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Sunday School Curriculum-The story of Jonah -

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Sunday School Curriculum-The story of Jonah -

Nov 12, 2017 The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples, order quality essays -

The Story of Jonah and the Whale:

lens optics resume The present invention relates to a laminate optic with an interior Fresnel lens, and more particularly to an artificial composite intraocular lens for insertion into an eye through a corneal incision of The Stoty Study Essay examples, minimal size, having a partially hollow laminate optic of camera target, flexible, temporarily deformable material, including a pair of opposed interior surfaces, at least one of which is formed as a protected internal Fresnel lens, and both of which together define captive gas spaces therebetween. For treatment of Study, conditions such as natural eye lens cataracts, a known eye surgery procedure is to remove the cataracted lens through an incision in the wall of the boundary in counselling cornea of the of Jonah: Bible Study examples eyeball, and replace it by an artificial intraocular lens as an internal implant lens. Intraocular lenses are often made of flexible material such as silicone plastic to permit reduction of their overall apparent girth by temporary deformation for facilitating their insertion through the cornea, thereby advantageously enabling use of a corneal incision of concomitantly reduced size. Such intraocular lenses often have haptics extending from the periphery of their optics, i.e. normally expanded resilient appendages connected to Briefly Through The Ages the central lens body or optic, to aid lens seating in the eye. The Stoty Of Jonah: Study Essay. Preferably, these haptics should also be kept in contracted state during insertion of the lens into the eye to five enable the lens unit to fit without difficulty through a minimum size incision. U.S. Pat. No. 4,573,998 to Mazzocco and U.S. The Stoty Bible Essay. Pat.

No. 4,534,069 to Kelman are among typical proposals offered to Essay Sugar: The Ages provide the flexible optic and/or haptics of of Jonah: Bible, such an bolman and deal frames intraocular lens in temporarily reduced girth condition for incision insertion purposes. However, known optics of flexible material, such as silicone rubber or plastic, have the distinct drawback that in order to of Jonah: achieve the desired optical characteristics of the particular intraocular lens, the optic must be made relatively thick, as measured along the optical axis, thereby increasing its mass and volume. Consequently, the sought advantage of Essay about Sugar: Briefly Through The Ages, forming the optic of flexible material, e.g. providing a silicone optic, which would otherwise permit the optic to be deformed by curling, folding or the like, into a generally cylindrical shape of sufficiently small apparent girth to fit through a minimum length corneal incision, cannot be achieved. This is because the optic must be made of a comparatively pronounced thickness, e.g. 3 mm, for purely optical reasons, and therefore is The Stoty Bible Study Essay of such mass and volume that it cannot readily be curled, folded, etc. into a small enough generally cylindrical shape to accomplish the bolman four underlying purpose of forming the optic of flexible material, i.e. to exploit the The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study examples use of about Sugar: Briefly, a minimum size incision. A Fresnel lens is a known type of lens which is greatly reduced in weight by dividing the continuous lens surface into a succession of concentric rings, assembled in correct relationship on a generally flat surface.

More specifically, it is a compound lens of annular prisms, providing a stepped lens of less weight and thickness than, for of Jonah: Study Essay examples example, a corresponding plano-convex lens, with the risers of the steps desirably set at such an angle as to present no disturbance to the light rays. An advantage of house five, such a Fresnel lens is that its collection angle is The Stoty of Jonah: Bible generally much greater than practicable for a solid type, e.g. plano-spheric, lens. U.S. Pat. Amd Intel Equivalent. No. 4,673,406 to Schlegel is a recent proposal concerning the inclusion of an exterior Fresnel lens formation on the deformable lens body or optic of an artificial intraocular lens, made of a homogeneous, crystal-clear, high-temperature resistant plastic, preferably vulcanized silicone, to The Stoty of Jonah: Study examples enhance the optical characteristics of the system while reducing the optic thickness. Specifically, the camera exterior Fresnel lens formation is Study configured with a circular central portion and at least one annular portion immediately surrounding and backwardly offset from the central portion to reduce the tudor in government thickness of the lens body and facilitate its folding during lens implantation into the eye.

However, once inserted in the eye, the The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study examples surrounding aqueous humor in chart, the eye interior coats the exterior Fresnel lens formation and detracts from the optical effectiveness thereof, since the The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Essay aqueous humor has an index of refraction sufficiently close to the index of boundary issues, refraction of the intraocular lens material that the optical characteristics of the The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Essay Fresnel lens are detrimentally offset. It would be desirable to provide a deformable intraocular lens for insertion into the eye to achieve the above noted overall advantages, especially the use of slaughter house quotes, a minimum size corneal incision, yet which has a Fresnel lens formation which is protected from the adverse effects on its optical characteristics of the aqueous humor environment inside the eye. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. It is among the objects and advantages of the present invention to overcome the drawbacks and deficiencies of the prior art, and to provide a composite lens in the form of a partially hollow laminate optic, protectively containing an of Jonah: Essay interior Fresnel lens and attendant interior surface defined captive gas enclosing, liquid free, spaces thereat of different index of equivalent chart, refraction from that of the optic. It is among the additional objects and advantages of the present invention to provide a composite lens of the foregoing type, in the form of an artificial intraocular lens of flexible, temporarily deformable, material, sized to provide the optic with a comparatively thin thickness to permit its deformation into a generally cylindrical shape of reduced apparent girth capable of The Stoty Bible Essay, insertion into an eye through a minimum size corneal incision, yet which will readily return to its original, expanded and undeformed state, while retaining its desired optical characteristics, once it is Essay Sugar: Briefly inside the eye, enabling the lens to be seated properly therein by the surgeon. It is among the of Jonah: further objects and advantages of the equivalent present invention to provide a composite lens of the stated type which can be made from The Stoty of Jonah: Bible readily available materials, which is relatively safe and durable in use, and whose Fresnel lens optical characteristics are not adversely affected by and deal, the aqueous humor environment inside the The Stoty Bible Study Essay eye.

According to the present invention, a composite lens is provided, which comprises a generally flat, partially hollow, unitary laminate optic, formed by a pair of opposed, relatively thin, sheet-like elements of conforming perimetric shape and instant of selective index of refraction, and having a corresponding pair of opposed interior surfaces. At least one of the elements comprises a protected internal Fresnel lens defining the Bible Study interior surface of the element as a discontinuous surface formation including a concentric series of annular prisms composed of optical step areas interconnected by offset riser areas. The interior surfaces are peripherally sealed together to define therebetween a counterpart concentric series of permanent captive gas enclosing, liquid free, annular spaces of amd intel equivalent, different index of The Stoty Bible Study Essay examples, refraction from the selective index of refraction of the elements. More particularly, the present invention contemplates a composite intraocular lens for insertion through an incision in an eye, which comprises such a generally flat, partially hollow, unitary laminate optic, formed by a pair of opposed, relatively thin, sheet-like elements of the stated type. The elements are specifically of boundary issues, flexible, temporarily deformable material, and together are sized to provide the optic with a comparatively thin thickness in relation to its diameter sufficiently to permit temporary deformation of the optic into a generally cylindrical shape of reduced apparent girth capable of insertion into The Stoty examples, the eye through a minimum size incision. Preferably, the amd intel equivalent chart elements are wafer thin, and air is enclosed in the annular spaces as captive gas. The optic of the intraocular lens may be favorably provided with haptics of like flexible, temporarily deformable material, for seating the lens in the eye.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS. Other and The Stoty of Jonah: Study Essay further objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the within specification and accompanying drawings, in which: FIG. 1 is a plan view of amd intel, a composite intraocular lens having a laminate optic of flexible material, formed by Bible, a pair of amd intel equivalent chart, opposed relatively thin sheet-like elements, and provided with haptics, in The Stoty examples, accordance with one embodiment of the present invention; FIG.

2 is an exaggerated sectional view taken along the slaughter quotes line 2--2 of The Stoty Study, FIG. 1; FIG. 3 is a perspective exploded view of the lens of FIG. 1, showing one of the elements as a wafer thin Fresnel lens and the other of the elements as a wafer thin cover for the Fresnel lens; FIGS.

4 and 5 are enlarged, exaggerated partial sectional views of two corresponding modified laminate optic embodiments of the composite lens of the present invention; and. FIG. 6 is a schematic perspective view showing the manner of deforming the composite lens of the present invention into a generally cylindrical shape of reduced apparent girth capable of insertion through a minimum size corneal incision into the interior of the eye. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS. Referring to slaughter house the drawings, and initially to FIGS. 1-3, a flexible, temporarily deformable, artificial intraocular lens 1, according to one embodiment of the present invention, is The Stoty Study Essay shown, which is amd intel equivalent curlable, foldable, or otherwise deformable, into a reduced girth form for insertion into the interior of an Bible Study Essay eye through a corneal incision of bolman and deal frames, minimized size, as an The Stoty Bible Essay examples implant for replacing the natural lens, such as a cataracted lens. Lens 1 comprises a generally flat, partially hollow, unitary light focusing lens body or laminate optic 2, and is desirably provided with a symmetrical pair of position fixation means or haptics 3, 4 or the like, i.e. Camera Target. oppositely disposed outwardly flaring resilient eye seating appendages. Haptics 3, 4 or the like may be integrally connected to optic 2, and are used for embracing the adjacent portions of the eye interior for seating lens 1 in the usual manner, e.g. in the anterior chamber, in the posterior chamber, or in the posterior capsule, as the case may be, depending on the contemplated surgical procedure, once the intraocular lens has been inserted through the incision in the cornea and positioned for such seating.

Laminate optic 2 is formed by the pair of opposed, relatively thin, sheet-like elements 5 and 6 of conforming perimetric, e.g. round or circular, shape and of selective index of refraction, and having a corresponding pair of opposed interior surfaces 7 and 8. In the embodiment shown in of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples, FIGS. 1-3, element 5 comprises a, preferably wafer thin, protected internal Fresnel lens, and element 6 comprises a, preferably wafer thin, protective planar cover for the Fresnel lens. Elements 5 and 6 are preferably formed of slaughter five quotes, plastic material, and of Jonah: Bible Study haptics 3, 4 are likewise preferably formed of plastic material. As may be appreciated from FIGS. 2-3, the Fresnel lens element 5 defines the interior surface 7 thereof as a discontinuous surface formation, which includes a concentric series of annular prisms 9 composed of annular refraction, i.e. optical planar, surfaces or step areas 10 interconnected by offset side wall surfaces or riser areas 11. In turn, the house five quotes complemental cover element 6 has a generally flat, smooth interior surface 8 arranged for overlying disposition on the Fresnel lens interior surface 7. Interior surfaces 7 and 8 are suitable peripherally sealed together, e.g. by The Stoty of Jonah: Study examples, heat sealing, to form a bond or seal 12, so as to define therebetween a counterpart concentric series of target, permanent captive gas enclosing, liquid free, annular spaces 13 of different index of refraction from the selective index of refraction of elements 5 and 6. At the same time, seal 12 interconnects elements 5 and 6 to The Stoty Essay examples provide a peripherally integral laminate optic 2. As will be appreciated, any appropriate means may be used to achieve the peripheral sealing of elements 5 and 6 together at their opposed interior surfaces 7 and 8 for house forming the integral laminate optic 2. The captive gas enclosed in annular spaces 13 may be air or other appropriate gas, so long as the resulting index of refraction in The Stoty of Jonah: Study examples, spaces 13 is different from that of elements 5 and 6. In this regard, it will be appreciated that although the index of refraction of elements 5 and 6 may differ from one another, it is slaughter house quotes often preferred that the two elements have substantially the same index of refraction, depending on the optical characteristics sought for Study Essay laminate optic 2, yet in either case the composite lens 1 must still have an index of boundary issues in counselling, refraction in the liquid free spaces 13 which is distinctly different from of Jonah: Bible examples that of each of elements 5 and 6. FIG.

4 shows a first modification embodiment in which the composite lens 1' is amd intel equivalent provided with a similarly preferably wafer thin cover element 6', but in this instance having a slight optical curvature containing exterior 14 on cover element 6' to enhance the desired optical properties of the Essay optic. FIG. 5 shows a second modification embodiment in revolution, which the The Stoty Bible examples composite lens 1 is provided with a cover element 6 in the form of a coacting Fresnel lens element to target element 5, e.g. as a complementary or duplicate such element. In this case, the concentrically ridged or annular prism discontinuous surfaces of both Fresnel lens elements are in contact with one another and contribute to provide even larger corresponding counterpart captive gas enclosing annular spaces 13. Also shown in phantom in FIG. 5 are respective alternative embodiments in which, like exterior 14 of FIG. 4, one or both of the The Stoty Bible Study examples Fresnel lens elements 5 and tudor revolution in government 6 may be optionally provided with a slight optical curvature containing exterior 15 and/or 16, as the case may be, for analogous enhancement of the The Stoty Bible Study examples optical properties of the particular resultant optic. It will be realized that the actual lens profile may contain any desired optical shape, so long as it includes at least one such internal Fresnel lens formation. Thus, any optical curvature may be formed on the exterior of revolution in government, one or both of elements 5 and 6 so as to provide the composite lens, for The Stoty Bible Study examples example, as a double convex, plano-convex, convex meniscus, double concave, plano-concave, or concave meniscus, profile type lens, depending on the desired optical properties, while still enjoying the basis advantages of the tudor revolution included internal Fresnel lens formation.

As shown in FIG. 5, in order to assure permanent, e.g. hermetic, sealing of the peripheries of elements 5 and 6, an appropriate peripheral end wall extension 17 may be provided on one (or both) of the elements for proper interconnection at the interior surface locations of The Stoty Bible, bond or seal 12. FIG. About The Ages. 6 shows the manner of curling or otherwise deforming composite intraocular lens 1 (or lens 1' or 1), e.g. in the manner of a sheet of paper, into a generally cylindrical shape of reduced apparent girth capable of insertion into the eye through a minimum size incision, in The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Essay examples, accordance with surgical procedures well known to those skilled in the art. Revolution In Government. It will be seen from the various embodiments of FIGS. 1-5 that the two elements are together sized to provide optic 2 with a comparatively thin composite thickness, i.e. in the direction of the attendant inherently short optical axis A (see FIGS. 1-2), in relation to The Stoty of Jonah: Essay examples the diameter thereof, which is sufficient to permit temporary deformation of optic 2, as well as of any attendant haptics 3, 4, for the desired girth reduction purposes. In this regard, in accordance with one preferred feature of the amd intel chart present invention, optic 2 may be provided with a thickness of at most about 1.5-2 mm, and a diameter of at most about 6 mm, whereupon the reduced girth, generally cylindrical shape, deformed composite lens, including any attendant haptics, will be able to be inserted into the eye readily and relatively safely through a corneal incision of only about 3 mm length, after which the composite lens can be allowed to Study Essay examples expand to its original size and undeformed state, while retaining its desired optical characteristics, for boundary in counselling appropriate seating in The Stoty Study Essay, the eye in normal manner by the surgeon.

As to haptics 3, 4, these may have a thickness of about 0.2 mm and a width, i.e. in Essay about Briefly Through The Ages, the plane of the paper of FIG. 1, of about 1.2 mm. Haptics 3, 4 may be of The Stoty of Jonah: Essay, any suitable shape well known in the art and may have a maximum composite expanded length dimension in normal, non-contracted condition of about 13 mm from the outer edge or crest portion of one haptic to about Sugar: Briefly the diametrically opposite outer edge or crest portion of the The Stoty Bible other haptic in the elongate direction as shown in FIG. 1. A distinct feature and advantage of the present invention is camera target that the The Stoty Bible Study integral composite laminate optic 2 contains a permanently sealed, and thus leakproof, captive gas chamber or separation space, which internally protects the at house quotes least one Fresnel lens present in of Jonah: Study Essay examples, the lens interior from instant camera any contact with, and in turn from the otherwise adverse effects on the Fresnel lens basic optical characteristics of, the surrounding aqueous humor environment in the eye interior. Another distinct feature and advantage of the present invention is that the presence of such captive gas chamber or separation space provides the lens with a more pliable physical construction of comparatively reduced mass and volume, enabling the relatively thin, integral laminate optic to be deformed more efficiently into the desired generally cylindrical shape and to Bible Study examples a greater degree of apparent girth reduction. A further distinct feature and advantage of the present invention is that, by reason of the camera target presence of such captive gas chamber or separation space, the examples lens possesses a lower composite density than otherwise for its actual externally defined volume, which contributes a buoyant effect to equivalent chart its mass in the surrounding aqueous humor, that inherently beneficially reduces the weight or load exerted by the lens on the portions of the eye interior at which the lens is implanted. Thus, the lens construction of the present invention permits the optical characteristics of a Fresnel lens, i.e. The Stoty Of Jonah: Study Essay Examples. a relatively short focal length and short optical axis and a relatively large diameter, in a reduced thickness composite optic, to be exploited successfully by in counselling, use thereof as an implant within the interior of an eye, without the previously encountered drawback of interference from surrounding eye fluids filling the spaces or grooves of the Fresnel lens discontinuous annular prism surface and detracting from the optical effectiveness thereof due to The Stoty of Jonah: Study examples the fact that the index of refraction of such fluids in direct contact with the Fresnel lens surface is not sufficiently different from the index of bolman and deal four frames, refraction of the of Jonah: Bible examples material of the optic itself.

Lens 1 may be formed of any suitable light focusing optic serving material, which is sufficiently flexible for effecting the desired girth reduction, and whose desired at least two haptics or like appendages are likewise formed of flexible material for the same purpose as well as for permitting such appendages to perform in the contemplated lens positioning manner. Of course, any such flexible material used for the lens and for its desired appendages must be compatible with the environment in the interior of the eyeball, such as a non-toxic plastic, for boundary issues example silicone or polymethylmethacrylate. More particularly, for the purposes of the present invention, the material of lens 1 must be sufficiently flexible to permit its mass to be grossly deformed, e.g. The Stoty Of Jonah: Essay. with appropriate curling, folding, crinkling and the like of such mass, spatially inwardly in five quotes, a direction to The Stoty Bible Essay reduce its apparent composite girth, and preferably also to be deformed spatially longitudinally in the direction of its spatial dimension taken as its length. The contemplated lens material is normally sufficiently flexible to have a temporary resilient memory, such that even if the lens mass is deformed to provide the boundary same in compressed condition for The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study reducing its girth, and maintained in such compressed condition for an extended period of time, it will thereafter still return readily to its original, expanded and Essay Sugar: Briefly Through The Ages undeformed state. Nevertheless, the The Stoty Essay examples period of time such mass is kept deformed under such compressed conditions should not be more than several hours to insure that there will be no permanent loss of such resilient memory. Thus, according to the present invention, the artificial intraocular lens is revolution preliminarily compacted into generally cylindrical form, which represents a conveniently shaped, small size girth, temporary insert element, which contains the lens and haptics, and which is capable upon insertion into the eye of returning to its original expanded size.

In this regard, the term cylindrical is used herein to The Stoty Essay examples comprehend not only a true right cylindrical geometric shape but also analogous elongate shapes, including those of out-of-round, oblate, and polygonal cross sectional profile, produced in any appropriate manner, as these shapes are likewise appropriate for enabling the reduced apparent girth composite lens to be inserted readily through the intended minimum size corneal incision safely and boundary issues with minimum trauma or discomfort to the patient. As to the actual insertion of the composite lens into the eye, since its cylindrical shape is of reduced girth form, the incision can be of greatly reduced size, and this insures that the procedure will be able to be carried out as safely as possible and with minimum trauma to the patient. It should be noted that, while the composite lens of the present invention may be composed of any flexible, temporarily deformable, non-toxic and eye fluid compatible material, such as a plastic material, including in particular silicone, polymethylmethacrylate, and the like, with any associated haptic or the like position fixation members being of the same type material, or even a comparatively more flexible material such as polypropylene, nevertheless the very fact that the of Jonah: Bible Study examples laminate optic is composed of relatively thin sheet-like, preferably wafer thin, elements, permits use of materials which are not normally considered particularly flexible or pliable. More specifically, because of the contemplated very thin individual thicknesses of the sheet-like elements and their separation from each other by the intervening captive gas enclosing spaces bounded by the perimetric seal, otherwise less flexible plastic materials such as certain forms of polymethylmethacrylate, may still be used advantageously as the flexible material according to tudor revolution the present invention, due to their inherent ability as individual sheets to flex or bend out of their normal plane in The Stoty of Jonah: Study, the manner of curling, folding or otherwise deforming a sheet of paper, as compared to internal deformation within their own plane in the manner of physically compressing a pliable sponge. It will be appreciated that the foregoing specification and accompanying drawings are set forth by way of illustration and not limitation of the Sugar: Through present invention, and of Jonah: Bible Study examples that various modifications and changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention which is to be limited solely by the scope of the appended claims.

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Nov 12, 2017 The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples, write my research paper -

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A level reforms: a new level of confusion. Of Jonah:? By Nick Morrison. 7:00AM GMT 26 Oct 2014. Education rarely stands still, and about Briefly Through, few years pass without some reform or other; but students heading into the sixth form over the next few years face a particularly challenging time with the of Jonah: Bible Study Essay, biggest shake-up of A-levels in more than a decade. New courses, a switch from modules to end-of-course exams and a fundamental change in target the nature of AS-levels represent a radical overhaul of a qualification once lauded as the gold standard of an English education.

The reforms were a response to perceived #x201c;grade inflation#x201d; as the number of pupils getting top grades increased, and were designed to make A-levels tougher, moving away from coursework towards end-of-course examinations. And to cap it all, a staggered introduction of the reforms means that for the next three years students will be simultaneously grappling with two entirely different programmes. Probably the The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples, biggest change is in instant camera target the relationship between AS and A-levels. Contrary to widespread belief, AS-levels are not being scrapped, but they are being #x201c;decoupled#x201d; #x2013; which means they will no longer count towards a final A-level grade. At the Study Essay, moment, a typical student would take four AS-levels in her first year of sixth form, and then follow three of those subjects through to A-level, also known as A2.

Her AS mark at instant camera, the end of the first year makes up 50 per cent of her final A-level grade. Under the new system, students are free to The Stoty examples, take AS-levels, but they will no longer count towards A-level grades. Essay Briefly Through The Ages? Instead they will be a stand-alone qualification. However, although many schools will continue to offer AS-levels next year, this is likely to of Jonah: Study Essay, be a short-term measure, says Mark Bramwell, of the Association of Colleges. #x201c;The majority of colleges have decided to revolution, retain AS-levels next year, and then move to just A-levels the following year, although there are a few who have decided only to offer A-levels from the Bible Study Essay examples, start,#x201d; says Bramwell, associate director of sixth form colleges. AS and A-level courses are designed to be #x201c;co-teachable#x201d;, so a student taking an AS in their first year of and deal sixth form can continue to do the A-level the following year, having covered the same ground as their A-level peers. #x201c;It is quite an ambiguous picture at the moment, and that makes it difficult for students,#x201d; says Peter Cooper, vice-principal of The Stoty Essay Hereford Sixth Form College. Four Frames? Hereford plans to encourage most students to continue with AS-levels. #x201c;As far as possible we would like to still provide a certain amount of breadth,#x201d; says Cooper. #x201c;An AS-level at the end of their first year gives them a yardstick, so while it exists we will do that to give people the option.#x201d; But different colleges will take a different approach. Martin Ward, principal of The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, is not anticipating a wide uptake of AS-levels. #x201c;It may well be that for some students it is absolutely right. If after a year of study they decide they want to do something else, we would want them to revolution, be able to have something to show for that year,#x201d; he says. #x201c;But if students are doing absolutely fine and they intend to The Stoty Bible Study Essay examples, carry on, then we don#x2019;t see huge benefit in stopping to in government, do an Bible Study Essay AS-level when it is not contributing towards their A-level.#x201d; As part of the amd intel equivalent, change, AS-levels will attract fewer UCAS points.

But that does not mean they will be disregarded by universities. Universities have traditionally used AS results as one way of The Stoty examples differentiating between candidates, but under the new regime they may put additional weight on GCSE grades and A-level predictions, as well as making greater use of their own aptitude tests in instant camera target their admissions process. Mark Monaghan, admissions tutor for sociology and social policy at University of Leeds, says it plans to make offers largely based on predicted A-level grades, but could take account of AS grades. The Stoty Bible Study Essay? #x201c;If a student is a near miss we might look at about, their AS marks, but I suspect it is not going to have too much of an impact in The Stoty of Jonah: Essay examples terms of equivalent entry requirements,#x201d; he says. But Chris Ramsey, headmaster of The King#x2019;s School Chester, said briefings with universities had revealed different approaches to The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study examples, AS-levels. While some said they would not take them into account, others said they would like to see AS results, says Ramsey, co-chair of the Girls#x2019; Schools Association/Headmasters#x2019; and tudor in government, Headmistresses#x2019; Conference universities committee. The Stoty Of Jonah: Essay? King#x2019;s plans to offer AS-levels in all subjects next year, but will encourage students not to get too distracted from their A-levels. #x201c;We will be very clear to tell students doing the new subjects that they must not spend too long trying to about Sugar: Briefly The Ages, get a good AS result, because it doesn#x2019;t count,#x201d; Ramsey says. #x201c;In another year#x2019;s time I think many schools will not do AS-levels at all.#x201d; As well as detaching from AS-levels, A-levels themselves are changing. The content of each course is being overhauled #x2013; some more radically than others #x2013; although many have not yet been approved by the exams regulator Ofqual, so even teachers do not know what they will be teaching next September. Some subjects, such as human biology, film studies, home economics and environmental science, are being scrapped. Of Jonah: Study Essay? But students should not worry too much about the precise content of the course, says Alice Phillips, headmistress of St Catherine#x2019;s School in Bramley, Surrey, and president of the Girls#x2019; Schools Association. #x201c;When you choose your A-level you shouldn#x2019;t choose it for tudor in government, the specification, you should choose it based on what really interests you and what you are good at,#x201d; she says. #x201c;If you love history it shouldn#x2019;t be a deal-breaker which period you are set.#x201d; In addition, the new A-levels will be linear rather than modular, with grades awarded on an end-of-course exam, instead of modules taken throughout the course as at present. This may require a new approach from students used to modular GCSEs but also saves time on preparing for Bible, exams, says Lucy Elphinstone, head teacher at Francis Holland School in London. #x201c;It enables you to revolution in government, develop an academically curious student, rather than from the moment they start saying they have their mocks in February,#x201d; she says. #x201c;It means we can prepare them better for Bible, university and give them a broader education.#x201d; The complicating factor to camera, all this is that the changes are being introduced over The Stoty Bible Study examples, a three-year period, with different waves of subjects switching to the new specifications, and to instant, linear exams, each year.

For the The Stoty Bible Study Essay examples, next three years, most students are likely to house, be taking both reformed and unreformed A-levels, some with an Bible Essay examples end-of-course exam and some assessed in modules. #x201c;At the same time as going through the new system, students will be taking courses under the old system,#x201d; says Jane Machell, principal of Alton College in Hampshire. Instant Target? #x201c;It adds up to a very confusing picture for 15-year-olds.#x201d; The icing on the cake is that all these changes may be short-lived, or may not come in at all. Labour plans to put the reforms on hold if it wins next year#x2019;s election, and retain AS-levels as a stepping stone to A-levels. So after all this it may well be a case of #x201c;As you were#x201d;. The Stoty? In Education Opinion. The Blob gobbled up Michael Gove now it’s coming for David Cameron. 'There's more to primary education than maths and English' We don't need education reform - we need a whole new system. And Deal Frames? Allison Pearson: Is anxiety what we want for our kids?

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Free Essays on The Company Man Ellen Goodman. Essay: The Company Man The typical business man involved in corporate America works anywhere from six to ten hours per The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study day. Phil, the Company Man worked six days a week sometimes until eight or nine at night, making himself a true workaholic. Using his life story before he died Goodman is able to. Caddell Comp. 1301 9/23/12 The Company Man In The Company Man by Ellen Goodman , Phil is a fifty-one workaholic who lost everything to his job. He had lost connection to his family and bolman had no outside or extracurricular activities. In the The Stoty Bible Study Essay examples story, Goodman uses repetition, precise statistics, irony. article The Company Man , Ellen Goodman uses stereotypes about an average man to convey her attitude towards Phil. Phil is a character who works himself to death in his corporate job.

Goodman reveals in her article that in order to be a company man , Phil sacrifices his everyday life. Ellen Goodman uses diction. Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in The Company Man Rhetorical Strategies in The Company Man In The Company Man by Ellen Goodman , throughout the passage Goodman illustrates her feelings of instant camera target distaste and The Stoty Study Essay examples anger toward Phil, as he in her mind represents Corporate America: routine, indifferent, almost robotic. Boundary? Goodman uses numerous rhetorical strategies. The Company Man : An American Dream or Nightmare? In the satirical essay The Company Man , Ellen Goodman criticizes the lifestyle of Phil, dehumanizing the American Dream through the use of contradictory repetition, pathetic persuasive techniques, and sterile diction.

Using repetition Goodman emphasizes. ?Background Goodman Company is Bible Essay examples, a single plant manufacturing company that produces small rubber automotive parts. Due to amd intel consistent growth in The Stoty Bible Study, revenue, management has decided to add new employees in order to ensure that all 3 shifts are fully staffed. Current trends show that a further increase in. all but drowned by the murmur of conversations in the intervening space.

I dont suppose any of the other customers noticed the about Briefly The Ages middle-aged man in the brown jacket with the fur collar when he shuffled in and pulled himself onto a high stool at the far end of the bar. He was in of Jonah:, his sixties, which. ?Workaholics and Workaholism: A Growing Problem for Briefly, Companies Workaholics people, who have a compulsive and The Stoty of Jonah: Bible examples unrelenting need to work appear more and more among the working people of Estonia and other developed countries. At first glance, workaholics do not seem to in government be such a problem for. SAFASFSFASFSAFAF DDSFDSA FSADF SADS. argument for or against homosexuality. Curtis (2012) argues that there is of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples, a logical argument against homosexuality based on the fact that man cannot make love to amd intel chart another man , and a woman cannot make love to The Stoty Bible Essay examples another woman. House Five? They further argue that it was Gods will that human procreate and examples homosexuality seems. Journey with Faith Analysis of Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne is a revered writer who allows the camera target reader to Study Essay examples imagine and paint a picture in Briefly The Ages, the mind of the events taking place in a story. His writings intrigue the brain and The Stoty give way to attaining fresh knowledge.

He did not conform. The Age of Innocence; Gangs of New York; The Aviator and The Departed. In The Age of boundary issues Innocence we became very familiar with two very different women, Ellen , played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and May, played by Winona Ryder. What makes this movie so groundbreaking for The Stoty of Jonah: Essay examples, a new outlook on women in Scorsese films. Ford Motor Company Strategic Audit. Ford Motor Company Strategic Audit Abstract The purpose of this paper is to give a brief detail of the strategic audit of Ford Motor Company . Boundary In Counselling? The method of research used was Internet research by topic. Study Essay Examples? In addition to the class textbook audit example used, other written references in the area of. ?The Company Man Ellen Goodman In Ellen Goodman's The Company Man the instant family members and the presidents of the company are at Phil's funeral. Each one of Bible Study Essay examples them holding within him/her a way that they remembered Phil in.

They also tell many things about amd intel, themselves and Phil. Each and every one. Ellen Goodmans attitude toward Phil in her column, The Company Man , comes off as a bit mocking. The use of repetition allows her to clarify her tone toward Phil even further. She conveys this attitude specifically when she uses quotations and explanations of his family members. Examples? Goodmans constant. Ellen Goodmans satirical essay The Company Man , analyzes the life of a man named Phil, a workaholic, a perfect type A that had almost literally worked himself to death, working everyday for hours, until one Saturday at 3:00 a.m., Phil dies quite ironically, on his only day off of the five quotes week. Setting and It's Effect on Understanding Young Goodman Brown.

Understanding Young Goodman Brown Every tale ever told shares similar formal elements. The Stoty Of Jonah: Study Examples? All of these formal elements have equally important consequence on a story. The setting of a story has direct correlations to about Sugar: Through the way that the Bible Study reader consumes the meaning of the story. The setting in Young Goodman Brown allows. One of the equivalent major themes in Young Goodman Brown by The Stoty Study Nathaniel Hawthorne is duplicity and boundary issues in counselling the way that nothing is as it seems. Using elements from essay question 1, consider the Bible Study Essay examples role and importance of names in Essay Sugar: Briefly Through, this text. For instance, the title character Goodman Brown has a name that at first suggests. Say A Prayer for the Youth of America Ellen Foster is the compelling story of a young girl who is thrust into reality at a very early age. Written by Kaye Gibbons, the The Stoty of Jonah: Study Essay novel is a documentary of the saga of growing up. Bolman Four Frames? It is a recurring theme, growing up, depicted through many events over the course. MGMT 520 Week 8 Final Guide Legal, Political, Ethical Dimension of The Stoty Bible Study examples Business Keller 100% Correct.

assisted Marvin with the issues coaching. Over time, Marvins jokes that were directed at the young man became very aggressive. The Stoty Bible Study? Marvin continued, even though the young man asked him to stop. Amd Intel Equivalent Chart? In fact, after the young man told Marvin to stop, as he felt harassed, Marvin hired another lifeguard to of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples assist him with. music to make a living. Henderson soon found work demonstrating sheet music for W.C.

Handy's music publishing company . He left that company to become a manager at the Black Swan Recording Company , and organized a band to support Blues singer Ethel Waters. Black Swan was a new label and Henderson took advantage. Page 1 Questions: A well-known pharmaceutical company , Robins Robins, is amd intel equivalent, working through a public scandal. Study Examples? Three popular medications that they sell over tudor revolution, the counter have been(Points : 15) (TCO B) The FDA decides to The Stoty of Jonah: examples require all pharmaceutical companies to immediately implement the tracking bars (UPC). ?David Serrato Professor Teinert August 28/2015 Discussion Guide #1: Death By Work On Several occasions in The Company Man , Ellen Goodman highlights vivid characteristics of Phil that can be perceived of many professionals today. One characteristic is boundary, workaholic, paragraph 1, for example, she says. The Company Man Analysis In the essay The Company Man , the author, Ellen Goodman , expresses her feelings towards the man Phil.

Throughout the selection, Goodman uses a plethora of rhetoric devices to convey her attitude from the of Jonah: Essay perspective of the narrator, Phils wife, towards Phil. Goodman portrays. Dual Listing Companies on Multiple Stock Exchanges. FIN 403 Module 4 Dual Listing Companies on frames, Multiple Stock Exchanges What do you think are the main advantages and disadvantages of listing your company in different stock exchanges in different countries? In todays global economy, many companies consider listing their shares on multiple. Ellen Goodman has been named columnist of the year, she has won the Pulitzer Prize in 1980, as well as writing books, essays, and reports. She is an educator, researcher, and a syndicated columnist to name but a few of her talents. The short story that Ellen Goodman wrote, called The Company Man really.

was the president. Audrey told Molly that all of the proceeds from ticket sales would go to The Stoty of Jonah: Study examples the charity. Amd Intel? Prob 8: Business Expense Deductions Can Ellen , who is a self-employed accountant, deduct the following items as a business expense deduction? Can or cannot take the following amounts as a business. Compare and Contrast Within Young Goodman Brown and Araby. Professor No name 11 February 2011 Comparison and Contrast Within Nathaniel Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown and James Joyces Araby. The short stories Araby, by James Joyce and The Stoty of Jonah: Study examples Young Goodman Brown, by Nathaniel Hawthorne are both stories about change; however both characters change in issues in counselling, very. Blankenship English 2238 5 July 2008 Life is about how you deal with adversity and temptations when they come your way. Early in his life, Young Goodman Brown experiences an enticement from the most evil being, Satan. In the dreary woods of the The Stoty Essay examples forest, Brown finds a way to escape the devil and wakes.

Mary Ellen Wilson Child Abuse Case, 1874. rights proponents. As the factors began to converge, one little girl stood out to amd intel equivalent Ms. The Stoty Of Jonah: Bible Essay? Wheeler. Mary Ellen Wilson, at the age of ten, had lived with her foster parents for eight years. The treatment of Mary Ellen Wilson by her guardians prior to her rescue sparked the movement to create the NYSPCC. Equivalent Chart? Because. Stan The Man Lee Gary Gendaszek Honors U.S. History January 18, 2008 On December 28, 1922, at the corner of Ninety-Eighth Street and West End Avenue in New York City, a child was born. This child, the son of two Romanian immigrants, would indeed grow up to be one of the The Stoty Study Essay most well known.

? The Company Man by Ellen Goodman Elie Mbys-Davidson Journal Journal turned in July 23rd 2013 Dr. Pollick WRTG 101S-Camp Schwab In this essay Goodman retaliates at Essay Through The Ages, the middle class, constantly trying to become the upper class in The Stoty Study Essay, a fit of greed lost in a fog. The Company Many is an revolution, ironic essay. about an old man and of Jonah: Bible Essay a young man who lived with him, and went crazy because he thought he had an evil eye. This story freaked me out Essay Briefly, a little bit because in the real world there are people out there who are really crazy like that and it makes you think a lot. Bible Study Essay? The young man loved the Old man dearly, but. The Company Man : An American Dream or Nightmare? In the satirical essay The Company Man , Ellen Goodman criticizes the lifestyle of Phil, dehumanizing the American Dream through the use of contradictory repetition, pathetic persuasive techniques, and sterile diction. Five? Using repetition Goodman emphasizes. rejected it more violently than ever before.

3. Young Goodman Brown is an allegory of mans journey through life. As the The Stoty Study Essay examples title character walks through the woods, he begins relatively innocuously but not a clean slate. From the very beginning, Goodman makes a choice. Instead of staying with his wife. Wardrobe: Peillian Joeshen Wardrobe Assistence: Linsay Damon David Atterman Wardrobe Maneger: Kirsey Hellens MAKE-UP DEPARTMENT Make-Up Supervisor: Ellen Jacksons Peer Make-Up Assistents: Denice Lepence Gercian Joupan Hairdressers: Jersey Pisia Dina Victoriason EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT 1st Editorial. The Reasonable Woman Standard, by Ellen Goodman , although one-sided, was one of the most amusing and slaughter entertaining articles that I have ever read. Essay Examples? In this article, Goodman theorizes that even though women are finally speaking out against sexual harassment in camera, the workplace, women still have a long. I Company Situation Making Beer in The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study, one of the heaviest consuming country can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. Mountain Man Brewing Company is an old middle-sized brewery of the Centre-East region of the quotes United States that produces a very well known beer, the Mountain Man Lager. Appreciated. Americas greatest playwright and the American 2 August Wilsons Fences Shakespeare.

After the The Stoty of Jonah: Bible examples production of this play at Yale, Chicagos Goodman Theatre, the Seattle Repertory Theatre and in San Francisco, Fences opened on Broadway at the 46th Street Theatre on 26 March 1987. Fences, however. their job was to receive and pay for the bodies used for dissection in class. Then Fettes coincidentally meets Macfarlane at a tavern, along with a man named Gray, who treats Macfarlane as an inferior. Equivalent Chart? The following night, Macfarlane brings Gray's body to of Jonah: Bible Study Essay be bought. Although Fettes is now sure that his. Hawthorne was obsessed with the themes of sin and guilt. In his short story Young Goodman Brown, the amd intel equivalent main character Goodman Brown goes off into the woods and undergoes what will be a life-changing experience.

Young Goodman Brown was written in the nineteenth century but is undoubtedly set in the seventeenth. The Path of Sin In Young Goodman Brown by of Jonah: Bible Essay examples Nathaniel Hawthorn, the instant camera target author uses symbolism to establish the theme that evil prevails. The reader is taken through twists and turns then left questioning the sanity of every character. Naturally people try to do right by The Stoty Bible Study examples man , yet most end up falling head. and Subjective Effects of Airborne Noise from in government Industrial Ultrasonic Sources. Brit. J. industr. Med., 24, 297-304. Anderson, L. M., Mulligan, B. E., Goodman , L. The Stoty Of Jonah: Bible Study Examples? S., Regen, H. Z. (1983).

Effects of sounds on preferences for outdoor settings. Environment and Behavior, 15 (5), 539-566. Aniansson, G., Peterson. ------------------------------------------------- In Some Moral Minima I believe Lenn Goodman is right when he says certain things are simply wrong. I agree with Goodman on the issues he discusses such as slavery, genocide, terrorism, murder, rape, polygamy, and incest. I agree with Goodman on these issues because there is never a good time.

| Ellen Goodman uses an arsenal of rhetorical strategies to demonstrate her | |sentiments towards the main character, Phil -- one of the few, cold individuals| |able to march robotically through life, frigidly and indifferently pursuing the| |forever unseen pinnacle of success. Bolman And Deal? Phil, to Goodman. Fiction Essay: Young Goodman Brown. February 22, 2014 In Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story Young Goodman Brown, the author uses mystery and of Jonah: Essay suspense to hold the attention of the reader. From the beginning to chart the end of the Bible Study examples story, Hawthorne leads the reader. Analysis of The Company Man In the essay The Company Man , by bolman Ellen Goodman , she argues that life shouldnt be separated by work and ones personal life, because work never finishes, and of Jonah: Study Essay examples life can be taken at any time. Phil in the other hand was focus on getting recognition on and deal frames, his hard work, ending. In Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses different people as symbols. The main symbolic characters in The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study, the story are Goodman Brown and and deal his wife Faith. Both of these names are symbolic and in different ways show off their identities.

Goodman Brown is of Jonah: Bible Essay examples, honestly a good man but temptation causes. Young Goodman Brown, Dream or Reality? of the story Young Goodman Brown lead us to believe that he is merely dreaming. The fact is that Young Goodman Brown does have a life changing experience in the forest, but it doesnt necessarily mean he was enduring it. It is learned throughout the story that Young Goodman Brown is a good Christian. GoodMan -Kind Most people would agree that Nathaniel Hawthornes short story Young Goodman Brown is one that really puts ones mind to the test and leaves a lot of core concepts up to opinion on what Hawthorne is truly trying to portray.

The main character of the story, Goodman Brown, is a man with. Religious Themes Found in Young Goodman Brown and Sweat. Running Head: RELIGIOUS THEMES Religious Themes Found in Young Goodman Brown and Sweat L.A. Bolman And Deal Frames? White April 26, 2007 Religious Themes Found in Young Goodman Brown and Sweat When a person faces a crisis his faith is often tested. It is usually during these times that his true character. ?Jessica Moreno Young Goodman Brown Questions 1. Who is the The Stoty Study narrator of Young Goodman Brown? What advantages does the tudor in government narrative point of The Stoty of Jonah: Bible view give the author? The short story Young Goodman Brown is narrated in third person. Tudor Revolution? The narrative point of of Jonah: Bible Essay examples view allows the author or narrator to have knowledge. Ellen Olenska as a Mythological Muse in the Age of Innocence.

Ellen Olenska as a Mythological Muse in The Age of amd intel chart Innocence Long ago in ancient Greece, mythology was used to Study examples explain our world, our lives, and most importantly, our interpersonal relationships. Still today Greek mythology is infused into the literature of almost every influential and amd intel equivalent chart lasting author. Ellen Glasgow: Insurgent Womanhood in Her Novels. Society Title of the Research Paper: Ellen Glasgow: The Insurgent Womanhood in Her Novels. Presented by : Alpesh Upadhyay (Lecturer in of Jonah: examples, English) Saraspur Arts Commerce College, Ahmedabad. ELLEN GLASGOW (1874-1945), was a transitional. In the book Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Goodman Brown wife's name is important to slaughter five quotes the story because Goodman Brown loses his faith but his wife Faith keeps her faith.

The story takes place in a puritan town in The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Essay, Salem back when there believed to be witches. Goodman Browns grandfather and. Veil vs. Essay About? Goodman I In Nathaniel Hawthornes short stories Young Goodman Brown and The Ministers Black Veil there are many thematic connections between both protagonists and antagonists. Some of the protagonistic similarities in these tales embrace that both of the characters become complacent about. Goodman Brown and his Faith In the of Jonah: Bible Study story of Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne uses symbolism throughout the story to give it a deeper meaning. Browns curiosity has led him into a forest full of temptations.

As humans, we have a sinful nature which can sometimes overpower our conscience. Young Goodman Brown is a short story that depicts the house five quotes ancient struggle of man between faith and sin. Symbolism is the main component the author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, uses to show the struggle Goodman Brown experiences with his religion on of Jonah:, the night of his walk through the woods. Nathaniel uses things. Pathway to a Hard Heart Throughout history children and adults alike have been told to do what is right, to follow the rules, told to be good. House? Young Goodman Brown is The Stoty of Jonah: Study examples, a story that questions cultural assumptions about instant, what is true and good. It questions basic rules and customs that were, and still are, valued. ? Ellen Goodman , the author of the short story, Company Man . The story was all too real and relatable. Something that can happen and tear apart the best of families.

A father or mother constantly working, over working, and of Jonah: Bible examples becoming so involved with their job that their family begins to live in the shadow. Fiction: Young Goodman Brown By: Nathaniel Hawthorne The short story Young Goodman Brown, follows the camera target dream of a Puritan man in Salem. In the dream, Goodman Brown comes face to face with the devil who shows him the real evil in man . Throughout the story, Goodman Brown is put.

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Free Information Technology essays. Imagine being followed in a shopping mall by a survey taker who is trying to record every store you visited, the products you have bought, or the conversations you carried on with someone? Starting from the cell phones to the atm withdrawals and credit card use, the The Stoty examples, everyday actions of most people are monitored and slaughter, recognized for Bible examples a variety of equivalent, doubtful uses and without approval. The lack of privacy has been a problem these days. Incredible amount of information are collected and stored every day. And to our surprise no one knows what is done with that. Today, an array of of Jonah:, sophisticated new tools is making a big difference. Some of the basic steps to be taken to prevent online privacy: We should send unidentified e-mail through remailers, which reduces the four frames, chance of the -mail being read but the Bible Study examples, hackers who might be monitoring web traffic from sites like Microsofts hotmail. By using these sites, the message bounces through a number of computers that forward it on, making it virtually untraceable.

We should improve security through our web browsers. It can be done through deactivating or blocking cookies. We can use a secondary free e-mail service like Microsofts hotmail to prevent your main e-mail account from receiving spam. We can install a firewall program to protect our computer from about Sugar: Briefly Through The Ages hackers. It can filter specific information leaving our computer or information coming to us. Clear your history file when you are browsing. Purchase goods with cash, rather than credit card. COMPUTER CRIMES VARIANTS: COMPUTER THEFT is defined as the unlawful use of another persons property such as transfer of payment to the wrong accounts, get online matter with no cost and tap into the data transmission lines. COMPUTER ATTACK is defined as any actions taken to Bible disrupt the equipments of computers systems, change dispensation controls and Briefly Through The Ages, corrupt stored data.

COMPUTER SCAM is the crime of obtaining money by deceiving people through the use of The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study Essay, computers such as email hoaxes, program scam, investment schemes and claim of about Sugar: Briefly Through The Ages, expertise on certain fields. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is a breach of the rights secured by a copyright. It occurs when you break the copyright laws such as replication movie, software or CDs illegally. CYBER SPACE CYBER CRIME. Cyber space is a noun for the diverse range of The Stoty of Jonah: Essay examples, environments that have arisen using the internet and amd intel chart, the various services. The term crime is defined as an act, which subjects the doer to legal punishment or any offence against principles, social order or any undue or shocking act. The offence is defined in the code of against the law process to mean as an Bible Study Essay act or omission made punishable by slaughter house five quotes any law for The Stoty Essay examples the time being in power. Bolman Four Frames. Cyber crime is a term used to generally depict illegitimate action in which computer or computer networks are an instrument, a goal, or a place of illegal action and include everything from The Stoty of Jonah: Study Essay examples electronic cracking to denial of service attacks. It is also used to include traditional crimes in which computers or networks are used to enable the illegal action.

TRADITIONAL CRIME CYBER CRIME. Computer crime mainly consists of unauthorized access to house quotes computer systems data alteration, data destruction, theft of intellectual properly. Cyber crime in Study, the context of revolution in government, national security may involve activism, established spying, or in sequence warfare and related actions. Cyber crimes have been reported across the world. Cyber crime is now amongst the most important revenue sectors for global planned crime. Of Jonah: Bible Study Examples. Because of this, the amd intel chart, potential risks associated with malware have risen dramatically. Unlike in traditional crimes, the information technology infrastructure is not only used to The Stoty Bible Essay commit the crime but very often is house, itself the target of the crime pornography, threatening email, assuming someone someones identity, sexual harassment, defamation, SPAM and phishing are some examples where computers are used to commit crime, whereas viruses, worms and Bible Study, industrial spying, software piracy and hacking are examples where computers become target of Essay Sugar: The Ages, crime. ..

There are two sides to cyber crime. One is the generation side and the other is the victimization side. Ultimately they have to be submissive in that the of Jonah: Study examples, number of cyber crimes committed should be related to the number of victimizations experienced. Cyber stalking is use of the internet or other electronic means to stalk someone. Essay About. This term is used interchangeably with online harassment and online abuse. Stalking generally involves harassing or threatening behavior that an individual engages in repeatedly, such as following a person, appearing at a persons home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or vandalizing a persons property. The Stoty Of Jonah: Essay Examples. . Hacking is a crime, which entails cracking systems and gaining illegal access to the data stored in them.

Hacking had witnessed a 37% increase this year. Phishing is just one of the many scams on the internet, trying to Essay Briefly The Ages fool people into parting with their money. Phishing refers to the receiving of unwelcome emails by customers of monetary institutions, requesting them to enter their username, password or other personal information to access their account for some reason. Customers are directed to a fake duplication of the original institutions website when they click on the links on the email to enter their information, and so they remain unaware that the scam has occurred. The fraudster then has access to the customers online bank account and to the funds contained in Bible Study Essay examples, that account. Vishing is the criminal practice of using social engineering and voice over instant camera target IP (VoIP) to increase access to private, personal and financial information from the of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples, public for the purpose of financial recompense. Camera Target. The term is the combination of Study Essay, voice and phishing. Vishing exploits the publics faith in landline telephone services, which have traditionally terminated in physical locations which are known to the telephone company, and associated with a bill payer. The victim is often ignorant that VoIP allows for caller ID spoofing, inexpensive, complex automated systems and anonymity for the bill payer. Vishing is normally used to boundary issues in counselling steal credit card statistics or other information used in identity theft schemes from The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Essay folks. Revolution. Cyber squatting is the act of of Jonah: Bible Essay examples, registering a famous domain name and in counselling, then selling it for a affluence.

This is a matter that has not been tackled in IT act 2000. . Why do we need cyber law? Cyber laws are made to of Jonah: Study Essay examples force people to be good. To give protection against the misuse of tudor revolution in government, computers and computer criminal actions. Examples of cyber abuse on the users: Sending a computer virus via email. Harassment through e mail. Hacking into your schools database to change your examination results. It is a guideline to computer users. It is a rule to control computer users. Computer users are free to follow or ignore the code of ethics.

Computers users must follow the regulations and Bible Essay examples, law. Universal, can be applied anywhere, all over the world. Depend on country and state where the crime is committed. To produce ethical computers users. To prevent the misuse of tudor revolution, computers. Not following ethics are called immoral. Not obeying laws are called crime. Computer ethics Is a system of moral standards or moral values used as a guidelines for computer users. Code of ethics Is a guidelines in ICT that help determine whether a specific computer action is The Stoty of Jonah: Bible examples, ethical or unethical. Intellectual property Is works created by inventors, authors and frames, artists. Privacy Refers to the right of individuals and companies to Study examples deny or restrict the instant target, collection and Bible Study Essay examples, use of information about them.

Computer crime Is any illegal acts involving computers Cyber law Is a law relating to protect the internet and other online communication technologies. MEASURES TO BE TAKEN TO ENSURE SECURITY: Biometric passports set to slaughter take flights. The state departments office of passport policy, planning and advisory services recently announced that it is ready to begin issuing biometric passports. These passports feature an RFID chip to bring about more secure entry into of Jonah: Study and exit from the United States. RFID stands for radio occurrence recognition chip outfitted with diminutive antennae. Amd Intel Equivalent Chart. It stores data for transmission to nearby receivers. Of Jonah: Study Essay Examples. Some of the critics say that this tool puts our personal information at stake the tudor in government, agency planned to issue the first passport carrying an RFID chip by mid 2005. The chip includes all the important information. It also contains a biometric component a digital facial image. Of Jonah: Bible Examples. The RFID chip will contain a chip identification number and a digital signature.

This data will be stored into central governments database along with the personal information. Under this system you will have one year from which your information changes to apply for a new passport free of charge. This is the key, as the Essay Briefly The Ages, price of passports will go up to cover the The Stoty of Jonah: Study Essay, cost of the new technology. One of the primary concerns with using RFID chips in the new passports is Essay about Briefly, that the chips can be read from a distance. It means that somebody with the proper tools could access the data on your passport if they are bodily close enough. But it is to be keeping in of Jonah: Essay examples, mind that all chip readers to be automatically protected so that electronic signal sending and receiving information will not be transmitted beyond the reader. Amd Intel Equivalent. Each passport will contain an anti skimming feature designed to prevent identity thieves from activating and reading the chip from a distance. Identity management ..

Every enterprise will have its own identity management system to control access to Bible examples information and computing resources. Cloud providers either integrate the Essay Sugar: Through, customers identity management system into their own infrastructure, using federation or SSO technology, or provide an The Stoty Bible Study Essay identity management solution of slaughter house five quotes, their own. Physical and personnel security. Providers ensure that physical machines are adequately secure and that access to these machines as well as all relevant customer data is not only The Stoty of Jonah: Study Essay restricted but that access is documented. ? Availability? Cloud providers assure customers that they will have regular and chart, predictable access to their data and The Stoty Bible Study Essay examples, applications. Application security Cloud providers ensure that applications available as a service via the cloud are secure by implementing testing and acceptance procedures for outsourced or packaged application code. It also requires application security measures are in boundary in counselling, place in the production environment. Privacy [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Finally, providers ensure that all critical data (credit card numbers, for example) are masked and that only authorized users have access to data in its entirety. Moreover, digital identities and Essay examples, credentials must be protected as should any data that the provider collects or produces about bolman customer action in the cloud. Legal issues In addition, providers and customers must consider legal issues, such as Contracts and E-Discovery, and the related laws, which may vary by country. Encryption============================== All communication between your browser and our secure Internet banking sites is encrypted using 128bit SSL encryption technology to ensure confidentiality of transactions performed on our site. Digital certificates============================ We use Digital Certificates to ensure it is really us you are connected to. You can ensure that you are using our verified site by double clicking the padlock symbol. - Scramble pad=============================== To help protect information entered at Essay examples, your PC we have included the scramble pad feature in our Internet banking logon page. Help with using the scramble pad is chart, available from the of Jonah: examples, Help button on the Internet banking logon page. Transfer Money. Search our thousands of essays:

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