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auburn resume book THE DeKALB COUNTY, INDIANA GENWEB PROJECT. DIVORCE RECORDS 1909 - 1910. | This page was transcribed and submitted by Eliza Funk - | October 18, 1909. December Term 1909 Page 155, 175. A rather sensational divorce complaint has been filed in the DeKalb. Circuit court, in which Anna C. Aldrich asks legal separation from her husband, James Aldrich and alimony in the sum of quotes, $500. The complaint avers that they were married February 8, 1903 and the nra new deal, lived together until July, 1907; that in consequence of the cruel treatment she received from the defendant she was then obliged to separate from him. She further states that by a former marriage the plaintiff had a family of rudeness, children whom Aldrich promised to support, and that subsequently to their marriage the defendant failed to support either the children or herself and she has compelled to work out to secure funds with which to provide food and shelter.

She charges that in July, 1907, the defendant without cause or justification assaulted her five-year-old son and kicked him across the room. And when she remonstrated he assaulted and choked the plaintiff. He then left the home and has not returned, Mrs. Aldrich prays for a separation, a reasonable monthly allowance and alimony of $500. Case 8632 Page 175 Defendant notified in helen fun facts the Auburn Dispatch and is in default. Court trial finds for the Plaintiff and she is given the care and custody of rudeness, Berdenia Aldrich (5 years old) October Term 1909 Page 32. Case 8602 Divorce granted to the Plaintiff. October Term 1909 Page 83. November 1, 1909.

Bontrager, John F. Divorce granted to naza organization the Plaintiff and she is to resume her former name of rudeness quotes, Clara Carter. Paper States: Mrs. Clara Bontrager was granted a divorce from her husband Thursday evening by Judge Bratton after the submission of some testimony which was uncontradicted. The defendant did not appear in court, hence the decree was easily secured. The Nra? The plaintiff alleged that the defendant had a violent and uncontrollable temper that he cursed her, ordered her, to leave the home on September firs, informing her, that he would no longer support her. She asked that the marriage bonds be annulled and quotes, her maiden name Clara Carter restored, both of which were granted by new deal, the court. May Term 1910 Page 476. Bordner, Charles S. Case 8556 Case was set for trial and the plaintiff did not appear.

Case dismissed at Plaintiffís cost. May Term 1910 Page 467, 468. Case 8818 Witnesses for the Plaintiff were: Archie S. Bowman and Charles E. Miser. Plaintiff granted a divorce and defendantís name changed to Grace Brown. There is a marriage in DeKalb County for rudeness quotes a Ray K. Santeria? Bowman age 26 born in Adamsville, MI. He was a farmer and was born to Archie S. Alice (Kelley) Bowman. He married Grace E. Rudeness? Braun Age 24 born in santeria religion Waterloo, IN to George A Elizabeth (Henney) Braun. They were married March 24, 1910 in Waterloo, IN.

December Term 1909 Page 250, 255, 256. January 27, 1910. Boyle, William D. Page 255, 256 Defendant in default. Divorce granted to rudeness the Plaintiff and custody of Ethel Maria Boyle. Naza? Alma C. Boyle, by her attorney, has filed a suit in the DeKalb circuit court demanding legal separation from her husband William D. Rudeness? Boyle, in which she makes some ugly charges. The complaint states that she and the defendant were united in marriage January 8, 1878, and that they had lived together as man and f scott, wife until December, 1909, that during their married life and particularly during the last year thereof the plaintiff has struck her violently with his fists and open hands, that he has told her that she was no good to quotes him anymore and she could take her traps and leave his house. His treatment she alleges has been cruel and inhuman. The plaintiff asks for an absolute divorce decree and the custody of her daughter Ethel, claiming in the compliant that the defendant is not a fit person to have the custody of the girl. NO alimony is asked for. New Deal? See also Order Book 43.

October Term 1909 Page 31, 32. Brogan, Frank J or P. Case 8599 Defendant notified of action by notice published in the Auburn Courier. Quotes? Defendant in default. Edna May Brogan granted the divorce and Developing to the Foreclosure, she is to resume her former name of Edna May Quince. In DeKalb County marriages there is a marriage for a Frank P Borgan age 25 born in quotes Deliat, MI he was a B. O Railroad fireman.

His parents were: John Ella (Wilkenson) Brogan. He Married Edna M. Quince age 20 who was born in Garrett, IN to Ad. Winter? Dray (Hathaway) Quince. They were married April 25, 1906 in Auburn, IN. March Term 1910 Page 344, 358, 359. Carrie M. Bryant. Page 358, 359 Divorce Custody of Child. Divorce granted to Plaintiff and quotes, Plaintiff to have custody of Hilda Bryant who is 6 years of age. Defendant to pay for education ad maintenance of said child until 16 years of age.

Note: This may not be the same individuals. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for a J. M. Developing Solutions To The Foreclosure? Bryant, age 24 born in Butler, IN He was a painter. His parents were James Margaret Campbell) Bryant. He married Carrie Van Auken age 20 who was born at Pleasant Lake, In to Calvin E. and Mary E. (Pixley) VanAuken. They were married December 8, 1901 in Garrett, IN.

Note this makes more sense than the above plaintiff and defendant: Paper states The divorce case of quotes, Carrie M. Bryant vs. James W. Essay On The Limitations Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia? Bryant was tried before the judge this morning and after hearing the rudeness quotes evidence a decree was granted to the plaintiff and the defendant was ordered to pa to Mrs. Bryant the naza sum of five dollars per month for the maintenance of the child. The plaintiff charged failure to provide as reason for quotes wanting legal separation. May Term 1910 Page 506. Casebeer, Beulah M. Casebeer, Joseph H. Divorce Change of Name. Court finds for the Plaintiff and divorce is granted.

Plaintiff to resume former name of Beulah M. Borst. Defendant to pay all costs. Paper States: Her feelings wounded by continued abuse, and fearful that her husband would at naza any time inflict violent injury upon her, if to murder her, Mrs. Rudeness? Beulah Casebeer by her attorney J. E. Pomeroy has filed a complaint in the circuit curt, asking that she be granted legal separation from J. H. Casebeer and that her maiden name Beulah Borst, be restored. Recited in the complaint ar the religion following facts and allegations: the couple were married April 23, 1909, and quotes, separated on of Post-Traumatic, May 21, 1910. That soon after the marriage the defendant began a course of studied cruelty upon the plaintiff: that the plaintiff is a graduate from the Buchtel college at Akron, Ohio, and has taken special music training and that she has affiliated with the very best people. The defendant persistently objected to her associating with her friends and he incurred without reason a bitter hatred for her parentís He refused to allow her parents to quotes visit her and would not permit her to visit her parentís Prior to their marriage the defendant represented to the plaintiff that he had a good real estate business, a good bank account and a flourishing business. After the marriage he took the plaintiff to the home of Solutions Foreclosure Crisis Essay, his mother discharged the rudeness quotes servant who had done the work about the house and assigned the plaintiff to do the work, which had been performed, by the servant. Organization? In October, 1909, after the defendant threatened to leave the plaintiff and rudeness, sorely abused her, she left him and went to the home of new deal, her parents. Thereafter he importuned her return, making all kinds of promises, representing to rudeness her that he had purchased a property for Essay Evaluating them to live in, when in fact, his brother had purchased the property. At times he has been kind, when suddenly he would fly into quotes violent fits of anger and would sear, so conducting himself as to lead the plaintiff to organization believe that he is an habitual user of violent drugs, the quotes nature of which is to the plaintiff unknown.

On last Saturday the Plaintiff accompanied her father to Fort Wayne to consult a specialist and returned at Essay on four oíclock in the afternoon. The defendant came home at about nine thirty oíclock and was drunk. He threatened to kill her and both her parents and ordered her to leave the house. When she attempted to do so, he violently compelled her to return to bed. He then proposed that they both commit suicide and said he would show her how to rudeness quotes do it. The plaintiff escaped from the house, fled to the home of a neighbor and new deal, telephoned the rudeness sheriff, who came to the scene. Mrs. Casebeer prays the court for a decree, the restoration of her maiden name and naza, all other proper relief.

If guilty of such actions as described above, the rudeness defendant will have reason to be thankful if he escapes amore severe punishment than the severance of matrimonial ties. New Deal? That a husband would treat his wife in such a manner is indeed awful to contemplate. Paper States: Mrs. Beulah Casebeer, who recently filed a rather sensational divorce complaint in the circuit court against J. H. Casebeer the real estate man, appeared before Judge Bratton Saturday and quotes, secured a decree. The defendant did not appear to the nra new deal enter denial to rudeness quotes ay of the charges and no difficulty whatever was experienced in securing the legal separation. The charges, which were uncontradicted were of naza, a nature that warranted a hasty decision in rudeness favor of the plaintiff, and the nra new deal, together with the decree she was given her maiden name. Rudeness? Miss Beulah Borst. No alimony was asked, and the decree was a plaint one with all proper belief. Developing Foreclosure Crisis Essay? The Plaintiff has taken up her abode with her parents, where she will reside hereafter.

In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for a Joseph H. Casebeer age 40 born in Williams County, Ohio. He was a real Estate agent. His Parents were Enos L. and Nannie J. (Martin) Casebeer. He married Beulah M. Borst, age 35 born in Wadsworth, OH to Addison A. Rudeness? Mary A. (Seigley) Borst. They were married April 23, 1909 in Auburn, IN.

December Term 1909 Page 272, 273. January 13, 1910. February 10, 1910. Santeria? Defendant in default. Divorce granted to the Plaintiff with him paying all costs. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for an Elmer D. Clark age 21 born in Garret and he worked as a machinist. His parents were Jefferson Dorothy (Cochran) Clark. He married Jane Carrie Whetschell age 18 born in Garrett to John F. Ella (Catlin) Whetschell. They were married December 31, 1902 in Garrett. Paper states: That she did not love him any more, that she was cruel and inhuman in her treatment toward him, that she abandoned him and many times stated that she was sorry she married him are the charges made against quotes Jane C. Essay On The Limitations? Clark of Garrett, by her husband in an effort to obtain a divorce decree. The complaint recites the rudeness fact that they were happily wedded in the cold month of December, 1902 and that things had been tolerably cold ever since in the love line, the wife refusing to give him the affection the marriage contract called for.

The couple separated in December this year (note must have been December 1909) and have not since lived together. Mr. Clark asks for a plain decree from helen keller fun facts, Jane and rudeness quotes, nothing more. The case will come up for trail in the near future. Paper states: Elmer D. Clark, resident of Garrett and Developing Solutions to the, employee of the McIntyre Company appeared in court Friday morning, where after the rudeness submission of testimony he was granted a divorce decree from his wife, Jane C. Solutions To The Foreclosure Crisis? Clark. Mr. Clark testified that his wife had repeatedly told him during the rudeness past six years that she ha no love for him whatever. The couple separated first in June 1902, but began living together again a few months later. December Term 1909 Page 254, May Term 1910 Page 445.

Case 8545 Plaintiff files motion to retax costs. (This is a former divorce case), Page 445 Case 8461 Motion to santeria retax costs is dismissed. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for a Jonathan Peter Collett, age 31 born in Greenville, OH Living in rudeness St. Naza Organization? Marys, OH. He was a dentist. His parents were Henry ? (Deardoff) Collett.

He married Margaret May Ford age 21 born in Auburn to Thomas Sarah (Lewis) Ford. They were married June 14, 1899 in Auburn, IN. May Term 1910 Page 448, 512. February 10, 1910. Caves, William H. Case 8718 Defendant notified by publishing in the local newspaper. Defendant in default. Page 512 Notice was filed in quotes the Auburn Dispatch. Court finds for the plaintiff that she is entitled to a divorce and her name change to Sarah A. F Scott Winter? Baltz. Plaintiff to pay all costs. Rudeness? Paper States: Sarah Caves is the plaintiff in a divorce action filed today in the court in which she demands separation form her husband, William A? Caves. The complainant recites the fact that they were wedded August 31, 1894 and lived together until 1898.

A plain decree is santeria, asked. Evidence in the case of Sarah A. Quotes? Caves versus W. H. Caves, divorce, was introduced this morning and a decree was granted as prayed for. The maiden name, Sarah A. Baltz, was also restored. May Term 1910 Page 517,.518, 564. Case 8790 Notice filed in local newspaper and f scott winter, defendant in rudeness default. Developing To The Foreclosure Crisis Essay? Page 564 Divorce granted to rudeness the Plaintiff and to Developing Solutions to the resume her maiden name Olive Ogden. Paper States: By her attorney, C. M. Brown, Mrs. Olive Crane today filed a suit in the circuit court asking for legal separation from her husband, Ralph Crane. Rudeness? The usual charges of failure to provide and santeria, cruel and inhuman treatment are made.

December Term 1909, Page 147, 148, March Term 1910 Page 317, 383. Rudeness Quotes? December 23, 1909. February 10, 1910. The Court dismisses case 8661 Cause without prejudice. Page 317 Files a general denial.

Page 383 Divorce granted to the Plaintiff and she is to resume her former name of Iva Miller. The case entitled Ivan Culbertson vs. Ira Culbertson came up before Judge Bratton Monday afternoon and after taking evidence his honor refused to santeria grant the decree for the reason that he had no jurisdiction. The parents of the prosecutirx resides in Allen County and inasmuch as she is a minor, the quotes judge gives as his opinion that she must apply in the Allen Circuit court. In the complaint the plaintiff alleges inhuman treatment and organization, other usual charges. ?She will make application for a divorce in Allen county, it is rudeness, stated. Paper States: Iva Culbertson has refilled her divorce complaint asking for separation from her husband. Ivan Culbertson She charges inhuman and cruel treatment and everything else almost on the calendar. The case was filed before but discharged at the plaintiffís cost without prejudice. Paper states: In the divorce proceedings against santeria Ivan Culbertson by his wife, Iva Culberston, the defendant by his attorney, H. K. Hartman, has filed a general denial to each and every allegation. Paper states: The divorce case of Iva Culbertson vs.

Ivan Culbertson was tried this morning and the plaintiff was granted a decree at the defendantís costs and rudeness, her maiden name Iva Miller, was restored. May Term 1910 Page 534. Curtis, Ettie (Etta) Curtis, Charles L. Case 8781 Defendant in default and court finds for the Plaintiff. She is to organization have custody of LuLu Curtis until further orders with the Defendant having visiting orders within reasonable hours. Paper States: Etta Curtis of Altoona told Judge Bratton this morning while on the witness stand that her hubby, Charles Curtis took to his bosom another woman and propelled his anatomy to parts unknown; that during their wedded life he had broken her smelling member, choked her, cursed her and many other things in quotes the conventional divorce menu. That she had four children, etc. and the Judge up and granted her a decree and gave her the custody of the children.

If Charles is located he might get a good shaking, if not be arrested on Essay on, the charge of wife desertion. In DeKalb County marriages there is a marriage for an Etta Funk Curtis to a Henry J. Ringenberg in March 6, 1915. Etta was 44 born in quotes Defiance, Ohio and 1 previous marriage to naza a Curtis. Rudeness? Her parents were Henry Alice (Nolen) Funk. Henry J. Ringenberg was born in Kosciusko Co.

IN. There was a mention in the marriage records of an Ernest G. Curtis, whose parents were Charles L Etta (Funk) Curtis. There marriage took place in 1913. October Term 1909 Page 15 May Term 1910 Page 513. Davidson, Harry D. Case 8569 Case dismissed at Solutions Foreclosure Plaintiffís costs. Page 513 There is a divorce for Emma vs. Harvey This is about June 7, 1910.

Case 8795 Divorce granted to Plaintiff and custody of Gladys Davidson, age 13 yeas and Madge Davidson aged 10 years. The divorce case of Emma Davidson versus Harry Davidson was heard this morning and the matter taken under advisement by rudeness, the court. There is a DeKalb County Marriage for a Harvey Davidson age 22 born in DeKalb Co In 1 previous marriage . He was a B. O Laborer. His parents wee Joseph Rachel (Gentleapire) Davidson. He married Emma Sallenberger, age 22 born in Indiana to Jacob Mary (Brumbalgh) Sallenberger, age 22. They were married June 28, 1896 at santeria religion K. F. Fairs, Residence. Quotes? March Term 1910 Page 369. Defendant in default. Divorce granted to the Plaintiff.

Paper states: Thomas F. Dycus is the plaintiff in a divorce case instituted against his wife, Marietta, The complaint recites the fact, that the couple were intermarried November 27, 1896, and lived together as man and religion, wife until October 3, 1909, on which day he found his better half in company with one Henry Lowe, an immoral man. She never returned to his household thereafter, hence the plaintiff asks that the bonds of matrimony be severed. December 23, 1909. Rudeness Quotes? Everetts, Charles M. Another divorce action was begun Monday with the filing of a bill by Mrs. Mary Everetts against Charles M. Everetts, in which cruel and inhuman treatment is alleged The bill further sets out as a complaint the charge that her husband called her bad names and cursed her, threatened her and even struck her, causing her to fear for herself and children, Mrs. Everetts also declares that her husband failed to provide for his family and that she was thrown upon her own resources for the support of herself and on the Limitations, children.

Two children are the fruits of their union, who are Gerald aged 6 and Lyston aged 3. Rudeness Quotes? Mrs. Everetts is asking for the custody of the youngest child, Lyston and makes the statement that the parents of her husband have offered to take the older child into their home. The Everetts married on November 1, 1902 and on Amnesia, separated December 17, this year. Their home is in this county. There is a DeKalb County Marriage record for a Charles M. Everett age 20 born in rudeness quotes Butler, IN and was a farmer. On Evaluating The Limitations Amnesia? His parents were Cyrus Addie (McCurty) Everett. He married Mary Crouse age 19 born in Summit, Steuben Co. IN to John Harriet (Houghs) Crouse. They were married October 1, 1902 at the Lutheran Parsonage. December Term 1909 Page 155, May Term 1910 Page 475. Case 8570 Defendant three times called and is in default.

Page 475 Plaintiff did not appear and case dismissed at Plaintiffís expense. There is rudeness, a DeKalb County Marriage for helen fun facts a John W. Fee age 40 born in rudeness Sidney, Ohio living in organization Defiance Co, Ohio. A farmer. 1 Previous Marriage. His parents were Amos S. A. (Richards) Fee. He married Martha E. Bauer, age 51 born in Allen Co, IN She had 3 previous marriages, and Last name was Shaffer. Her parents were Marvin Luphasia (Story) Bauer. They were married May 8, 1906 in Auburn, IN.

March Term 1910 Page 367, 396, 397. Case 8757 Page 396, 397 Divorce granted and the plaintiff to have custody of Clarence Fogel age 20 years and rudeness quotes, Kenneth Alfred Fogel age 3 years. Defendant to pay $8 per month for the support of the children until they reach the age of !6 years. In the Recorderís Office Deed Book 79 page 239 there is a Deed where William Deeds land to Margaret. Paper states; Elizabeth Fogel prays the court for separation from naza, her husband Frank Fogel. She charges abandonment and the usual trimmings and asks $500 alimony and payment of $100 per annum for the support of her children. March Term 1910 Page 421. Cause is dismissed at her (Plaintiffís) costs. Rudeness? March Term 1910 Page 320, 343, 421, 427, 437.

Case 8750 Page 343 Attorney appears for the defendant. Page 421 Plaintiff files a motion for allowance Support pending the trial. Page 427 Case continued. Page 437 Plaintiff granted divorce. The minor child Effie G. Frick, age 9 years is to be taken from each of the new deal parties and made a ward of the court to be placed with a public or charitable institution.

Paper states: Mrs. Margaret Frick, by her attorney, George W. Crooks, has instituted divorce proceedings in the circuit court against her husband, William Frick, for rudeness the second item during the past two years. She demands legal separation together with alimony in the amount of $800. and religion, the payment of $100 annually. The plaintiff avers that during the past four years the defendant has been guilty of cruel and quotes, inhuman treatment, that he has knocked her down, reached for a gun when she returned from church, threatened to kill her with an axe, that he has been an habitual drunkard and everything else on the program. Santeria Religion? The complaint recites the fact that the couple were married July 22, 1898, and that they separated in November 1909.

The plaintiff sought a divorce two years ago and the matter was to be submitted to the court for trial when the defendant begged and promised that he would be good. The case was then dismissed. There is a DeKalb County Marriage for quotes a William Frick age 35 born in DeKalb Co In 1 previous marriage. He was a railroad worker and His Parents were John Lydia (Gingery) Frick. He married Margaret L. Servers age 41 born in Defiance Co, OH she had 3 previous marriages. Her Parents were Samuel Mary E. (Fretz) Servers. He was married November 10, 1898 in Butler, IN.

In September 29, 1910 there is the nra, a marriage for a William Frick born in Waterloo with 1 previous marriage, his parents were John and Lydia (Frick ) Frick He married Margaret Seevers, age 51 born in Defiance Co. O. to Samuel Mary (Seevers) Seevers) They were married September 29, 1910 in Auburn, IN. Paper states: Margaret Frick was this morning granted legal separation from her husband William Frick, given the custody of her child and alimony in a eat sum. Rudeness? The case was filed some time ago and attorneys for both sides after negotiations settled on the alimony. By the terms of the agreement all the real estate and personal property is conveyed to Mrs. Naza Organization? Frick and she is to pay t=o the defendant four hundred dollars in cash. The interested parties reside two miles east of Waterloo. Paper States: Mrs. Rudeness Quotes? William Frick who recently sought for and was granted a divorce decree from the nra new deal, her husband, and who by an agreement out of court, was to give her husband the sum of four hundred dollars and for her alimony retain the farm the couple have lived upon, was in the city today making loud protestations claiming that Mr.

Frick had taken a mowing machine, harrow, quantity of corn, pillow slips, sheets and other articles which were, by virtue of the agreement her property. She threatens to bring suit against her divorced husband in which she will charge him with having taken the above-mentioned articles. The woman displayed a militant sprit and claims that she will make things warm for William, and probably her attorney. May Term 1910 Page 449, 489, 490. Case 8754 Notice published in the local newspaper and defendant is in default Page 489, 490 Court rules for the Plaintiff and she is to have custody of Evelyn Mae Frost. Papers states: Emma Frost has by her attorney, filed a suit in quotes the circuit court against her husband, Fred Frost, asking that she be granted legal separation together with alimony in the sum of $300 and $250 per Developing Solutions Foreclosure Crisis annum for the support of her child.

Failure to quotes provide is the principal charge. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for a R. F. Frost, age 18 born in naza Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was a laborer. His parents were R. F. Quotes? Margrette (Martin, Frost Sr. He married Emma Alice Sapp, age 17 born in Garrett to John and Ana (Hutker) Sapp married May 7, 1907 in Garrett.

October Term 1909 Page 33. Gengler, Sarah L. The Nra New Deal? Gengler, Peter A. Case 8605 Divorce granted to the Plaintiff. To receive $100 alimony and to resume her former name of quotes, Sarah L. Developing Solutions To The Crisis? Hurd. January 13, 1910. Paper States: Sheriff Thomas received a telephone call this noon from rudeness, Jacob Gratts, living south of the city, notifying him that two men had stolen as many loads of hay from the premises and the nra, started for rudeness quotes town with it. On Evaluating The Limitations Amnesia? The officer at once made a search for the parties wanted and found the hay in the south part of the city. Quotes? He waited until the men returned to the nra new deal the wagons and rudeness, was informed by them that the wife of Mr. Gratts had applied for the nra a divorce in the Allen county court and that she had caused to be issued a restraining order preventing him from disposing of any of his property. The men also stated that the attorney of Mr. Gratts had told her that she could dispose of the hay and appropriate the money in paying her expenses.

Mr. Gratts thought the wife had no right to sell the hay because he was restrained from rudeness quotes, so doing. He started for Fort Wayne at once to consult his lawyer in regard to f scott fitzgerald dreams the matte. NO arrest were made. Paper States: George Haite of Franklin township, who recently was arrested in Fort Wayne on rudeness quotes, a charge preferred by his wife, alleging that he committed the crime of assault and battery with intent to commit murder, and who was discharged by Police Judge Mungovan, has brought suit in the circuit court by Solutions Foreclosure, his attorney, W. H. Leas, asking that the bonds of matrimony be severed. The plaintiff asserts that the rudeness marriage was a fraudulent one in the Limitations that the defendant represented to him that she was a woman of chastity, when in quotes fact she had lived in adultery with a man named Niswander prior to fitzgerald their marriage and without the knowledge of the Plaintiff. The parties were intermarried on April 9 th , this year and Mr. Haite claims that the ceremony was procured by fraud. Rudeness Quotes? After the marriage, the complainant avers the defendant held secret meetings with other men. A plain decree, with all proper relief is organization, asked.

December Term 1909 Page 186. May Term 1910 Page 447. Case 8612 defendant files a general denial. Page 447 Plaintiff dismisses the cause at his costs. December Term 1909 Page 169, 170. Case 8607 Notice of Non Resident of defendant published in quotes the Auburn Dispatch.

Defendant in naza organization default. Divorce granted to the Plaintiff by the Court. March Term 1910 Page 319. February 23, 1910. Hipskin, James H. Hipshire, James H. Case 8745 Divorce Alimony. Please note spellings: Divorce proceedings were filed in the circuit court this afternoon in which Mrs.

May Hipshire, of Garrett is the plaintiff, and James H. Hipshire is the defendant. The complaint recites the fact that the couple were married November 17 th , 1904 and that they lived together until February 17, 1910, at which time they separated and have not lived together as man and wife since. The plaintiff charges that during the pat thee years the defendant has been guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment toward her that he struck her in the face at rudeness one time when she asked him for money with which to buy provisions, that he has been an Essay on Evaluating Amnesia habitual drunkard and he is one now. Mrs. Quotes? Hipshire asks that the custody of the Solutions year old child be given to quotes her and that the defendant be compelled to pay into court the Essay the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Amnesia sum of quotes, fifty dollars per annum for the support of the child.

October Term 1909 Page 129. Hollibaugh, Edward C. It is adjudged by the Court that the Plaintiff is not entitled to a divorce from the defendant. October 18, 1909. October Term 1909 Page 70, 90, 91. William G. Santeria Religion? Kist, one of the proprietors of the Garret Daily Press, has begun a suit in circuit court in which he prays for a legal separation from his wife Hattie Kist. The complaint sets for rudeness quotes the fact that the parties were married May 25, 1896 and Essay the Limitations Amnesia, lived together until January 25, 1905; the rudeness defendant without cause or justification, against Essay Evaluating the Limitations of Post-Traumatic the will of the plaintiff wholly abandoned him and has not since returned. He therefore deems himself worthy of a decree. It is not thought that the defendant will appear and the divorce will probably be granted by default.

Attorney for defendant files for an allowance. Rudeness? Page 90, 91 Plaintiff withdraws her motion application for allowance. F Scott Fitzgerald? Court finds for the Plaintiff that she is granted a divorce and is entitled to rudeness resume her former name of organization, Hattie E. Cretchen. Krauss, William R. Paper States: With a courtroom packed to rudeness quotes the doors with spectators, the opposing counsel on the Krauss divorce case are fighting a strenuous legal battle.

William R. Naza Organization? Krauss, the rudeness quotes plaintiff was on the witness stand Wednesday and today at the witness of the helen defense. J. A. Hindman, representing Mrs. Rae Krauss, put the husband on the stand as a witness for the defense, having declined to rudeness cross question him is a witness for the plaintiffís side of the case. Krauss almost broke down today when he told of his daughterís death. He wept as he gave his testimony. In its anxiety to catch every word the santeria crowd in the courtroom surged forward to quotes the rail separating the bar from the auditorium and at Essay on times Sheriff George and his deputies were compelled to clear the space about the jury box and rudeness quotes, the place where the principals sat. The crowd consisted of men and women. At one time Judge Elliott was compelled to ask the attorneys to wait until a woman could remove a crying baby from the organization courtroom. Mrs. Rae M. Rudeness Quotes? Krauss, the Essay on Evaluating the Limitations defendant talked at rudeness times with her father Dr. Anderman, while her husband was on the witness stand.

They were apparently discussing what Krauss said Mrs. Kraus showed the keenest interest throughout the Foreclosure progress of the trial. Her lawyers promised she shall tell t the quotes court all she knows about the death of Crystal Krauss, her stepdaughter who according to naza organization her own confession, she murdered and regarding whose death she now charges her husband, the father of Crystal with being the principal in a cross-complaint filed in the divorce suite now being tried. It is believed she will be placed on the stand soon after Krauss has finished his testimony, in an effort to refute what he has said while his testimony is still fresh in the minds of the rudeness quotes jurors. The diligence of Miss Mary Allison, the santeria religion officer of the Indiana Womenís prison is causing much favorable comment. Mrs. Rudeness Quotes? Krauss appeared in the courtroom attired in a white shirtwaist in the nra new deal direct contrast with the solid black of her attire during the two preceding days. She sill wears the black hat, which is rudeness quotes, not removed, in the courtroom. Paper states: Marion Jury Exonerated Krauss from Murder) The jury in the Krauss divorce case returned a verdict at 10:30 Saturday night after eight hours of deliberation.

The verdict on orders of santeria religion, Judge Elliot was not read until court convened at 10 oíclock Monday morning. Quotes? The result of the juryís finding is only advisory to keller fun facts the court and while there is still some doubt as t the result, it is still some doubt as to rudeness the result it is helen fun facts, believed that from the answers to the six questions propounded to the jury and answers returned that the intention of that body was the quotes refusal of a divorce and it is believed that Judge Elliot will hold that way when he renders his decision, though he did not say so. In other words Krauss will be exonerated from any part in the murder of his daughter Crystal, but will be denied the decree because he knew she was the fitzgerald winter murderess by her confession. Judge Elliot asked the attorneys if they cared to argue further ad Mr. Burns for the plaintiff and Mr. Hindman for quotes the defendant both replied that they wish to make some motion and to argue same before judgment is rendered. (Note there is Evaluating of Post-Traumatic, more to quotes the article) March Term 1910 Page 354, 387, 388. Case 8768 Divorce Page 387, 388 John Krontz gives a general denial. Court finds that Plaintiff if entitled to a divorce and to Developing Foreclosure resume her former name of Flossie Freeburn.

Papers states: Flossie Krontz, of rudeness, Butler, has begun proceedings by her attorney, E. B. Dunten, in court for legal separation from her husband, John. H. W. Krontz, and she demands alimony in the sum of $1,000 together with the restoration of helen fun facts, her maiden name. Flossie Freeborn. She charges that both the defendant and his parents have abused her and rudeness quotes, have falsely charged her with committing the crime of naza, adultery. December Term 1909 Page 185, 187, 190, 194, 197, 261. January 13, 1910. February 3, 1910. Case 8684 Plaintiff asks for divorce and a restraining order against rudeness quotes the defendant. Court granted a restraining order as prayed and the defendant Wm. Lahnum is restrained from selling or otherwise disposing of the real estate and personal property. Page 187 Case continued.

Page 190 Case continued. Page 194 Cause submitted to the Court for trial. Page 197 Case continued. Page 261 Divorce granted to the plaintiff with $150 alimony and she is entitled to resume her former name of Emma J. Outland. Paper States: Thrice wedded, twice separated and an applicant for legal separation together with alimony and the restoration of Essay on Evaluating the Limitations, her maiden name at the present time, is the rudeness record of Mrs. Emma J. Lahman of North of the city, as set forth in a divorce complaint filed in the circuit court last Saturday. The plaintiff pictures a yawning gulf of despair and persecution in her complaint, charging her husband William Lahman, with having done most everything on the calendar that is unbearable by a woman. She alleges that after her marriage the defendant induced her to lend him eleven hundred dollars, that he called her vile names, failed to support her and her children, that he has struck her in the mouth and face with his fist, that he has charged her with living in keller fun facts adultery with him, for the reason that his church did not recognizes separations, etc. The complaint states that her first husband, was convicted in the federal courts of a notorious crime and that she was granted separation form him in 1888. Rudeness Quotes? that she was subsequently married to John W. Outland, who died in 1901; that she had four children form each of these marriage and that William Lahman well knew these circumstances at the time of their marriage. Mrs. Lahman also states in her complaint that Lahman was introduced to the nra new deal her by church members who recommended him as being an hones and upright man and that it was responsive to this that she consented to marry him.

She asks the court to rudeness issue a restraining order to repent him from disposing of his property and that judgment be rendered in her favor in the amount of $1,500 and that her former name of Emma J. Outland be restored. The defendant took the std in his own behalf Saturday morning and to the Crisis Essay, was not excused until this afternoon, after he had fairly quivered under the sharp cross-examination executed by Attorney Pomeroy. It has been many months since the quotes trial of a divorce case or any other sort of litigation ha drawn such crowds in the courtroom as has the Lahnum suit, occupying the attention of the court yesterday and this morning. Late yesterday the daughters of the plaintiff, both of helen keller fun facts, whom are of tender years testified as to quotes the failure of the naza organization defendant to support the quotes family, and as in the cruelty to Mrs. Lahnum. They told of how they had worked and the nra, earned money, which they gave to their mother to assist in buying provisions.

The older of the daughters testified that on one occasion Mr. Lahnum became angry with the plaintiff and grabbing a knife cut a hole in the tablecloth and, proceeding toward the quotes defenseless woman. Essay Evaluating The Limitations? Mrs. Lahnum ran out of the house and sought refuse in the grape vines. A few minutes later one of the girls was digging for horse radish when Mr.

Lahnum exclaimed: Thaiís right, dig a grave for her. Two interesting witnesses were Messer William Preston, son in rudeness quotes law of the defendant and Guerrick who belong to the Saints church. Amnesia? The former admitted on the witness stand that he had caused letters to be sent to Mr. Lahnum informing him that he was violating the holy law by rudeness quotes, living with a divorced woman. Mr.

Pomeroy interrogated: Did you not consider this wedding to in the affairs of Mr. and Mrs. Lahnum: No sir, he replied, I considered it a matter of importance to his spiritual welfare. Mr. Garrick (Note difference in spelling from above) testified along the santeria same line as did Mr. Preston, also stating n the course of his testimony that the fact that Mr. Lahnum had married a divorced woman caused consideration in their spiritual relations and that the matter had been discussed pr and con. Rudeness? Each of these witnesses was rigidly cross-examined during which many objections were interposed. Helen? Paper states: Judge Bratton last evening rendered judgment in rudeness the case of Emma J. Organization? Lahnum versus William Lahnum granting a divorce decree to the plaintiff, together with $150 alimony and the costs of the litigation. It will be remembered that the case was hotly contested by the defendant, he filing a cross complaint and making a vigorous effort to discountenance the original complaint Some rather sensational evidence was introduced. The trial consuming several days time.

The matter of rendering judgment was postponed indefinitely and quotes, those interest have anxiously awaited a decision. Mrs. Santeria Religion? Lahnum sued her husband for $1,500 alimony claiming that the property occupied by him rightfully belonged t her. By the quotes terms of the decision Mr. Lahnum will retain possession of the tract of lad until the time of his date. Paper also states: Almost every available space in the courtroom was occupied today by naza organization, spectators and rudeness, witnesses when the naza organization divorce suit entitled Mrs. Emma J. Lahnum vs. William Lahnum was begun. The plaintiff was the first witness to rudeness quotes take the stand and she submitted evidence, which was indeed derogatory to the defendant. Mrs.

Lahnum testified that on one occasion which her daughter was sick Mr. Lahnum said: :There is always someone sick around here, and the girl told her mother of the circumstance. The mother spoke to Mr. Lahmun abut the circumstances and santeria, with the words; Did she tell you about that,: he went upstairs where the girl whose name was Gale, was lying in bed sick. He grabbed her from bed, the witness continued, and bumped her head against the wall until large bumps raised. The daughter was then required to leave home. The affray so freighted one of the children that she ran to the neighbors.

Mrs. Rudeness? Lahnum told of what articles she owned in f scott fitzgerald dreams the house on the tract of land and stated all the facts surrounding the transactions between she and her husband. She was a very good witness and her direct testimony remained practically unshaken. A number of rudeness quotes, other witnesses will be examined this afternoon and it will require part of tomorrow, it is thought, to complete the case. It is hinted that some sensational evidence will be introduced as the trial proceeds and the nra, the promise of this is responsible for the large crowd present I the courtroom. The plaintiff is represented by Attorney J. E. Pomeroy, while the interest of the defendant are being cared for rudeness by Attorneyís Hoffman and Link.

The outcome of the matter will be eagerly awaited by the public. Another article in the January 13 th paper states: That his better half, who is the complainant in a divorce case filed against him in the circuit court, is possessed of an unruly tongue, which she had not failed to use to make his life miserable, that she has assaulted him with a corset, that she had falsely charged him with having been guilty of keller, immoral conduct with other women are the allegations set forth by quotes, William Lahmun in his answer filed in naza the circuit court to the complaint of Mrs. Emma J. Lahmun. By the tenor of the answer filed in two paragraphs, the defendant does not take exceptions in quotes the granting of the decree by he petitions the court to protect his property rights. By his answer Mr. Lahmun informs the court that he is seventy years of age and ill health while his wife, he states is eighteen years his junior and hale and vigorous. Santeria? The defendant admits having told the wife that she was under the influence of the devil after being Provoked considerably by her.

The case will come up for trial tomorrow afternoon and it is understood that the quotes defendant will fight bitterly to save what he calls his property. Paper states: Mrs. William Lahnum, residing a short distance north of town, was taken very seriously ill Tuesday from an attack of nervous prostration and her condition is considered quire serious. Mrs. Lahnum, as it will be remembered, recently figured in a divorce case, which she instituted against her husband. Keller? She was granted a decree together with alimony. For several years she has had much trouble but has withstood the strain until this morning, when she completely broke down, a nervous wreck. She is under the care of a physician and rudeness quotes, it is hoped that she will be restored to health in naza the near future. The unfortunate woman has the quotes sympathy of santeria, her friends. In DeKalb County Marriages there is rudeness quotes, a marriage for a William Lahnum, age 63 born in santeria Morrow Co., OH. 1 previous Marriage.

He was a Junk man. His parents were Dennis Nancy (Quean) Lahnum. He married Emma J. Atha (her maiden name) age 45 born in Logan Co. Quotes? Ohio 2 previous marriage. Last Marriage Ouland. Her parents were Washington Sarah (Lingrel) Atha.

They were married November 8, 1902 in Auburn, IN. May Term 1910 Page 532. Defendant appears by Jackman and Jackman of Huntington, Indiana Court finds for the plaintiff and she is allowed to Foreclosure have her maiden name restore. (part where name is was destroyed) Paper states By her attorney, G. W. Crooks, Clara E. Martz has instituted divorce proceedings against her husband, Jay D. Rudeness? Martz, Failure to provide cruel and inhuman treatment, and many other charges are made. The plaintiff asks a decree and the restoration of her maiden name Clara Bishop. Paper States: A divorce decree was this morning granted to Clara Martz of Waterloo from helen keller, her husband J. D. Martz, who resides at Huntington. A Mr. Jackson, an rudeness attorney residing at Huntington, appeared for f scott the defendant, and entered a general denial to rudeness the charges in the complaint. A decree and the restoration of the plaintiffís maiden name, Clara Bishop, were given by the Court. May Term 1910 Page 533, 565. Case 8791 Defendant in default.

Page 565 Divorce granted to Plaintiff and she is to have custody of minor child: Madonna Miser aged 9 years of age. Helen Keller Fun Facts? Oscar Mobley has filed a suit against Orpha Mobley for divorce. He charges her with intimacy with other me and seeks relief from all further obligations. Rudeness? October Term 1909 Page 110, December Term 1909 Page 145, Page 146, 147. Case 8645 Defendant asks for a dismissal for want of sufficient affidavit. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for an E. Crisis? Dennis Neidig, age 23 born in quotes Fairfield Twp, DeKalb Co, to Christ Sarah (Camp) Neidig. He was a carpenter. Organization? He married Goldie Fern Boren, age 17 born in DeKalb County to Frank Maggie (Walker) Boren. They were married April 5, 1908 in Sedan (DeKalb County) IN. Page 145 Cause is dismissed by Plaintiff and costs are paid. Page 146 Case 8680 Court finds for rudeness the Plaintiff and she is to organization resume her maiden name of Goldie Boren.

March Term 1910 Page 368, May Term 1910 Page 469, 470, 493. Case 8773 Notice published in the Auburn Dispatch and quotes, defendant in default. Page 493 Court grants divorce to Plaintiff at her costs. Paper States: Caroline Palmer was this morning granted legal separation from her husband Jonathan Palmer after submission of testimony to the court. Representing the defendant, Prosecutor Hartman file an the nra answer to the first paragraph making a general denial.

A Plain decree was granted. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for a Jonathan Palmer age 59 born in quotes Marion Co., OH with 1 previous marriage. He was a farmer. His parents were Reuben Francis (Bickford) Palmer. He married Caroline Trimple (maiden name) age 54 born in Switzerland, 3 previous marriages the organization last Hesley. Her parents were Henry Barbara (Biglinger) Trimple. They were Married February 19, 1903 in Hicksville, OH. October Term 1909 Page 39, 81. Platter, Astella A. Case 8564 Divorce Alimony and Custody of child. Defendant asks for a change of rudeness quotes, venue Page 81 A change of venue is withdrawn Divorce granted to the Plaintiff. In the fun facts Auburn Courier, April 28, 1910 there is an article titled: Platter Girl Tells of Fatherís Deedís) In the Auburn Courier May 12, A Unique Agreement in quotes Platter Case.

Also an article: The Platter Case Was Settled Monday. March Term 1910 Page 410, 411. New Deal? Defendant in default. Divorce granted to the Plaintiff. Rudeness Quotes? Paper States: That his affections were obtained under false pretense and organization, that he was decoyed into marrying the defendant oblivious of the fact that she was at that time of rudeness quotes, their marriage the mother of an illegitimate child, are the chief charges made by Julius Rupert of Concord township against the nra his wife, Hattie Rupert, in a complaint he has filed asking for a divorce decree and other relief.

The complainant recites the fact that on August fourth 1907, he wedded the defect in Iowa, she claiming to rudeness be a virtuous woman Shortly afterward he was compelled to return to Adams county to look after business interests and his wife refused to accompany him. After he arrived he received a letter from Mrs. Rupert, in which she asked that he send her twenty dollars to pay her transportation here. Keller? The money was forwarded but Hattie did not show up. A year later she wrote asking for another twenty and the amount was forwarded. She then came to the home of the plaintiff brining wither a stranger whom she claimed to be her father. The defendant paid her attention, to the stranger and did not manifest affection for the plaintiff after her arrival. December Term 1909 Pages 224, 225. January 27, 1910. Divorce Notice has been filed in rudeness the local newspaper and the defendant is in default. Divorce granted to the plaintiff and she is to resume her former name of Essay the Limitations Amnesia, Sarah E. Rudeness Quotes? Steel.

Judge Bratton granted a divorce decree to Amnesia Sarah E. Sewell from her husband John B. Quotes? Sewell. In court this morning and restored her maiden name Sarah E. Steele. The defendant will be remembered as the new deal man who some time ago gave out the rudeness quotes erroneous statement that he was contemplating committing suicide and subsequently left for Essay Amnesia the north. It was thought that he was mentally unbalanced. He did not appear in the case and the decree was granted by default. October Term 1909 Page 118. Shelkett, Gilbert D. Shelkett, Jessie A. Divorce granted to Plaintiff.

March Term 1910 Page 395, 396. January 20, 1910. Notice filed in rudeness the Auburn Courier. Defendant in default. Divorce granted to the Plaintiff. Naza? Paper states: That John Swank has been a henpecked husband during his short matrimonial career and that his life has been in quotes jeopardy would be inferred by the reading of a complaint he filed in the circuit court Saturday, in which he demands legal separation from his wife, Alice A Swank. The complainant recites the fact that the parties were intermarried September 21, 07 and lived together as man and santeria religion, wife until January 11, 1908. The husband charges cruel and rudeness, inhuman treatment also that the the nra defendant has at times threatened to take his life. He states that he was in constant fear, thinking that she would fee him poison at any moment.

Mr. Quotes? Swank also charges that his better half deserted him and that on November 9 th , 1907 she came to Auburn in company with another man, returning late in the evening in an intoxicated condition causing him much humiliation. At that time he separated from the woman, but took her back to his bosom after she promised to santeria be a good girl and refrain from any such conduct in the future. He charges that subsequent to their second compact Mrs. Swank did to improve but her actions were unbearable and he asks legal separation. Paper States Unfaithful to her marriage vows, possessor of an ungovernable temper, poor housekeeper, intimacy with other men were some of the charges testified to by John A. Swank before Judge Bratton this morning in his effort to secure a divorce from his wife, Alice A. Swank. Much strength was added to the reason of the plaintiff for desiring the severance of the matrimonial ties by the presentation of rudeness, a letter from her pen in which she informed Mr.

Swank that no poor man could give her the luxuries she exacted from f scott fitzgerald winter dreams, a husband, Attorney Link represented the rudeness quotes plaintiff and had several witnesses to testify as to the conduct of the defendant. When. Mrs. Swank, mother of the plaintiff was called the judge informed counsel that he desired no more evidence on the matter. A decree was granted without hesitancy, the evidence being conclusive. December Term 1909 Page 173. Thomas, Vincent J. The Nra? Thomas, Carrie E. Rudeness Quotes? Case 8620 cause is dismissed by Plaintiff at his costs. December Term 1909 Page 231, 232, 233. January 20, 1910. January 27, 1910.

Case 9092 defendant in default. Helen Fun Facts? Court trial finds that she is to recover $210. from defendant. Pages 232, 233 Case 9093 Divorce granted and plaintiff to have custody of Cecil Townley, Mabel Townley, Gladys Townley and Vivian Townley the minor children. Child support of $10 per month until the youngest child, Vivian Townley reaches 16 years of age. Plaintiff to have and recover $1,000 in quotes alimony and all costs of Developing Solutions to the Essay, this action. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for rudeness a Egbert S. F Scott Fitzgerald Winter Dreams? Townley age 19 born in Indiana. He married Clara Grube age 18 born in Indiana to Jefferson and? (Dudley) Grube. They were married May 22, 1890 in Auburn, Indiana. Paper States Bert Townley, introduction unnecessary, whose antics of the rudeness quotes past few months have furnished more head liners that those of any other DeKalb county man, and who by his disrupt table maneuvers has enlisted the contempt of all with whom he has had dealings, has now been ostracized from the affections of his wife Clara, she having by her attorney, D. D. Moody, filed a complaint in the circuit court this afternoon asking for separation from the man.

The charge of naza organization, failure to provide is the rudeness quotes principal cause set but in the complaint as reason for a divorce and she asks also for the nra new deal alimony in the sum of $2,000. Mrs. Townley has also filed a complaint for rudeness quotes the recovery of $225. She alleges the defendant borrowed from her during their matrimonial career. Organization? The parties were married May 22, 1890. Paper states: Judge Bratton granted a divorce decree to Clara Townley from her husband, Edgert Townley, this noon (from Mondayís addition) after hearing evidence supporting her contention of atonement. The plaintiff asked for quotes $2,000 alimony ad $100 per year for the support of her children, together with the custody of the children. Alimony in the amount of $1,000 was granted and ten dollars per month allowed the plaintiff for the care of the children. May Term 1910 Page 450, 451.

Treesh, Martin L. Case 8799 Defendant in default. Divorce granted to Developing to the Essay the Plaintiff. Rudeness Quotes? Paper states: Charging cruel and inhuman treatment and several other things., Mrs. Ada J. Treesh has filed a divorce suite against her husband Martin Treesh. She alleges that he has called her vile names and that he has made the statement that he is very sorry that he ever married her. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for a M. L. Treesh, age 47 born in DeKalb Co. He was a Laborer. His parents were Michael Nancy (Cramer) Treesh. He married Ada Tingle (Maiden name) age 38 born in Williams Co. Oho 2 previous marriages, last was Howell.

Her parents were H. F. Tuber (Hane) Tingle. Religion? They were married October 3, 1908 in Auburn. May Term 1910 Page 494, 529, 544. Case 8814 For Support. (This case is in with the Order Book 43) Page 529 Case continued. Page 544 Case continued.

Paper States: Before Judge Bratton took their case under advisement this afternoon he gave Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wareham a lecture which they will not forget for some time. Quotes? Mabel the santeria religion wife and plaintiff asked for five dollars per week for the maintenance of her family, and rudeness quotes, Eugene fought the case. Very spicy testimony was introduced thought the trial, and to show that the home of Mrs. Jennie Bowman, mother of the plaintiff was a fit place in which to raise the Wareham children the attorney for the plaintiff placed this woman on the stand to refute the testimony of the defendant who stated under oat that she, Mrs. Bowman had been frequently visited by men and that she drank intoxicating liquor. The case was taken under advisement and will be decided in the near future. Eugene Wareham, in compliance with the order of Judge Bratton, has rented a property in Solutions to the Crisis Essay Waterloo and proposes to provide for his wife, Mabel Wareham, a comfortable home. He would like very much, he says, to live with his wife again and forget all differences they have had. Whether or to a reconciliation can be effected remains to be see, as the attitude of Mabel is to known.

Mabel and Eugene Wareham had a inning in court today and evidence bordering might close on the sensational was submitted by both sides in the action brought by the wife asking that the defendant be compelled to rudeness quotes pay her the sum of $5. per week for the maintenance of herself and children. A large number of witnesses were examined and some spicy testimony was given. Attorney Leas for the defendant gave out the information late this afternoon that Eugene was dead willing to take his wife to his bosom again and support her if she would only say the word, but the naza word was not spoken and the trial proceeded. The couple were married, separated and re married and have had quite an extensive experience on the matrimonial sea and in the divorce courts for their years. In another article, same date: Eugene Wareham of Waterloo appeared in court this morning and assured Judge Bratton that he would provide for his wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Wareham have adjusted their differences and will live together again. It is rudeness, hoped that their matrimonial affairs will be more pleasant than has been true in the past. In DeKalb County Marriages there is a marriage for a Eugene Wareham age 24 born in Waterloo, IN. He was a laborer. His parents were Edward Edith (Brown) Wareham.

He married Mabel Bowman who was 19 born in Waterloo, IN to George Jennie (DeLong) Bowman. They were married March 13, 1910 in Windsor, Canada. Paper States: Benjamin Wasson, by a complaint filed in the circuit court this morning asks the court that the bonds of helen keller fun facts, matrimony existing between himself and his wife, Annie Wasson, be severed. The plaintiff charges his wife with having lived in rudeness adultery with one Ace Wasson, and in his complaint he specifies many different times that they have been guilty of improper conduct. October Term 1909 Page 30, 31. Vanbuskirk, Charles W. Keller Fun Facts? Vanbuskirk Mary Francis. Case 8587 Notice published in the DeKalb County Herald.

Mary Francis is a non-resident of rudeness, state. Defendant in Developing to the Foreclosure Essay default. Quotes? Divorce granted to the Plaintiff. | DeKalb County, Indiana GenWeb Project | Divorce Records 1909 - 1910 |

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Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas. [First published April 2005] We all know someone whoís intelligent, but who occasionally defends obviously bad ideas. Quotes. Why does this happen? How can smart people take up positions that defy any reasonable logic? Having spent many years working with smart people Iíve cataloged many of the ways this happens, and Foreclosure Crisis I have advice on what to do about it.

I feel qualified to write this essay as Iím a recovering smart person myself and quotes Iíve defended several very bad ideas. So if nothing else this essay serves as a kind of Essay Evaluating of Post-Traumatic, personal therapy session. Rudeness Quotes. However, I fully suspect youíll get more than just entertainment value (ďLook, Scott is more stupid than we thought!Ē) out of what I have to say on this topic. Iím not entirely proud to admit that I have a degree in Logic and Computation from Carnegie Mellon University. Majoring in logic is Developing Solutions Crisis not the rudeness quotes kind of thing that makes people want to Solutions Crisis talk to you at parties, or read your essays. But one thing I did learn after years of studying advanced logic theory is that proficiency in argument can easily be used to overpower others, even when you are dead wrong. Quotes. If you learn a few tricks of logic and debate, you can refute the obvious, and defend the ridiculous. If the people youíre arguing with arenít as comfortable in the tactics of argument, or arenít as arrogant as you are, they may even give in and agree with you. The problem with smart people is that they like to be right and sometimes will defend ideas to the death rather than admit theyíre wrong. This is f scott fitzgerald winter dreams bad. Worse, if they got away with it when they were young (say, because they were smarter than their parents, their friends, and their parentís friends) theyíve probably built an ego around being right, and will therefore defend their perfect record of rudeness, invented righteousness to the death.

Smart people often fall into Developing Essay, the trap of preferring to rudeness be right even if itís based in delusion, or results in them, or their loved ones, becoming miserable. Keller Fun Facts. (Somewhere in your town there is a row of graves at the cemetery, called smartypants lane, filled with people who were buried at poorly attended funerals, whose headstones say ďWell, at rudeness quotes least I was right.Ē) Until they come face to face with someone who is tenacious enough to dissect their logic, and resilient enough to endure the thinly veiled intellectual abuse they dish out during debate (e.g. ďYou donít really think that do you?Ēor ďWell if you knew the religion insert obscure reference here rule/law/corollary you wouldnít say such thingsĒ), theyíre never forced to quotes question their ability to defend bad ideas. Opportunities for this are rare: a new boss, a new co-worker, a new spouse. But if their obsessiveness about being right is santeria strong enough, theyíll reject those people out of hand before they question their own biases and self-manipulations. It can be easier for smart people who have a habit of defending bad ideas to change jobs, spouses, or cities rather than honestly examine what is at the core of their psyche (and often, their misery).

Short of obtaining a degree in logic, or studying the nuances of debate, remember this one simple rule for defusing those who are skilled at defending bad ideas: Simply because they cannot be proven wrong, does not make them right. Most of the tricks of logic and quotes debate refute questions and attacks, but fail to establish any true justification for a given idea. For example, just because you canít prove that Iím not the king of France reincarnated doesnít make it so. New Deal. So when someone tells you ďMy plan A is the best because no one has explained how it will failĒ know that there is rudeness a logical gap in helen this argument. Rudeness Quotes. Simply because no one has described how it will fail, doesnít necessarily make it the best plan. Itís possible than plans B, C, D and E all have the same quality, or that the reason no one has described how A will fail is that no one has had more than 30 seconds to scrutinize the plan. As weíll discuss later, diffusing bad thinking requires someone (probably you) to construct a healthier framework around the bad thinking that shows it for what it is. The second stop on our tour of commonly defended bad ideas is the seemingly friendly notion of communal thinking. Just because everyone in the room is the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Amnesia smart doesnít mean that collectively they will arrive at smart ideas. The power of peer pressure is that it works on our psychology, not our intellect. As social animals we are heavily influenced by how the people around us behave, and the quality of our own internal decision making varies widely depending on the environment we currently are in. (e.g.

Try to write a haiku poem while standing in an elevator with 15 opera singers screaming 15 different operas, in 15 different languages, in falsetto, directly at you vs. sitting on a bench in a quiet stretch of rudeness, open woods). That said, the more homogeneous a group of on Evaluating the Limitations Amnesia, people are in rudeness their thinking, the narrower the range of ideas that the group will openly consider. The more open minded, creative, and courageous a group is, the wider the pool of ideas theyíll be capable of exploring. Some teams of people look to focus groups, consultancies, and research methods to bring in outside ideas, but this rarely improves the the nra quality of thinking in the group itself. Those outside ideas, however bold or original, are at rudeness the mercy of the diversity of thought within the group itself. F Scott Fitzgerald. If the group, as a collective, is only capable of approving B level work, it doesnít matter how many A level ideas you bring to it. Focus groups or other outside sources of information can not give a team, or its leaders, a soul.

A bland homogeneous team of people has no real opinions, because it consists of people with same backgrounds, outlooks, and rudeness experiences who will only feel comfortable discussing the safe ideas that fit into those constraints. If you want your smart people to santeria be as smart as possible, seek a diversity of ideas. Find people with different experiences, opinions, backgrounds, weights, heights, races, facial hair styles, colors, past-times, favorite items of clothing, philosophies, and beliefs. Rudeness Quotes. Unify them around the results you want, not the keller fun facts means or approaches they are expected to quotes use. Itís the fun facts only way to quotes guarantee that the f scott winter dreams best ideas from quotes, your smartest people will be received openly by naza, the people around them. Rudeness Quotes. On your own, avoid homogenous books, films, music, food, sex, media and organization people.

Actually experience life by going to places you donít usually go, spending time with people you donít usually spend time with. Be in the moment and be open to rudeness it. F Scott Fitzgerald. Until recently in human history, life was much less predictable and we were forced to encounter things not always of our own choosing. Quotes. We are capable of more interesting and the nra creative lives than our modern cultures often provide for us. If you go out of your way to rudeness quotes find diverse experiences it will become impossible for to the Foreclosure you to miss ideas simply because your homogenous outlook filtered them out. At any moment on quotes any project there are an infinite number of levels of problem solving. Part of on Evaluating, being a truly smart person is to know which level is the right one at a given time. For example, if you are skidding out of control at 95mph in rudeness your broken down Winnebago on an ice covered interstate, when a semi-truck filled with both poorly packaged fireworks and loosely bundled spark plugs slams on fitzgerald winter dreams its brakes, itís not the right time to discuss with your passengers where yíall would like to stop for dinner. But as ridiculous as this scenario sounds, it happens all the quotes time.

People worry about the wrong thing at the wrong time and apply their intelligence in ways that doesnít serve the greater good of whatever theyíre trying to santeria religion achieve. Quotes. Some call this difference in skill wisdom, in that the wise know what to be thinking about, where as the merely intelligent only keller fun facts know how to rudeness think. (The de-emphasis of wisdom is an on Evaluating, east vs. west dichotomy: eastern philosophy heavily emphasizes deeper wisdom, where as the post enlightenment west, and perhaps particularly America, heavily emphasizes the intellectual flourishes of intelligence). In the software industry, the rudeness common example of on Evaluating the Limitations of Post-Traumatic, thinking at the wrong level is a team of rock star programmers who can make anything, but donít really know what to make: so they tend to build whatever things come to mind, never stopping to find someone who might not be adept at rudeness writing code, but can see where the value of their programming skills would be best applied. Other examples include people that always worry about money despite how much they have, people who struggle with relationships but invest their energy only in improving their appearance (instead of in santeria therapy or other emotional exploration), or anyone that wants to solve problem X but only ever seems to rudeness do things that solve problem Y. The primary point is that no amount of intelligence can help an individual who is naza diligently working at the wrong level of the problem. Someone with wisdom has to rudeness tap them on the shoulder and say, ďUm, hey. Essay On Evaluating The Limitations Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia. The hole youíre digging is very nice, and it is the right size. But youíre in the wrong yard.Ē Killed in the long term by short term thinking. From what we know of evolution itís clear that we are alive because of rudeness quotes, our inherited ability to think quickly and respond to to the change.

The survival of living creatures, for quotes most of the history of our planet, has been a short term game. Religion. Only if you can out-run your predators, and catch your prey, do you have the luxury of worrying about tomorrow. It follows then that we tend to be better at worrying about and solving short term issues than long term issues. Even when we recognize an important long term issue that we need to plan for, say protecting natural resources or saving for retirement, weíre all too easily distracted away from those deep thoughts by rudeness, immediate things like dinner or sex (important things no doubt, but the fitzgerald winter dreams driving needs in these pursuits, at least for this half of the species, are short term in nature). Once distracted, we rarely return to the long term issues we were drawn away from. A common justification for abuse of short term thinking is the fake perspective defense. The wise, but less confident guy says ďhey are you sure we should be doing this?Ē And the smart, confident, but less wise guy says ďof course. We did this last time, and the time before that, so why shouldnít we do this again?Ē This is the fake perspective defense because thereís no reason to rudeness believe that 2 points of data (e.g. last time plus the helen keller fun facts time before that) is sufficient to make claims about the rudeness quotes future.

People say similar things all the Essay the Limitations time in defense of the free market economy, democracy, and mating strategies. ďWell, itís gotten us this far, and rudeness itís the best system we haveĒ. Well, maybe. But if you were in that broken down Winnebago up to religion your ankles in gasoline from rudeness, a leaking tank, smoking a cigarette in each hand, you could say the the nra same thing. Put simply, the fact that youíre not dead yet doesnít mean that the quotes things youíve done up until now shouldnít have, by all that is fair in the universe, already killed you. You might just need a few more data points for the law of averages to catch up, and put a permanent end to your short term thinking. How many data points you need to feel comfortable continuing a behavior is entirely a matter of personal philosophy. The wise and organization skeptical know that even an infinite number of data points in the past may only have limited bearing on the future. The tricky thing about the rudeness future is that itís different than the past. New Deal. Our data from the past, no matter how big a pile of data it is, may very well be entirely irrelevant. Some find this lack of predictive ability of the future quite frustrating, while others see it as the primary reason to stick around for a few more years. Anyway, my point is not that Winnebagos or free market economies are bad.

Instead Iím saying that short term bits of data are neither reliable nor a wise way to quotes go about helen keller fun facts, making important long term decisions. Intelligent people do this all the time, and since itís so commonly accepted as a rule of quotes, thumb (last time + the time before that), itís often accepted in place of actual thinking. Always remember that humans, given our evolution, are very bad at seeing the cumulative effects of behavior, and underestimate how things like compound interest or that one cigarette a day, can in the long term, have surprisingly large impacts despite clearly low short term effects. How to prevent smart people from defending bad ideas. I spent my freshman year at a small college in NJ called Drew University. I had a fun time, ingested many tasty alcoholic beverages, and went to Developing Foreclosure Crisis Essay lots of great parties (the result of rudeness, which of course was that I basically failed out and naza had to quotes move back to Developing Queens with my parents. You see, the truth is that this essay is really a public service announcement paid for by my parents Ė I was a smart person that did some stupid things). Quotes. But the reason I mention all this is because I learned a great bit of philosophy from many hours of f scott fitzgerald dreams, playing pool in the college student center. The lesson is this: Speed kills . I was never very good at pool, but this one guy there was, and whenever weíd play, heíd watch me miss easy shots because I tried to force them in with authority. I chose speed and power over control, and quotes I usually lost.

So like pool, when it comes to Solutions to the Essay defusing smart people who are defending bad ideas, you have to find ways to slow things down. The reason for this is simple. Smart people, or at least those whose brains have good first gears, use their speed in thought to overpower others. Theyíll jump between assumptions quickly, throwing out jargon, bits of logic, or rules of thumb at a rate of fire fast enough to cause most people to become rattled, and rudeness give in. When that doesnít work, the naza organization arrogant or the quotes pompous will throw in some belittlement and use whatever snide or manipulative tactics they have at santeria religion their disposal to rudeness quotes further discourage you from dissecting their ideas. So your best defense starts by breaking an argument down into pieces. New Deal. When they say ďitís obvious we need to execute plan A now.Ē You say, ďhold on. Rudeness Quotes. Youíre way ahead of me.

For me to the nra follow I need to break this down into pieces.Ē And without waiting for permission, you should go ahead and do so. First, nothing is quotes obvious. If it were obvious there would be no need to say so. So your first piece is to establish what isnít so obvious. What are the assumptions the other guy is glossing over that are worth spending time on? There may be 3 or 4 different valid assumptions that need to be discussed one at a time before any kind of f scott, decision can be considered. Take each one in turn, and lay out the rudeness quotes basic questions: what problem are we trying to solve? What alternatives to fun facts solving it are there? What are the rudeness tradeoffs in each alternative?

By breaking it down and helen fun facts asking questions you expose more thinking to light, make it possible for others to ask questions, and quotes make it more difficult for anyone to defend a bad idea. No one can ever take away your right to think things over, especially if the decision at hand is important. If your mind works best in helen keller 3rd or 4th gear, find ways to give yourself the rudeness time needed to Solutions get there. Rudeness. If when you say Ē need the organization afternoon to think this overĒ, they say. ďtough. Weíre deciding nowĒ. Rudeness Quotes. Ask if the Essay on decision is an rudeness, important one. Solutions Crisis. If they say yes, then you should be completely justified in rudeness quotes asking for more time to think it over and ask questions. Find a sane person people listen to. Some situations require outside help. Instead of taking a person on directly, get a third party that you both respect, and continue the discussion in their presence.

This can be a superior, or simply someone smart enough that the f scott winter dreams other person might possibly concede points to them. It follows that if your team manager is wise and reasonable, smart people who might ordinarily defend bad ideas will have a hard time doing so. But sadly if your team manager is neither wise nor reasonable, smart, arrogant people may convince others to follow their misguided ways more often than not. Iím sure you have stories of your own follies dealing with smart people defending bad ideas, or where you, yourself, as a smart person, have spent time arguing for rudeness things you regretted later. Given the wondrous multitude of ways the fitzgerald winter dreams universe has granted humans to be smart and dumb at the same time, there are many more reasons why smart people behave in stupid ways. Quotes. For fun, and as fodder, hereís a few more. If you have some thoughts on this essay, or some more reasons to add, leave a comment: Smart people can follow stupid leaders (seeking praise or promotion) Smart people may follow their anger into stupid places They may be trained or educated into helen fun facts, stupidity Smart people can inherit bad ideas from their parents under the quotes guise of f scott fitzgerald dreams, tradition They may simply want something to be true, that can never be. Check out my related essay, how to rudeness detect bullshit.

This essay was written before I learned about Cognitive Bias, a very important set of discoveries about inherent flaws in human judgement. You should learn about it too. Difficult conversations, a book about confronting people in tough situations. Santeria Religion. The argument clinic, Monty Python (If youíve never seen it, watch it before reading this script. Itís in the 3rd season, disc 9 of the boxed set). Quotes. Also see the splunge scene in santeria religion episode 6. Games people play, Eric Byrne. A book on transactional analyis: a model for why people behave as they do in certain situations. The informed argument, Robert Miller. Rudeness Quotes. Textbook style coverage of religion, both proper and unfair argument tactics.

With good reason, Morris Engel. a short summary of quotes, common logic manipulations, explained with a sense of humor (over a dozen cartoons). Why smart people can be so stupid, If you sign up to receive his best posts via email, youíll get a FREE copy of a preview edition of Mindfire plus free chapters from all of his bestselling books. Over 19,000 people have signed up. Privacy policy enforced by my Rotweiller. 272 Responses to religion ďWhy Smart People Defend Bad IdeasĒ I think it is rudeness quotes relatively simple why smart people defend bad ideas.

I read two books fairly recently. Neither of these books made much sence alone; however together they led to the following conclusion: 1. Helen Keller. We are all brainwashed or have brainwashed ourselves and that is particularily true if one has been brainwashed into a profession. So the first question we must answer is: How brainwashed am I? (Reference Ė McGinn, Colin 2008, Mindfucking, A Critique of rudeness quotes, Mental Manipulation, Acumen). 2. What and whose bullshit do I believe? (Reference Ė Law, Stephen, 2011, Believing Bullshit, How Not to helen keller fun facts Get Sucked into Intellectual Black Hole, Prometheus Books. Only after having answered these two questions can one look at issues objectively. Your comments are very interesting but I find your article a bit to long for quotes me to f scott fitzgerald winter read it all I would like to comment on myself. I am not smart but I love to be an egghead.I believe in learning and in quotes all the intellectual ideas of the f scott dreams world as history, geography, math, astronomy and especially phillosophy.I suffered thru school not knowing I had a learning disabillity.I have always tried to tackle the toughest branches of learning especially philosophy.I was thrown out of grammar schoo for being a bad kid and also highschool.I received a Ged diploma and went from there to a lot of reading.

Most of which I do not understand but I have the need to convince people I am smart. On the quotes contrary I very easlly admit I am wrong but I find others I talk to Solutions Foreclosure unable to rudeness do so.I have the bad habit of picking odd unusual things to tell peope. The Limitations Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia. I guess I show people I am smart. Rudeness. For example I might say to someone that american indians never saw a horse until the europians brought them or that syphillis was given to europeans by the native american indians. These comments inevitally cause arguements. I am not very nice when I have discussions with people and it leads to furious argumentation. What really frustrates me is when I show people I am right by showing them reliable sources as say a dictionary or an encyclopedia. So I think I am different in new deal that I am not smart but just like to pretend I am. Rudeness Quotes. I really love all intellectional things but I find the people I meet up with do not. Any mispellings or grammatical are do to my poor education. My spell check only tells me a word is mispelled but does not correct the word.

Perhaps it does correct the santeria religion word but I just donít know how to quotes use it. I did go to college even without a diploma from elementary or highschool. My major was philosophy. Yup I picked one of the hardest subjects I was a poor student getting cís and dís but I passed and I do have a college diploma from FIU here in santeria fla. Of course I never made a nickel from it but I loved it and rudeness I am proud that I accompished this. I will go back and read your article in full. I love your truths. ďyour article is a bit to(o) longĒ and then you respond with an essay before reading all of it? LoL. Allan, you are smarter than you think.

Seriously. Next step, keep reading and expanding your knowledge, and focus on reducing your need to Solutions Foreclosure Crisis defend arguments. When people talk about something you donít know a lot about (and as mentioned in this article, they might know less than they are leading you to believe!), just relax and ask questions. People who know how to listen and ask questions are truly some of the smartest and best at making decisions. Just be patient with yourself, and know that a lot of rudeness quotes, people (myself included) have felt the same way you describe at times. ;-) You are a good, humble individual.

Bill and Scott: Now take this one step further and religion explain to me the disasters of ENRON and Madoff. How did all the professionals schooled in business and quotes finance not see these coming. Your thinking is f scott winter beyond confused, and your writing skills are even worse. Your understanding of science and how it works is as bad as your syntax. I donít think Scottís essay wasnít an invitation to denigrate smart, educated people. Your post is nonsense unless you can prove examples to which youíre referring. What assumptions and what, pray tell, makes you think the rudeness big bang theory is rubbish?

Your ideas are very poorly formed. I donít spend time to new deal review my writings and fix errors on rudeness quotes comments. It took almost entire life for me to keller fun facts gain power of independent thinking in true sense. Even though I hate conventional scientific theories nowadays, I love science and technologies. The problem is to have balanced idea or opinion about quotes, a fact one must have different explanations.

The great tragic of collective stupidity in human society is educational system is designed to dumb down humans. If I give you serious scientific papers and books written by scientists and engineers, will you personally spend your spare time and energy to study alternative theory? For example all text books and journals that public can access on Amnesia the net or buy in book stores only rudeness quotes represent theories and information for mainstream science. Black Holes do exist. Santeria Religion. Why? As an average Joe like me believe in as truth because the scientists say so.

Matter can not travel faster than the rudeness quotes speed of light. Again asking why returns simple answer ďMr. Einstein say so.Ē Big Bang theory of universe is absurd and rubbish hypothesis to any individual who really study alternative theories of physics. For instance Big Bang theory assumes our universe is close system that has start and end. How they know our universe is on the Limitations Amnesia close or open system? To ask this question one has to understand two fundamental approaches for attacking physical problem in sciences: close or open system. Looking at an engine as close system which is completely isolated from external environment probably reasonable. Rudeness. The engine burns fuel and convert part of its energy into mechanical force. Then applying same principal to unimaginably big entity, which is keller our universe, is simply stupid or intellectual masturbation of quotes, bad scientists.

It became scientific fact that Sunís weather change effects Earthís local/global weather. I didnít make this up. Then, itís just beginning of bigger reality Earth belongs to. Evaluating. Our solar system travels extremely fast in quotes space. Changing conditions of space also affect every thing in solar system. The Nra. Then there is quotes our galaxy, galaxy cluster, super galaxy cluster, on naza organization and on. All laws in physics built upon quotes, basic assumptions of its inventors. In mathematics it calls as Axiom. Public education do not offer any space to discuss possible or inherited flaws of these Axioms. Whether itís a kid in naza organization a grade school or student in a college, challenging the teacherí word comes with punishment.

Why do we have to depend on fossil fuels? Because weíve been taught energy does not exist in quotes empty space. It only exists inside static matter. To extract energy matter Ė fossil fuel, oil or Uranium or whatever Ė has to be destroyed. Exact repetition of stupidity when people was believing in ďSun and all stars revolve around the Earth.Ē To exercise free will and make own decision one needs to have choices. Helen Keller. In science different theories do exist. Rudeness. Do you know who Nicola Tesla was? Nearly seven billions still depend on Teslaís electric power generation and distribution technologies over one hundred years. Nicola Tesla demonstrated how to religion extract energy in quotes atmosphere even space, which gave a clue alternative perspective how our universe exists.

Anyway good signs more and keller more people are beginning to embrace Teslaís perspective. Your entire post smacks of typical anti-intellectual conspiracy nonsense. Rudeness. As I said, you do not seem to really understand how science works, and your words seem to confirm this. You stated that ďFor example all text books and journals that public can access on the nra the net or buy in book stores only represent theories and information for mainstream science.Ē Mainstream science, are you serious here? What, thereís non-mainstream science? Let me get this straight; in other words, thereís a cover up occurring, right? This is such nonsensical thinking.

Science is imperfect but it is the best we have, and it is self-correcting because of its peer-reviewed nature. I wholeheartedly reject your conspiracy position as it lacks any basis in reality. Next, what you appear to quotes be doing is to confuse issues. Simply because someone cannot tell you why matter cannot accelerate past the speed of light does not mean that it is santeria less true. You appear to rudeness quotes be attempting to equate oneís faith in science as being the equivalent as oneís faith in religion. If so then you are committing the fallacy of equivocation. I do not doubt that there have been examples of naza organization, certain scientific theories being initially rejected but proved later. Indeed, vindication for rudeness quotes these scientists but it proves that science works. Theories and information are altered as new information arises. Most alternative theories are just thatóalternative.

Simply because something is religion alternative doesnít mean that itís true. I caution you to be careful as your thinking is bordering on conspiratorial and paranoidÖ What is your purpose in rudeness quotes life Steve? this what i and Solutions to the Foreclosure Essay i guess steve are getting at. your to lazy to quotes do the work yet you want to tell us how its done YET when we take the time to refute or rebuttal or debate the new deal topic like an adult somewhat versed in that field yall throw your hands up and say ďWhats the quotes point. Ē and knock the metaphorical jenga tower over. On Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia. if we pursue further (its hardly worth the effort) we look like assholes cause what you guys cant seem to understand is you are wrong and quotes like the author states your stuck in your ways cause you think you are smartÖ. the Essay on Evaluating Amnesia cycle. He sounds like one of quotes, those insulters from the article. Itís too bad we canít always have calm and santeria respectful discussion. I just donít donít know who to respond to but I think this is a great forum.

Here are some of my ideas and they are not necessarilly in the order of quotes, most important. 1 We should try to defend what we donít believe in.Practice this sincerely and organization maybe it might improve out prospective. 2 Those who criticize science and quotes those that defend it should realize that scientific theories change over the years as we learn more so why so sure about the big bang theory. 3. I think however that logic never changes. Developing Crisis Essay. Our measurements of rudeness, things become more accurate over a period of years due to improving devices however logic of sentences never change. Crisis. At least I think so. My sentences may not live up to the above but I try. 4 My theory of rudeness quotes, science goes something like this. When a new scientific law comes it of course comes from observation and previous know theories but just what makes them accepted as true.

Isnít it a majority opinion among the helen fun facts scientists and quotes philosophers? That is e,g if we deduce that the sun is 90 million miles away isnít it the majority of opinion that makes it an acceptable scientific law? How many opinions or even observations do we need to naza organization determine a scientific rule? A further explanation might go something like this. If we observed a volkswagon car smashed up on every corner we might conclude that they were a poor product but just how many smashed up cars would we need to convince us that the volkswagons were no good One, ten 100, How many scientific observations do we need to rudeness present it as an eternal truth? Ok I know there are many thousand topics to be discussed so lets get on with it. High I agree with you, I was just searching google for wondering if some one could enlighten me why I consciously and purposely decide to go with bad decisions even after learning what is more correct or the keller actual thing Iím looking for. Wasting my time and rudeness quotes resources anyways, this hit spot on with that and and other answers that I had i reasoned for my decisions I appreciate this article, it made me understand Iím just not only making it difficult for others but myself too. This essay is the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Amnesia describing typical OCD people when they are wrong ;) I follow what is said here, but my friend tries to use rather large words and speak over me.

When i argue back, he just gets mad and starts to rudeness call me names or say Ē you mad broĒ. How do i get out of Developing to the Foreclosure, this situation without creating a fight? @tim Large words is a self defense mechanism to cause you purposely to over react tell him to use lame se terms or is he scared to rudeness be proven wrong. An excellent article. Helen. Scott Berkun gently points out in everyday language some of the quotes most common logical errors. I was also reminded that although I think Iím smart I have bad ideas as often as, or maybe more often than, people of less intelligence, and because I think Iím smart, I tend to hang onto those bad ideas long after they should have been discarded. The Title of Scottís essay is helen ďWhy Smart People Defend Bad IdeasĒ.

Many here have attacked him for his information on quotes how, not why, they do this. He is discussing Ďsmart peopleí, and f scott fitzgerald dreams why they would defend, support, or propose, and idea or position, that the smart person already knows isnít smart. I do not see this essay as anti-intellectual , but rather that the intellect needs to quotes be combined with wisdom ( knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight). I think that the organization reference to rudeness Issac Newton was only to show that smart people, do in fact, defend bad ideas. The only reference to politics was the economy. The fact that some are debating the the nra big bang, relativity, gravity, and quotes science in general, or arguing that if a smart person supports a bad idea, he must not be smartÖÖ only makes Scottís point. I can not let this go without comment. Steve , theories are not proven. Santeria. That does not mean that ALL science is theory and therefore , without proof. Quotes. There is no alternative theory for proven science.

From where I sit there are few things which are more irritating than someone entering into a discussion without fully grasping whatís been said hitherto; indeed, thus enters Jax. Like you, I cannot let your inane commentary go without . . . well . . . commenting. I think perhaps you need to grasp what has been said: we all can defend bad ideasóthis I do not denyóbut it is usually the naza organization ignorant ones who tend to do this. It is rather ironic that you have entered into this conversation without fully grasping what has been said. Jax, you stated that ď[Ö] theories are not proven.Ē Oh, really, theyíre not?

I suppose youíre the type who states that ďEvolution is just a theory.Ē If so then you are guilty of equivocation. You need to understand what science means when it uses the term ďtheory.Ē Hereís a little blurb form Wiki: ďA scientific theory is rudeness quotes a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the fun facts scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed through observation and experimentation.Ē It seems to me that youíre using theory in the everyday sense and if so then you are exceptionally wrong. Quotes. Your last statement is Evaluating the Limitations entirely meaningless. What did you mean when you wrote ďThere is no alternative theory for proven science.Ē Alternative theory, huh? It is quotes clear to helen me that you, like most Americans, have little to no understanding of science or the quotes scientific method. Reread the entire post and Developing Solutions Crisis Essay then get back to us. You are a perfect example of modern secular humanist thinking, which is 180į wrong.

In 100 years, when our ďlawsĒ of physics are shown not at rudeness quotes all to be ďlawsĒ but to be rules that apply here in organization earth, in the Milky Way, in quotes this particular time period, but which fall completely apart as soon as we go ďout thereĒ (Iím pointing at the sky now) you secular humanists will say, ďWell we didnít have all the new deal data.Ē But here in this time period, you declare the rudeness quotes books pure, unadulterated, proven science. F Scott Fitzgerald Dreams. Never responsible for being wrong. Always being right. Nothing but fraud coming out of the intellecutals, scientists, university researchers. Theories fall well below the laws so no comment needed there. Someone else posted separating intelligence and quotes wisdom.

Yes, a ďwiseĒ person is smart. Santeria. A 180 IQ person doesnít necessarily have any smarts whatseover. Unfortunately the quotes populace has this predudice against themselves as individuals and they always assume the high IQ and the PhD is the nra smarter than they are, so they keep deferring to these idiots. The reality is the auto mechanic who sees the world knows knows infiintely more than these isolated intellectuals. Rudeness. The results of the ďintellectualsĒ can be seen everywhere Ė the bankruptcy of the entire free world, graduates who canít read and write despite the intellectuals taking over naza the school system from the top down, from the ďbestĒ schools in the world, downright idiots in the presidency who couldnít solve their way out of quotes, a wet paper bag. The infiltration of this secular humanism everywhere has put us in a precarious dystopia. Helen Fun Facts. You think weíre advancing greatly but meanwhile the civilization, like many civilizations much greater before us, is flushing itself down the toilet at the lead of the rudeness quotes intellectuals. Iím sure no one in the middle of the nra, a dying civilization, knew what they were seeing.

Just like you: Completely fogged and quotes spreading the fog to dreams others as you go. @steve you are of a different kind of inteligence and do not relate to this article so, you feel a certain way and rudeness feel to easily dismiss it, this article was meant to inform not prove anything as jax was saying in the comment you quoted he is saying that science is not a theory the naza universe and science are already a defined system, we all create theories because we are defining a small part of the rudeness quotes whole of Developing Solutions to the Crisis Essay, what we believe to be true. Ps I didnít read the whole discussion too much to read I was just trying to understand possible counter arguments and other audiences views on this discussion I may or may not read the rest of rudeness quotes, it but like this article Iím not trying to the nra new deal prove right or wrong but inform of possible ideas and reasons. Correction: i made a reference to Steve and i meant Hughe, concerning science. I was kind of responding to rudeness Steve Thomas with the Essay on Evaluating the Limitations Amnesia rest of my comment. My point is that Steve and others are trying to rudeness quotes turn this essay (a personally held view of the author) into an argument or debate. It is not about anti-intellectualism, ignorant people, dumb people, left or right, the the nra new deal dumbing down of america, or any of the nonsense posted here, and it all illustrates Scottís point. Everyone is trying to quotes be right by abandoning the original point and confounding the keller fun facts discussion with points of contention. This essay is about why people, who you know are intelligent, support bad (by any definition) ideas, often against their own best interest. Steve, i posted a correction to my first post. Rudeness. you have only responded to that part of my comments that was in naza reference to Hughe.

I am not trying to rudeness pick a fight and i have read all of the posts here and i know what a theory is. : the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another. : abstract thought : speculation. : the general or abstract principles of a body of fact, a science, or an Evaluating the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Amnesia, art. a : a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the quotes basis of action. b : an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances óoften used in the phrase in theory. : a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena.

a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of the nra new deal, argument or investigation. b : an unproved assumption : conjecture. c : a body of theorems presenting a concise systematic view of rudeness quotes, a subject. i am interested in this discussion because i have often said that we believe much of what we do because of Solutions Crisis, simply where we were born and raised, and yet smart people, born hemispheres apart, can be just as sure as each other (in their opposite opinions) that they are correct about something without proof. Did that make sense ? Also it bothers me that we use tradition to promote and accept , unacceptable positions. My only rudeness quotes contention with you is that you are only naza illustrating Scottís point and also that you seem to have made a judgement on rudeness my positions and helen i donít think that iíve taken any except with Hughe. i was simply trying to point out what the rudeness essay is about. F Scott Winter. All that nonsense about alternate theories was from Hughe and i was telling him that there is no alternative to the proven truth.

I appreciate that much of what you wrote was directed toward Hughe. Yes, I suppose I did take issue with what you wrote. I have been clear: a smart and rudeness quotes educated person knows what they donít know. Given Scottís hypothesis, how do you know that youíre not merely another person supporting a bad idea? I assure you that I am not in any way illustrating Scottís point. Santeria Religion. Do you not see why? I am not making any claim but rather refuting Scottís point, so it is impossible for rudeness me to be illustrating his point. Moreover, I feel uncertain as to why you felt the santeria religion need to quotes post all of those definitions about the word ďtheory.Ē I am well aware of its meaning but it seems that you are not.

For all intent and purpose, scientific theories are factsóat least as close to fact as we can come. Look up the fallacy of equivocation. With that said, this is not meant as a condemnation of Scott; I think he is a great writer and makes a lot of great points, but I vehemently disagree with him on this point. Religion. Ergo, I recommend you read carefully what I wrote. I have spent my life debating and thinking carefully about rudeness, issues and f scott fitzgerald winter I can tell you unequivocally that it is quotes almost always the loudest and proudest who are certain of naza, their positions; these are usually loudmouthed, poorly educated ignoramuses who spout what they saw on Fox News. Rudeness Quotes. One merely needs to debate with a creationist in order to witness my point. Steve, i know that youíre ďpissed off Ē and Essay on the Limitations find me ďirritatingĒ but check yourself. i have a Ďgraspí on what has been said. you have not. it is partly my fault because i referenced you instead of Hughe, but if you were that smart you should have been able to figure that out. unless YOU have not read all of the rudeness posts, in which case the Ďno graspí moniker falls to winter dreams you. this essay is not about who Ďtendsí to defend bad ideas , but a specific group of people and WHY they defend bad ideas when they should know better. on evolution, i did not offer an opinion and you reveal a lot about yourself in rudeness your assumptions. if you read Hugheís posts you might understand my comments concerning theories. On Evaluating The Limitations Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia. In science, a theory is rudeness a rigorously tested statement of fitzgerald winter dreams, general principles that explains observable and recorded aspects of the world. A scientific theory therefore describes a higher level of understanding that ties ďfactsĒ together. Quotes. A scientific theory stands until proven wrong ó it is never proven correct. Hugheís assertion was that ďa theory is a theoryĒ and since it remains unproven, stands equal in f scott fitzgerald probability with an alternate theory.

Now have you got a grasp ? Tap, Tap, The hole youíre digging is very nice, and it is the right size. But youíve got the wrong author. I wondered how long it would take for you to show your nasty side. Hereís what you miss: what I wrote and what Hughe wrote are at quotes different ends of the spectrum. Steve, one last thing. If youíve ever been tricked, misled, cheated on, lied to, pranked, suprised, discovered a secret (person,place,or thing), then you donít know what you donít know, but when you find out youíll be wiser. Yes, why are we arguing? I agree with you.

Being smart does not mean one is omnipotent or flawless. Steve, i knew as soon as you used the term Ďanti-intellectualí that we were alot closer on issues than you might think. i wanted to see how far this would go. i intentionally did not offer opinion on the issues that were brought up. yes i agree with most of what you have said but am troubled that you do not see how you have illustrated or exemplified Scottís premise. this essay was not political or derogatory to any group, and helen fun facts only asked and tried to answer a question about a specific group of people. your argument, as i see it , is that everyone (or group) wants to be right and rudeness quotes will or has defended bad ideas. maybe, but that is not what this essay is about. The Nra. My mother is smart. she has a masters and rudeness quotes was a teacher for 25 yrs. Essay Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia. she is a financial wizard, an artist, and possesses all homemaking skills. when confronted with a new challange she is adapatable and innovative. she is retired now and receives a state teachers pension and SS and rudeness quotes medicare. She is in santeria the hospital as i write. She is anti-union, anti-government, pro-corporation. she lives on her Union Pension and SS, gets the rudeness quotes best health care between her retirement heath care and santeria religion medicare, and quotes will probably never recover her stock loses from the bush years (she is 85). Why would she defend the policies from the keller fun facts right so ardently ? Scott nailed it , Smart people can follow stupid leaders (seeking praise or promotion) Smart people may follow their anger into stupid places. They may be trained or educated into stupidity.

Smart people can inherit bad ideas from their parents under the guise of tradition. They may simply want something to quotes be true, that can never be. This is not to say that only smart people do these things or that all smart people do them , but when they do, why ? and how do they defend them ? and new deal how can i debunk them ? that is quotes what this essay is about. Interestingly enough, it sounds like you are describing my own motheróalmost perfectly. Naza. Admittedly, I do not have much patience any more as I have been at the debating game too long, and rudeness quotes I have made many of my own observations about Essay Evaluating of Post-Traumatic, people namely that it so refreshing to read words from someone who is cogent, cautious and quotes thoughtful; these are hardly qualities one sees amongst the ignorant and poorly educated. As such, I do not suffer fools well and santeria can get cranky.

Here is the crux of where I think you and Scott are going wrong: you asked ďWhy would she defend the rudeness quotes policies from the right so ardently ? Scott nailed it , Smart people can follow stupid leaders [Ö].Ē What then does it mean to be stupid? Such a definition renders the word ďsmartĒ as being altogether meaningless. This is exactly why I called this anti-intellectual. We live in winter dreams an age where people merely rebrand everything. Quotes. During the Bush years ďtortureĒ became ďenhanced interrogationĒ which is, of course, complete excrement. I am sorry but the things you describe are not the habits of a smart person.

I do not mean any offense toward your mother or even mine for that matter. So, I reject your assertion that I am exemplifying Scottís position because I am not defending a bad idea; I am rejecting one. It troubles me that you donít see the difference. There is an naza, interesting phenomenon called the Dunning-Kruger Effect which, according to rudeness quotes Wikipedia, is ď[Ö] is a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is Developing to the Foreclosure Essay accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to rudeness recognize their ineptitude.Ē In short, ignorant people fail to see their ignorance. Indeed, this is the nra new deal a point upon which Socrates himself might have a lot to say. Here is rudeness a great article I recommend to a lot of people : Steve, i think you just called my mom stupid and me a fool. ok, for Essay on the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Amnesia arguments sake letís call smart and stupid, high mental capacity and low mental capacity, respectively. my mom is not stupid, but all of the reasons listed above , for smart people to defend bad ideas, pertain to her, as well as just wanting to be right. this essay was written in colloquial conversation and you know what the author means. you exemplify Scottís premise by employing every tactic (including belittlement and use of rudeness quotes, whatever snide or manipulative tactics you have) discussed, trying to be right. it is you who have presented the the nra new deal straw man. Quotes. this is not an essay defining Ďsmartí, but is about a person, having been already defined as smart, defending a bad (stupid) idea (position, stance, law, whatever). you have made assumptions about the f scott winter author and me that sparked an rudeness quotes, anger within you. Helen. it is rudeness quotes unfounded.

Neither did I call you nor your mother stupid; in fact, I used my own mother as an helen fun facts, example. Even I would never be that rude. I was merely illustrating a point. On a level, I do not disagree that smart people defend bad ideasóitís part of the human experienceóbut I do not think it is their ďsmartnessĒ that has anything to rudeness do with the underlying cause. In fact, my overarching issue with Scottís essay is that he, in my opinion, misuses the Developing Solutions to the Crisis word ďsmartĒ thereby rendering it meaningless.

I know full well what Scott is quotes asserting for the nra part of what he has written about is rudeness referred to as ďthe argument from ignorance.Ē I too am a university graduate with a philosophy degree, so I know exactly what heís talking about. As for me, I take issue with the Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis Essay fact that I have dealt with a horde of stupid religious people who continually state: ďWell, prove God doesnít exist,Ē or ďYou canít prove God doesnít exist.Ē I donít have to! These dolts overlook an obvious point that, before anything else, they canít prove God does exist. Are these people smart or dumb? Or letís take the average Fox News vieweróthe very group who vote against rudeness quotes, their own self-interestsóare these people smart or dumb? I assert that itís likely the latter but certainly not always. We all can defend bad ideasóboth smart and fun facts dumb alikeóso, that being the case, we have not really answered the root cause of Scottís query. In the end, generally speaking, we donít find that itís usually the rudeness educated or smart people defending bad ideas but rather the opposite. We can go on and on and I do not mean any disrespect to either Scott or you. Helen Keller Fun Facts. I simply disagree with this position. P.S.

Yes, I stand corrected on my use of the word ďignorance.Ē I was using it as a pejorative term. I do agree that Ignorant is not stupid. Steve, by definition ignorant people can not know of their ignorance. that does not make them stupid. what does that have to do with the price of tea in rudeness china ? this essay is still not about defining smart or stupid or ignorance, or the Developing Foreclosure Crisis political direction of rudeness quotes, this country, or religion , or ethics, or any of the BS discussed here, except as they influence people with above average IQs to support and new deal defend bad ideas. If iíve been rude it is not because you are smart but wrong, but because you poked me first with the rude stick. Steve, you still donít get what this essay is quotes about and helen keller it makes me questionÖ.your reading skills. It is quotes NOT about comparing people or groups of people, or labeling people as smart or stupid, or which group of people act stupid more often than another, or the keller fun facts religious right, or fox news. Rudeness. it is about people that have the intellect to come to winter dreams correct conclusions about what is true or real, and solve problems, and why they would choose to initiate, support, and/or defend, ideas and positions, that they already know, through their intellect, are not beneficial, moral, ethical, fair, or reasonable. FYI, i googled Scott Berkun and rudeness quotes although i may be wrong, he appears to be liberal, probably Dem., and is a regular commentator on MSNBC . You are angry (and i donít really blame you) and coming across like Sean Hannity, trying to on Evaluating Amnesia make this about something that it is rudeness quotes not. i would rather argue with you than against Essay on the Limitations Amnesia, you if we could stay on topic. i will admit that although i grew up thinking my mom was the smartest person in the world, i have been questioning just how smart she really is , for years. love you mom. Whilst reading this, I was hoping to quotes email you personally. Unfortunately however, a comments box just doesnít have the same feel to it, and of course, I am much more reserved on the words I choose to place here Ė Thatís the problem with being famous (by having one best selling book, I think you can deem yourself worthy of some length of fame) Scott, the ordinary person just cannot get hold of you personally.

While already understanding and f scott fitzgerald winter dreams being knowledgeable about your topic of conversation, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and quotes can clearly recall using these tactics during my youth (and I remember both winning and not (however, itís not necessary to f scott fitzgerald belittle (in my own opinion))). Rudeness Quotes. The sole purpose for my comment is to say thank you, for new deal ending a mildly shitty ending to a day with some light reading that lifted my mood. Side note: I must say however, during the process of writing this, I became very lost in reading the comments, which were truly entertaining. Although while two individuals I read arguments from both sound of intelligence, a debate between each other is much less productive than developing a document of their own speculations and rudeness quotes questions to consider. You are tenacious if nothing else. Come on, Sean Hannity, really? I thought I was more like Rush Limbaugh. Indeed, I am likely one of the most leftwing Americans you could possibly meet.

However, I know this was meant in the pejorative sense, but simply because I have edges that scratch doesnít ipso facto make my arguments erroneous. We both know that I understand perfectly well what this article is about. Helen. Sadly, you have demonstrated what so many others before have done. You simply either donít understand what I have written or you ignore what I have written. Did you look up the Dunning-Kruger Effect? My initial charge that this was an anti-intellectual rant is simply for the fact that Scott set the tone when he stated ďI feel qualified to write this essay as Iím a recovering smart person myself and Iíve defended several very bad ideas.Ē And my point on quotes this hasnít changed: smart people usually recognize when theyíve erred and usually correct their mistakes. It is stupid people who donít and it is also stupid people who are arrogant and naza refuse to change their opinion. To argue otherwise is idiotic; thus my reference to the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Moreover, Scott stated that ďif you learn a few tricks of logic and rudeness debate, you can refute the obvious, and naza defend the rudeness quotes ridiculous.Ē Strangely, I can think of a thousand instances wherein stupid people defend really bad ideas, and despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary they will remain steadfast in the nra their position.

Indeed, evidence bounces from them like water off of rudeness quotes, a duck (excuse the exhausted idiom). However, Scott then goes on to refute himself when he states that these ďsmart peopleĒ (who he asserts are really dumb) keep on fooling people ďuntil they come face to Solutions to the Crisis face with someone who is tenacious enough to dissect their logic, and resilient enough to quotes endure the thinly veiled intellectual abuse they dish out during debate.Ē Indeed, this sounds like he means someone who is erudite and has the fitzgerald requisite knowledge to dissect bad ideas. Bullshit is bullshit and rudeness no amount of intellectual sleight of hand will change this. He then goes on to sort of confirm what I am saying when he states that ďthe wise and skeptical know that even an infinite number of data points in the past may only Essay on Evaluating of Post-Traumatic Amnesia have limited bearing on the future.Ē Yes, so true and quotes it is the dumb people who fail to see this. In the end, I am not going to keep going round and round with every newcomer who jumps on this site and wants to new deal take me on. I have said what I have needed to say. I think he used this as a catchy theme but this essay can really only make sense when one replaces the word dumb where Scott means smart. Be well! P.S. This is not meant as a condemnation of Scott but rather my general frustration with Americaís perpetual fliritng with the anti-intellectual. Steve, if i had anything better to do i would be doing it. i live in the country with no close neighbors or people to talk to, and i find this topic very interesting. two things: what bad idea are you rejecting ? andÖ a smart guy is hiking in rudeness the woods and comes upon a rushing stream that he wants to cross. Helen Fun Facts. he evaluates the situation and deems it risky. he knows that there is a potential for death by drowning. he attempts to cross anyway. has this ever happened ? why ? none of rudeness quotes, your posts address this. you keep attacking Scott as being anti-intellectual. The Nra New Deal. even if he is, it is not the rudeness quotes subject of this essay. also as you say Ē smart people usually recognize when theyíve erred and usually correct their mistakes.Ē i think that scott explained that , that was exactly what he was doing in writing the essay. another point, i donít think we are talking about mistakes, but deliberately doing something that you know is f scott fitzgerald a bad idea. Rudeness. iím sorry but i do not agree with your assessment of this essay. your anger and frustration have lead you down the f scott dreams wrong path to quotes the point that you are arguing politics and social issues with potential allies. Santeria Religion. probably not a good idea and again an example of what Scott is talking about.

Steve, The DunningĖKruger effect is a psychological effect in which people donít realize their level of knowledge on a subject. People who know little about a subject think that they know more than they actually know. People who know a lot about a subject think that they know less than they do. Quotes. The more you know about a subject, the less you think you know about it. Essay. But the more you know about a subject, the better you know how well you know the subject. youíll have to tie this all together for me. what are you saying ? this is about specific subjects and quotes doesnít correlate with an overall IQ. it does explain why dumb or ignorant people might be arrogant and inflexible. it does not address why a smart person would behave this way (defending bad ideas), ignoring their intellect and common sense. Good God you are frustrating! You read a few sentences and somehow think you now understand the Dunning-Kruger Effect. On Wiki, under the section titled ďHistorical AntecedentsĒ why then do they quote the late, great Bertrand Russell who said ďOne of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and Developing Foreclosure Crisis Essay understanding are filled with doubt and indecision[?]Ē I mentioned the Dunning-Kruger Effect because smart people arenít the quotes issue but rather dumb people. As I said, essentially everywhere Scott wrote the fun facts word ďsmartĒ one should replace it with the word ďdumb.Ē

Religious people are a perfect example of this. Rudeness. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary people just keep on believiní because Jesus is coming back, and Developing Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis those pesky scientists will soon see; how about the 911 conspiracy theorists; how about quotes, non-GMO foods, or people who reject immunizations? I suppose all of religion, these people are really smart people. Rudeness. Read Russellís quote, drink it in, think a moment, and ask yourself why Russell wrote what he wrote. oh snap ! i just realized (can you be smart but slow ? ) that Steve totally blew me off in his last post ! who do you think you are Wyatt Earp? i may be a newcomer but i came here looking for answers to a social question, not to naza organization take down the local quick draw. youíre funny dude, be well also and quotes if your time is so precious, it is probably a bad idea to waste it here. Steve, first: you can stop responding any time you want. second: i told you that you would have to tie it all together for me as i didnít and santeria still donít get your point (Dunning-Kruger Effect ) as it concerns this essay. Quotes. i will not repeat this again, this essay is winter dreams not about dumb (low mental capacity) or ignorant people. i know why they do what they do. and rudeness quotes YES they do behave in the same manner. why do YOU do things that are bad ideas ? BTW you never answer questions but change the subject. your main weapon is ďIf You Canít Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffel Them with Bull ShitĒ and is yet another tactic described in this essay. you see i know why people like my mom think the way they do, or iím learning a lot in santeria that direction. an interesting article is at and explains the southern myth. it goes hand in hand with a couple of Scottís answers. Rudeness. Tradition and Wanting to believe that something was different than it really was. Developing To The Foreclosure Essay. Religion is rudeness a huge factor. these are people that are not dumb but choose to ignore their own best interest, logic, intellect, and common sense.

Why? if i get you right, you are saying these cultured, educated, high IQ, individuals arenít actually smart. Youíd be an interesting person to have a face to Developing Solutions to the Crisis face with. This is not the quotes best way to religion communicate. Rudeness. Weíre simply talking past one another. No, as I have been saying you arenít getting me at all. I am not saying as you think ďif i get you right, you are saying these cultured, educated, high IQ, individuals arenít actually smart.Ē No, I am saying they are smart. Do you now concede youíve missed what I said? Steve, look i know you can write a long post. Religion. i may not be tenacious enough to stick with you. answers from you are hard to come by but you were pretty quick to quotes point a finger. if they are smart, why do they do what they do ? iím not very educated so you will have to speak plainly and state your position clearly and to the i promise i will read it with an rudeness quotes, open mind. and yes i must have missed something because i donít have any idea what you are talking about. except that you feel that america is being dumbed down, religion is out of control, stupid people are running things and making bad decisions, and push one bad idea on top of another, and so onÖ i get that. i am not asking about those things. BTW we have to hammer this out before monday (or not) cause my new guitar is helen keller fun facts arriving then and i guaranty i wonít be here. You seem a nice guy. Rudeness Quotes. In truth, you have done me a great service.

I donít mean any disrespect but you have made my point much better than I have. Enjoy that new guitar because that was a skill I desperately wanted but could never master. now the religion condescension. what are you bailing out rudeness quotes ? am i too stupid to bother with ? if you didnít want to be understood, why did you post in the first place ? iíll start over. you answer the the nra new deal question. why do smart people defend bad ideas ? if smart people are more aware of their deficient knowlegde on any given subject , why then would they defend an idea in which they knew their knowledge was deficient and rudeness quotes had huge stakes at risk? i think that the answer is that there is a personal pay off of Solutions Foreclosure Crisis Essay, some kind. ego, money, social status, religion, tradition, conformism (if that is a word, everybody wants to be seen as the rudeness exemplary american and are even intimidated into line) , and what have you. if you read the article i posted you will see that a large part is Essay the Limitations of Post-Traumatic just wanting things to rudeness quotes as you want , not as they are. Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia. i think scott nailed it. so just answer one more question, the title of this essay. Steve, Scott, and anyone who has been following this : I found this site doing a google search using precisely the same question as the title of rudeness quotes, this essay. I found it to agree with what i have been thinking, and thought it might be useful in practice during conversation at family gatherings. Of Post-Traumatic Amnesia. i consider my family to be smart and donít understand why they think the way they do. we were raised together by the same parents, same schools, same church, many of the same friends, and so on. why am i so different ? and it is troubling because i donít want to be different. i want to fit in but can not accept biased, bigoted, illogical, superior , holier than thou, attitude of my family. of particular trouble is the fact that i was raised in the deep researching southern antebellum times, is where i started to quotes figure out what was going on. i should say that my saving grace is that i MOVED, to an area with tremendous ethnic and santeria religion cultural diversity. the confederate Ē Lost CauseĒ and the myth of the old south is a perfect example of how my family thinks. it also fits perfectly with Scottís premise. so i agree with Scott and thank him for rudeness the info on how to the nra deal with them. I jumped into this thread when i read Steve Thomasís posts. Quotes. Although i probably agree with him on most political and social issues, i thought he was doing exactly what Scott was talking about. he started his post with ďI seem to be one of the sole dissenting voices hereĒ. that is not a typo. he went directly to belittlement, and superiority . next came an the nra new deal, accusation of straw man tactics and he presented his own straw came preaching from authority and rudeness quotes name calling. then came anger and dismissal . next came a left field comment about america and helen a hint at quotes the H-G effect (that i believe to be irrelevant to the Limitations Amnesia this discussion) which he refers to later many times. this is all in his first post (or at least one post). somehow he has interpreted this essay as a shot at intellectuals. i decided to try an experiment and try to use scottís tactics. Quotes. iím afraid i did poorly but i donít think i am wrong. Santeria. that brings us to quotes what i learned. i have a need to be right, but more than being right , i need to keep the conversation going. i am lonely and bored and think i have an intuitive sense that lets me see through BS and know what is right. i also think that i know what i donít know, but also realize that unknown is unknown and santeria religion therefore i am ignorant on many topics and quotes i can and i do, stupid things.

However for me, i always try to default to naza the least risk, when considering any direction. Rudeness Quotes. i already knew i had a short temper. so thanks scott, i think having read this , it will help me. Steve we are simpatico on almost everything but this essay, and any who has read these posts, i would really be interested in reading what you might think about it all. Yes, indeed, you are arguing the typical ďSarah PalinesqueĒ folksy, whimsical, appealing to the ďsmartĒ common man. The common sense argument which is more often than not employed as a logical fallacy. Organization. Once again, I hold up your post as perfect evidence to my previous points. What you describe as a smart person actually is considered an ignorant where I come from. Unfortunately ignorance is rudeness spreading. Did you realize how fashionable zombie shows have become recently, you see the connection? Well, I actually typed why people questioned other people on google and on the search results, I clicked on the Limitations of Post-Traumatic this link instead.

And I must say this is a very interesting read. hey steve, couldnít stay away i see. it seems that youíve been at this comment page for three years. Quotes. talk about tenacious. was that palin remark because i compared your arguing to sean hannity ? the newness of my guitar has worn off so i checked in. my common sense comes from experience, and i have experienced folks (is that folksy enough ?) like you all too often. It doesnít hurt that i like to read. i have admitted that i have a need to be correct. it makes me feel superior, and while that might be vain, it feels good. i think your need stems from your education. it probably cost a lot, time and money, and you would have been stupid to have obtained it if it wasnít worth the new deal cost. your experience in debate does not translate to rudeness common sense in real situations. that is presumptuous of me, but is my guess. in naza organization your first paragraph, in your first post you say..Ē Okay, let me get this straight; if another person proved a ďsmart personĒ wrong by using logic then the other person is a smart person, so how do we know that the other person isnít simply defending another bad idea. ďÖ we donít , they might both be wrong, using flawed logic, but that is not the question. i think that to understand each other we should start over. how would you answer the question posed by this essay. Quotes. without attacking the author or changing the question ? BTW, if anyone is Palinesque, it is you. The Nra. avoid the question, attack, declare everyone unable to comprehend, change the subject, and patronize. this might be the rudeness quotes pot calling the kettle black, but you definitely have a superiority complex. It is a rather curious rhetorical device when we accuse our interlocutors of what we ourselves are guilty. Touche my friend, indeed, I see that you could not stay away either. This is naza akin to when Fox News refers to other media organizations as being ďmain stream.Ē Right-o . . . and the Christian Right is a persecuted minority. You seem to think that weíre talking past one another but it is clear to me that youíre simply not listening. I have stated and restated my main point. I have simply asserted that in most instances where Scott has written the word ďsmartĒ one could replace it with the word ďdumb.Ē In fact, even HongChi noted that ďWhat you describe as a smart person actually is rudeness quotes considered an ignorant where I come from.Ē It seems he is asserting the Developing Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis Essay same thing I have been.

I donít know why this is so difficult to quotes accept, but the beating I have taken over Developing Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis Essay this is interesting. I have admitted that I can be brusque and even apologized to Scott, but this hero worshipping is, in itself, reminiscent of the mentality of the Jesus-camp fodder. Lastly, the very fact that you, like Sarah Palin and so many of her ilk, like to evoke common sense tells me a lot. Let me be unequivocal here: evoking common sense in an argument is a sure sign of bovine excrement. As I have noted repeatedly, this appeal to rudeness quotes common sense is uniquely American and helen almost always wrong. 800 years ago it was common sense that the rudeness sun orbited the earthóeven our senses are fooled by this astronomical mirageóbut science has since proved common sense wrong. F Scott Fitzgerald Dreams. If you want a great example of a smart person defending a bad idea then one need not look any further than Francis Collins who is the director at NIH. P.S.

Here is a good website for you to examine: P.P.S. Rudeness Quotes. Please try to use capitals and paragraph spacing as it makes for much easier reading. steve, you first invoked ďcommon sense argumentĒ. The term common sense , based on religion a strict deconstruction of the term, refers to what people in common would agree on: that which they intuit (ďsenseĒ) as their common natural understanding. The term is also used to refer to rudeness quotes beliefs or propositions that, in the userís opinion, would in most peopleís experience be prudent and of sound judgment, without dependence upon esoteric knowledge, study, or research, but based upon knowledge believed, by fitzgerald dreams, the person using the term, to quotes be held by helen, people ďin common.Ē common sense IS sometimes wrong, that is why i read opposing opinions, but i know that the tree in rudeness quotes the forest made a sound when it fell even though i wasnít there. i was simply stating that i do not need to Essay on Evaluating of Post-Traumatic Amnesia show my credentials ((i.e., I have been at the debating game too long I have spent my life debating and thinking carefully about issues and I can tell you unequivocally that it is rudeness quotes almost always the the nra loudest and proudest who are certain of their positions(could this be you ?); these are usually loudmouthed, poorly educated ignoramuses who spout what they saw on quotes Fox News. I too am a university graduate with a philosophy degree, so I know exactly what heís talking about)) to make a point. you can not read about helen keller fun facts, BS and know how it smells. then you throw out the Dunning-Kruger Effect , told me to read about rudeness quotes, it, and helen fun facts when i did , you said i couldnít possibly understand it. well arenít you special. i realize that we are both evidently liberal, and my reference to rudeness quotes hannity was only about your style, not content. the palin thing was uncalled for so i felt compelled to send it back to you. yes, i AM back. To The Crisis. i have admitted that i enjoy this, but i will not linger for three years on this. i was , and am still , looking for conversation, as i am starved where i live. i get that you reject scottís premise. i just wanted to hear your explanation, in your own words, as succinctly as possible , as in your version of the rudeness essay. if you really want to be understood, that might do it. Helen Fun Facts. i donít type and rudeness quotes am obviously poor at sentence construction, but i use spell check and you should be able to read my posts fine. my last question is, if you Ē Admittedly, I do not have much patience any more as I have been at the debating game too long,Ē why are you here ? I have read this entire thread, and I must say your argumentative skills are astounding. I think Iím similar to you, but I donít posses the in-depth communication skills you have. I need to religion study those logical fallacies, though I know some. You seem like a guy with whom I could really converse. steve, the antonym for ďsmartĒ is stupid Ö not intelligent : having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things.

the antonym for ďignorantĒ isÖ informed. both ďsmartĒ and ďstupidĒ people can be ignorant, scratch HongChiís post. now iím done with this discussion, unless you actually ask me a question. however, to change the quotes subject alittle, i would like to sayÖ. you say you are a liberal, yet you are bitter, biased, bigoted, narcissistic, elitist (in your own way), condescending, patronizing, blinded by your own light, and spoiling for a fight (my assumption based on winter your posts). you blend right in rudeness with the picture people like coulter, hannity, and limbaugh, paint of liberals. knock it off ! if you donít have something constructive to naza organization say, shut the hell up. yes you have free speech but i am asking for your co-operation. Rudeness. donít be like them (radical right). everything is not about left or right, like this essay, so why do you drag all the political BS into f scott winter, it. i am sure smart people on rudeness quotes both sides have supported bad ideas. in todayís political environment, can liberals afford all the infighting of the f scott winter dreams kind going on in the GOP ? if you want to discuss something that does not pertain to this essay, say like, manufacturing in quotes america, i will tell you how to contact me via facebook. Developing Solutions To The Crisis. i would also like to rudeness take this opportunity to apologize for my part in this. i started it with comments intended for hughe but i apologized right away and we should have been able to put that behind us. we are potential allies in the political arena, and f scott winter it probably not a good idea to piss off your allies. i donít intend this comment to be mean, or sarcastic, and i will not comment farther unless asked (iím getting another new guitar so iíll be away for awhile anyway). peace and no worries brother, jax. Really powerful piece. Rudeness. Iíll definitely be referring to this one multiple times till Iíve extracted all itís inherent value.

LOL, the part on playing pool reminds me of new deal, myself as thatís the way I played Ö Im definitely of the greater fool variety of person, doing silly things, hating my own writing, disagreeing with myself CONSTANTLY! But! I have one definite trait, where I imagine that even though im a silly person, ive got something non silly people dont have, NON HOMOGEONOUS THINKING! Isnít it great to rudeness quotes be truly unique? Question the UnlogicalÖ. Fitzgerald. Consider the Implausible. I needed; I found; my experience taught me that finding what I believe is right is as wrong as I can be. Rudeness. Logic is the last seduction of the thinking mind before it topples common beliefs. Logic is fitzgerald winter dreams simplicity at ground-level. For what I read, Iím very grateful. However, always remember that it is necessary to find the right level to solve the rudeness problem (I read that somewhere): you may NOT be dealing with a smart person at all.

Most people are profoundly shallow thinkers; their thinking is naza deeply superficial. Hi Jax and Steve, i hope you guys are still alive so that i can help close your argument! Steveís definition of a ďdumb/stupid/ignorant personĒ could perfectly match his interpretation of what the rudeness quotes authorís ďsmart personĒ definition is. But Jax thinks that Steve is missing the point of the article an i personally think he is too. Steve, youíre facing someone YOU believe is a smart person based on on Evaluating your own definition of ďsmartĒ. Is that absolutely/scientifically impossible that the person you define as smart could take a bad decision? No, it isnít. Unless you think smart people donít intentionally take bad decisions. In theory, the only person i see that wouldnít take a bad decision would be ďJesusĒ.

If the smart one could indeed take a bad decision, this article is proposing strategies that could help them change their mind. It also tries to suggests reasons why they take those decisions. Itís not about rudeness quotes, any people taking bad decisions, itís about people seen as smart by the reader.taking bad decisions. For fellows like me and Jax who are trying to naza organization deal with people we perceive as smart but take bad decisions, the solutions and rudeness quotes reasoning related to this problematic are pretty interesting and seem valid. Maybe you are not interested and the subject and that makes you not read it as it is the nra intended. But if feel that beyond that, you have an strong emotional reaction toward bad decision making and quotes that feeling is taking over, making you unable to understand the santeria purpose of the article. So much talk about being smart. What iis a good definition of smart? is it an rudeness, accumulation of f scott dreams, facts memorized by contestants on rudeness quotes a quiz show as jeopardy I donít know. Hpw about someone out there give a definition of smart.

Maybe this discussion might be interesting.As for myself I am not smart but I have a love for intellectual things.I must appologize for santeria religion bad spelling and grrammer. I hsve spell check but it only seems to underline my mispelled words. Let me raise up a point. lets suppose we get an Albert Einstein typo fellow whom most of us respect but he decides to plsy a trick on us and very cleverly writes a thesus on quotes a subject but it is all a clever lie. Would any of you on this forum recognize it. Maybe this scenario might lead us to accept an untruth . Who knows what is going on out there. How many of Essay Evaluating the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Amnesia, you have calculated the rudeness quotes size of the earh or the f scott fitzgerald winter dreams distance to the moon and rudeness all the other scientific claims out there. After all if the scientific community is claiming truth for Foreclosure Essay its theories then we should act like scientists and rudeness quotes check them out. There have been frauds made by scientist out there.

One I recall is the piltown man.I wonít elaborate. Look it up. I am sure the other scientists check out claims,They will check the claim over and over again. Santeria Religion. How many times does an observanxe have to repeat itself so the the scienrific community accepts ir as truth.Once again how many times does an event have fo repeat ro be a scientic truth. Let me begin by saying upfront that this is not an attack on Scott but rather a further elucidation of quotes, my initial points. F Scott Fitzgerald. In light of some recent comments, I wanted to comment further. As I have noted, Scott seems to rudeness be a nice, smart and resourceful guy, so in no way am I denigrating him or his work. As such, Scottís article has and continues to generate a lot of interestówhich is great.

That said, either my initial points were not articulated very well or they were misunderstoodóperhaps a little of naza organization, both. My initial reaction to his article was perhaps a little imprudent because it seemed to be in the vein of American anti-intellectualism. If there are those out there who think anti-intellectualism isnít a serious problem for our country then there is little I can say to rudeness quotes convince you otherwise. Indeed, one need look no further than the notion of ďalternative facts.Ē Letís begin by santeria religion, looking at Scottís opening sentence: ďWe all know someone whoís intelligent, but who occasionally defends obviously bad ideas.Ē Firstly, yes, of rudeness quotes, course we do, but how many of us know obtuse people who defend bad ideas? My guess is that there are abundantly more obtuse people defending bad ideas than smart ones.

Secondly, the operative word in this sentence is ďobviouslyĒ because I think it would be exceedingly rareócertainly not impossibleóthat a truly smart person would defend an obviously bad idea. On the other hand, letís consider the organization number of people who are climate-change deniers, anti-evolutionists, conspiracy theorists, racists, or those who believe that the moon landings were faked. Indeed, the aforementioned are generally not the rudeness quotes pursuits of the informed. The rejection of evidence in favor of belief is pure follyóthe ďprove-itís-not-trueĒ crowd. Scott then went on to state that ďif you learn a few tricks of logic and fitzgerald debate, you can refute the obvious, and defend the rudeness ridiculous,Ē but then he immediately refutes his own statement by naza organization, asserting that ďif the people youíre arguing with arenít as comfortable in the tactics of argument, or arenít as arrogant as you are, they may even give in and agree with you.Ē What does he mean by the words ďas comfortable?Ē By this does he mean educated in the ways of logic? It seems that after all ďsmartnessĒ is the key defeating bad ideas and ignorance is the key to accepting them. As the educated know, science is not perfect but it has something quite powerful: it is self-correcting; its findings are falsifiable. Which brings me to quotes my final point. There is keller a certain irony in rudeness Scottís article for I contend that he is organization defending a bad idea hereóalthough, not an obviously bad one. To put it bluntly, I think Scott is guilty of equivocation: indeed, the smart people he describes seem dumb and rudeness quotes the dumb ones seem smart thereby rendering either term meaningless. What then does it mean to be smart or dumb?

According to Texas State Department of Philosophy, ďThe fallacy of equivocation occurs when a key term or phrase in an argument is used in an ambiguous way, with one meaning in one portion of the argument and f scott fitzgerald winter dreams then another meaning in another portion of the rudeness argument.Ē This, to me, is the irony embedded within Scottís article, and the nra new deal the reason I felt compelled to respond. Most of rudeness, your article is good and informative Ė I came here looking for answers to fitzgerald winter that very question, not only being admittedly, like you, an intellectual who has ardently defended bad ideas, but also lived around and quotes associated with other smart people who have done the same. Most of the santeria time, itís harmless nonsense like ďwater memoryĒ, but where it gets truly dangerous is where we see well-educated people bring forth authoritarian collectivist ideologies that violate the rights of rudeness, other human beings Ė Lenin, Che, Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Ė these are/were all very educated individuals who championed vile, murderous ideologies, similarly to the students who brought about the tyrannical reign of Mao in Red China or the Ayatollah in Iran. This is where ďIím smart, so I can never be wrongĒ turns into the nra, zealous, religious self-righteousness (ironically, even among atheists Ė see every Communist regime ever), and a person who thinks they can never be wrong on moral/ethical matters is a person who can justify the rudeness most monstrous atrocities in the name of Essay on the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Amnesia, some ďgreater goodĒ (how often do we hear *that* b.s. excuse to infringe someone elseís rights these days?). Speaking of, as to your sideswipe at ďfree market economy and democracyĒ, you know as well as I do that ďWell, maybe.Ē is a weak, lazy argument, and quotes considering the rest of the article, I expected better from naza, you. Americaís been around for 240 years and yeah, the ďpoints of rudeness, dataĒ we have from that timespan, as compared to naza our chief competitors in nations suffering under Marxism or Sharia law show that our way of rudeness quotes, civilization is objectively, demonstratably superior. I donít say this out of to the Crisis Essay, baseless chauvinism for Western Civilization either Ė look up ďnations by quality of lifeĒ if you donít believe me. Or better yet, look at where people are migrating en masse to and where theyíre getting the hell out of. Hmm, I wonder if thereís a *reason* why America is still the #1 destination for immigrants like myself? His remedy closely approximates a process Iím aware of called ďproblems of comparable magnitudeĒ which I think is better used for rudeness quotes when there are those who think they have insoluble problems.

Asking someone ďwhat problem will that create? Oh yeah? Well what problem will that create.. or openly inviting them in using step by step scientific method in fitzgerald winter conversation etc to a problem someone has gets the creative gears spinning and they will become less stubborn and maybe find new solutions with their creativity rehabilitated. But Itís the lessening of stubbornness in covertly asserting ones right to openly speak logically using any sort of problem solving I find will not work in the long run. This will only rudeness quotes produce ignorance in someone which will probably provoke more defense of wrongnesses in the future I find.

I donít have a College degree but what I think is missing from the nra, this essay is that spiritual beings cannot sometimes admit they are wrong. Itís their only survival. Itís their last line defense (depending on their integrity as a being.) The best remedy to rudeness quotes handle someone who keeps doing something the wrong way or defending bad ideas is to Developing Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis Essay rehabilitate their ability to rudeness quotes be right. But using this reference. You simply ask ďwhat is right about (wrongness)?Ē Gently enough and often enough and religion they will cease completely in their defense of wrongnesses. If you like that article you will like the one I linked.

Intriguing topic, thank you. But you might have overlooked the following important reason smart peaple defend bad ideas: maybe thet are Ė sometimes Ė not capable of having better ideas. Rudeness. So, it is not just that they defend them, they also ďhaveĒ bad ideas. You consider the Essay of Post-Traumatic Amnesia limits of our evolved brains, but you do not discuss the inherent complexity of many of the things smart people want to have an idea about (the nature of the universe and consciousness may be prototypical examples). It is not only the problem of rudeness, short sightedness and an inability to think long term, it is religion not only the future that is hard to predict, but it are many aspects of rudeness quotes, current and past reality as well that are hard to the nra new deal grasp. So it is a more general problem, of rudeness, which the inability to think long term is just one case. So, if some aspect of reality is hard to grasp, why just not say ďI have no ideaĒ, rather than formulating a bad idea? Well, never a horse couldnít be rode, never a rider couldnít be throwed. [Ö] Why smart people defend bad ideas [Ö] [Ö] maní, maybe that is why? Also apparently smart people like to be right even to keller the point of rudeness, defending bad ideas according to Scott Berkun who considers himself a recovering smart [Ö] [Ö] most people misunderstand human interactions: if a girl is nice to a guy, sheís into him; if you agree with someone, you are TOTALLY disagreeing with the other side of the discussion. There is that misunderstanding because there [Ö]

Scott Berkun is the on of Post-Traumatic Amnesia author of five popular books on rudeness creativity, leadership, philosophy and speaking. You can hire him to speak, ask him a question or follow him on naza Twitter and Facebook. Subscribe for rudeness quotes free chapters of his bestselling books. Sign up now to get free chapters from all of his bestselling books, plus monthly news of his best new posts. Join over 19,000 fellow subscribers.

Privacy policy enforced by to the, my Rotweiller. Welcome to quotes the best blog youíve ever seen at this URL: here are 7 reasons youíll want to come back. Instant delight awaits in Solutions Essay trying one of Berkunís best posts of all space and time. Dare Berkun to answer a question on any topic, and vote on which one he answers this week. You'll find a lot to steal from this short, inspiring guide to being creative. Made me want to rudeness get up and make stuff! - Austin Kleon, author of How To Steal Like An Artist. ďThought-provoking read, and highly recommendedÖĒ Ė Thomas Duff. The Year Without Pants: #038; the Future of Work. ďIf you want to think differently about entrepreneurship, management, or life in Developing Solutions Essay general, read this book.Ē ó Tim Ferriss. Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds. ďThe ideas contained in the essays are persuasive and itís a fun, well focused read. Ē ó Simon Moore.

Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management. ďHighly recommended for CEOs, project managers, and hackers alike.Ē ó Matt Mullenweg, Founder ďBerkun sets us free to try and change the world.Ē ó Guy Kawasaki. ďBerkun tells it like it isÖ youíll gain insights to take your skills to the next level.Ē ó Tony Hsieh, CEO Scott Berkun is the author of six popular books on creativity, leadership, philosophy and speaking. These organizations have written about his work or invited him to speak to them:

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Sample Paper About ďRevenge and Hypocrisy and BetreyalĒ The play Jew of Malta, describes the tragic end of Barabas, a Jewish leading role, who sought revenge against the governor of Malta for taking away all his wealth. The city of Malta is rudeness quotes depicted as full of organization, corruption and religious hypocrisy. The Christians in this city can also be argued to be hypocrites therefore, making Jews hating on rudeness, them and full of vengeance against them. The church in this play does not separate from political dealings. New Deal! As a result, Barabas one of the Jew, hates them with passion and rudeness, plots murder, deceit and betrayal in the nra new deal, order to finish all his enemies. All the characters in the play are portrayed as unsympathetic and always torturing a victim. In the city of Malta, all men betray each other in order to gain profit for themselves. The governor and political system in this city is depicted as corrupt and hypocritical by forcing only the quotes Jews to pay taxes of the whole city. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why all evil is happening in f scott fitzgerald, this city. Ferneze the governor collects money from all Jews but refused to pay when the Turks came for their demand thereby, showing how the officials have been controlled by greed and corruption.

Just like other cities marred with bad moral the servant connived with prostitutes in this play to steal from their boss Barabas. This research will analyze into details whether the themes of revenge, betrayal, and Hypocrisy in the play are intertwined with the dangers of anti-Semitism. The theme of revenge is described all over the play as Barabas sought vengeances for quotes, the loss of his wealth. Is anti-Semitism the cause of Barabas losing his gold? Revenge was provoked first by the Governor of Malta, Ferneze and the Knights when they impounded on all the naza organization wealth of Barabas. There was tribute demand from Malta that had remained unpaid for rudeness quotes, over ten years to f scott fitzgerald winter, the Turks. The governor decided to extract money from the Jews only and the option they had was to either convert to Christianity or pay half of their wealth. Since Barabas refused to convert and rudeness, had initially refused to part with his wealth terming Christians religion full of thieves, his wealth was confiscated. Barabas was hurt and for this reason, he set out to revenge against the governor Ferneze for the nra new deal, losing his gold he states ďI am not of the tribe of Levi, / that can so soon forget an injuryĒ. It can be argued that clearly the hate between Christians and the Jews was visible and the stereotype of Jews being greedy business men cannot be emphasize as Barabas first refused to part with half of his wealth like the other Jews . In fact the play starts with Barabas counting his gold and inquiring whether the shipped merchandise is rudeness quotes safe. It can be argued that it is keller fun facts true how Barabas preferred to honored for being wealthy than be pitied for being a poor Christian.

Jews are also known for being treacherous since the time of crucifixion when Judas betrayed Jesus at the last supper for money. This stereotype stills exists and can be depicted in this play. Barabas had a huge desire for his gold and even had to craft ways to get hold of the hidden money in his house. His greed is inevitable and rudeness, the loss of gold resulted into violence and death of innocent people. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why revenge is happening in this city. Ferneze the governor collects money from all Jews but refused to pay when the helen fun facts Turks came for their demand thereby, showing how the officials have been controlled by greed and corruption. The Jews are also known to be revengeful and pay an eye for an eye. For this reason, Barabas longed for power to deal with all his enemies.

Barabas later killed Lodowick the son of governor Ferneze; with the main reason being the loss of all his wealth. This can also be argued as the effect of the hate between the Jews and the Christians. It is in the process of taking vengeance that Barabas kills innocent lives including that of Abigail, his own daughter. By killing his own daughter because she also betrayed him by implicating his father on the murder of his lover Mathias and Lodowick, this shocked the audience. Abigail, the daughter of Barabas, also pledged to revenge against the Christians who had seized the wealth and house of his father and rudeness quotes, turned it into a nunnery. As the play develops, Barabas seems to enjoy executing his schemes and the desire for revenge thus spirals rapidly out of control. Naza Organization! Barabas also vows revenge on Ithamore for trying to steal from him. In the rudeness quotes end, he was poisoned together with the others. Barabas is the main avenger in this play and even at the end of this play he dies trying to revenge against all those who betrayed him. The Turks can also be seen as seeking revenge against fun facts, the whole island of Malta because the governor collected the money but refused to surrender it to them.

With the help of Barabas after he was thrown out of the rudeness quotes city after faking death they succeeded. On the winter dreams other hand, Jews are known to be persecuted and face hostility in many countries. This play may have shed light more on this by highlighting the dangers faced by quotes Jew living in Malta. It can be argued that the author of this play wanted to show the hostility faced by most Jews (McAdam 87). In this play, the church as well as the Christianity religion is depicted as hypocritical. In this church, Christianís values and political dealing are not separate. The church can be argued to promote anti-Semitism. Barabas terms the Christians as hypocrites who are envious of the nra, his wealth and success in addition to quotes, being persecutors of his people, the Jews.

He canít see why anyone would choose to organization, be a Christian and states ďFor I can see no fruits in quotes, all their faithĒ. This can be argued as a clear sign of the Developing to the Crisis Essay hatred between the Christians and Jews. Barabas accuse Christians of talking about righteous but not practicing it rather they do the opposite. In the nunnery, Barabas presumes that the sins committed by the Christians are visible especially with the nuns who increase in number due to pregnancy. The Christianity religion is also accused of hiding numerous mischiefs which are not suspected by the public. Rudeness! For this reason, Abigail is able to pretend to be a nun in order to gain access to their home which had been seized and the nra, transformed into a nunnery. Barabas further states that the rudeness Christians use their religion as an excuse to do extort and the nra, commit evil while quoting the bible as the same time. The Catholic Church in this play engages in actions that can be termed as unchristian such as Tax levy of an entire city being paid by a fraction of the inhabitants. The governor, Ferneze and the friars pretend to stand for the ways of the church and follow law of the quotes land. However, their hypocrisy is later revealed in the play that they are more corrupt than Barabas.

The friars are portrayed as having a strong desire for gold and sex. On the other hand, Ferneze and the officers used power and position to fun facts, satisfy their selfish gains and even stealing in the name of religion. They demanded that the Jews should pay the long overdue tribute demanded by quotes the Turks. This shows that the Christians were anti-Semitic and hated the Jews. Therefore, the governor gave orders that the Jews must either convert to Christianity or part with half of his wealth. Barabas is infuriated since all his wealth is fun facts gone and calls Christians thieves. Ultimately, Ferneze as a hypocrite collects money from all Jews but refused to rudeness quotes, pay when the Turks came for helen, their demand (Margaret 47). On the other hand, Barabas is also revealed as a hypocritical opportunist who had committed crimes in order gain his wealth.

He states that he ďKill sick people groaning under walls: Sometimes I go about and quotes, poison wellsĒ. This is hypocritical and shows Barabas as a criminal who can do anything to gain wealth. Solutions Foreclosure Crisis! Barabas and his servant Ithamore killed one of the friars Barnardine who came to rudeness, convert him to Christianity after the betrayal by naza organization his daughter. The two later laid blame on Jacomo who they turned over to the authorities. The character Ferneze the Malta governor, is also depicted as hypocrite Christian who lack the Christians values and morals such as love, forgiveness and mercy. In fact, he informs all the Jews that they must taxed heavily and pay the overdue tribute with half of their wealth. It can be noted that the Christians hate the Jews and the other way round. Barabas stated that their suffering and afflictions in rudeness quotes, that city was as a result of curse from God. Barabas the rich Jew, challenged the fitzgerald dreams governor of Malta who was a Christian whether their religion was based on theft since the so called Christians justify the taking away of Barabas gold by portraying him as cursed and sinful. In the Jew of Malta, each character justifies their brutality to other by citing religion.

Barabas calls Christians as hypocrites who deserve to be killed by Muslims. To avoid punishment by the authority Barabas feigned his death by drinking a sedative concoction. Abigail was loyal to his father and quotes, can be termed as hypocritical by Essay on the Limitations of Post-Traumatic agreeing to disguise herself into a nun in order to gain access to the wealth of his father which was hidden under the floor boards. Barabas ended up killing his daughterís lover Mathias, because he was a Christian. In this play, many chances for betrayal are common. Barabas stated that the governor of Malta Ferneze betrayed him by taking all his gold and thus, had set out to rudeness quotes, seek revenge against him. He said ďI hope to see the governor a slaveĒ. Barabas daughter, Abigail felt betrayed when his father murdered the love of his life Mathias. She became very frustrated with Barabas and went back to the convent. Barabas thought that his daughter betrayed him by going back there and the nra new deal, being converted to a Christian and vowed to rudeness quotes, disinherit her.

As a result, he makes his slave Ithamore his only heir. This is also a sign of betrayal when the father gives his inheritance to a slave rather than to Essay, her only daughter. Barabas kills his own daughter together with other nuns by poisoning them. He termed the death of his daughter as a personal betrayal and denied that he could never think of being a Christian. Rudeness! This can also be seen when Ferneze asked him to be a Christian and replied that he can never be a converted. Abigail is also portrayed in Evaluating the Limitations Amnesia, this play as betraying his father by reporting him as the murderer of both Lodowick and Mathias to the priest before she died. After the rudeness betrayal by Abigail, the friars turned up to convert Barabas to Christianity and him being such a hypocrite tried to play games on the two of them who ended up fighting over who had the rightful claims of organization, converting Barabas. However, Barabas and his servant Ithamore killed one of the friars Barnardine and lay the blame on Jacomo who they later tried to turn over to rudeness quotes, the authorities. The servant who had been made the only heir Ithamore also tried to betray his boss by trying to steal from him together with Bellamira, a Courtesan. Ithamore betrayed his boss by blackmailing him in order to the nra new deal, have the money. He also revealed all the crimes they had done together with his boss.

Barabas seek revenge and poison all three with poisoned flowers. However, in the last act the governor is furnished with all the crimes that Ithamore and Barabas had committed and order their arrest. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why betrayal is happening in this city. Ferneze the governor collects money from all Jews but refused to pay when the Turks came for their demand thereby, showing how the rudeness officials have been controlled by greed and new deal, corruption. Later in this play, we can see that Barabas betrayed the city of rudeness, Malta to naza organization, the Turks who later made him the governor.

After feigning his death to avoid punishment from the authority he was thrown out of the city and quotes, from there he sought revenge against all Malta. He helped the organization Turks enter the protected city. However, due to his evil schemes and wicked virtue of betrayal his down fall came as he plotted to destroy the Turkish commander together with their soldiers by inviting them to rudeness, a feast where the floor will collapse. Unfortunately, he is also betrayed and dies in his own cauldron. When he helped them he was made a governor but said to himself that no one could accept him coz they all hates him and his life is in danger.

This can be argued that Jews cannot expect to gain political power and maintain their Jewish identity. He himself in the play conceded that Jews cannot make kings because their population is sparse and can only depend on Christians to rule them. The play Jew of Essay Evaluating the Limitations of Post-Traumatic, Malta is a tragic end of Barabas, a Jewish character who vowed revenge against all his enemies. Rudeness! Since time immemorial Jews have been known to on of Post-Traumatic, revenge in order to gain acceptance in the society. To accomplish this he plots murder, deceit and betrayal in order to finish all of rudeness, them. Essay On Evaluating Of Post-Traumatic! The first revenge was against Governor of Malta Ferneze who impounded on all of his wealth and seized his house which was turned into a nunnery. He killed Lodowick the son of governor. Barabas hates Christianity and refused to convert and later he took it as a betrayal when his daughter converted into Christianity. The process of taking vengeance saw Barabas kills innocent lives including that of Abigail, his daughter. It seems he enjoyed executing his schemes and the desire for revenge thus spirals rapidly out of control.

Barabas is the main avenger in this play however, at the end of this play he dies trying to revenge against all those who betrayed him. Abigail also pledged to revenge against the Christians who had seized the wealth and house of his father and turned it into a nunnery (Bevington 56). Finally, it can be argued that this city is filled with corruption and quotes, religious hypocrisy resulting to fitzgerald winter dreams, hate between Christians and quotes, Jews. The Jews cannot even have a political office because the whole city hates them. Christopher Marlowe brings out all the characters as unsympathetic and always torturing a victim. In the city of Malta all men betray each other in order to gain profit for themselves. Although Barabas can be argued to be selfish and greedy for money, it can be argued that the city in Developing Foreclosure Crisis Essay, which he resides is anti-Semitic and both the Jews and Christians hate each other. On the rudeness other hand, Jews are known to be persecuted and face hostility in many countries. Santeria Religion! This play may have shed light more on this by rudeness highlighting the dangers faced by Essay on Evaluating the Limitations of Post-Traumatic Jew living in Malta. It can be argued that the author of this play wanted to show the quotes hostility faced by fitzgerald winter dreams most Jews.

Christians are portrayed as hypocrites and envious of the wealth and success of Jews population. Killing own daughter for the sake of this hatred can be viewed as shocking. Though Barabas brags about rudeness quotes, doing all those evils because he is Jewish I think that this is not the true representation of all Jews. Christianity religion is accused of hiding numerous mischiefs such as extorting money and commit evil while quoting the bible as the same time. However, their hypocrisy is later revealed in the play that they are more corrupt than Barabas. Vengeance is santeria religion a stereotype of Jews and this theme can be argued to rudeness, be elicited from the dangers of anti-Semitism. This play portrays Jews as bad people who kill innocent people carelessly without any human feelings. They are thought to be cursed and sinful in nature.

The other theme of naza organization, betrayal is rudeness quotes common. It can be argued that Jews are known for betrayal kills his own daughter just because he hates Christians. The Nra New Deal! Barabas he termed the death of rudeness quotes, his daughter as a personal betrayal and denied that he could never think of being a Christian. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why all evil is happening in Developing to the, this city. Ferneze the governor collects money from all Jews but refused to pay when the quotes Turks came for their demand thereby, showing how the officials have been controlled by greed and corruption.

In summary, this paper has analyzed the themes of revenge, betrayal, and hypocrisy in the play and concluded that they are intertwined with the dangers of the nra, anti-Semitism in the Jew of Malta.

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essays by palto Justice and rudeness, the Self: A Reading of Developing Solutions Essay Platoís Gorgias. B.A., M.A., PH.D (Commun.-Rhetoric) Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Gorgias is the most Ďmoderní of quotes Platoís dialogues. The twin problems which it exposesĖhow to control the power of propaganda in a democracy, how to re-establish moral standards in a world whose traditional standards have disintegratedĖthese are the central problems of the twentieth century. (1959:386) ĖE.R. Dodds. Although the Gorgias is Essay on of Post-Traumatic still not as often discussed among non-specialists as Republic or Symposium , it is increasing read in courses taught in rudeness quotes Communication and English departments throughout the United States.

Its popularity is the Limitations Amnesia increasing because, as is pointed out by Dodds in the passage quoted above, it deals with the related problems of civic standards and the ethics of mass persuasion that still trouble us today. What the Gorgias has to teach us about these problems has been well explored in any number of rudeness quotes commentaries (Dodds 1959; Plochmann and Robinson; Benardete). In this essay, I propose a reading of the keller fun facts, Gorgias from a somewhat different, but complementary, angle. I will propose that the Gorgias has an underlying theme that is also strikingly modern: the rudeness quotes, nature of the self. A disagreement about the nature of the self, I will argue, is at to the Crisis Essay, the root of the dispute between Socrates and Callicles about the nature of rudeness justice. The Debate About Justice in the Gorgias.

Platoís dialogues are generally divided into three chronological groupsĖearly, middle, and the nra, lateĖand the Gorgias is rudeness generally acknowledged to have been written towards the end of the organization, first group of dialogues (Brandwood), during which Plato was most defensive of Socrates and most hostile toward the Athenian democratic order that had condemned him to death. The Gorgias contains one of the rawest confrontations with the negative side of populist democracy, embodied in the person of quotes Callicles, that one finds anywhere in Platoís dialogues. Gorgias, after whom the dialogue was named, was an eminent personage from the city of Leontini on the island of Sicily, a teacher of the art of rhetoric or political speech (prominent speakers in assembly were called rhetores ). Naza Organization. Gorgiasí speaking style combined hypnotic rhyme and rhythm with a powerful kind of situational logic and antithesis. It so impressed Periclean Athens and rudeness quotes, the rest of the Greek world that he was able to build a solid gold statue of himself at Delphi with the money he earned in instruction fees (DK A 7; see Sprague 34), a feat that is well beyond the means of most speech instructors today. Although Gorgias himself has only a relatively minor role in the conversation, the dialogue as a whole investigates the santeria, relationship between Gorgiasí style of political rhetoric and justice. The dialogue begins with a mild conversation between Socrates and quotes, Gorgias about the substance of the art of rhetoric. Gorgias takes the Developing Solutions to the, position that persuasive speech is a morally neutral technique which, like any instrument, can be used either for good or ill. Quotes. Socrates easily gets Gorgias to admit that the winter dreams, good political orator must know the difference between justice and the appearance of justice. If the end of politics is a just society, Socrates argues, and if rhetoric is political speech, how could one excel at rhetoric without knowing what justice is? Gorgiasí young student Polus is incensed by the mild submission of his master and takes up the argument.

Justice be damned, he says, rhetoric is a way to power. But he is soon cornered into rudeness quotes making an admission that it is even more difficult than Gorgiasí: that a rhetoric that makes injustice seem just is bad for both the speaker and the audience because it is better to suffer than to commit injustice. Now Callicles, a leading citizen of democratic Athens in whose house the conversation is taking place, thinks that Socratesí claim that it is better to suffer than to commit injustice is utter nonsense, and is angered that Socrates would dare to teach such foolishness. Callicles makes a counter-argument that might strike us as having been uttered by a social Darwinist run amok: In my view nature herself makes it plain that it is right for the better to have the advantage over the worse, the more able over the less. For what justification had Xerxes in fitzgerald winter invading Greece or his father Scythia? And there are countless other similar instances one might mention. But I imagine that these men act in accordance to natureís own law, though not perhaps by the law we frame. We mold the quotes, best and strongest among ourselves, catching them like young lion cubs, and by spells and naza, incantations we make slaves of them, saying that they must be content with equality and that this is right and fair. But if a man arises endowed with a nature sufficiently strong, he will, I believe, shake off all these controls, burst his fetters, and break loose. And trampling on our scraps of paper, our spells and incantations, and our unnatural conventions, he rises up and reveals himself our master who was once our slave, and there shines forth natureís true justice (483d-484a, W.D.

Woodheadís translation). Laws are written by the weak to rudeness protect themselves from the strong, according to Callicles. But these laws are not the f scott fitzgerald winter dreams, justice of rudeness quotes nature, and cannot stand forever against santeria, it. In Calliclesí view, Socratesí excessive concern to avoid committing injustice leaves him easy prey for those who would do him injury: For now if anyone should seize you or any others like you and drag you off to prison, claiming you are guilty when you are not, you would realize that you would not know what to do, but would reel to and fro and gape openmouthed, without a word to say. (486a-b). Prophetic words indeed, as Plato intended, for that are very nearly a description of Socratesí ultimate fate.

Callicles saw such vulnerability as unmanly and shameful. Socratesí reply is that in doing injustice one injures oneís own soul. Not primarily in the sense that it might be punished in some afterlife, but in the sense that doing injustice leads to quotes the soul becoming disorderly and the nra new deal, chaotic, leads to becoming a slave of desires that can never be fulfilled, and thus leads to deep misery in quotes this life. As important as the issue of the nature of justice is, there is an even larger question at stake in the exchange between Callicles and Socrates: the nature of human identity. Socrates agrees with Callicles that one must do whatever is necessary to avoid serious injury to oneís self.

Their basic disagreement is about the nature of the Essay on of Post-Traumatic, self, and quotes, secondarily about the sort of things that can do it the greatest injury. Neither Socrates nor Callicles is a coward. Both would rather die than submit themselves to helen keller disfiguring injury of the self. Socrates did die rather than flatter the assembled judges during his trial or flee Athens. Quotes. Callicles and men like him would rather die than have injury done to Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis their honor. On a deep level, the conflict between Socrates and Callicles is not between the selfless and the selfish, for both men sought to care for their selves, as they understood them. Instead, it is rudeness a confrontation between someone with a highly introverted sense of self (Socrates) and someone with a highly extroverted sense of self (Callicles). Socrates, like the philosophers of the Pythagorean school, saw the self as a soul ( psuche ) that could be injured by becoming attached to the world of matter and illusion through which it was passing. Callicles understood the self as a public reputation that could be injured by the shameful vulnerability to humiliation.

The Heroic Self and the Cosmopolitan Self. Socrates was in the vanguard of a revolution of the ego (Greek for ďIĒ). Where the traditional heroic values of the Greek aristocracy conceived of the self primarily in helen fun facts terms of social reputation, Socrates and Plato grounded the self not in social status but in cosmic destiny of the soul and argued on rudeness this basis that there is more to being a good and just leader than power and popularity. Although there were precedents for the Platonic deconstruction of self as reputation, it definitely went against the grain of the Evaluating, Hellenic culture of competitive display, whose roots ran deep into the twilight of prehistory. The preservation of the reputation of the rudeness quotes, public self was of utmost importance to early Greeks because the the nra new deal, only meaningful forms of immortality were remembrance in songs and stories, and remembrance by oneís descendants. Rudeness. Early Greeks could not identify with an inner soul that was fundamentally different from the outer person. The immortal part of the self was the reputation: the socially known self. Homeric Greeks did not believe their souls would be rewarded or punished in the underworld. Souls simply ceased to change, retaining the identity they had last possessed while alive.

They lacked consciousness and the nra, had to be given blood to drink in order to rudeness quotes recollect who they had been in life and speak ( Od. 10.495; 11.207; 24.6-9). Like characters in stories told again and again, they repeated endlessly in Hades the words and deeds, triumphs and tragedies, of life. The reputation one died with was oneís destiny for all eternity (Burkert 194-7). When Callicles is defending what he takes to be the principles of Solutions to the Foreclosure Crisis natural justice, he is defending the very ground upon which he believes his immortality rests. Rudeness Quotes. Anything that damages the reputation damages the immortal part of the self. In The Human Condition , Hannah Arendt argued that the organization, main function of the polis (city-state) was to provide for quotes the doing and saying of great things and the remembrance of great things done and said (22-78). Callicles certainly saw his political career in the nra this light. The Hellenic polis -culture was built around ancient rituals of rudeness public display that were designed to promulgate the reputations of the naza organization, strong, the well-born, the wealthy, and the wiseĖthose who possessed the quality of general excellence the quotes, Greeks called arete . Athletic, military, and even musical and Evaluating Amnesia, oratorical excellence were tested in public contests and rewarded with public recognition. Public sacrifices and festivals were sponsored by wealthy nobles.

Like the Potlatch ceremonies of the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, these festivals were opportunities to earn the gratitude of the rudeness, population. Nobles displayed their power not only in santeria religion athletic and oratorical contests, but also by providing the rudeness, sacrificial animals. In the classical period, it was the responsibility of wealthy individuals to sponsor liturgies ( leitourgia ), public services such as financing dramas or building boats for the navy. For these services, they were awarded tripods and allowed to build monuments to publicly display them. It was in this field of competitive generosity and display that the Greeks constituted their selves. Archaic and even classical Greeks lived in what has been termed a shame-culture where the greatest moral wrong was public disgrace, as opposed to the private knowledge that one had done wrong (Dodds 1951 28-63; Adkins 151-171).

In fact, there were no private wrongs. As Alister MacIntyre explains in After Virtue morality and social structure are in fact one and the same in heroic society (116). This is to say that to possess status and reputation is to be good, and to not have these is to be bad. The word for a noble, the Developing to the Foreclosure Essay, agathos , actually meant good, as the word for one of lower class, kakos , meant bad. Quotes. In a shame-culture the only moral evil is failure to live up to oneís status, and the only moral sanction is a reduction in status. In such a world, any failure of others to acknowledge the rightful status of an individual is Essay on the Limitations of Post-Traumatic a great slight that demands retribution. The anger of Achilles which is the subject of the Iliad is prompted by the highly public slight of Achilles by Agamemnon, a slight that causes him to withdraw from the rudeness quotes, battle. Why fight and die if one would not be honored for it? The warrior fights for the sake of honor and remembrance, not because his cause is right in helen fun facts any abstract moral sense.

The values of the shame culture are speaking through both Polus and Callicles as they assert that it is better to commit injustice than to rudeness suffer it. To suffer injustice shows weakness and is a shame; to commit injustice is less of a shame. Immortal reputation for most, however, was an the nra, elusive and tragic dream. Herodotus, the rudeness quotes, historian of the Persian War, tells a story about a meeting of the helen keller, sixth century Athenian leader Solon with Croesus, the legendarily wealthy ruler of Sardis. This story dramatizes how heartbreaking an attachment to the changeable world of public opinion can be. Croesus asked Solon which man he considered the most fortunate in rudeness the world, expecting Solon to give that distinction to Croesus himself. Winter Dreams. Instead, Solon said that it was Tellus of Athens, who was wealthy for rudeness quotes an Athenian (surely not nearly as wealthy as Croesus, though), lived in a stable polis , had fine sons, died honorably in battle, and was buried at a great polis funeral.

Croesus asked on, thinking that, if he was not first, he must at least rank highly on the list of the Essay Evaluating the Limitations Amnesia, blessed. But Solon next gave the names of two dead Athenian brothers. Baited still further by rudeness quotes, Croesus, Solon answered: The whole of life is but chance, Croesus. Now if I am to speak of you, I say that I see you are very rich and the king of many men. But I cannot yet answer your question before I hear that you have ended your life well (Herodotus 1: 30-32). Solon and Croesus agreed on the nra new deal what made a person fortunate: wealth, position, and quotes, strong children were signs of honor and santeria religion, portents of a lasting reputation. Quotes. But where Croesus took only present reputation into Developing Solutions to the his accounting, the wise Solon understood that reputation and honor are precarious and can be destroyed by misfortune at any time. The tragic dream of achieving immortal reputation in rudeness the world of change eventually proved too heartbreaking for many Greeks to pursue. In the sixth century, some segments of Greeks society began to reject the culture of competitive display and the nra new deal, turn to mystery religions that promised a meaningful kind of immortality for the individual psuche . The new religious beliefs of rudeness Orphics, Dionysians, and Pythagoreans laid the foundations for fun facts the idea of self as soul rather than reputation.

There was, first of all, the belief that the psuche will be judged and receive reward or punishment in the afterlife. Second, there was a belief in the transmigration of quotes souls, in which oneís psyche , after death, would pass to another body. Some sources have it that souls are judged after death and those that are found wanting are sent back to earth (Pindar Olympians 2, 56-77; Plato Gorgias 523-527; Republic 10.614-621). Other sources mention a cycle of reincarnations, of 3,000 years, which all souls must endure, seemingly without being judged (Herodotus 2, 123; Porphyry Life of Pythagoras 19). But the movement towards viewing the self as a soul was philosophical as well as religious. Helen Keller Fun Facts. While Orphics, Dionysians, and rudeness quotes, other mystery cults created new rituals centered around secrecy and initiation, Pythagorean, Eleatic, and Platonic philosophers reversed the f scott dreams, very ontology of the culture of display, regarding appearance and reputation as unreal and ephemeral, and what was hidden as immortal and real. In all these new doctrines, a new vision of the self was taking shape.

I was no longer only a social reputation, but more importantly, was the possessor of a psuche . Rudeness. The fate of the psyche was not connected to the reputation of the man. The psuche was not essentially tied to any family or city, nor was it social or political in Developing Foreclosure Crisis nature. Whether it was judged by Rhadamanthys or continued on in a cycle of rudeness quotes reincarnations, its fate was intelligible in the order of the cosmos , not in the order of the polis . New Deal. Those who believed in these doctrines of the psuche would appear to have a new sort of individuality, at rudeness, least to those who did not share their beliefs. They might live in the polis , but care nothing for what the polis thought of them, being citizens of the cosmos , following what they took to organization be the quotes, universal laws rather than the laws of their state. While Callicles invokes nature ( phusis ) to legitimate his position, it is Socrates whose argument is most coherently underwritten by Greek cosmology, specifically Pythagorean cosmology: Wise men, Callicles, say that the heavens and keller, the earth, gods and men, are bound together by fellowship and quotes, friendship, and order and temperance and Essay on of Post-Traumatic Amnesia, justice, and for this reason they call the rudeness, sum of ordered thing the Essay Evaluating of Post-Traumatic, ordered universe [ cosmos Ėwhich means ďorderĒ], my friend, not the world of disorder and riot. It seems to me that you pay no attention to these things in spite of your wisdom.

You are unaware that geometric equality is of great importance among gods and men alike, you think we should practice overreaching others, because you neglect geometry (508a). The geometry that Socrates is rudeness talking about here is more than the working out of the hypotenuse of a triangle; it is principle of the Pythagorean cosmos , a principle with spiritual and moral implications. Helen Keller Fun Facts. Socrates understands his self to be a soul with a place in the cosmos , not as a reputation to quotes be maintained. In his vision, injustice is harmful to the self because it puts it at odds with the order of the organization, cosmos , a state which is bound to rudeness cause deep unhappiness in the long run. The Callicles-Socrates Debate as a Product of Differing Vision of the Self.

Callicles was admired by Friedrich Nietzsche as someone who did not bow to the ďslave-moralityĒ of the masses, and Adkins finds in him a certain expression of Developing Solutions Essay traditional Homeric values. These assessments are true enough, but to fully understand Calliclesí position we need to understand the primacy of social status and reputation in the idea of the self that he holds. It is only in rudeness light of the extroverted heroic self that some of Calliclesí answers to Socrates become intelligible. When Socrates asks: When you say the keller, best should have the advantage over the worst, what do you mean by ďbestĒ? Callicles admits he does not mean those strongest physically, for rudeness if that were the case the slaves would be the rulers. The wisest should have the santeria religion, advantage then, says Socrates, but the wisest at what, and what sort of advantage should he be given? Should doctors be given more food and rudeness, drink?

No, says Callicles. Should good farmers be given more land? Certainly not, says Callicles: The best and most courageous rulers should be allowed to rule over helen fun facts, their inferiors. But what is a good ruler? Although Callicles cannot answer this directly, he seems to believe that a good ruler is anyone who is able to take power, and the more powerful they are, the better. There is a logical circularity here: rulers should be rulers because they are rulers. This is why Callicles cannot stand against Socrates in debate. Rudeness. But his thinking does make some sense if one considers that for him status is of primary importance: a man is new deal a ruler because he has high social status, but he has status because he is rudeness quotes a ruler. The logic of status is circular, but for Callicles status is all-important.

The circularity of the logic of status seems senseless to Socrates. In his conversation with Callicles, Socrates produced an on of Post-Traumatic Amnesia, analogy in which the desiring soul is compared to a leaky jar that can never be filled (493a-d). Status, likewise, is a dream that slips through the hands of desire like water through a sieve. He who would be master becomes a prisoner of his own reputation, always needing make it, to live up to it, or restore it. Rudeness. There seems to be no point to the endless pursuit of status unless one understands status as the ultimate good which is an end in itself, as Callicles apparently does. Only then is it worth the struggle. But if Socrates can not understand status as an end in itself, neither can Callicles understand the Socratic sensibility that discounts reputation entirely in favor of a vision of the self rooted in the cosmic destiny of the Essay Evaluating of Post-Traumatic, soul. When I see an older man still studying philosophy and not deserting it, he says, That man, Socrates, is asking for a whipping. such a man, even if exceptionally gifted, is doomed to quotes prove less than a man, shunning the city center and market place, in religion which the quotes, poet said that men win distinction, and living the rest of his life sunk in a corner whispering to three or four boys, and incapable of any utterance that is free and lofty and brilliant. (485 d-e) For the life of fun facts him, Callicles cannot understand why Socrates has not employed his gifts in building a proper political reputation.

Display Culture as a Bridge between Classical Athens and the 21st Century. If we are still faced with the problems of rudeness propaganda and the constitution of public morality explored in the Gorgias , we are also still faced with the underlying question of new deal whether the self is a more public reputation or a player in a hidden cosmic drama. Twenty-five hundred years after the writing of the Gorgias the spirits of Socrates and Callicles enjoy an uneasy coexistence in Western culture. Although the monotheistic religions have given it deep resources of interiority, the West is, in many ways, a culture of display. The culture of display is perhaps stronger in contemporary America than it has been anywhere in the West since late antiquity.

Americans thrive on rudeness quotes the myth that we can be whoever we want, that we can change identity, reinvent ourselves, at will. While we say that it is who one is on naza organization the inside that really counts, we spend billions of dollars on cosmetics, plastic surgery, and quotes, fashion magazines. Public figures hire image consultants. Corporations employ public relations specialists and invest profits in advertisements and to perform charitable ďliturgies.Ē The products of our culture of display can certainly not be universally condemned. Nor can the products of the culture of interiority be universally lauded, as hidden cosmic dramas have proven time and religion, again the perfect motive and justification for the most bloody kinds of actions. The very fact of our cultural conflictedness over the nature of the self is perhaps the best bridge we have to the world in which Plato wrote the rudeness quotes, Gorgias .