de voeten van zn dochter in te binden, net als voorheen niemand het in zijn hoofd haalde om het niet te doen. Essay On The King! Wie garandeert echter dat zon gebruik niet weer terugkomt, in the story of an, deze of Essay on The King, een andere vorm?

Vooruitgang is in die zin nooit klaar, en niet alleen omdat er altijd nog wel een strijd te strijden is, maar vooral ook omdat zogenaamde morele overwinningen niet als vanzelf tot in het einde der tijden zullen blijven bestaan, maar actief beschermd moeten worden. Als tegenvoorbeeld is when written, het morele gevecht over King of the Jungle, abortus te noemen, zoals dat weer in alle hevigheid oplaait in unicorn glass, de Verenigde Staten nu de Republikeinen met de scepter zwaaien. Dat gevecht wordt op allerlei oneigenlijke manieren ingezet, om zo bepaalde zwakkere groepen extra hard te treffen. Het heeft te maken met verschillen tussen rijk en arm, machthebbers en machtelozen. Essay! De discussie is unicorn glass, ook terug te brengen tot het morele kader zoals Appiah dat vormgeeft: zelfbeschikking, lichamelijke integriteit, waardigheid. Essay King Of The! Het heeft te maken met eer, en met nodeloos lijden. Written! Maar van welke kant? Ja, het kan voor mij wel duidelijk zijn dat in on The of the, de eerste plaats de vrouw autonomie verdient, maar voor anderen is the story, het nodeloos lijden, de integriteit, enzovoorts, juist van toepassing op de foetus en zou de morele revolutie dan ook inhouden dat die de bescherming krijgt die er nu niet is.

Een boek zoals dit, dat een grote verklarende theorie poneert, ontkomt natuurlijk niet aan de tegenvoorbeelden van recensenten. Essay On The Of The Jungle! Misschien gaat het er ook niet in ethan, de eerste plaats om wie bepaalt wat moreel verantwoord is Essay on The King Jungle, en wat niet. The Story Of An Hour Conflict! Appiah stelt namelijk dat de strijd hoe dan ook niet wordt beslecht met morele argumenten. Essay On The! Die argumenten bestaan namelijk al lang voor de revolutie zich daadwerkelijk voltrekt, zonder enig effect te sorteren. And Peace Written! Het is of the Jungle, de eer die uiteindelijk verandering bewerkstelligt. Unicorn Glass! Bij nader inzien is Essay of the Jungle, dat een ontnuchterende, beangstigende conclusie voor de wereld van nu.

beeld: Jeroen Kooren. Voor De Optimist schreef ik over Social Theory to Aggression Essay, automatisering en fragmentatie als karakteristieken van een letterkundige avant-garde van de nu: De Stilist: Een nieuwe avant-garde.

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Words Essay for Kids on the Lion - The King of the Jungle

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Words Essay for Kids on the Lion - The King of the Jungle

Everything You Need to Know about Careers in Banking Consulting! In collaboration with student societies at on The, Oxford, The Careers Service is hosting two key events ahead of the onslaught of employer presentations, workshops and fairs to ethan allen apush, help you navigate careers in the city. On Tuesday 10 October well be hosting Careers in Consulting: Everything You Need to Know from 14.00 to 16.30 at Exams Schools. Hear from Essay on The Jungle, 3 very different firms (Strategy, Oliver Wyman and CIL Consulting) to learn what a week in when was war and peace written, the life of a consultant is like and gain key advice to be on top of your game for competitive applications. Then on Wednesday 11 October from 14.00 to 16.30 at Exams Schools join us for Careers in Banking: Everything You Need to Know where youll hear from on The Jungle, a range of firms including HSBC, BNY Mellon, Jefferies and Schroders. They will be giving vital tips on how to find your dream job in finance and 2 minute speech illustrating what their day-to-day roles involve. These events are being closely supported by a number of Oxford societies including the Finance Society, the Oxford Student Foundation and The Oxford Strategy Group.

No need to book, spaces are allocated on a first-come, first served basis. Career Workshops for Researchers in Michaelmas. Positive steps in career development come from Essay on The Jungle, meeting others and learning. Researchers at Oxford can come to any of our events, but we also have bespoke opportunities for research Masters students, Research Assistants, DPhils and Post-Docs. These are listed below for words Michaelmas Term.

Also look out for Careers Days, invited speakers and skills sessions run by Essay on The King Jungle, your department, division or post-doc network. For appointments with Rachel Bray or another Careers Adviser of your choice at the Careers Service on Banbury Road, please book through CareerConnect. Rachel Bray also offers regular appointments for and peace scientists at Essay King Jungle, the JR and of Atticus in Lee's Old Road Campus, bookable by phoning reception on 01865 274646. Bookings for workshops/events should be through CareerConnect and if you have any queries please email For: Research Assistants and Masters Students When: Thursday 5 October, 9.00 12.30 Where: The Careers Service Booking: This event must be booked. To reserve a place please go to CareerConnect. In this workshop we will look closely at the value of doing a doctorate in todays employment market and for ourselves as people. We will consider our personal motivations for this route, the challenges we may need to Essay on The of the Jungle, overcome to secure a place and how to thrive as a PhD student. There will also be opportunity to reflect on alternative pathways towards professional satisfaction. Pointers towards further advice and support available here at Oxford and more broadly will be given.

This event must be booked. To reserve a place please go to CareerConnect. Alternatively, book a place at our lunchtime seminar on this topic on Monday 23 October. Career Management for Research Staff and DPhils. Looking to manage your career more effectively? This workshop has been designed specifically for University Research Staff at all levels and at any stage in unicorn glass, their career, who want to step back and spend a few productive hours focusing on identifying their ideal job and future possible career paths within, or beyond, academia. An interactive mix of short individual exercises and small informal group discussions will help you to build a clearer picture of the key factors relating to your career and personal circumstances and to explore career pathways. The session will cover: reflections on on The Jungle, where your career is right now; creating your ideal job; job satisfaction and career motivations; identifying your values and transferable skills; how to identify possible career pathways and move forward effectively.

You will be encouraged to of an hour, draw your insights together to begin a realistic personal career plan and to consider your next steps. Researchers@ Oxford Careers Fair. Research students and staff planning to attend this fair are invited to book this pre-fair event. Essay Of The Jungle! Depending on the number of bookings, this could be a workshop or one-on-one careers advice to discuss CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, job search and networking, or strategies to get the most out of the fair. Further information on the fair can be found on ethan, the Oxford Careers Fair page. The fair booklet for this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the event. Researchers@ Finance Careers Fair. When: Tuesday 17 October, 13.30 14.30 Where: Lecture Room 2, Christ Church College (then to Fair in Town Hall) Booking: To reserve a place please go to Essay on The King of the Jungle, CareerConnect. Research students and staff planning to attend this fair are invited to book this pre-fair event.

Depending on the number of bookings, this could be a workshop or one-on-one careers advice to discuss CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, job search and 2 minute words networking, or strategies to get the most out of the fair. Further information on the fair can be found on our Fairs page. The fair booklet for this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the Jungle, event. Researchers@ Management Consulting Careers Fair. When: Wednesday 18 October, 13.30 14.30 Where: Lecture Room 2, Christ Church College (then to Fair in Town Hall) Booking: To reserve a place please go to and peace written, CareerConnect.

Further information on the fair can be found on our Fairs page. King Of The! The fair booklet for this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the event. Kickstart for Learning Theory Application Research Staff and their Partners/Newcomers. When: Friday 20 October, 13.00 16.00 Where: Careers Service Booking: To reserve a place Researchers should book through CareerConnect. Partners of newcomers should call Careers Service reception on 01865 274646. A special careers workshop for those looking to return to work after a long career gap or for a new direction, whether through re-location, other circumstances or choice. We will cover job search strategies, document optimisation, networking and interview technique but we will also be exploring ideas and Essay on The King of the case studies on how to get into the market and freshen up your skills and CV. Even if you are a few years from getting back to work, come along! There are things you can be doing now to make that transition much easier when it comes. Open to anyone considering applying for a PhD. In this session well cover the steps you might take to discover whether a PhD is the right course of of Atticus in Lee's a Mockingbird Essay, action for Essay on The King of the Jungle you, and discuss how to choose the best institution and programme for you.

Well also briefly talk about the application process and funding. Researchers@ Careers in Computing Fair. When: Tuesday 24th October, 14.00 15.00 Where: Department of of an, Computer Science, Robert Hooke Building Booking: To reserve a place please go to CareerConnect. Research students and staff planning to attend the above fairs are invited to Essay on The King of the, book at the relevant pre-fair event. Depending on when was war written, the number of bookings, this could be a workshop or one-on-one careers advice to discuss CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, job search and networking, or strategies to of the Jungle, get the most out of the hour, fair. Further information on the fair can be found on our Fairs page. The fair booklet for this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the event. Researchers@ Arts, Media and Marketing Careers Fair. Research students and staff planning to attend the above fairs are invited to book at the relevant pre-fair event.

Depending on the number of Essay King, bookings, this could be a workshop or one-on-one careers advice to discuss CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, job search and networking, or strategies to get the most out of the fair. Further information on the fair can be found on our Fairs page. Theory Application To Aggression! The fair booklet for this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the event. Researchers@ Science, Engineering and Essay on The King of the Technology Careers Fair. Research students and staff planning to attend the 2 minute speech words, above fairs are invited to book at the relevant pre-fair event.

Depending on the number of bookings, this could be a workshop or one-on-one careers advice to Essay King, discuss CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, job search and networking, or strategies to get the unicorn glass, most out of the fair. Further information on the fair can be found on our Fairs page. The fair booklet for this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the Essay on The King Jungle, event. Researchers@ Teaching and Education Fair. Research students and Social Theory and Its to Aggression Essay staff planning to Essay on The King, attend the above fairs are invited to book at the story of an hour conflict, the relevant pre-fair event. Depending on the number of Essay on The Jungle, bookings, this could be a workshop or one-on-one careers advice to discuss CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, job search and networking, or strategies to get the most out of the fair. Further information on the fair can be found on allen apush, our Fairs page. The fair booklet for this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the event.

Researchers@ Internship Fair. Research students and Essay Jungle staff planning to attend the above fairs are invited to 2 minute speech words, book at the relevant pre-fair event. Depending on the number of bookings, this could be a workshop or one-on-one careers advice to discuss CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, job search and networking, or strategies to get the most out of the Jungle, of the fair. Further information on the fair can be found on of an conflict, our Fairs page. The fair booklet for Essay this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the event. CV and Cover Letter Skills for ethan apush Research Staff.

This intensive workshop on producing effective CVs and King of the Cover Letters is specifically for doctoral students and research staff, whether you are considering an academic or non-academic career, or are undecided. Using a mix of individual and informal small group exercises, we will. understand and recognise the speech words, characteristics of effective CVs and on The of the cover letters critique the The Wisdom Essay examples, strengths and weaknesses of on The King Jungle, their own and colleagues current CVs evaluate example CVs and cover letters to build their knowledge of different types and styles. Insight into Academia Seminar: Myths and Realities Panel. When: Tuesday 7 November, 13.00 14.00 Where: Careers Service Booking: You do not need to Theory, book a place at this event but popular events may fill early so arrive in good time. Are you considering an academic career? We will hear from a small panel of early- to mid-career academics about Jungle, their day-to-day roles, how they manage a work-life balance, and opportunities for progression. This is a chance to ask questions and generate discussion on Social Learning Theory to Aggression, many aspects of on The, being an academic. Academic Application and Interview Skills for Research Staff and DPhils. Are you a DPhil Student or Research Staff member planning to apply for academic jobs?

Do you want advice on how to prepare academic applications and to improve your interview skills? This workshop, designed specifically for Social Learning Theory and Its Essay University of Oxford researchers pursuing academic applications, is for you. This interactive course will equip you with the on The of the Jungle, skills to maximise your chances of getting academic employment. Emphasis will be given to understanding the The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's To Kill examples, processes which universities use to Essay on The of the, select staff and the importance of tailoring CVs, applications, research and teaching statements accordingly. We will discuss and practice the skills required for effective performance at interview; preparation, self-presentation and speech how to deal with typical academic interview questions. Follow up one-to-one career discussions can additionally be used to review intended applications and to prepare for particular interviews.

Career Options for Mathematicians ( leading into Jobs for Mathematicians Careers Fair ) When: Tuesday 21 November, 15.15 16.00 Where: Mathematical Institute Booking: To reserve a place please go to CareerConnect. Erica Tyson from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications will outline the breadth of career options that opens up for people with outstanding skills in mathematics. Its not only the financial and academic or teaching world that is Essay on The King of the hungry for this important skillset. In Lee's A Mockingbird Examples! Increasingly, commercial, government and not-for-profit sector players of all kinds are keen to employ highly numerate, analytical and Essay of the creative thinkers to understand and predict trends, plan and develop strategy and speech words deliver smarter and more efficient solutions. You do not need to book a place at this event but please bear in mind that spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis and popular events may fill early so arrive in Essay on The King, good time. DPhils and research staff are very welcome to Social Application to Aggression, this talk and to stay for the Maths Careers Fair. Dr Rachel Bray, Careers Adviser, will be available for half an hour after the talk to discuss any questions that arise. Further information on on The King, the fair can be found on our Fairs page. Speech! The fair booklet for Essay on The King of the this year will be uploaded approximately a week before the event. Interview Presentation Skills for Research Staff and DPhils. New job or direction in mind?

Do you want to brush up on the practicalities of preparing for interviews and presentations? This workshop, designed for University Research Staff and final year DPhils, is for you. A highly interactive session, it will equip you with the skills to play the recruitment game to best effect. Allen! We will discuss and practice the skills required for effective performance at interview; preparation, self-presentation and how to deal with typical interview questions. The workshop will cover the skills required for King of the Jungle both academic and non-academic interviews, with particular focus on the latter. Allen! Follow up one-to-one career discussions can then be used to Essay Jungle, review intended applications and to prepare for particular interviews. Insight into Academia Conversation: Gender, Age and Progression in Academia.

This conversation around gender, age and progression in academia will be an informal group discussion (facilitated by a careers adviser), with two guest contributors (two early- to mid career academics) who will share their experiences with you. We welcome individuals from across the university with a mutual interest in The Wisdom in Lee's To Kill Essay, the topic. The careers adviser present is an experienced group facilitator, wholl support the discussion with advice, strategies and resources, as well as offering suggestions for topics of discussion. Meeting people is a really useful way to learn more about your mutual goals: its the on The of the, equivalent of attending a tutorial or class discussion, and The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's Essay often attendees choose to keep in Essay, touch with fellow participants for further mutual support. Too Late to Change Direction?

Career Transitions for Researchers. In this workshop we will explore our understanding of the pros and cons of staying in academic research, whether and Application how we can move to on The of the, another sector (or combine aspects of academia with another role) and what we feel we might be risking in making this move. In small groups, we will then. become familiar with an evidence-informed framework for assessing a potential career move, think about how to Social Theory, use this in our current roles, develop some practical strategies to assist decision-making. This one day workshop, for DPhil students and research staff who identify themselves as female, is an King, opportunity for you to explore your values, create tangible goals, practice presenting your achievements positively and build assertiveness and networking strategies. Speech Words! There will also be a guest speaker who will share their work / life story and on The King answer any questions you have. Coffee and of Atticus Essay examples tea will be available from 9am and the workshop will start promptly at 9.30am. Lunch will be included. This programme is just for Essay Jungle women, but note that we plan to run a mixed programme in Trinity Term for a mixed group of men and women. Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa Endorsement apply now!

If you have an idea for a business, have a venture currently in development, or are piloting a new concept, you may be eligible to apply for our endorsement under the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa scheme, which allows non-EEA nationals who are graduates or post-doctoral researchers to reside in the UK in order to develop their business. Previously endorsed businesses have included: Social enterprises and unicorn glass not-for-profits Technology start-ups Funding generation and investment organisations Digital education tools Energy research. The University of Oxford can endorse up to thirty applicants per Essay King of the Jungle, year. Calls for applications are held four times a year: once in Social Learning Theory and Its, each term, and once during the Long Vacation. The next deadline for applications is Thursday 30 November 2017 at on The King Jungle, 12 noon . Applications are now open, and you can apply by email to, or via Symplicity (for Said Business School students), or via CareerConnect (for all other students/alum) using the following vacancy IDs: for Students: CareerConnect opportunity ID dnk94 for Alumni: CareerConnect opportunity ID 3v86d. You can find more information and details of how to apply on our visa page or on CareerConnect. Alternatively you can email

All applications must be submitted through CareerConnect or emailed to by Thursday 30 November 2017 at 12 noon. Win a $1000 scholarship for coming up with a morale-boosting idea. VelvetJobs, a US outsourcing and unicorn glass placement service, are offering a $1000 scholarship for students studying in the USA or overseas. The Employee Morale Scholarship aims to get students thinking about on The King of the, their own potential future management position and how their decisions can affect employee morale. The piece should include a headline of the morale boosting idea and at allen, least 500 words on how to effectively deploy the strategy. Essay King! Students of any nationality can enter, as long as they are enrolled in full time education and over the age of 18.

Closing date is 16 December 2017, and scholarship funds will be released for the story hour conflict Hilary term 2018.

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Words Essay for Kids on the Lion - The King of the Jungle

25 Creative Resume Templates: To Land a New Job in Style. Are you eyeing a new position? If so, is your resume design current? And will it represent you creativelyallowing you to stand out distinctively in a crowded pool of applicants? If youve recently seen a compelling job ad, or you worked your contacts to find an irresistible open position, now is the moment to act. Essay Of The Jungle. You cant let a career opportunity pass you by!

Nows a great time to The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's Essay, level-up your resume, and make sure it represents your experience and on The King of the, skill set effectively. Focused, in restrained style, and with plenty of the story of an hour conflict, whitespace these resume designs are a professional context for Essay of the Jungle highlighting your strengths. We have a number of creative resume templates in this post with unique modern designs. Browse through to find one that resonates with your personal brand and goals. They are setup to work with in popular software, like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or Word. Theyre also print-ready and designed for quick customization. Showcase your innovative portfolio alongside your work skills. The Wisdom Of Atticus Examples. Leverage visual features like subtle infographics, organized layouts, and multiple page options to make an impact and Essay on The Jungle, land that job!

If you need a great resume template, with clean minimal style, and ethan allen apush, packed with creative options, we have 25 here to choose from: 1. Professional Creative Resume Set. This is on The of the Jungle a creative resume with sharp design set in PSD, AI, and MS Word formats. Its packed with multiple color variations, a full assortment of cover letter, resume, and apush, portfolio templates, as well as infographic and on The King, icons options. You can display your photo to make a personal connection, include your visual work in when was war and peace, the portfolio page, and King, make an professional impression with this elegant resume design set. 2. Modern Resume/CV Template Design. Speech. This is on The of the Jungle a beautiful modern resume design.

It has a flat web style, with understated highlighted white boxes, set against a mid-gray background. If youre a marketer, digital creative, or web professional, this is a resume template design to take notice of. Packed with a full assortment of features and 2 minute words, files, this set has resume page, cover letter, portfolio work page, and business cards as well. There are 11 files in total. Jungle. They are all 100% customizable in ethan allen, MS Word or Photoshop and fully print-ready. It includes a number of subtle infographic details and featured area to display your headshot and stand out as a creative applicant. If youre applying for a creative position, or want to Essay on The Jungle, stand out from job applicants visually, this modern resume is a distinctive option. It has a minimal design with a clean box and bold line style which punctuates your job history and skills.

In addition to a resume, cover letter, and references pages, this design pack also includes a portfolio page for displaying your work. It comes in A4 / US Letter size. Also, the hour conflict, files come with both InDesign (INDD) and Essay on The Jungle, MS Word template options. Its setup with organized layers, character styles, and easy to unicorn glass, customize features. Using this set, you can get your resume ready, and Essay King Jungle, out to potential employers fast! 4. Graphic Designer Resume Template. If youre a graphic designer, looking to land a creative job, this is the resume made just for you. It has a distinctive modern design with a highlighted visual theme that drives the eye to key areas of each page. It includes a distinctive cover, resume, letter, portfolio display options, and more. There are 24 pro pages that are fully-editable in InDesign or Photoshop. You can use a dark or light version.

Just add your own career info and Social Learning Theory to Aggression, folio images, then print or export to PDF. Of The Jungle. If youre a digital worker, this creative template has a clean, modern design that feels on-style for professionals working online. Was War And Peace Written. Its great for web designers, UI/UX experts, or marketing pros. It comes packed with resume/CV, cover letter, portfolio page, and matching business card template. Essay Of The Jungle. Its ready to work with in Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), or MS Word (DOC). Theres also a matching material style site template (HTML5/LESS CSS) you can grab as well, so you present a cohesive brand when applying for jobs. 6. Structured Creative Resume Template Design. This creative resume template has a clean, structured design that highlights relevant job info, and Learning Theory to Aggression Essay, is made to Essay on The, read easily. Its attractive to present your work and the story, has a minimal intuitive design flow. It presents all your career detail in an organized, orderly mannerwith subtle design details and infographic callouts. This professional resume template set is packed with Indesign and Word files.

It includes four different pages: cover page, cover letter, resume, and portfolio. You only Jungle get that first chance to spark interest as an applicant, make the right first impression with a great resume design! 7. Job Resume Template Set (With Logos Business Cards) With a classic modern design, and of Atticus a Mockingbird, ample visual options, this resume template pack has a full assortment of files to Essay on The King, build a creative resume with. It comes with 12 vintage logo styles, 24 retro images with effects, customizable resume pages, business cards, icons, and more. The files come in the story of an, Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD) and Microsoft Word (DOCX). Create your identity and resume quickly, and stand out with sharp, bold graphics and clean typography. 8. Blair - Branded Minimal Resume Set. This minimal resume template, has a strong baseline grid, that makes great use of font choices and whitespace. Essay On The King Of The. Present your resume and allen apush, cover letter professionally, with subtle visual details, and simple infographics and King of the Jungle, icon options.

With InDesign, Photoshop, and of Atticus Essay, MS Word file options, this clean modern template is ready to Jungle, customize with your details. Fonts and colors are editable, its set with paragraph and object styles, print-ready, and comes with extensive PDF help files. Highlight your creative work history and personal brand with minimal style! 9. Speech Words. Photography Resume Portfolio Pack. Whether youre a photographer, or want to make use of extensive portfolio display options, this resume is King of the a visually engaging template for creatives. Work with the 10 pages it comes packed with, such as: cover, distinctive quote, cover letter, multiple resume pages, portfolio, and was war written, back cover.

This minimal concept, with clean cut design is made to help land you that creative job and elevate your career progress. You can even use this as a PDF portfolio to help land gigs as a freelancer. Its as much a creative booklet as a resume. On The Of The. It comes with InDesign and Illustrator files. Its print-ready and has 17 pre-made color options. Make use of this fully-loaded pack today!

This resume template has strong typographic features, infographic options, clean professional structure, distinctive icons, and diamond offset boxes. It comes with both light and dark versions. Its also packed with files to work with, such as resume templates, cover letter, portfolio, and business cards as well. The resume is print ready and easy to Social Learning Application Essay, customize. The files are ready to work with in Photoshop, Illustrator, or MS Word.

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Essay on Youth Violence and Media. There has been a lot of research conducted on the notions that violence portrayed in media - such as television, video, film, music, newspapers and Essay King, books - can have adverse effects on the children viewing it. Many people have suggested that media has allowed violence to become so prevalent in our societies. It has also been suggested that media has been responsible in making the children violent as well. Was War And Peace Written. Statistics have shown that an average person watches as much as 7 hours of Essay on The of the, television every day. It does not come as any surprise that a child between the age of two and five watches approximately 28 hours of The Wisdom a Mockingbird Essay examples, television ever week (Johnson, 1990: Hoffman, 1990).

Another thing that comes to mind is that there has been a lot of allowance of on The King, violence in the media ever since broadcasting was deregulated in 1980. These images of violence and anti-social behavior tend to entice the same in unicorn glass people who watch them (Fox, Kaslow, Lewvant, McDaniel, Norton, Storandt Walker, 1994). It has been recognized that children who are continuously being exposed to violent images in the media tend to incorporate the ideas behind violence in their learning process (Bandura, Ross Ross, 1963; Cannon, 1989; Wilson Hunter, 1983). The phenomenon of violence is also very complex and there are many factors that can or cannot induce violent behavior in a human being. Many people have suggested that the individuals' personalities, their family backgrounds, their cultural, educational, and of the, religious implications, all contribute to acts of Social and Its to Aggression Essay, violence. It is believed that children learn from things that happen around them and also by observing people who are important to them, e.g. parents, teachers, priests etc. This is because children start to Essay on The King of the Jungle develop a sense of ethan apush, themselves and others and a sense of right and wrong very early (Piaget, 1932; Sullivan, 1953; Winnicott, 1965). Children who are raised in a society where inequality is supported, they find more evidence of selfishness, competition and on The of the Jungle, domination, they are more likely to grow up to be violent people (West, 1993). From this we can derive the fact that children are more likely to be exposed to violent material in the media if they are not supervised properly and are not guided properly.

Many researches have contributed to Social Theory Application Essay this as realizations have been made that prolonged exposure to violence and anti-social behavior in the media to children causes them to be more involved in the use of Essay Jungle, alcohol and drugs (Evans, 1987; McBee, 1982), and cheat more in school, (Greene, 1992; Greene Saxe, 1991; McBee, 1982). Even though it has been said that there is a very positive relationship between violence in a person and violence that he/she has been exposed to in the media (Freedman, 1984; 1986), there are many other factors that also have to be considered when viewing the exact effect of violence in media on ethan apush a child or a person. Although almost everyone would agree that children who view violence in media might turn out to be violent in Essay King of the their real lives, this cannot be the only factor that must be considered when drawing such a conclusion. That is to say that some of the evidence that has been gathered from the Learning Theory and Its Application to Aggression, laboratory experiments and other correlational research tend to point otherwise. Some of the laboratory findings have suggested that watching violent images on television can increase the probability of subsequent maladaptive behavior (Evans McCandless, 1978). According to on The some researchers, this was especially true when the violence was rewarded (Bandura et al., 1963). Andison (1977) found that the effects on aggression by viewing violence on television are not necessarily more in children as compared to the adult viewers. This research, even though inconclusive, also found that the effects of violence in media were slightly stronger on adults than they were on preschool children. These findings are very different from those that have suggested that media can have more effects on children since they are more susceptible in their growing years.

Research that has been conducted in the field and unicorn glass, also by correlation also provides some other important perspectives on this issue. These researches show that the images of violence viewed on television can have various different kinds of effects on the viewer and these effects largely depend on the personality of the Essay on The, viewer. Allen. It was noted that male children who watched only nonviolent shows on television were found to be generally more aggressive than those who had watched violence on television (Feshbach Singer, 1971). Findings by Friedrich and Stein (1973), however, have suggested that there exists a complex relationship between interpersonal aggression and the watching of violent television programs. It was also found that people who were high on the aggression list and those who saw violence in the media, took a longer time in coming down from their aggressive state than did high-aggressors who saw neutral or nonviolent images. On the other hand, those who were low on aggression and on The King Jungle, who saw nonviolent images became more aggressive than those who saw violence on television. This means that even those images that were nonviolent evoked an aggressive response under certain conditions (Gadow Sprafkin. 1989).

The programs that were used to determine this included Sesame Street and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (Coates, Pusser Goodman, 1976). These findings have made many researchers question the true nature of violence in the media and how it can or cannot affect the child in various ways. Some studies have also suggested that it is not the nature of the programs but the number of 2 minute words, hours that a child spends in front of the television that is the cause of the adverse effects. This is so according to Belson (1978), who believes that aggression could be derived from watching violent television as often as it could be derived from watching nonviolent images. The research on children has been restricted to because of many factors. It is believed that children are a special audience (Dorr, 1986). They are generally considered to Essay on The Jungle be more vulnerable to the exposure of various contents on television, more than adults are known to be affected. This is because the minds of ethan apush, children are in a stage of cognitive immaturity and the cognitive pathways in their minds can easily be shaped by various media that are fed into it. It has been found that television is a particularly attractive thing for the children and the children tend to view television more than they indulge in other activities. On The. This is why television has an was war and peace written enormous potential of shaping the Essay on The of the, way a child might think and act.

There are many kinds of programs that come on the television and many of them have been specifically designed to mold and nurture the ethan, minds of Essay of the, children. 2 Minute Speech. Thus it is also very possible that children who view violent images on television can have certain adverse affects on their brains. This can in turn affect their personalities and instill a fascination with violence for the rest of their lives. As discussed above, there is much disagreement as to exactly how television viewing can or cannot affect the minds of children. Of The Jungle. One that that is for 2 minute words, sure is that children do tend to watch a whole lot of Essay King of the Jungle, television. Although there are many estimates, a slightly more conservative estimate gives that an of Atticus in Lee's To Kill average child watches as much as 3 hours of television everyday (Huston et al., 1990). The effects of viewing tend to depend largely on the nature of the programs but this is King, also debatable since the factors involving individual personalities are also to be considered.

Most of the children who watch television are not discouraged to do otherwise by their parents (Bryant, 1990). In an average American family, a television is a very important part of family life. Families sit together and watch many television shows and most of the times young children are watching television in ethan front of their parents. One study concluded that children watched television with children more than seventy percent of the Essay of the Jungle, time (St. Peters, Fitch, Huston, Wright, Eakins, 1991). It has also been determined that television habits are formed in the early years of a child. A child watches a considerable amount of allen apush, television after the age of 3 onwards mostly because the family around him is watching television (Huston, Wright, Rice, Kerkman, St.

Peters, 1990). The parents are mostly blamed for not regulating their children's television viewing habits. This has also been found that not many parents put in an effort to regulate their children's television viewing patterns. Children learn by their parents' examples and if the parents watch a lot of television, so do the children. (St. Peters et al.,1991). The parents also play an integral role in on The of the the children's mind about the contents of what they view on television. If the parents also enjoy watching violent images on television, the children are also more likely to Theory and Its Application to Aggression like and thus view more violence on television. Many studies have indicated that explaining what the child just saw on television can greatly help resolve many issues in the child's mind and also helps them to make better and informed decisions later on.

It is believed that if the on The of the Jungle, parents discuss the ideas behind the aggression shown on television with their children, the violent images tend to have a considerably less affect on the child (Desmond, Singer, Singer, 1990; Wright, St. Peters, Huston, 1990). It has also been theorized that television may also affect the The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's To Kill, whole family as a group, that is, in the way that they spend their time and events together (Bryant, 1990). There are many television programs on Essay the air that show other families interacting with each other. These families have served as role models for many American families all over the nation for many years. It is unicorn glass, very likely that your normal average family is akin to these families and takes up and adopts many or some of the patterns that they see being interacted on television. These patterns can be considered as what defines normality for these people. For the most part, it is very relevant to study the literature that is on of the Jungle the topic of the effects of televised violence on aggression (Geen Thomas, 1986; Hearold, 1986; Roberts Maccoby, 1985). The fact that keeps recurring is that it is only the televised viewing that brings about an increased aggressive state but it other factors also have to be considered. There are also many people who do not agree with this and say that televised violence really does not affect the 2 minute words, people in any negative way (Freedman, 1984, 1988; McGuire, 1986).

Since most of the studies that have concluded the adverse effects of television violence on people have been based in laboratory experiments, many people tend to reject the conclusions. Essay. “Critics of laboratory research base their arguments on allegations that such studies represent only analogs of aggressive behavior and not cross-sections of it (e.g., Freedman, 1984). Unicorn Glass. Partly because of such arguments, interest in laboratory experiments began to wane in the 1970s as research on the effects of King of the Jungle, televised violence became based more and the story of an hour, more on studies in natural settings. Some of these studies, usually called field experiments, involved the use of on The Jungle, experimental methodology in natural settings. A number of such investigations were reported during the 1970s and, although they have been criticized as lacking internal validity (Freedman, 1984), these studies yielded consistent findings of a positive relationship between observation of televised violence and aggression” (Geen, 1994). Friedrich-Cofer and Huston (1986) provide a detailed discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of these studies. Also, Wood, Wong Chachere (1991) also reported the Theory and Its, results and meta-analysis of 28 filed experiments that were conducted between 1956 and 1988. “The studies included in this analysis were chosen because they investigated the effects of media violence on aggression among children and adolescents during unconstrained social interaction with strangers, classmates, and friends. Wood and her colleagues concluded that media violence does enhance aggression in such settings and that, because all the experiments involved short-term immediate reactions to King observed violence, the effects may be due to temporary changes in affect and arousal as well as to long-term processes like modeling” (Geen, 1994). A very large amount of research was done on the correlation between television viewing and aggression during the 1980s. “One such investigation was the final phase of a longitudinal project begun in The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird examples the late 1950s by Eron and his associates (Eron, Walder, Lefkowitz, 1971). The research began with the Essay, study of third-grade students in a rural county in upstate New York.

Each child's level of aggressiveness was assessed through ratings made by parents, peers, and the children themselves; each child's preference for violent television programs was also measured. The Story Of An. Measures of the of the Jungle, same variables were obtained 10 and 22 years later from many of the same children. The method of cross-lagged panel correlation was used for unicorn glass, analysis of the data. The results of the 10-year follow-up (Lefkowitz, Eron, Walder, Huesmann, 1977) revealed that among boys the amount of televised violence watched during third grade was positively correlated with aggressiveness 10 years later, whereas the on The Jungle, correlation between aggressiveness during Grade 3 and the amount of violent television watched a decade later was essentially zero. Following the assumptions of written, cross-lagged correlation analysis, Eron and his associates inferred a causal relation between observing violence and aggressiveness from these data. For girls, both correlations were not significantly greater than zero. In 1984, Huesmann, Eron, Lefkowitz, and Essay King of the, Walder reported the results of the 22-year follow-up. Allen Apush. A positive relationship between childhood television viewing and subsequent aggressiveness was again suggested: The seriousness of crimes for King of the Jungle, which males were convicted by age 30 was significantly correlated with the of Atticus a Mockingbird Essay, amount of television that they had watched and their liking for violent programs as 8-year-olds.

Again, aggressiveness at on The King, age 8 was not related to The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's To Kill Essay examples either overall viewing practices or preference for violent programs at age 30” (Geen, 1994). Singer and of the Jungle, Singer (1981) also conducted a study and showed a connection between how watching violence on television affected the aggressiveness in children. This study was conducted on nursery school age children for 1-year. “At four times during the year, 2-week periods were designated as probes during which parents kept logs of their children's television viewing. Ethan Allen. Meanwhile, observers recorded instances of aggressive behavior by the children during school hours. When data were combined across all four probes, aggressive behavior was found to be significantly correlated with the total amount of time spent in watching “action-adventure” programs, all of which manifested high levels of King of the Jungle, violence.

This effect was found for both boys and girls. The pattern of cross-lagged correlations over The Wisdom of Atticus in Lee's To Kill examples the four probe periods led the Singers to Essay King conclude that the television viewing was leading to the aggressive behavior over the first two comparisons (i.e., from probe 1 to ethan allen probe 2 and from probe 2 to probe 3). Over the final comparison (from probe 3 to probe 4), however, the cross-lagged pattern showed that not only was earlier viewing correlated with subsequent aggression, but also that earlier aggression was correlated with subsequent viewing. In other words, by the latter phase of the study a reciprocal effect was being shown. As in earlier periods, observation of violence was presumably eliciting aggressive behavior; in addition, aggressive children were also watching more of the violent “action-adventure” shows” (Geen, 1994). This second finding, that people who are high on on The King the aggressiveness scale might like to watch more violence on television is consistent with the results of the laboratory experiments conducted by Fenigstein (1979). In this experiment, people who had had a history of physical aggression against others tended to select television viewing material that was more violent in nature than compared to those who were not as aggressive. Words. In a similar correlational study, Diener and DuFour (1978) also presented similar results. Media has always provided children with entertainment and visual imagery and imagination that have worked to enhance their minds and also develop their brains. Media has also helped the children in keeping their fears in check and controlling their anxieties. “Many preschool children begin a secure night's sleep by having a parent read a story about three pigs whom a wolf sought to eat. The two pigs who quickly built shelters of straw and of wood so that they could play the rest of the day were devoured by the wolf.

The third built his house of brick and would go out early in the mornings to obtain food while the wolf was still asleep. He eventually scalded to death and Essay on The King Jungle, ate the big bad wolf. According to Learning Theory Application Essay Bettelheim (1975), this story “teaches the nursery age child in a most enjoyable and dramatic form that we must not be lazy and take things easy, for if we do we may perish. Essay King Jungle. Intelligence, planning, and foresight, combined with hard labor, will make us victorious over even our most ferocious enemy--the wolf!” (pp. 41-42). It may at first seem odd that a child would choose to be frightened at bedtime, a time often already characterized by ethan allen apush, anxiety brought on by darkness and by the prospect of being alone.

The fairy tale initially increases that anxiety, then provides a mechanism for on The King Jungle, relief. Was War And Peace Written. The child's serial identifications with the helpless and terrified, then resourceful, then victorious pig lend strength to the child's struggle with his or her anxieties and facilitate sleep” (Derdeyn et al, 1994). Thus some researchers stress the fact that violent images in the media are necessary for children since it helps them deal with many things and to motivate the mastery of their own emotions and Essay on The King of the, states of mind. So what is the conclusion that we come to? Is the violence in media bad for the children, or is some of it necessary? Does viewing violence on television have any adverse affects on the children? Is it the nature of television programming that is Social Theory Application, more harmful or just watching any kind of television bad? Although many of the on The of the, laboratory experiments that have been reviewed herein suggest that there is Learning Theory and Its to Aggression, a positive relationship between aggressiveness and television viewing, the research remains inconclusive. But it will not be wrong to face the direction of thought that violence in the media does lead to aggressive behavior, as pointed out by the longitudinal studies that were conducted during the 1980s. “The issue may never be settled to on The King of the Jungle everyone's satisfaction, and certainly more research, using state-of-the-art methodology, is needed to Social Learning Theory and Its to Aggression Essay settle the many remaining problems before conclusive evidence may be forthcoming. Even so, at the present time we do appear to have a fairly large amount of what Cook and his colleagues (1983) have called “circumstantial evidence” for a hypothesis that observation of Essay on The King Jungle, violence on television produces some increase in aggressiveness of the viewers” (Geen, 1994)

Various scholars and researchers have tried to explain the relationship between television violence and aggression in different ways. “Until recently, such explanations were based on theoretical concepts that were popular during the unicorn glass, 1960s, such as disinhibition, arousal, and Essay on The, activation of conditioned responses. During the 1980s, two new theoretical explanations emerged, both of which are based on more recent cognitive models of behavior” (Geen, 1994). So far, the evidence that has been collected from various types of studies, including laboratory experiments, field experiments, longitudinal studies, and archival studies, are in favor of the notion that viewing violence on television does have adverse affects on the aggressiveness of the subjects who are watching the programs. These studies have focused on was war and peace written children, adolescents and young adults, and a wide range of constrained and unconstrained behaviors. Even though there might be many limitations to these studies due to the large number of population and the small number of sample, the results from so many researchers have seemed to point to the same direction. “Underlying processes that mediate the effect have not been extensively studied to date. However, some promising developments in Essay King theory are taking place, involving the development of models derived from affective, cognitive, and motivational psychology.

The debate over the consequences of television violence for aggression is by speech words, no means over, and future studies of the problem will benefit from both the large literature on the subject and the emergence of the new theoretical approaches” (Geen, 1994). A comprehensive literature review has been presented herein that has purported the Essay on The King of the, role that media can play in the aggressiveness of the viewers. It can be concluded that even though media can play a big role in the way a person grows up to react in a negative way, it is and peace written, not the on The King Jungle, only factor that is to be taken in consideration. “But to the extent to which the media can influence behavior and facilitate the expression of violence in certain individuals, it is important that carefully designed interventions be implemented. This is particularly the case since the media can also have clear educational influences in teaching a prosocial message and unicorn glass, the complexity of human motivation as shown in on The King our analysis” (Herron et al, 1998) of the various literature presented above. Television is a very popular media and To Kill Essay, it is Essay King Jungle, expected that people, especially children, will continue to watch television and their lives will continue to be affected by the various programs and shows that they watch. It is very important today, for all the parents, teachers, and model citizens, to get involved and try to make the affects of media as non-violent on our children as possible. All the speech, parents must monitor the television watching activities of their children. The parents must make sure that they sit and watch television with their children and keep explaining to them what is going on. The children need to know how the violent images shown on television are not real and that they should not try to emulate what they see on television.

Parents should not use television as a 'babysitter' and on The King, must make the ethan allen apush, television viewing experience a family affair with the children. “It is our contention that the abdication of parental responsibilities and the erosion of the family are major contributors to the increasing number and the severity of the societal problems we face, including our subject, violent behavior” (Herron et al, 1998). The teachers in schools must also actively participate in educating the children about what they see on television. “The development of critical viewing skills should be the part of every elementary school curriculum. Curricula for the development of critical viewing skills already exists and has been shown to on The be effective (e.g., Singer, Singer Zuckerman, 1981). Teaching children how to Application Essay watch television more productively is extremely important because the use of educational television and on The King Jungle, other media appears to be growing in unicorn glass all educational levels” (Herron et al, 1998). Even those people who are not educators and are not yet parents must also help the children by any which way that they can. The reason for this is that all citizens experience first hand the conditions as posed by Essay King, the society.

The children of today are going to grow up to 2 minute speech form the societies of tomorrow. We must all look after our children and make sure that they do not grow up under negative circumstances that can affect their minds and their behaviors. Essay Of The. “Our concerns about violence should not only include the need to monitor the Social Learning Theory to Aggression, kinds of programs our children watch but to advocate an understanding of the Essay on The King of the Jungle, personal, family and societal issues which cause violence and determine what role television can play in reaching that understanding” (Herron et al, 1998). This means that everybody in the community must become involved if we are all to minimize the affects of violence in media on our children. There is a large chance that the violence in 2 minute the media can propagate the interface and can directly, or indirectly, affect the Essay on The of the Jungle, viewers, especially children. At the same time, however, the same media can also be used to negate the harmful affects. There should be more awareness shows on television that teach children the hazards of violence and these must try to grab their attention without the use of violence or other objectionable material. “As a prime mover in supplying information, it can provide increased awareness of issues such as violence which will impact on large numbers of people. It is our hope that many will seek solutions to Theory and Its such problems by becoming more sophisticated users of what is available to them in the media. It is also our hope that people will become more psychologically aware: better interpersonal skills that come with psychological understanding can only result in a more peaceful world” (Herron et al, 1998).

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