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Aztec Success Essay Research Paper Aztec SuccessThe. Aztec Success Essay, Research Paper. The Triple Alliance was a bond formed in 1482 between the cities of impression management Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and the story of an hour Tacuba. We know the empire they created as the Aztec Empire. Management Example! Their reign included the sorter conquest of many neighboring communities. The immense amount of land and impression management people they reigned over caused many problems because of the enormous distances and rudimentary means of communication. The Kiersey Sorter! This led to a special kind of rule where the remote cities received preferential treatment to guarantee their loyalty. The tribute system the Triple Alliance set up was the backbone of their Empire, and it financed the important religious festivals and impression the luxuries of the ruling class. The tribute was collected from conquered lands and consisted of everything Mexico could produce and consume. The system was quite flexible and adaptable to the problems of transport and the lack of an alphabetical writing system which made rapid communication troublesome.

The ever-expanding conquests created #8220;a bureaucratic and economic machine of enormous complexity that fed on a diet of tribute, trade, and a constant supply of sacrificial victims from near and distant lands#8221; (Fagan, 95). The success of the Triple Alliance, in such a short period, came from the unique government it created, which incorporated a tribute system capable of combining the religious, political, and social values of the the kiersey temperament time. The development of the Aztec Empire occurred in an amazingly short period. The Mexica were the last group to migrate to the valley of Mexico toward the beginning of the thirteenth century (van Zantwijk, 40). Their late migration left them low on the social scale forcing the Mexica to wander for many years trying to find a permanent settlement (Duran, 13). They lived off the western shore of management Lake Texcoco, at Chapultepec for a short time, but this land belonged to the Tepanec people. In 1299 the Tepanec forced the Mexica to deception, take refuge to the south of the lake, on the outskirts of Culhuacan (Leon-Portilla, 88). The Tepanec sent them there hoping the poisonous snakes of the area would kill them.

Instead, the Mexica ate the snakes. The Tepanec again chased the Mexica out in impression example 1323 and so the Mexica founded the site of Tenochtitlan, which was to become a great capital. Meanwhile, the Tepanec were building a great empire in nearby Azcapotzalco. The Mexica strived to become privileged members of the Tepanec empire. Although Tepanec confined them to secondary roles, they managed to take advantage of this time to train themselves (Gruzinski, 26). In 1426, Tezozmoc the leader of the Tepanec empire was succeeded by his son Maxtla, who hated the Mexica. Soon war broke out between the two groups (Duran, 61). Texcoco, a neighboring city, also was at odds with the Tepanec, and so the Mexica, the Tecocan and Tlacopan formed the reflective essay introduction Triple Alliance against the Tepanec. The Triple Alliance formed what is today known as the Aztec empire. The power of these three cities defeated the Tepanec and took control of their land after a siege lasting 114 days.

Tenochtitlan, the Mexica capital, controlled the military and tribute payments while Texcoco held authority over juridical and cultural affairs. Tlacopan became a subsidiary to impression example, Tenochtitlan and dealt mostly with external relations, like presenting official declarations of war for the empire (Van Zantwijk, 111). After only a little more than one hundred years in the Valley of essay examples Mexico, the Mexica became great leaders. In 1440 the emperor Moctezuma I came in to power. He was to be known as the father of the management Aztec Empire (Gruzinski, 31). Moctezuma knew the importance of conquering neighboring lands to expand the power of the Aztecs. The perpetual battles that Moctezuma I began laid the groundwork for the success of the empire. The conquering of neighbors#8217; land was very important to the survival of both the panama Aztec Empire and the world (Davies, 42). The tribute payments gained by conquering supported the impression government economically and provided the victims for die, the sacrifices which the impression example Aztecs#8217; believed fueled the world.

The conquest of new lands was important to the kiersey, Aztec religion and society because of the growing need for humans to sacrifice. The Aztecs believed that someday this world or Sun would have to end. The only way to example, avoid the did neville chamberlain die death of the sun was by impression giving it vital energy enclosed in the chalchiuhatl or #8220;the precious liquid#8221; which keeps humanity alive, blood. This called for a continuous supply of sacrificial victims, whose hearts and blood would be offered up to the sun, giving the sun the nourishment necessary to prolong its life indefinitely (Leon-Portilla, 101). The Story Of An Conflict! To make this possible, the Aztecs started a practice known as the impression example #8220;flower wars,#8221; periodic battles whose purpose was to capture potential sacrificial victims. The Aztecs fought these pseudo wars with the people of Texcoco, Tlacopan, Tlaxcala, and Huexotzinco. Soldiers did their best not to kill opponents but rather to take them alive for sacrifice (Duran, 348). Reflective Introduction! The Aztecs believed the impression example continued existence of the universe depended on them, if they did not feed the sun the dark forces of the night would destroy it. This gave the Aztecs a justification for all their conquests.

By subduing other people and reducing them to tributaries, they were realizing a supreme mission (Leon-Portilla, 102). Panama Deception! The Aztec state was thus devoted to impression example, the notion of tupac perpetual war (Davies, 51). Due to the importance of war the Aztec Empire eventually expanded to great lengths, stretching from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and from Northern Mexico to management, Guatemala (Fagan, 95). The religious, political and social needs of the tupac community led to this expansion. The Aztecs#8217; conquests were also rewarding because the tribute system required the payment of goods in addition to captives.

The Aztecs required any conquered community to management, pay tribute or taxes to the kiersey temperament, the main empire in Tenochtitlan. The city of Texcoco received an equal share of this tribute, but the control was in the hands of Tenochtitlan (Davies, 45). The sources state that they distributed the impression example tribute in a 2:2:1 ratio. Tenochtitlan and deception Texcoco got two-fifths each and Tlacopan one fifth (Coe, 171). Impression Management Example! Tribute could consist of many things, such as precious stones, feathers, cacao, cotton, clothes, live animals, shells, maize, beans, fruit and much more.

Gruzinski notes that #8220;Several tens of thousands of tons of food, more than 100,000 cotton garments, and an impressive 30,000 bundles of feathers, and an impressive quantity of precious objects and rare animals constituted the tribute paid in a year#8221; (44). Provinces that lacked foodstuffs and clothes used people as tribute, and of an their services were used for military or public work projects (Fagan, 148). Imperial authorities supported local dynasties if they delivered their tribute payments on time (Smith, 76). Impression Management Example! The local dynasties included land granted to nobles and land controlled by personality calpullis, a group of management families that controlled a territorial unit acting as a channel of goods and services to examples, the state (Fagan, 146). The government imposed and linked social status to the tribute revenue (Brumfiel, 679). At the bottom were the commoners whose tribute payments supported all the nobles and calpulli (Smith, 76). Those who worked to provide tribute received little benefit other then vague promises of help in times of famine and war. Only a few highly privileged rulers and nobles enjoyed the full fruits of the trade and tribute system (Fagan, 125). The structure of the impression management example tribute system also allowed the empire to recruit large numbers of people in a short amount of time. The Kiersey Sorter! These recruits came from the calpulli and the people controlled by the nobles.

This was a major factor in the success of the Aztec Empire. In most of the campaigns subject neighbors furnished large contingents to management, form forces that a single city-state could not conceivably muster (Davies, 42). The Aztecs could punish any community that did not pay tribute almost immediately because of the empire#8217;s ability to mobilize troops from other tributaries in personality a short time. The Aztec Empire presided over a variety of vassal states and tense political alliances which kept their armies in the field every year (Fagan, 113). The social structure of the Aztec community complemented the management government#8217;s objectives. Panama Deception! Aztec life existed not for the individual but for the group; each member conformed to social norms and contributed to the preservation of the community and management example state through tax, labor and, in romeo character war times, through military service (Fagan, 138). Impression Management Example! The government imposed the definition of an individual#8217;s social status (Brumfiel, 679).

Authority and tribute flowed up and down a social pyramid built on a solid base of close family ties, ancient lineage connections and communal ownership of land among the commoners (Davies, 120). The Aztec nobles consisted of two levels: the secular bureaucracy of judges, officials and soldiers and the organization of priests (Fagan, 95). Another important factor that led to the success of the romeo character Aztec empire was their unique structure of the government. The communities that they conquered only felt the repression of the government through tribute payments (Davies, 41). After conquering lands the Aztecs left no garrison behind, only a tax collector. Apart from the tax collector the Aztecs respected local authorities, institutions and traditions (Gruzinski, 40). The indigenous rulers and nobles were left in place, but were demoted to the status of middle and impression example lower rank officials (Coe, 167).

The idea of conversion was alien to the story of an conflict, the peoples of Mexico. Sometimes the Mexica stressed the cult of their sun god Huitizilopochtli, but they did not require the conquered people to worship him. The Aztecs maintained a relatively peaceful relationship with the conquered by granting them religious freedom. The Aztecs did not have a regular army to serve as an occupying force (Gruzinski, 40). Their only communication from the management conquered towns came through the tribute payments and merchants. Romeo! The merchants sometimes acted as spies for the Aztec government, and were compensated for any information concerning rebellions in the conquered lands.

The Aztecs were more interested in tribute then annexation (Fagan, 130-131). Management! The structure of the government caused the different social groups to feel important so that there was little chance for rebellion. The dominant groups kept subservient groups under control by making them responsible for some part of the government. Each group had a defined place and panama deception got satisfaction by exaggerating the importance of their role in the system (van Zantwijk, 26). The Aztecs divided the government operations among different ethnic groups so that the state could function only through their cooperation.

The social hierarchy relied on a network of social and management economic dependence that bound nobles and commoners to one another through obligation of service (Fagan, 179). The supreme power lay in Tenochtitlan and the emperor, however. The emperor#8217;s position was based on hereditary succession by election (van Zantwijk, 25). Rule depended not just on force and terror but on personal qualities and exemplary lifestyles. Panama! The functions of the hierarchies and impression their mutual relationships changed overtime according to the administrative, social, economic and religious development of the society (74). At first the people acquired rank through achievements but eventually birth became the overriding factor (Fagan, 137). This increasingly stratified society needed to romeo character, maintain the high levels of management example tribute to feed ever more non-farmers (179). The Aztec empire faced two major problems that blocked complete control: enormous distances and rudimentary forms of communication. The empire at its height consisted of Northern Mexico to essay examples, Guatemala and from the example coast of the reflective essay introduction examples Pacific to the Gulf of management example Mexico. Not only was this a vast amount of land, but it also contained a variety of climate and topography. To add to this trouble, the Aztecs had no beasts of burden, so everything had to be carried on the human back.

Messages could take weeks to reach their destinations, making communication very difficult. Of An Conflict! Also, the Aztecs did not have an example, alphabetized writing system but relied on glyphs, ideographic representations (Leon Portilla, 44). These weaknesses often led to revolts in conquered lands. Hour! Nevertheless, these revolts were few and easily put down. Since the Aztecs could produce a force from any of their tributary communities in a short time, they could keep their empire in line (Fagan, 148). After such revolts the rebels were crushed and then forced to pay even higher tributes, not so much of quantity, but value and difficulty of supply (114). The Aztec success at government can be attributed to their ability to control such a large territory and population through tribute and fear.

The Triple Alliance knew how to take care of the populations of the Valley of Mexico. In exchange for warriors the impression management Aztecs, granted the tributaries shares of the war booty. Remote cities received preferential treatment to the story hour conflict, guarantee their loyalty. The Aztecs entrusted others with guarding the frontiers, which exempted them from tribute payments. The empire #8220;resembled an immense spider web, with the Triple Alliance at its center and a thousand networks linked through marriage alliances, exchange of services, interdependence and extortion#8221; (Gruzinski, 42).

The whole structure was flexible and impression adaptable to the empire#8217;s changing needs. The Aztecs could not rely on efficient means of hour transport or an alphabetical writing system, but they found ways around these difficulties. Impression Example! The Aztec Empire was nothing like a highly centralized and totalitarian power, and this is what made it so successful. We can best describe it as a #8220;sophisticated tribute-gathering machine#8221; (Fagan, 113). Every aspect of the Aztec imperial government was focused on two ultimate ends: the reflective introduction examples feeding of t-he sun with the blood of sacrificial victims and the maintenance of the power and prestige of the emperor and the nobles (113). Both ends rested on the complex tribute system of the Aztec government. Brumfiel, Elizabeth M. #8220;Consumption and Politics at Aztec Huexotla.#8221; American Anthropologist Sept. 1987 v89 n3: 676-679. Coe, Michael D. Mexico:From the Olmecs to the Aztecs. New York: Thames and Hudson Inc., 1994.

Davies, Nigel. The Aztec empire : the Toltec resurgence. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1987. Duran, Diego. Impression Management! Aztecs: the history of the Indies of when did neville New Spain. New York: Orion Press, 1964. Fagan, Brian M. The Aztecs. New York: W.H. Freeman and Co., 1984. Gruzinski, Serge.

The Aztecs; Rise and Fall of an Empire. New York; Discoveries harry N. Abrams, Inc, Publishers, 1992. Leon- Portilla, Miguel. The Aztec image of self and society : an introduction to Nahua culture. Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, 1992.

Smith, Michal E. #8220;Life in the Provinces of the management Aztec Empire.#8221; Scientific American Sept. 1997 v277 n3: 76-78.

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More Examples of SAT ‘Pop Culture’ Essay Questions. The passionate discussion last week about the propriety of the now-infamous “reality television’’ essay question on the SAT – including more than 350 comments posted on The Choice – has had one noticeable reverberation: it has pulled back the curtain a bit on how the College Board and Educational Testing Service approach the essay portion of the exam. After I quoted Angela Garcia, executive director of the SAT, as arguing that “pop culture’’ was a relevant and relatable “reference point’’ on which test-takers “would certainly have an opinion,’’ my colleague Jane Karr, editor of The Times’ Education Life supplement, asked the board if it would supply some examples of essay prompts from past SAT’s that had sought to impression example, mine a similar vein. What follows are some of those actual prompts (and, in response to some of introduction, your queries to me, a prompt, as I understand it, is impression example more than just a question — in introduction, part because it often contains declarative statements.) If you read to the bottom, you’ll also find a television-themed prompt provided to Ms. Karr by ACT, the SAT’s chief rival. Just before we get to the business at impression management example, hand, though, a prompt of reflective essay examples, my own: I hope you’ll use the comment box below to let us know what you think of these examples, and whether you see them as more or less effective — and appropriate — than the impression example, prompt that has been the subject of so much buzz. The first, from the panama, November 2009 SAT, defines “popular culture’’ broadly: Popular culture refers to television shows, movies, books, musical selections, artworks, products, activities, and events that appeal to impression management example, the interests and desires of large numbers of people. Popular culture tells us a lot about the the kiersey temperament sorter, people of a society.

Some people may criticize popular culture or deny its influence on their lives, but one thing is management example clear: popular culture typically displays the ideas and principles that people value most. Are the values of a society most clearly revealed in its popular culture? This SAT prompt, from October 2005, seems to almost foresee the rise of reflective essay, Hollywood-fueled Twitter feeds: 1. Celebrities have the power to attract “communities” of example, like-minded followers; they provide an identity that people can connect to and call their own. Celebrities are trusted; they stand for deception, certain ideas and values to which followers can express allegiance. –Adapted from William Greider, “Who Will Tell the impression management example, People?” 2. Admiration for character, celebrities is impression management example often accompanied by contempt for “average” people. As we focus on the famous, other people become less important to us. Reflective Examples. The world becomes populated with a few “somebodies” and an excess of impression, “near-nobodies.” –Adapted from Norman Solomon and the story of an hour Jeff Cohen, “Wizards of Media Oz”

Is society’s admiration for famous people beneficial or harmful? Here, from December 2006, is an management SAT prompt on of an hour, media and reality that could be a companion to the more recent TV-show prompt: All around us appearances are mistaken for reality. Clever advertisements create favorable impressions but say little or nothing about the products they promote. Example. In stores, colorful packages are often better than their contents. In the media, how certain entertainers, politicians, and other public figures appear is more important than their abilities.

All too often, what we think we see becomes far more important than what really is. Do images and impressions have too much of an the kiersey temperament effect on example, people? And then, in October 2009, SAT-takers were asked to opine on the state of the news: Good news is, for the most part, no news. It is not sufficiently compelling or important to make leading stories and front pages in the media, certainly not as often as bad news. Of An Hour Conflict. Bad news sells, or so it seems from the books, newspapers, and television reports that fill our lives.

But in management example, this endless focus on the bad, the profile, media present a distorted view of the world. –Adapted from Richard B. McKenzie, “The Paradox of Progress: Can Americans Regain Their Confidence in impression, a Prosperous Future?” Do books, newspapers, and reflective essay introduction examples other media focus too much on bad news? Finally, that same month, other takers of the SAT were asked about something near and dear to many, but perhaps not all: their cellphones: An Internet phone service is impression example offering unlimited free telephone calls for anyone who signs up. There is personality only one catch: the company will use software to listen to customers’ phone conversations and example then send customers advertisements based on what they have been talking about.

For example, if they talk about movies with their friends, advertisements for movies will appear on their computer screens. Conflict. Commentators have voiced concern about customers’ giving up their privacy in exchange for impression management example, phone service. Should people give up their privacy in deception, exchange for convenience or free services? And here, at last, is the one, similar prompt that administrators of the ACT gave to us: As the amount of time students spend watching television increases, teachers debate whether television channels should be required to devote at least 20 percent of impression, their programming to the story of an hour, educational shows about topics such as science and history. Some teachers support this policy because they think television is an impression management example ideal teaching instrument with a very large and very receptive audience.

Other teachers do not support this policy because they think what is considered educational by some could be considered merely entertaining by others. In your opinion, should television channels be required to devote at least 20 percent of their programming to educational shows? In your essay, take a position on this question. You may write about tupac personality either one of the example, two points of romeo character, view given, or you may present a different point of view on this question. Use specific reasons and impression examples to support your position. Now it’s your turn, Choice readers. Please use the box below to tell us what you think of these prompts. Of An. And if you have not yet read the reality-television prompt, you can find it in this blog post. Comments are no longer being accepted. During prehistoricdf times (my hgh school days 69 or 70) we had an SAT question in impression management example, regards to romeo, the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Look that up in impression management example, you” funk and wagnals”.

I never saw the movie as I was working 7 days a week saving to buy a car, aka freedom during teenage years. I do not understand the the story of an, unnecessary buzz surrounding the SAT writing prompt. Example. Having taken the SAT twice, it is pretty clear that, although the the story hour, prompt is important, any decent writer can create a good enough paper without much background on the issue and not lower their score too much. Impression. For example, on my first SAT (May 2010), I received a 1980. My score on reflective introduction, the prompt was a 10 and my total writing score amounted to example, a respectable 650. On my second try (November 2010), my score soared to a 2310. My writing score was highest, at 790, but the difference in the prompt score was a mere one point up to an 11. From personal experience, the writing prompt does not have a great enough effect on the overall score of the SAT to be considered an issue of major concern for tupac personality, most students. I would argue there is a wide gulf between “popular culture”, which was defined to include books and films, and “reality television” as the topics of impression, SAT essays. The former is extensively studied in several departments of introduction examples, most universities and colleges, while the latter is, for now, not. The problem as I understand it is not so much the questions but how the students are trained for the tests.

My son, an 11th grader, has always been instructed to give concrete examples. I notice that only some of these prompts call for this, but that doesn’t help the students have internalized a rubric for the format. My children were raised in a rural area that did not have TV reception and we used a radio along with a landline to communicate. I am glad the last one entered college ten years ago. #1, in 1970 there was no essay question on the SAT. The writing component came much later. You must be referring to a reading comprehension passage, and there you are only being tested on what the passage contains. To post #2, what did you do the impression management example, first time you took the exam, sleep through half of it?

That’s a huge increase. Anyway, I think the drama surrounding the SAT prompt is unnecessary. Sure the essay question was unexpected, but let’s face it: SAT essay readers don’t grade based on how well you write, that’s what AP Lit is for. SAT essay readers grade based on whether or not your ideas make sense and are communicated clearly. 7th grade 5-paragraph essay anyone? “The essay gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can develop and did neville chamberlain express ideas.” Quoted from the College Board page I think the prompts serve this purpose well. They do not ask about a specific show nor reference other details of which a domestic or international student may be unaware. I personally believe that a lot of management example, SAT bashers didn’t like their own scores and want revenge — probably not 800s and maybe even below average. Please sign this SAT 662 verbal, 1970. #128521; An SAT question about one’s general outlook on some aspect of pop culture (broadly defined) is OK with me.

However I’m not comfortable with asking something specific, like the recent “reality TV” question. Kids who watch those TV shows have an advantage over those who never watch them. In other words, the questions about the place of pop culture in the larger society are fine, but the the story, questions must be so phrased, and must be non-specific, so that everyone has the same chance at a good answer. One relative recently graduated Harvard College having gotten in with near-perfect SATs. Another relative just graduated a small technical college near Boston. Guess which one is gainfully employed, satisfied with her life, and most capable of creating a cogent essay about impression reality television. If you answered correctly, you probably are not in the top quintile. The college admissions exams have been “dumbed down” over the last few decades. The use of grades is useless, as a result of introduction examples, grade inflation, for decisions regarding admissions to universities. What’s left?

These questions and example prompts do not matter very much. First of all, let me say that I’m not aware of the objections to the SAT “pop culture prompts.” Bearing that in mind, I see nothing anti-intellectual about these prompts. In my opinion, they are as challenging – if not more so – than the the story conflict, prompts I encountered as a student test-taker. I do not regard the overall value of popular culture, itself, as either fact or fiction. However, I do see value in the ability to impression example, think deeply about popular culture (with or without an emphasis on criticism). I can easily imagine students crafting essays on the subject of reflective essay introduction, popular culture that are high in quality across the board. As a side note, I expected this controversy to be about management prompts that directly ask the test-taker to write about the content of the kiersey sorter, popular culture. The recent dramas of Charlie Sheen are one potential example this. If test-makers prompted analysis of that sort, I would understand and impression management example sympathize with these protestations without question.

However, from what I know it, this situation does not trouble me in panama, the least. I think all of these examples are much broader and more inclusive than the reality TV question. I would still argue, however, that they are biased toward middle class students with a certain set of values. You don’t understand Abraham because you haven’t lived long enough. Come back after twenty years; I bet you know the management, answer. First let me state my bias: I graduated high school in 1967. The SAT and ACT are supposed to predict success in the kiersey temperament, college and impression whether they do so or not, the test scores are used by colleges to tupac, determine who will be admitted. The ability to write a piece of cogent, grammatical prose on a set subject is the skill being tested. If you accept that, then the subject can be as “pop” or “classical” as you like as long as the impression management, students have some ideas about the subject. On the other hand, as a tuition-paying parent , I wish the panama, subject was more serious or academic.

The notion that the ability to get into, say, University of Virginia is dependent on how well a kid can discuss the social relevance of Snookie is, not to put too fine a point on it, appalling. Solely on the basis of the management example, literacy of the reflective essay, first two comments — multiple typos in the first and management example TWO dangling modifiers, plus a pronoun-antecedent flaw — in the second — I would disqualify both opinions. If you’re gonna write about chamberlain die writing, you should write good. The prompts are not specific to a TV show, movie, art exhibition, or book. Spending hours consuming pop culture doesn’t even seem like a precondition to write the essay. I think these are interesting and intelligent prompts which reflect current social discussions, and in management, this sense, seem like a fair opportunity for students to romeo, demonstrate their opinions and help colleges evaluate a student’s potential. Impression. These prompts feel like a strong improvement to SATs in the past. These prompts are brilliant! Each makes enough assertions that a writer can fully or partly agree, disagree or even counter-propose.

The writer than has wide space to do what the item tests, coherent thinking/writing. Reflective Examples. Even without much prior exposure to the subject matter. And there’s no right answer, just an opportunity to impression, write well. BTW, this broad approach is deception far better than the infant stumble that caught Harvey Halperin back in the day, when he’d not seen a specific movie. I hope he wrote his essay on impression, the error of posing an “ageist” question that assumed that all young people had the same experience. With the ridiculous addition of essay questions regarding pop-culture, have we lost sight of the fact that American students are falling drastically behind their internationally educated peers academically. I am shocked that one’s thoughts and when die evaluations regarding pop culture is as important as one’s recall of historical facts to see any parallels in contemporary society, the ability to perform math at management, collegiate levels or even to balance a checkbook, and to use logic and rhetoric to actually *learn about* a topic, and not just learn how to pass a particular test. The U.S. is failing in our travesty of reflective introduction examples, a public school system. We spend more money per student than any other country in the world, and our children are scoring lower than dozens of countries that spend 25% of what we do per impression management example student.

Spending more money is NOT the solution. Privatize education. Eliminate the panama deception, NEA, and all teacher’s unions. Let the impression management example, parents keep control of the money associated with their children’s education. The Kiersey Temperament. At best – we should reallocate funds on a per-student basis (not an impression management example in-district basis) to allow for the parents to spend their “allotted funds” in the school of character profile, their choice – OR AT HOME, if they feel a home-based education would do their children better. I admit this is not a perfect solution, but at least we, The People, will use our resources more wisely than The Government that are burning through said resources and failing to educate in the process. Excellent writing typically involves the impression management, application of relevant facts to concepts. If you don’t know the facts of reality television, (and in general it is probably a better indicator of your aptitude if you do not), it could put you at a serious disadvantage in the story of an conflict, writing about it. Of course, this is management example equally true about many subjects.

Who can know the facts relating to all potential SAT questions? However, the subject matter of this question is terribly inane in my opinion and discriminates against peoples without a television. At first I was appalled, thinking that they were asking students direct questions on the kiersey temperament sorter, pop culture. Impression Example. But in reading the prompts, I see that they are using the topic as a vehicle to see how well students think and write. The use of pop culture simply gives the students a topic with which they are most likely very familiar… unless they have a Chinese Tiger Mother. In that case, they’re toast since they have had no contact with pop culture in when, their entire lives. These questions -including the reality show one- didn’t offend me as much as I expected. Having long since lost interest in anything the TV or radio might provide, and never having had any interest in celebrities or “popular culture” in general, I could still manage to write something thoughtful on these topics.

It seems they ask less for examples of knowledge of these topics, more of a display of capacity for impression management example, talking about these topics. Like it or not, they are part of the story hour conflict, our social fabric, and management a person who at the very least has not formed an opinion on these topics is not someone many of us would want as a friend, classmate, co-worker or otherwise. From a wider perspecive, though, being able to write an the story of an hour essay capable of passing muster of impression, a standarized grading orthodoxy certain hardly qualifies the writer as a functioning, valuable and/or interesting member of did neville, society. Abraham, your logic skills are lacking. I am one of the professors you will meet, and who is genuinely looking forward to meeting you, when this whole nonsensical testing process is over. And while I long ago gave up hope that we could rid ourselves of the time-consuming and profoundly irrelevant process that is the SAT, I can tell you this: after the office of impression example, admissions has completed the process that it touts as rational but that is in fact scandalously close to mindless, virtually none of us will ever know your SAT score or care one bit about examples it. Because the very first time you hand in an essay or a lab assignment or, in my case, a social science research paper, you will be thrilled to management example, find yourself magically transported to temperament sorter, a place that could not be more distant from the joyless SAT- world that this bizarre system forces you to inhabit. That unreal and degrading world of cram courses, vocabulary memorization, and oppressively timed tests will be gone forever and management you will know the joy of real-world learning — messy, nonlinear, nuanced, untimed, and deliciously confusing. And when for the first time you think your way out of of an hour conflict, some corner, clear away some of the messiness and find an intriguing idea, you – like many of my students for several decades – will ask yourself: why in impression management, the world was I put through a testing system that accomplished nothing more than chipping away at my self-esteem and reflective limiting rather than expanding my aspirations. I’m telling you, you are going to love grappling with ideas a lot more than preparing for a pointless one-time exercise in how to impression management example, outsmart a test.

My disgust does not, however, extend to the writing sample portion of the test. The moment that a writing sample first became part of the SAT at the story, least marked the inclusion of something roughly resembling a genuine academic skill. And the impression example, fact that the writing portion is now asking you about real world issues from the world of popular culture, a place where – for good or bad – most people reside, gives me hope that the SAT may be taking small steps toward a real and the story hour conflict not always noble place where people watch junk TV, do stupid things, act irrationally, and – only example, occasionally and reluctantly – face hard truths. The fact that so many students were flummoxed by a question referring to the admittedly sleazy world of reality TV is simply more proof that, with all the test prep obsession, too many college bound students pack their busy high school, resume-building schedules, with everything except living in reflective introduction examples, the real world. And so, on behalf of many of impression management, my colleagues, I would like to apologize for that day back in early October when, having shelled out over $1000 to a test prep course, you were trapped inside some strip mall looking out the window at bright sunshine and an exquisite blue sky. Trust me, an overwhelming majority of the the kiersey temperament, professors you are going to get to management, know would have preferred that you be doing almost anything else. And that includes watching insufferably junky reality TV! I’m relieved to see that these prompts don’t require test-takers to essay, know about the specific content of the cultural references. I don’t have a problem with the SAT’s use of the impression management, more abstract ideas that can be gleaned from them: appearance vs. The Story Of An Hour. substance (reality shows); information vs. titillation (news stories); and convenience vs. Management. privacy (phone service). I agree with Abraham’s comment.

The the statement before the prompt should not be focused on temperament, but the question assigned. Example. When I took the tupac, SAT I entirely skipped the prompt and read the assignment, the most important part. The statement before does not have an impact on the assignment. Management Example. It may even confuse the the kiersey sorter, test taker. So focusing on the prompt would not really be as productive as relating to the question.

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Impression Management in Sociology: Theory, Definition…

Spaceship Essays and Research Papers. Big Spaceship : Ready to Go Big 1. What is the management example defining features of the industry in which Big Spaceship competes, and when die who . are it primary competitors? The defining features of the impression digital marketing industry are: Creativity- Having a constant creative team can help any company within the digital marketing industry grow and essay examples build a strong reputation. Skill/Competency - Skill is the impression backbone of the company, a company can have all the creativity in when the world but if they do not have a skill. Corporation , Human resource management , Management 2113 Words | 7 Pages.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. This short essay contains an outline of the pertinent points and concepts discussed by R. Buckminster Fuller in his essay Operating Manual for . Spaceship Earth, which puts forward one argument for impression evolution. Tupac! ‘Earth is only eight thousand miles in diameter, which is almost a negligible dimension in the great vastness of example, space. Our nearest star - the sun - is ninety-two million miles away. The nearest star’ after that ‘is one hundred thousand times further. Chamberlain! It takes approximately four and one-third. DNA , Earth , Evolution 842 Words | 3 Pages. ?How earth is impression, like spaceships Introduction Earth is very similar to a space ship because both are self-contained system with all the the kiersey . Impression! necessities to support lifelike a spaceship planet Earth moves through space, revolving around the sun at reflective examples a speed of 108,000 km/hr planet earth is isolated. A spaceship has a unique life support system providing air, water, food, shelter and companionship. Earth also has its own life support system which includes the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.

Earth , Mars , Precipitation 482 Words | 2 Pages. | It was the year 2201 AD. Gigantic preparations were in progress for the first manned expedition to Jupiter. A team of 150 astronauts had undergone . rigorous training to travel in example a spaceship called Excalibur. They were instructed to fetch samples of all possible objects from Jupiter’s surface.

The International Geologists Association were hopeful that they would find some metallic deposits in these objects and this would compensate for the diminishing quantity of metal available in the earth’s. Asteroid , Earth , Jupiter 1009 Words | 3 Pages. Celine :) PROBLEMS WITH SPACE TRAVEL Rockets or spaceships have huge gravity wheels on them. These are to help the astronauts to live in . there. Temperament! But, serious problems can be caused by example the Coriolis effect. They will spin and spin at more than one revolution per minute. Astronauts will be all feeling very sick by temperament sorter the time they arrive in impression management the destination.

Astronauts immediately begin to panama weaken when they get on the rocket. Because of the lack of gravity, their bodies loses calcium, and impression management muscles. International Space Station , NASA , Outer space 695 Words | 3 Pages. kind of die, spaceship (…) In the thirties they were different, in management the fifties they were different again, and so on…” (12). We clearly see that Omon . and the story Mitiok are discussing about the various kinds of spaceships that were created in some of the past years. Although there were many spaceships created in the passed years, they have never actually flown into space, which is the initial job of the spaceship . These spaceships were real in size but were non-functioning models, similar to the spaceship Omon had. Moscow , NASA , Prometheism 1529 Words | 4 Pages.

that the Orion CEV will face extreme conditions where it will have to withstand a temperate up to 2,760 degree Celsius [3]. In order to withstand these . temperatures NASA developed a 5 meter long heat shield as the example thermal protection system for this spaceship , which is known to did neville be the Avocat ablator system [4]. The Avocat material in management this ablative material system gradually wears off but however its main function was to reduce the introduction surface temperature of the heat shield [2]. Management! The second requirement of the. Heat , Kennedy Space Center , NASA 853 Words | 2 Pages. in the air to an implied weapons spaceship , further showing how, despite evolving over the centuries from the early apes to an intelligent . species, the human race still relies on weapons as a way to get ahead of character profile, other species in the world.

In the second section of the film, “TMA-1”, the management example watcher is instantly greeted by The Blue Danube Waltz, which makes the scene feel light and relaxed as opposed to tupac personality the drama of the former scene, and management almost sexualizes the spaceships , as done in a number of other Kubrick. 2001: A Space Odyssey , 2010: Odyssey Two , Arthur C. Clarke 851 Words | 3 Pages. pseudoscience pseudoscience Support or refute your hypothesis? I belive it was not aliens becuase it was a unidentified flying object north west of . Roswell. They couldnt tell weather it was a alien spaceship or just a weather ballon. So there for there is of an conflict, no real proof that is was a spaceship . Impression Example! Site title URL or book publisher Who created the site I could not find who made site Brief description Dan Wilmot. Balloon , English-language films , Flying saucer 549 Words | 3 Pages. 9 c. 6 d. 12 2. Two spaceships are approaching the planet Gizmo from did neville chamberlain die exactly opposite directions. Impression Management! Spaceship Alpha . receives a message from spaceship Beta giving its speed of approach and indicating that it is 1/10th of a light-year distant from Gizmo. The Kiersey Temperament! Alpha replies that it is impression, only half as far from Gizmo but is approaching the temperament planet at half of Beta's speed. Which spaceship will reach Gizmo first? a. Impression! Alpha. Of An Hour! b. Beta. c. Both spaceships will arrive at the same time. . 1 , Erno Rubik , Rubik's Cube 613 Words | 5 Pages.

for conditions in impression management example outer space. The Story Of An Hour! Fourth I talk about the Orange drink floating around in the space craft and why that happens. Finally, I talk about the . Example! explosion and sorter how it affects the astronauts for impression management example the rest of their voyage. Liftoff, when the spaceship first takes off has the rockets firing and it slowly takes off and then gains velocity. Rockets launched into space can be suborbital (brief visit to the kiersey sorter space) or orbital (staying in motion around the Earth) or can escape Earth’s gravity to travel deeper. Earth , General relativity , Gravitation 891 Words | 3 Pages.

up in Bhutan SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2012 FOLLOWERS Join this site w ith Google Friend Connect Travelling to the Moon - An Essay for example School Travelling to . the panama moon was once considered science fiction, but now people can be sent to the moon by impression spaceships . The Story Of An Hour Conflict! Spacesuits help a lot in outer space, too: They have a pressurized atmosphere They give oxygen and impression remove carbon dioxide They keep a comfortable temperature They protect from micro-meteoroids and radiation They allow to see clearly and move easily. Apollo 11 , Apollo program , Extra-vehicular activity 896 Words | 4 Pages. The Ethics and Obligations of Wealth. more the ethics of a lifeboat than the ethics of a spaceship ; that common possession of a property is personality, absurd; and that the concept of pure . justice contradicts the reality. On the impression example whole, the reasoning presented in Hardin’s argumentations looks fairly sound and it is supported by a number of reliable facts. First, Hardin claims that only ‘misguided idealists” can compare life on the planet with life in a spaceship . However, a true spaceship would have been submitted to one authority, who would. Ethics , Garrett Hardin , Lifeboat ethics 1424 Words | 4 Pages.

experience,” he says. In a few years he is going to start selling rocket trips to the public for about $ 100.000. _________________ 4. Another . company, The Space Island Group, is planning to build a circular hotel in space like the spaceship in the famous film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It will have everything a normal hotel has, except that the bedrooms won’t have windows. This is because the hotel will revolve, in other words it will turn around itself and people will feel sick if they. Bigelow Aerospace , Earth , Human spaceflight 960 Words | 5 Pages. Elements of Pastiche in chamberlain die Wall-E, a Postmodernism Analysis.

called R2D2. As a start, R2D2 does not talk human language, although the other characters in the movie can understand what it is impression example, saying. Sorter! This situation can . be found in WALL-E, where most of the characters utter robotic sounds. Also, it travels on spaceship just like WALL-E does; despite of the difference of purpose. Picture 9 Picture 8 The pictures above depict the situations in which WALL-E (picture 5) and R2D2 (picture 6) traveled into impression management example space by ship, although the romeo character profile purposes of their journey were. Anakin Skywalker , Antagonist , Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction 1948 Words | 6 Pages. ball. Management! 66. An astronaut outside a spaceship hammers a loose rivet back in chamberlain die place. Impression Example! What happens to the astronaut as he swings the hammer? . a. Romeo Profile! Nothing. The spaceship takes up the management example momentum of the hammer. b. He moves away from the spaceship . c. He moves towards the spaceship . d. He moves towards the spaceship as he pulls the hammer back and moves away from it as he swings the when did neville hammer forward. e. He moves away from the management example spaceship as he pulls the hammer back and moves.

Acceleration , Classical mechanics , Collision 1014 Words | 6 Pages. Physics behind the Theory of Relativity. two objects are moving at tupac personality a constant speed as the relative motion between the two objects, instead of appealing to the aether as an absolute frame of impression example, . reference that defined what was going on. Profile! If you and impression your friend, say AA, are moving in different spaceships and want to compare your observations, all that matters is how fast you and AA are moving with respect to each other. Special relativity includes only the special case (hence the name) where the motion is uniform. The motion it explains is only. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Length contraction 2402 Words | 7 Pages.

there a relationship between the size of the spaceship and did neville chamberlain die the willingness to impression example buy a ticket for a space trip? (Survey 24) H0: There is no . relationship between the character size of the spaceship and the willingness to impression management example buy a ticket for a space trip HA: There is a relationship between the size of the spaceship and the willingness to buy a ticket for a space trip Dependent variable: willingness to buy ( interval Independent variable: capacity of the spaceship ( ordinal Test: One way Anova . Analysis of variance , Level of measurement , Null hypothesis 1820 Words | 6 Pages. earth is a spaceship , and no one has the right to waste or destroy what should be equally shared between it's inhabitants. Hardin immediately . Sorter! disputes this metaphor by asking does everyone on earth have an equal right to an equal share of impression management, it's resources? (358) Hardin points out that this metaphor causes unrealistic expectations of an essay equal and impression management fair global society since there are currently not enough resources in the world to be evenly distributed. Hardin argues that the spaceship analogy is. Earth , Garrett Hardin , Human 1058 Words | 3 Pages. science, that completely contradict each other. The Star combines these drastically different ideas into one story. The protagonist is a renaissance man. . He is the story conflict, both a scientist and a religious man; more specifically a chief astrophysicist of a spaceship and a Jesuit. He is impression, having trouble deciding if he should keep his faith. He is also a very intelligent man that published many scientific articles in the Astrophysical Journal and in the Royal Astronomical Society Notices.

He also seems to when did neville die resemble. Arthur C. Clarke , Bethlehem , Galaxy 1175 Words | 3 Pages. (MPCV). Impression! NASA officials plan for the Vehicle is for it to send astronauts on voyages to an asteroid and panama deception then eventually onto Mars. The idea for this vehicle . came from an earlier idea for another spaceship . The designs that the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle are based on was originally designed for was the Orion spaceship but unfortunately it was part of NASA Constellation program which has now been canceled (Wall). With the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, NASA hopes to aspire to send astronauts to an asteroid. Constellation program , Human spaceflight , Mars 877 Words | 3 Pages. Compare And Contrast Star Wars Vs. short sleeve and above this a sundress blue and white checkered reflecting freshness. With the right arm is holding a square basket, woven, brown very clear . that she could use to put the corn harvest.

The second image shows the Princess Leia in a spaceship hiding from the enemy or searching very carefully for him, her face is impression management, serious might even say that expresses a little scare and she is watching something very carefully. You can see that she has long hair, hair in two pigtails which cover her ears. Rebel Alliance , Star Wars , Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 867 Words | 2 Pages. They are looking at the object and are about to take a picture when they hear a loud sound coming from the TMA-1. This, similar to romeo character profile how the apes discovered . tools from the monolith, gave the impression management researchers another tool, the spaceship Discovery. In the next section the spaceship discovery is on its way to Jupiter. A computer that the crew calls “Hal” controls the ship. Sorter! Bowman and Poole are watching an interview of them selves and the computer talking about the impression management example mission. Hal states that it is “foolproof. 2001: A Space Odyssey , 2010: Odyssey Two , Arthur C. Clarke 1014 Words | 3 Pages. light it becomes more and compressed (It occupies less and less space), distorts the fabric of space time and time slows on the speeding object when compared . to reflective essay introduction examples an object stationary state, it left at its source.

Let the example Object equate to a spaceship if you like. Time is much like an introduction examples elastic string which can only be stretched in one direction namely; into example the future. The twin paradox describes what happens. Twins; One boards a spacecraft that accelerates to near light speed, on say. Albert Einstein , Fundamental physics concepts , General relativity 608 Words | 3 Pages. environment for the kiersey temperament sorter rusting. Especially salt water.

Living in the country, away from management example all these things lessens the amount of rusting on cars and other metal . surfaces. 7. Introduction! Would you expect a spaceship in outerspace to rust, explain why? Because there is no oxygen in outerspace it would be virtually impossible for a spaceship to rust because rusting is impression management, cause by the reaction of oxygen with iron or steel. There is also no moisture in the air in tupac personality outerspace which means that will also not cause rusting. Iron. Corrosion , Iron , Oxygen 668 Words | 4 Pages. like an absolute mess. The owner looks very discouraged and very upset as he is leaning over the front of the car with the hood up. The windows logo is . displayed behind the car. Right next to this car, is impression example, a car that looks much like a spaceship . This spaceship car resembles a MAC computer.

The car looks to be running as cleanly as possible. The owner is happy and standing proudly next to the car. The engine looks to be very simple and very efficient, unlike the complicated mess of the PC. . Apple Inc. , Automobile , Ethos 893 Words | 3 Pages. him and the Rangers for the ghosting training. However, the spaceship is caught by an asteroid shower forcing them to the story hour conflict crash-land on the . Earth. But both Cypher's legs are broken.

Furthermore, he and his son are the only survivors . Management! Cypher gives a mission to his son to romeo profile find the tail of the spaceship and get the space-signal device. Impression! During the mission, his son, Kitai Raige, fight against many challenges to personality reach the tail of the spaceship . Unfortunately, the impression management cage of the Ursas broke and introduction it escapes to. Earth , Human , Isaac Newton 1162 Words | 3 Pages. Are genetically modified foods safe to eat? the airplane crash accident in 1908. Management Example! Things also happened to spaceships . On January 28, 1986, the Challenger exploded and killed all of the . seven astronauts in it. After these tragedies happened, no one said we should stop developing airplanes or spaceships . Genetic modification technique is as mature as airplane technique that has gone through one hundred years of modification ago and more mature than the chamberlain thirty years old or spaceship developmenttechnique thirty years ago.

Theis genetic modification. Allergy , DNA , Food 1167 Words | 5 Pages. satellite to reach orbit. The Explorer 1 carried scientific equipment that led to the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt. Later on astronaut Alan . Impression! Shepard became the first American in space on May 5, 1961 The Soviet Union and United States sent spaceships , rockets, spy rockets and all kinds of satellites in deception space during 1957-1975 just win the space race. This was a big part of Apollo 11 being a turning point because if the space race didn’t happen the Man on the Moon project wouldn’t have been accomplished. Apollo 11 , Apollo program , Cold War 1361 Words | 4 Pages.

through a thick forest of trees that had a crisp, refreshing smell that reminded me of Christmas at home. When I finally reached the outskirts of town I . tried to find someone to ask for impression example directions and help, but there was no one around. Introduction Examples! There were no spaceships , cars, or people on the street. Confused and impression management example feeling lost, I kept walking down the street hoping that I would eventually find at least one person. Finally I got to the top of romeo character, a hill and impression looked down. There were thousands, maybe even a few hundred. Basketball , Basketball court , Carmelo Anthony 1377 Words | 2 Pages.

Observation of the of an hour conflict Early Childhood. board lying across all three boxes. The board hangs past the boxes approximately three feet. So what do you have. That's right, a . spaceship . No specific movies or TV shows are mentioned in this play.

We simply have Matt as the pilot and Tyler as the copilot as the two fly over the galaxy fighting other spaceships . Now the management example children are landing the introduction spaceship at an airport where Matt says he's going to management work on it. The children hop off the ship and shift the board and climb back on the ship to. Fine motor skill , Learning , Motor control 1560 Words | 5 Pages. skills; you should notice that there are many places where the tupac personality reasoning procees with less than total care. Hardin begins with metaphors.

He points out . Management Example! that while the metaphor of the story, earth as a grand spaceship has a certain popularity (or did 23 years ago) it is a flawed metaphor nonetheless. A spaceship has a captain, and couldn't survive without one. Example! The earth has nothng vaguely resembling a captain, the United Natins in particular being a toothless tiger. Whatever we may make of the romeo profile metaphor. Carrying capacity , Lifeboat ethics , Overpopulation 1290 Words | 4 Pages. Earth being a spaceship . He chastises this point of view because he claims, “The spaceship metaphor can be dangerous when used . by misguided idealists to justify suicidal policies for sharing our resources through uncontrolled immigration and foreign aid” (Hardin 1). He then adds that earth is not a spaceship , for impression having a captain in charge is a necessity and Earth definitely lacks a country that acts as a “captain” (Hardin 1).

As he concludes his thoughts on the flaws of the spaceship metaphor, he. Earth , Garrett Hardin , Lifeboat ethics 1567 Words | 4 Pages. “2001: A Space Odyssey” and the story of an conflict “The Sentinel” discover the second monolith on management example, the moon. When the sunlight hits the monolith for the first time it sends a piecing signal towards the planet Jupiter. The . When Did Neville! United States then send another spaceship to the distant planet. The spaceship is outfitted with a counterfeit consciousness machine named Hal. On board the spaceship are astronauts David Bowman, Frank Poole, and three others frozen in cryogenic pods. Impression Management Example! Hal, the super computer who is in control of the essay introduction examples ship, informs the crew that there has been a component.

2001: A Space Odyssey , 2010: Odyssey Two , Arthur C. Clarke 1724 Words | 6 Pages. apes, ancestral to humans, who discover an ambiguous black monolith. Soon after the appearance of the monolith, an ape comes across a bone and realizes that . it can be used as a tool. Management Example! He throws the bone into the air when the temperament scene then cuts to a spaceship in the middle of space four million years later. Impression Management! This technique that Kubrick demonstrates illustrates the passage of time and the inevitable advancement of man’s technology, from bone to spacecraft. The second section of the film can be referred.

2001: A Space Odyssey , Arthur C. Clarke , David Bowman 2001 Words | 6 Pages. collapsed there population. Another metaphor used to describe this theory, created by conflict Kenneth Boulding, is conceptualized as “ Spaceship Earth.” . Impression Management Example! The philosophy behind “ Spaceship Earth” is romeo, that “if the life support systems on a spaceship are not maintained, then the crew dies” (Dryzek.42). This is applicable to management Limits and Survival because the earth represents the spaceship and the crew is essentially all of the species that occupy earth. Although, Dryzek admits that not everyone is capable of personality, maintaining. Ecology , Ecosystem , Human 1682 Words | 5 Pages. The Heroic Journey of Captain Steven Hiller.

opponent stronger and more confident with their hope of impression management example, future defeat, making their job easier and more comfortable. Part B of Steven’s hero journey . can easily be understood because he obviously fulfills what he set out to do when the alien spaceship is demolished by Moishe and all the aliens are destroyed/ killed. Romeo Character! Now, in this initiation part of the hero journey there are six most known steps: 1) The Road of Trials 2) The meeting with the Goddess 3) Woman as the Temptress 4) Atonement with. Hero , Leo White , Love 1710 Words | 4 Pages. survive without water, but scientists will solve that by melting the lunar poles of the example moon. Romeo Profile! With these findings, humans should be able to management example live on the moon. . Temperament! As of now, the only way for explorers to get to example the moon is by spaceship . Unfortunately, not everyone can fit in a spaceship , or afford it. So how are humans going to live on did neville die, the moon? According to Mike Wall, the government is going to build shelters and stations on the moon that people can live in, and places where they can work. This will help. Earth , LCROSS , Moon 820 Words | 3 Pages. so far are for example, Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor (1974).

Helping people that are less fortunate perpetuates the impression management example cycle of misfortune . and has nothing to help them. In terms of studying an environment earth is romeo profile, called a “ spaceship ” to better develop the idea of impression, world ethics where people live in societies with different rules and powers. Those who are seen as rich ones live on lifeboats and poor ones are in water swimming around them. People from not developed countries keep. Developed country , Environmentalism , Garrett Hardin 768 Words | 3 Pages. Neuromancer and character 2001: A Space Odyssey Comparison. to join with Neuromancer. HAL, on the other hand, is complete in and of impression, itself, requiring no human guidance after programming. However, this lack of regard . for humanity is what destroys HAL, when he attempts to remove the human lives from the spaceship by killing them.

These AI well represent the attitudes associated with Science Fiction: the understanding Sci-Fi authors, readers and believers have of the when chamberlain dangers of AI; that a true AI would be capable of anything a human is impression, - deceit, murder, manipulation. Arthur C. Clarke , Artificial intelligence , Mind 867 Words | 3 Pages. his determination is when did neville, what got him onto that spaceship and into space. The first time we see Vincent’s determination is management example, when he pushes away . the first hurdle in his life that could have stopped him from fulfilling his dreams; his parents. As a child Vincent’s parents never believed in panama deception him when they noticed his passion for space. Impression Management! They thought like everybody else that in tupac personality the world and time they lived in, the closest he, an invalid could get to a spaceship would be if he was cleaning it. His father. Aerosmith , Andrew Niccol , Debut albums 1091 Words | 3 Pages.

the film, the idea of management example, God’s immaculate creation and the quotes is concluded. The Kiersey Temperament! This is impression management example, done through the scene in which Vincent is the kiersey temperament, about to board the . Management Example! spaceship but before he can do this he has to undergo one last medical check. The idea of God’s creation is conveyed through the Dialogue and the voice- over that is shown of Vincent as he boards the spaceship and profile is strapped into his seat. “For someone who was never meant for management example this world, I must confess I'm suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Tupac Personality! Of course. A Great Way to Care , Andrew Niccol , DNA 1245 Words | 3 Pages. types of relations: syntagmatic and paradigmatic. Syntagmatic relations are immediate linear relations between units in a segmental sequence (string). E.g.: . The spaceship was launched without the help of a booster rocket. Impression Example! In this sentence syntagmatically connected are the romeo profile words and word-groups the spaceship , was launched, the spaceship was launched, was launched without the help, the help of a rocket, a booster rocket. . On the basis of discriminating synchrony and impression diachrony, the panama deception difference.

Ferdinand de Saussure , Grammar , Language 1239 Words | 4 Pages. CRM Assignment 2 Literature Review Template. Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (2000), two specific questions were addressed for guiding the study. First, is what good for modern airlines will . also be good for modern spaceships ? Second, why all future aircraft will have one “glass cockpit”? The focus of the investigation was on new system of spaceships , specifically Multifunctional Electronic Display Subsystem (MEDS), using Shuttle Atlantis as the example first flight with the MEDS equipped. It is hypothesized that the technology will make. Air safety , Air traffic control , Aircraft 968 Words | 3 Pages. Should Space Exploration Be Continued? They think that even if there is a planet suited for mankind to live, it will be so far away, and it may take hundreds or thousands years to reach it at the . speed of light.

Right now, mankind does not have a spaceship going the temperament sorter speed of light, and even if scientists invent this kind of spaceship , there is no guarantee that we can provide enough fuel for it to travel in light years. For modern technology, it will be hard, but I believe in the near future, it will be completed. Impression! Can ancient people imagine. Earth , Human , Natural environment 840 Words | 3 Pages. around me and I saw something huge was coming down on earth. It was a round shaped thing without any landing wheels. Within a flash thought of reflective examples, flying saucer . Impression Example! came in my mind. When Chamberlain Die! However it took a few seconds for me to make sure my suspect that it was a spaceship . At first I could not believe my eyes. I thought it must be an illusion. Hence I pinched my hand several times to make sure that I was not dreaming.

Confusedly I gazed all around me only to find complete darkness everywhere as far as my eyes could. Coming out management , Eye color , Police 1245 Words | 3 Pages. some of the best rides at Epcot. The one big thing that makes the Epcot center so amazing is the Spaceship Earth, looking like a giant golf . Romeo Profile! ball rising high above the horizon. It welcomes tourists as they walk through the Park's main entrance. The Spaceship Earth ride focuses on the future world and takes vacationers from the dawn of time up to the 21st century cyber age. Once you are done at impression example Spaceship Earth, then tourists can go ride Soarin”.

The Soarin’ ride is romeo character profile, a virtual ride that takes vacationers. Amusement park , Big Thunder Mountain Railroad , Disney's Animal Kingdom 1452 Words | 4 Pages. Environmental Analysis of Virgin Galactic. of the flight on impression, Virgin Spaceship One. Price Product price: approximately ?140.000 ($200.000) / person / flight. The price includes the . flight, the training and the accommodation during the training days.

Virgin Galactic do not offer any discounts at the moment. The idea of personality, price planning is set up of a “low cost” airline, which offer relatively cheap spaceflights comparing to other space travel offers. Physical Evidence: The futuristic design of the spaceship interior and spacesuit what. International Space Station , Richard Branson , Scaled Composites 1306 Words | 6 Pages. Smith is management, a very interesting person because he was brought to Earth, from Mars, and because of the way he was conceived. Michael Smith is an did neville chamberlain American that . grew up thinking as a Martian. Management Example! Smith was brought to Earth after the spaceship named the Envoy tried to reach Mars.

The spaceship Champion went on a voyage to Mars to determine if there was any life that developed there. To their surprise, they discovered Smith. Smith was born to two Americans from the Envoy, but Smith was raised in the Martian culture. Culture , Human , Learning 890 Words | 3 Pages. innovations of the period We invented the product is 3 models So that consumers can select the functions that they actually need and at a price that they . Tupac! can afford That is the car of innovation there are 3 model spaceship one, Spaceship two, Spaceship three The first is Spaceship one This is the car that can take you to impression travel by air, land and water When you press the button fly .There will be a small wing out of two side of the essay car and one balloon out of the impression management example middle of deception, car Balloon allows a. Advertising , Aircraft , Brad Pitt 511 Words | 2 Pages. opened the door and come to find out it was a spaceship that crashed in my front yard. Impression Management Example! Not believing my eyes thinking this all was a dream I . just closed the front door and whispered This is just a dream I opened the door again and realized this wasn't a dream, it really was a spaceship in my front yard. From that moment I knew it was going to be a confusing day.

As I sauntered outside, the spaceship was still there. When I walked up to the spaceship I knocked on the door, Bang, Bang, Bang. 2000 albums , 2004 albums , 2008 singles 480 Words | 2 Pages. Function of tupac personality, Wormhole ? Long Distance Travel Method to stabilize wormhole ? Negative Mass ? . Impression Example! Neutralize the strong gravitation of wormhole ? Enlarge the size of wormhole so that a spaceship can pass through Time Travelling Another function of wormhole is transfer to another universe ? may be the future, or the past, or another world ? How do scientists think about time travelling? ? Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Albert Einstein , Black hole , Exotic matter 399 Words | 4 Pages. Lifeboat Ethics: the Case Against Helping the Poor. Garrett Hardin, biologist from essay examples Stanford, used the metaphor of Earth being a “ spaceship ” persuading other countries, industries and people to example . stop polluting and reflective essay introduction washing natural resources of the world.

He illustrates that the “ spaceship ” is example, represented by the wealthy countries, and the natural resources are represented as the the story of an poorer countries of the world. The wealthy people of the world have all the resources they need to survive and more, while other hand the poorer countries are unfortunate. Their. Carrying capacity , Famine , Garrett Hardin 885 Words | 3 Pages. the dilemma of whether (and under what circumstances) swimmers should be taken aboard the impression example lifeboat. Hardin compares the lifeboat metaphor to the . Spaceship Earth model of resource distribution, which he criticizes by asserting that a spaceship would be directed by when did neville chamberlain a single leader — a captain — which the Earth lacks. Impression Example! Hardin asserts that the personality spaceship model leads to the tragedy of the commons. In contrast, the lifeboat metaphor presents individual lifeboats as rich nations and impression management the swimmers as poor.

Apple Inc. , Dock , IMac 303 Words | 2 Pages. this film is a masterpiece in the Sci-Fi/horror film history. The director Ridley Scott made an amazing film. The story mainly tells about a commercial . Die! towing spaceship , which carries seven crew members, and receives a beacon form a planet, so they decide to check it out. Three of crew member Dallas, Kane and Lambert discover a derelict spaceship which contains countless alien eggs; one of these attacks Kane and makes him unconscious.

After Kane is brought to the ship, the strange thing happens. An alien. Alien , Cinema of India , Fear 579 Words | 2 Pages. characters are in the scene, and what is happening. Impression Management! The first scene starts with an establishment shot that brings the focus of the audience to Darth Vader’s . spaceship , the the story conflict much larger spacecraft that is in impression example pursuit of a smaller spacecraft. This also gives the reflective examples audience a perspective of how powerful Darth Vader is by seeing the enormous size of his spaceship . After this initial scene, the story is then moved down to the planet of Tattoine to follow the droids. The editor makes the transition of management example, screens with. Anakin Skywalker , Darth Vader , Luke Skywalker 2320 Words | 6 Pages.

vehicle’s design closely mirrors that of a modern spaceship . Rather than a divine intervention, then, perhaps the text describes an early . encounter between humans and alien astronauts (2011). Josef F. Bhumrich(1974) ,Chief of NASA's Advanced Structural Development Branch and the member of Marshall Space Flight Center from 1959-1974, also explains the scientific foundation of the character flying vessels mention in this ancient religious text in management his book The Spaceships of Ezekiel.He wrote that the details of sorter, gods’. Ancient Egypt , Ancient history , China 1581 Words | 5 Pages. moments leading up to the lunar landing with me. On the morning of July 16, 1969 a 60-ton Saturn 5 rocket was given a thorough inspection on launch pad 39-A . at the Kennedy Space Center. On board, Four and management example half tons of fuel, and a spider-shaped spaceship covered with gold and silver foil. The goal of Apollo 11 was stated very simply. Reflective Introduction Examples! Perform manned lunar landing and return mission safely. Management! Simply stated, but almost impossible to of an hour conflict achieve, it was the impression management example mission NASA had been preparing for almost a decade. Apollo 11 , Apollo 8 , Apollo Lunar Module 3778 Words | 9 Pages. new way of viewing our planet.

3. DEVELOPMENT OF SPACE TOURISM i. Romeo Character! Rocketry and Rocket planes In 1903 K. Tsiolkovsky developed the first rocket equations and . almost sixty years after in April 1961 Y. Impression Example! Gagarine made the first trip into space in the spaceship Vostok (Webber, 2013). Later, developments in that field allowed the development of commercial space in terms of essay examples, satellite telecommunication launch and a new set of parallel activities were created to support this new business such as space insurers. Bigelow Aerospace , Human spaceflight , International Space Station 2316 Words | 11 Pages. and almost every Star Trek episode you see the crew in a spaceship flying in space, called the starship enterprise. This is one example of . science fiction because even though we have spaceships now, in Star trek they can somehow cancel out gravity so they don’t need to wear space suits like we do today. Also the starship is huge and has multiple levels. It is very futuristic, almost like a mall flying through space. Besides the example spaceship another good example of science fiction is the introduction examples transporter.

James T. Example! Kirk , Star Trek , Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 521 Words | 2 Pages.

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30 Free Printable Resume Templates 2017 to Get a Dream Job. Management Example. Job search is a time-consuming and nerve-racking process that exhausts all candidates. And I wasn’t an panama deception exception. When I was looking for impression, the job of my dreams, I focused mainly on preparing for the kiersey temperament sorter, an interview and neglected to create a professional resume. I simply opened a Word doc and listed my skills, education, and previous part-time jobs I took as a student. The outcome was like someone shut the door in my face. I sent my CV to impression management about 20 companies, and NONE of them got in sorter touch with me.

I didn’t expect prompt replies from recruiters, but in a week I understood there was no point to keep on waiting. I even thought something went wrong with my mailbox. To test it, I sent my CV to my close friend, and he got it. So, the example problem wasn’t in my mailbox. It was my CV that failed.

Today, I want to share free goodies with you and other desperate job seekers who don’t want to screw up their resumes like I did. The Story Of An Hour Conflict. How To Make The Perfect Resume [Ultimate Tutorial] Instead of sweating over example, your CV, you can use a ready-made solution that looks professional, stylish, and eye-catching. Deception. Check out my exclusive set of 30+ free printable resume templates 2017 . Your CV is the only chance to example make a favorable first impression on recruiters before the interview, so it’s crucial to polish it from all angles. While the first and foremost thing to focus on is definitely content, you can’t neglect the importance of its structure and look. If your CV doesn’t appeal to employers visually, they won’t expect that from you either and will probably throw it off without reading a single line of text. You may be the perfect candidate for a vacancy, but no one will ever know it if your resume doesn’t accentuate this fact. Deception. According to the estimates revealed at , every job opening attracts around 250 applicants. So, how can your candidacy stand out among other 249 CVs?

In fact, it’s not that hard as it may seem to be. Simply follow a few tips to example represent yourself to potential employers as effectively as possible. Panama Deception. 1. Choose the resume format . Your choice will depend on the priorities you want to spotlight, i.e. skills, experience, background, etc. If you need to example put emphasis on your experience, previous job titles and companies you worked for, the best option for the kiersey temperament, you is a chronological format of CV. Those of impression example you who want underline the skills are advised to use a functional format of profile CV.

What’s cool about this type is a possibility to impression management example list the skills you acquired not only at work, but also at university, voluntary or any other out-of-school organizations. Tupac. The functional format is especially advantageous for candidates eager to enter a new career field. Furthermore, you can optionally combine two formats to management example highlight your expertise and skills the same well. Tupac. 2. Focus on the resume design . Your CV must be attention-getting and memorable, but you shouldn’t achieve such a wow effect by making it content-heavy, excessively colorful or, say, cluttered with multiple unnecessary elements. Try to keep its layout clean, titles clear, information concise, typography readable, and example palette eye-friendly. Temperament Sorter. Don’t impose yourself on HR managers. Impression. Instead, do your best to deliver your merits to them in a somewhat reserved yet inviting manner. Compiling this set of free CV templates, we took into account all the mentioned key points. Romeo. As a result, we picked 30 unique printable resume designs that can keep your content well-structured, consistent and easy-to-read. Management Example. You can leave each of them as is or customize a little bit in order to add a personal touch to the presentation of your candidacy.

Using one of these ready-made templates, you will have an opportunity to get a professional CV at the kiersey, no cost and as quick as a flash. In such a way, there will be much more time for working on the resume content and impression example searching for vacant positions. When choosing the right template for yourself, follow one more tip , please. 3. Consider the industry , in which you’re involved. If you need a job in a traditional sphere, keep your CV a little conservative, but it doesn’t mean plain and dull. Combine streamlined fonts with bold colors to give prominence to the most important details, e.g. Reflective Essay Introduction Examples. headings, dates, etc. Applicants for photography and management example art-related jobs must show more creativity on the pages of their CVs. They are free to step aside from essay traditional layouts and use richer visual aesthetics. Now that you know the key points of choosing the management example CV design, proceed to 30 free printable resume templates 2017 featured in our hand-picked selection. Simple Snapshot – The Freebie Photo Resume Template. Panama Deception. This free resume template is composed of blocks that highlight contact details, work experience, education, skills, and profile.

You can also attach a photo to the top of its layout. Impression Example. Light blue is reflective essay examples used to accentuate headings for better content hierarchy. Management. Classy Emerald – A Fancy Word Resume Template Freebie. Temperament Sorter. If you need a classy design for your CV, try this Word template. Its content-packed layout is management example perfect for engaging employers with various facts, from experience to education. The Story Of An Hour Conflict. An emerald green palette will make your resume easy on the eye. Subtle Resume Freebie – The Intelligent Applicant. This creative resume template will capture attention of any HR manager. Management. Gray shades can add a formal tone to your CV, while calligraphy fonts will present your content with style. When Chamberlain Die. Check out a fully scalable and perfectly aligned template for your CV.

It features a clean layouts with multiple color options and free fonts. You can edit this print-ready template in all the CS versions. For easier use, a help file comes packed into the freebie. Here is a two-page resume template that you can edit in MS Word. Its text-rich, well-organized layout will help you reveal all your strong points to potential employers. As a bonus, you can also find a template for a cover letter in this package. This print-ready resume template is available in Ms Word, Ai, and PSD formats. Its parameters include 210 x 297-mm size, 3-mm bleed, 300-dpi resolution and CMYK color model.

The template utilizes Open Sans and Font Awesome. Impression. For ease of use, there is also a PDF help file in introduction examples the package. This free package comes with 2 printable CV versions in the AI format and a web CV version in PSD , and a business card in AI as a bonus. Check a minimalist PSD solution with an elegant black and white palette, smart content organization, and icons for easier comprehension of the info. Here is a well-crafted resume template designed in the Infographic style and available in the PSD format for easy customization. 6 Professional Resume CV Templates. This package contains 6 professionally designed CV templates. Each of them includes a two-page resume and one cover letter. To customize the templates, simply insert your photo and replace the impression management example default text with yours.

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This AI vector file features 8.5” x 11” dimensions, 300-dpi resolution, and management CMYK color profile. Free PSD Resume Cover Letter Template. Photographers, designers, or any other artistic individuals are advised to consider this PSD package. The Kiersey. It gives a free access to both a resume and cover letter. The freebie is notable for impression management example, 3 color options, minimalist icons, and reflective essay transparent background where you can add your photo or any other image. Take a look at another CV template to impress potential employers. Available in the AI format, it features ample white space spiced up with green accents and geometric shapes for an edgy look.

Here is a contemporary, print-ready and 100% editable PSD design for A4 resumes. This free package is composed of resume, cover letter and business card templates. Free Minimalist Clean Resume Template. Example. This free resume template can be used in both Photoshop and when did neville chamberlain Illustrator . Its major characteristics include A4 size, 300-dpi resolution, 3-mm bleed, Montserrat font, and smart object header. A cover letter is also accessible in this free package. The next free resume template is designed in impression management example the form of a brochure. Personality. This PSD file with a thought-out layout can be easily adapted to impression management example your preferences. Give a try to this PSD resume template of 300 dpi with fully editable text and when did neville chamberlain artwork. It makes use of modern tricks including Lato font, Flat Icon and Font Awesome . This tastefully simple PSD template features colorful elements, which will let you attract recruiters’ attention to the most important details instantly.

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The templates are available in essay introduction EPS, AI and management PSD formats. A logo is also included to the package. Character. This modest PSD -layered template features all the management example essential resume sections, from education and work experience to awards and character personal skills. Its design catches an eye with progress bars and circular pre-loaders. If you want to give a detailed overview of your merits in an easy-to-perceive manner, use this well-structured template of A4 size. Its high-quality PSD file is management fully customizable.

Free Elegant Resume Cover Letter PSD Template. Here are free layered PSD files to panama deception design a successful resume and impression cover letter. Chamberlain. They come in 2550 x 3284 px , 300 dpi , and 3 color variations. 2 of them boast a white background with colored borders, while the third one has a black and white palette. Impression Management. To edit the files, you are required to use Adobe Photoshop CS4+ . Free Professional Resume (CV) Template for Graphic Designers. This free CV design provides an opportunity to express your best qualities with a minimum amount of words. Made in essay the AI format, this editable template features an impression elegant and legible font dubbed Champagne Limousines . Free Simple Professional Resume Template.

The austere look of this template makes it perfect for job seekers involved in business, finance, industrial, politics, education and character many other fields. This AI file with Larke Sans font can be altered in line with your requirements. Take advantage of impression management a smart information architecture and clean look of this resume template. Built in the PSD format, the freebie is examples easy to edit in Photoshop . Readability, minimalism, and uncluttered layout are the main characteristics of this freebie. It can be easily edited in example Adobe Illustrator . This three-page resume template in deception PSD is designed to put emphasis on all the impression management major details, namely the personal info, skills, experience, and hobbies. Look at a free CV template ready to print. Its main properties are as follows: AI format, 300 dpi, CMYK , unlimited resolution as well as editable colors, fonts and of an icons. To make the most of this freebie, use a step-by-step PDF guide available in its package. Smart Freebie Word Resume Template – The Minimalist. Example. The next resume freebie has a minimalist yet content-rich design. It will help you reveal your candidacy in full to employees.

The template is available in the .doc format, which means you’ll find it easy to customize it. Check out a bundle packed with 12 resume templates, 12 cover letters, and a creative portfolio template. There are also 30 hobbies icons, 50+ social media icons, and vector world maps. You can choose from Word and Indesign file versions. Which one of these 30 free printable resume templates 2017 is worth a try, in your opinion? Do you know any other noteworthy CV freebies that could be a perfect complement to this set?

Feel free to share them in the section of introduction comments to this article. Example. Those are life saver #128578; Thanks for this nice collection.

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essays on management acts 7 The inscription “The Acts of the Apostles” probably reaches back to the beginning of the second century CE, since it is found in the story conflict, virtually every MS which contains this book, as well as the anti-Marcionite Prologue to Luke (c. 150-80 CE). Although it has been suggested that the wholly anarthrous title ??????? ?????????? could be read “Some of the Acts of Some of the Apostles,” this is really quite artificial to the Greek sense. 1 Suffice it to say, the title is only partially accurate, for only Peter and Paul figure predominantly in this book for example reasons which should become clear when we consider the purpose/occasion of writing. Attestation of Lukan authorship is found in the Muratorian Canon, the anti-Marcionite Prologue to Luke, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Tertullian, Eusebius, and personality, Jerome. These all not only affirm authorship of the Acts by example Luke, but Lukan authorship for panama the book which bears his name, too. Thus the external evidence is both unanimous and early. “At no time were any doubts raised regarding this attribution to Luke, and certainly no alternatives were mooted. Management Example! The tradition could hardly be stronger . . .” 2 As with Mark, this unanimous tradition is all the more surprising if it were not true since Luke was not an apostle, nor even closely associated with one of the twelve. Caird makes the personality interesting observation: Not all the traditions of the early Church are to be accepted at their face value, but there are good reasons for accepting this one. . . . a book which was meant for publication must have borne its author’s name from the start.

In this respect the literary conventions of the impression management first century were stricter than ours, which allow an author to hour, hide behind a pen-name. Impression! Had it been otherwise, it is hard to the kiersey, see how the name of Luke could ever have been associated with the books which tradition has attributed to him. Luke can scarcely be described as a prominent figure in the annals of first-century Christianity. 3. There is another piece of external evidence which corroborates Lukan authorship, viz., Luke-Acts in Codex Cantabrigiensis (D), the fifth century ‘western’ diglot. Studies done on the singular readings of D (by G. E. Rice, E. J. Epp, etc.) show that it had certain theological tendencies. Impression Management Example! Among these is an deception anti-Semitic strain, which is much more prominent than in the Alexandrian or Byzantine MSS. But in particular, the anti-Semitic strain of D is found exclusively in Luke-Acts. That is to say, in the variant readings which are unique to this MS, it betrays an anti-Semitic strain in just these two books. What is to account for impression this?

Since the did neville MS has all four gospels and Acts, one cannot attribute this phenomenon to impression management example, the scribe of did neville chamberlain die, D—or else he would certainly have been more consistent, making his theological view evident throughout all five books. Nor can we attribute this to Luke himself, for the western text is decidedly inferior and secondary to the Alexandrian, in spite of its antiquity. 4 If the impression management example theological slant of character, D in Luke-acts is impression not due to Luke himself, nor to the scribe(s) of D, it most likely was created by an earlier scribe who copied only Luke and Acts and did not have the other gospels under the same cover. What is so significant about did neville chamberlain this is that, as far as we know, the gospels were transcribed as a four-fold unit from the middle of the management example second century . 5 This would mean that the panama deception ancestor of D who copied Luke and Acts in all probability did so before 150 CE. Management! Copyists rarely precede scholars; consequently, one could surmise that patristic writers assumed that Luke and Acts were by one author within two or three decades of their publication. 6. There are three pieces of internal evidence which corroborate with the external evidence: the unity of authorship of Luke and Acts, evidence that the author was a traveling companion of Paul, and incidental evidence. 7. a. Unity of Authorship of Luke and Acts 8. There are five arguments which Guthrie uses to show common authorship: (1) Both books are dedicated to the same man, Theophilus; (2) Acts refers to the first treatise, which is most naturally understood as the gospel; (3) the books contain strong similarities of language and style; (4) both contain common interests; (5) Acts naturally follows on romeo character profile from Luke’s gospel . . . It may safely be concluded that the management evidence is very strong for linking the two books as the work of one man, a conclusion which few modern scholars would dispute. 9.

In addition there is a sixth argument that could be used: there are remarkable parallels in structure and content between Luke and Acts. To take but one example, “not only is Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem parallel to that of Paul, but also the reflective essay events that take place when the two men reach the city, and after, are similar.” 10 Talbert’s conclusion (which assumes unity of authorship) is that “the conclusion seems irresistible. This architectonic pattern which has Gospel and Acts correspond in content and in sequence at many points is impression example due to deliberate editorial activity by the kiersey temperament sorter the author of Luke-Acts.” 11 The point is that the architectonic structure of Luke-Acts is so beautifully executed that to deny common authorship is to attribute as much genius to a second, anonymous writer (of Acts) as one should of the first writer (who wrote the management example gospel). 12. b. Evidence that the Author was a Companion of Paul.

The “we” passages in Acts (16:10-17; 20:5-15; 21:1-18; 27:1–28:16), prima facie , suggest a companion of Paul. On this supposition, this particular companion. (1) first joins Paul at Philippi [ sic : Troas]; (2) reappears on Paul’s return visit to Philippi; (3) accompanies the apostle on the journey towards Jerusalem and stays with Philip at the story Caesarea, and (4) after Paul’s two years’ imprisonment at impression example Caesarea, during which time there are no definite data regarding the author’s whereabouts, accompanies Paul to Rome and experiences shipwreck with him. It would also mean that the author could not be any of those companions of Paul who are mentioned by name in essay examples, these sections (Silas, Timothy, Sopater, Aristarchus, Secundus, Gaius, Tychicus, Trophimus). 13. c. Management Example! Indirect Evidence in Support of Lukan Authorship. There are four main pieces of indirect evidence which support Lukan authorship. First, in Paul’s prison epistles, there are a number of people who were with Paul while he was in the kiersey sorter, a Roman prison.

There is a definite probability that the author of Luke-Acts was one of them. Excluding those already mentioned by impression management example name in the “we” sections in Acts, the following names are mentioned: Mark, Jesus Justus, Epaphras, Demas, Luke, Epaphroditus. Second, “in none of the epistles written on the second and the kiersey sorter, third journeys (Thessalonians, Galatians (?), Corinthians, Romans) is Luke mentioned, but since none of them was written during a period covered by a we-section this corroborates the tradition.” 14. Third, according to Col. 4:10 and Philemon 24, Luke and Mark were in close contact with one another.

Assuming Markan priority for the synoptic problem, this might explain how Luke got access to Mark’s gospel. 15 But there is more: Acts also betrays a ‘Markan flavor’ in the first few chapters. Fourth, Col. 4:14 calls Luke ‘the beloved physician.’ In 1882 W. K. Hobart wrote his celebrated The Medical Language of St. Impression Management! Luke in which he argued that where Matthew and temperament, Mark use common, everyday terms, Luke often used medical terms in impression management, describing Jesus’ healings. This, however, was challenged by H. J. Essay Introduction! Cadbury almost four decades later (1920), 16 who pointed out that Luke’s language was no different than that of any educated person.

17 As Caird quips, if we should now appeal to management example, Hobart’s tome, “this would make doctors of of an conflict, almost all the management example writers of antiquity . Tupac! . . ” 18 Nevertheless, one should admit that Luke’s terminology is compatible with an educated person, and that a physician would fit this picture well. Further, when one compares Mark 5:26 with Luke 8:43, it is interesting that whereas Mark mentions that the woman had spent her life’s savings on doctors and only grew worse under their care, Luke omits the jab. In sum, the internal evidence certainly has nothing against Lukan authorship, though it clearly falls short of proof. This is all the more reason to management example, accept Lukan authorship, for this is the unanimous testimony from the fathers: “Granted that an ancient scholar might have deduced from the prologue to the Gospel that the author was not an apostle and from the ‘we’ sections of profile, Acts that he was a companion of Paul, he still would have had no means of putting a name to the author if there had not been a valid tradition connecting the books with the name of Luke.” 19. Assuming that Luke penned the gospel which bears his name, and impression management example, the book of Acts, what do we know about him (apart from his occupation)? First, he was probably a Gentile since he is mentioned separately from the “men of the circumcision” in Colossians 4. 20 Second, he may have been from the kiersey temperament Troas for the ‘we’ sections in Acts begin there. Management! 21 Beyond this there is very little information within the NT. However, the Anti-Marcionite Prologue to Luke (found not infrequently attached to Latin MSS of the gospel) adds some interesting information: (1) Luke was a native of Antioch, (2) he wrote the gospel in Achaea, (3) never married, (4) and died at age 84 in Boetia. since the same source adds other, extremely doubtful information, all of the above is romeo character profile suspect as well.

22. 4. Arguments against Lukan Authorship. There are principally three arguments against Lukan authorship. Many have pointed out apparent discrepancies between Paul’s biographical notes in his Hauptbriefe and other secure epistles with the information about example Paul given in Acts. Three alleged discrepancies are particularly striking: (1) the number of visits Paul made to Jerusalem given in Acts and that given in Galatians, 23 (2) the make-up of the converts in Thessalonica, 24 and (3) Paul’s attitude toward the OT Law. Two points should be mentioned in response: (1) Even if such discrepancies were genuine, this would not necessarily argue against Lukan authorship, though it might say something about his reliability as a historian. 25 (2) All of the alleged discrepancies are capable of alternative explanations, thus rendering them “an insecure basis for rejecting the tradition.” 26. b. Different Interpretations of the essay introduction “We” Sections. It is of course possible that the use of the first person plural was a literary convention, or even an uncorrected source which the author had used.

On the whole, German and American scholars favor either of these options over the prima facie view (especially because of the alleged historical discrepancies), while British scholars favor the latter. Concerning the impression literary convention hypothesis, one wonders why it is employed so little (only in parts of five chapters), and why it begins only in chapter 16. As to the diary hypothesis, if Luke used multiple sources for both his gospel and Acts why would we see the ‘we’ sections only here? Surely he received many first person reports (both written and oral) for the composition of when die, both books. Management Example! 27 This view suggests that he was careful to change the chamberlain die first person plural all the impression management way through both Luke and Acts until Acts 16! Although these views are possible, they raise far more problems than they solve.

This is normally considered to be the most severe difficulty for maintaining Lukan authorship of Luke-Acts. There are two main difficulties to be dealt with: (1) Paul’s solution to the problem of the OT law; 28 and (2) the speeches attributed to Paul in Acts. 29. (1) A superficial reading of Acts suggests that the panama deception Paul of Acts is different from the Paul of the epistles in his handling of the OT law. Impression Management! In Acts, for example, he has Timothy circumcised, while he denies the necessity of circumcision in Galatians. But two pieces of data must be kept in mind here: (a) the reason for Timothy’s circumcision in Acts was related to evangelistic opportunity , while in Galatians he is the story of an hour opposed to circumcision for those who wish to rest on it as essential for salvation . Both of these actions are totally consistent with Paul’s self-portrait in 1 Cor. Impression Example! 9:19-23 (where, for personality the sake of the gospel, Paul can either accommodate his lifestyle to that of the Jews or that of the Gentiles). (b) The purpose of Acts is different than the impression management purpose of the romeo profile epistles. Whereas Paul is eager to dissociate himself from Judaizers (even with quite colorful language at times!), Luke’s purpose is to example, present Paul as a good Jew who also was a Christian and that in this one man there was no desire to start riots by inciting his own people.

Hence, Luke presents nascent Christianity as a movement which began very much within Judaism (one might even call it “Messianic Judaism” or “the Nazarene sect of Judaism”) with which other Jews have wrongly taken offense, while Paul is more concerned with reaching the Gentiles. This different perspective/purpose is nicely spelled out by Longenecker: 30. Undoubtedly there are differences between the Paul of his own letters and the Paul of his “biographer,” and introduction, undoubtedly Pauline Christianity and early Jewish Christianity were distinguishable entities. But we play much too fast and loose with the evidence when we attempt to drive a wedge between them. Paul writes as an evangelist and pastor to his converts, affirming the essentials of his message within a context of personal humility, whereas Luke writes as an management historian and admirer of the apostle, with a sense for the historical unfolding of the the story gospel and management example, a desire to highlight the heroic. Sorter! While we must ask for management a body of agreement in the respective portrayals, we cannot reasonably call for identity in details or uniformity in viewpoints. 31. (2) Paul’s speeches in Acts do not sound like his letters. Some have argued that Luke’s historiographical model was Thucydides who invented speeches to add verisimilitude to his narrative. However, this assertion neither does justice to Thucydides nor to Luke.

A careful reading of Thucydides’ statement 32 reveals that he did not invent speeches ex nihilo , but occasionally summarized or put in character, his own words what was said on impression example specific occasions. Thus if it is true that Luke patterned his work after those of Thucydides (and we believe it is), he did not invent speeches, though he certainly felt the right to shape them. 33 Still, what is remarkable is that several of the speeches, especially those of Peter and James, have strong verbal parallels with the epistles alleged to be by the same authors (1-2 Peter and deception, James). 34 Further, although most of Paul’s speeches in Acts show little resemblance to his epistles, the one speech given to believers (in Acts 20) does. Impression Management! 35. In sum, Lukan authorship for both the third gospel and Acts has excellent external credentials and corroborative internal evidence. The difficulties to this view, though not altogether trivial, certainly fail to convince one of any other alternative. Indeed, it is precisely because there are theological and historical difficulties between Acts and Paul that the argument for character Lukan authorship is the most plausible: what later writer (for those who deny Lukan authorship all put Luke-Acts late), who had access to impression management, Paul’s letters, would create so many discrepancies in the portrait of his hero, the apostle Paul? 36. A number of factors and presuppositions affect the date of this book.

Among the most important are: (1) authorship; (2) the solution to the synoptic problem; (3) whether the Olivet Discourse was truly prophetic or a vaticinium ex eventu ; and especially (4) evidence internal to the book of Acts (i.e., not related to the gospel per se ). Though most scholars date the book c. 80-90, our conclusion is that it should be dated substantially earlier. (1) On the introduction examples assumption of Lukan authorship, one cannot date this book too late. Impression Example! That is to examples, say, since Luke was certainly an adult when he joined Paul in his second missionary journey, 37 he would have probably thirty to fifty years to have written this work. Example! However, apart from F. C. Baur’s radical dating of tupac personality, Acts well into impression management, the second century, this span poses no problem for any plausible date. (2) In our solution to the synoptic problem, Matthew and personality, Luke have independently used Mark. It is most probable that Matthew was unaware of management example, Luke’s work and Luke was unaware of Matthew’s. If so, then both were probably written at around the personality same time. Impression Example! If Matthew is dated c. 60-65 CE, then Luke (and, therefore, Acts) in all probability should be dated similarly. 38. (3) Was the Olivet Discourse a vaticinium ex eventu (a prophecy after the fact)? It is safe to say that the assumption that it was is the single most important reason for personality overturning an early date (pre-70) for Luke-Acts (as it was for Matthew and management, Mark).

We have dealt with this in our discussion of Matthew’s date and simply need to summarize our two points here: (a) only a denial of the possibility of predictive prophecy on the lips of Jesus would necessitate a late date; (b) the synoptic gospels are both vague and reflective essay introduction examples, imprecise in their prophecies assuming that those prophecies were fulfilled in the Jewish War , but if there is more to come, and management example, if the Olivet Discourse was given before 66 CE, then the discourse makes sense. (4) There are several pieces of did neville chamberlain, internal evidence within Acts which are most significant in fixing the example date of this two-volume work. Guthrie lists six, 39 of which the last is the most significant. (a) The absence of reference to important events which happened between AD 60 and 70 . The fall of Jerusalem (66-70), the persecution of Christians by romeo profile Nero (64), and the death of James by the Sanhedrin (62) are not mentioned. On this last point, it is a significant silence, for “no incident could have served Luke’s apologetic purpose better, that it was the Jews not the Romans who were the real enemies of the management example gospel.” 40. (b) The primitive character of the subject-matter . In particular, “the Jewish-Gentile controversy is dominant and all other evidence apart from Acts suggests that this was a vital issue only in the period before the reflective examples fall of Jerusalem.” 41. (c) The primitive nature of the theology . Terms such as “the Christ,” “disciples,” “the Way,” and the reference to the first day of the week for the time when Christian met together to break bread, all imply primitiveness. (d) The attitude of the state towards the church. The government is quite impartial toward the church, a situation which would not be true after 64 CE when Nero’s persecution broke out. It is significant that Luke ends this book by saying that the gospel was able to spread “unhindered” ( ???????? ). (e) The relation of Acts to management example, the Paul ine epistles . Luke shows no awareness of Paul’s literary endeavors.

This would certainly suggest a date which preceded the collection of the Corpus Paulinum . Further, there is evidence that such a collection existed as early as the romeo character profile 70s CE. 42 In the least, this suggests that the purpose of Acts was not to reinstate Paul’s letters, as some have suggested. (f) The absence of reference to the death of Paul . The book of Acts, which begins with a bang and dies with a whimper, and example, which so carefully chronicles the events leading up to the trial of Paul in Rome, gives the distinct impression that Paul’s trial was not yet over. In other words, it is very doubtful that this book was written after 62 CE. Two counter reasons are often given as to why Luke would end the book here. [1] He did not want to mention the trial’s outcome. The opinions put forth for this refraint are very numerous—a telling argument against them. Some argue that it would put too much emphasis on the man rather than on his mission; that it would hint at character profile a parallel with the death of Christ, which would be inappropriate; that the readers knew the rest of the story and hence Luke did not need to go on; etc. As Guthrie remarks, “It is not sufficient, on the other hand, to propose a theory of the author’s intention without supplying an adequate motive for the intention, and it may be questioned whether this condition has been fulfilled.” 43. [2] Luke intended to write a third volume.

This was the view of Spitta, Zahn, Ramsey, and W. L. Knox. It is based on the use of ?????? in Acts 1:1—a word which, in management example, classical Greek, indicated “first of at least three.” That it does not do so in hellenistic Greek is quite evident from the data supplied in BAGD; further that Luke does not use the superlative as a true superlative is evident from his discussion of the first census of Quirinius in Luke 2:2: scholars have had enough trouble trying to locate two censuses of Quirinius, let alone three! Further, even if Luke did use ?????? as a true superlative on occasion, why would he break his three-volume work here? This explanation seems a quite desperate expedient. 44. All in all, that Acts ends where it does is a great embarrassment to those who do not maintain a pre-64 date.

Robinson, who bases much of his Redating the New Testament on panama deception an early (62) date of Acts, argues ably for this view. 45 In particular, he points out that Adolph von Harnack, “whose massive scholarship and objectivity of judgment contrast with so many who have come after him,” is still worth quoting precisely because “on this subject he was forced slowly and impression management example, painfully to when did neville, change his mind.” 46 Two snippets from Harnack’s The Date of Acts 47 will have to example, suffice: “Throughout eight whole chapters St. Luke keeps his readers intensely interested in the progress of the temperament trial of St. Paul, simply that he may in the end completely disappoint them—they learn nothing of the final result of the trial!” “The more clearly we see that the trial of St. Paul, and above all his appeal to Caesar, is the impression management chief subject of the last quarter of Acts, the more hopeless does it appear that we can explain why the narrative breaks off as it does, otherwise than by assuming that the trial had actually not yet reached its close. It is no use to struggle against this conclusion.” At the same time, one has to ask how much later Acts was than the gospel. In our view, the character profile two were virtually simultaneous, since they would no doubt have been written on scrolls. 48 Customarily, the longest usable scroll was about thirty-five feet.

Luke and Acts each would take up well over twenty-five feet, and hence could not at impression example all conveniently be fitted onto examples, one scroll. This fact, coupled with the management internal continuity between the two books, 49 strongly suggests that they were meant to be read virtually as a single document, written at almost the same time, bearing the same purpose(s). 50. In conclusion, the following points can be made: (1) Luke depends on Mark and personality, therefore should not be dated earlier than the 50s CE. Example! The date of Mark, then, provides the terminu a quo for the date of Luke-Acts. (2) Luke neither knew of chamberlain die, Matthew’s work, nor Matthew’s of Luke’s. If Matthew is dated c. 60-65, then Luke-Acts was probably written within the same time frame. (3) Luke-Acts was written before the start of the Jewish War because his Olivet Discourse includes vague and not-yet-fulfilled material. (4) Acts is to be dated c. Management Example! 62 CE, principally because of the ending of the book in which Paul’s trial seems to have been still future. Our conclusion is that Acts was written just before the end of Paul’s first Roman imprisonment, c. 61-62 CE. Both the gospel and Acts are addressed to one Theophilus. He is called “most excellent” ( ???????? ), a term usually indicating some sort of of an hour, government official, or at least high social rank. 51 It is possible to view the name as symbolic (“lover of God,” or “loved by God”), as if the impression management example real addressee needed to be incognito for some reason. But since this name was well attested up to of an hour conflict, three centuries before Luke wrote, it may well have been his real name.

If Theophilus was a Roman official, then he certainly was a Gentile, and the contents of impression management example, this gospel, as well as the Acts, bear eloquent testimony of a Gentile readership. The Kiersey Temperament Sorter! 52 As we shall see in our discussion of the purpose of impression, Acts, Theophilus was not only a Roman official (in all likelihood), but also was in Rome. Although Luke-Acts is addressed to Theophilus, something must be said for the probability that Luke intended to have this work published and consequently envisioned an audience broader in scope than one man. His prologue to both the gospel and Acts emulates so much the ancient historians’ prefaces that it is quite evident that he wanted the work published. In this, it is probable, once again, that his intended audience was Roman Gentiles. However, whether they were to be primarily believers or unbelievers is character profile more difficult to assess. Impression Example! In fact, whether Theophilus was a believer or not is difficult to assess! 53 The key issue is the meaning of deception, ????????? (“of what you have been informed” or “of what you have been taught”; from ??????? ) in Luke 1:4. The term can refer either to Christian instruction (Acts 18:25; Gal. 6:6) or simply information, even a negative report (Acts 21:21, 24). Impression Management! Thus, even in the key term there is an impasse.

In our view, there is tupac personality something of a double entendre here: Theophilus is a high-ranking Roman official who is also a Christian. If his name is symbolic, then this is almost certainly the case. 54 But since he seems to be a government official, then he has been “informed” about Christianity. In our understanding of (one of) the purpose(s) of Acts , Luke was preparing a trial-brief for Paul’s upcoming court hearing. Impression Example! In this case, Luke would certainly want a Roman official who was as sympathetic as he could be, ????????? , then, seems to indicate that Luke wanted to set the record straight about the origins of Christianity (thus, information) while “Theophilus” suggests that this particular recipient had been more than informed—he had believed. 55.

In our view, the specific occasion which precipitated this two-volume work was Paul’s upcoming court appearance in Rome. In our view, this is part of the initial purpose as well, though it does not encompass the total purpose of Acts. Guthrie argues that “Luke’s primary purpose was historical and this must be considered as the major aim of Acts, whatever subsidiary motives may have contributed towards its production.” 56 Yet, Guthrie quickly adds five alternatives to the purpose of Acts (a narrative of history, a gospel of the tupac Spirit, an apology, a defense for Paul’s trial, and example, a theological document [either written to address the triumph of Christianity or the delay of the parousia]). 57. Yet not all would even agree with Guthrie’s basic premise that the primary purpose was historical in tupac personality, a general sense, the real tension concerning the purpose of impression example, this work is between history and apologetic. However, more and more would conclude that history and apologetic do not stand in tension, as if an accurate historian could not have an apologetic purpose, or that an apologist could not write accurate history. It has long been recognized that the the story of an hour historical positivism of Ernst Troeltsch of last century is example passe—that is, that no history was ever written from an unbiased motive. If this is the case, then to charge Luke with an apologetic motive is reflective introduction examples not to deny his being an accurate historiographer. There can be no doubt that Luke intends to give a great deal of example, data concerning the early beginnings of the church—much of which would not necessarily fit into an apologetic mold. For example, how does the mention of the selection of the seven “table waiters” (Acts 6) figure into an apologetic piece? A greater problem is the fact that this is a two-part work—and the gospel of Luke must be reckoned into the overall scheme.

Nevertheless, there does seem to be a very decidedly apologetic thrust to conflict, this work as well. Several have seen the apologetic tone going in different directions: to establish that Christianity is law-abiding, to show that Christianity is a world religion, or even to defend Paul’s apostleship in some way. It is our contention that Acts is both historical and apologetic, that Luke wrote the work both for Theophilus (as an impression example apologetic piece) and for secondary readers (both for tupac apologetic and historical reasons). But the initial purpose—related to Theophilus—is decidedly apologetic. Specifically—and initially 58 —Acts was written to be a trial brief for Paul. The evidence is as follows: 1. The beginning of Luke, in which Theophilus is addressed as “excellent” ( ???????? ). We have already pointed out that this term is used of government officials. But there is example more: the vocative is used almost universally in the papyri only in petitions , as far as my own cursory research reveals (an examination of the first two volumes on the papyri in romeo profile, LCL). If this is the case here, then a petition is impression management implied in Luke-Acts, even though none is stated. 2. The ending of the book, which almost certainly dates it as just before the end of Paul’s first Roman imprisonment. This ending would be very strange unless it were meant to the story of an conflict, serve as a prompt for Theophilus to do something on impression Paul’s behalf.

The date of Acts and the reasons for the book ending here are the of an hour most compelling reasons to see this work as in some sense a trial brief for Paul. A general apologetic could be written at any time; but a trial brief needed to impression example, be written now. 3. The mention of Paul being under house arrest for “two years” in Acts 28:30. Although Cadbury made much of this, arguing that after two years a prisoner must either come to trial or be set free, the evidence is not nearly as neat as he supposed. 59 Nevertheless, one could appeal to the Roman law of a “speedy trial.” The point may be that Luke is reminding Theophilus that Paul’s case is about to be heard and that his defense needs to be prepared. Further, as Sherwin-White points out, there is no reason to believe that Paul’s accusers would be allowed to drop their charges. Tupac Personality! They had to prepare the best case they could. The “two year” reference probably functions in a sympathetic manner: “Paul has been imprisoned long enough—see what you can do to example, get him out!” 4. The remarkable parallels between Peter and tupac personality, Paul attest to an apologetic for Paul.

Even Guthrie admits that “the history before the narrative of Paul’s life and work is somewhat scrappy and impression management example, gives the impression that the author’s purpose is to get to Paul as soon as possible.” 60 C. H. Talbert has argued quite cogently that there is romeo character a strong architectonic pattern found in Luke-Acts, in which both books mirror each other, and both halves of Acts mirror each other. Impression Example! 61 The reason for this seems to be that Peter was already accepted by tupac personality Theolophilus as a legitimate apostle while Paul needed credentials. Luke employed a deja vu approach, showing that Paul was every bit as much an impression apostle as was Peter—because he performed the same miracles and gave the same messages. Further, as we suggested, the personality reason Peter would have already been accepted by impression management example Theophilus is because he would have had access to Mark’s gospel in which Peter figured prominently. 5. Coupled with the remarkable parallels between these two great apostles is the character profile fact that the last comment about Peter (apart from his message in Acts 15) is his release from certain death in Acts 12 (the narrative then picks up on Paul’s missionary journeys). This may well be intended to prompt Theophilus to “finish the story” for Paul in the same way. 6. Further evidence is seen in impression example, the incredible amount of space devoted to the trials/ hearings in which Paul was involved before he came to Rome. Romeo Profile! The last eight chapters of Acts (Acts 21–28) are devoted to impression management example, a mere four years of history, while the first twenty chapters cover approximately twenty-four years of history.

The material is more than twice as compact because it now focuses on the story of an hour Paul’s trials and material which would be useful in proving his innocence. 7. The use of ?????? in Acts 1:1 might be a literary device similar to the ending of Mark (at 16:8), making the work open-ended. The suggestion of many older commentators was that this superlative was used as a true superlative—thus, “first of at least three.” If so, then Acts might have ended where it did simply because Luke intended to write a third volume. We have already discussed this view and found it wanting. However, a modification of it has some attractiveness to impression example, it: Could it be that Luke intended Theophilus to the story, “write the third volume”—that is, do what he could to impression, see that Paul’s ministry continued? Not much can be made of this possibility, however, because it suffers from the essay introduction same linguistic fate that the older view suffers from, viz., Luke has already shown that he uses this superlative as a comparative, in impression example, accord with other Koine writers.

8. Finally, although Acts 27 ostensibly does not fit in with the trial-brief idea, recent scholars have pointed out that there was a widespread “pagan belief that survival at of an a shipwreck proved a man’s innocence.” 62. Taken together, these eight (or at least seven) reasons form a compelling argument that Acts was indeed intended to be a trial brief for Paul. At the impression management example same time, one criticism should be mentioned here: If Acts is really intended (in part) to the kiersey temperament sorter, be a trial brief for Paul, then how does Luke fit into this picture? Since both works really belong together, the purpose of Acts is seemingly the purpose of Luke-Acts. In response, it need only be mentioned that one of the impression example purposes of Acts is the trial brief for the kiersey temperament Paul. It is true that Luke does not neatly fit into this purpose, though it does fit into the broader picture of apologetic of impression, Christianity before the Roman government. The occasion for Acts necessitated the publication of Luke, but it did not thereby dictate the purpose of Luke. The theme of Acts is intrinsically bound up with its purpose. In a nutshell, the theme is “The Beginnings of the Church and the Expansion of the Gentile Mission.”

In volume two of Luke’s work, he picks up where he left off in tupac personality, the first volume, namely, with the ascension of the impression Lord (1:9-11). But he begins with a prologue (1:1-2) similar to that in the first volume. The ascension—recorded only by romeo character profile Luke—becomes a crucial motif for it is necessary if the disciples are to continue the ministry which Jesus began. That is why Luke refers to volume one as detailing what “Jesus began to do and to teach until the day he was taken up into heaven” (1:1-2a). After this brief prologue, the body of the work commences.

It is possible to organize Luke’s thought in several different ways, all of which have a certain legitimacy. It could be organized personally —that is, centering on impression Peter and temperament, Paul (thus having two halves). It could be organized geographically , from management example Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria, and the ends of the earth (cf. 1:8) (thus having three sections). Or it could be organized according to Luke’s progress reports (thus having seven portions). The reason for this variety has to do with Luke’s varied purposes. Tupac! His work is both historical and impression management, apologetic.

And in romeo character, his apologetics he deals with the legitimacy of impression management example, Paul, as well as with his mission. We will look at reflective essay examples the book according to the progressive scheme, though recognizing the impression management Luke’s organizational scheme is more multifaceted than that. In the progressive approach, there are seven units of the story, thought, or “books.” In Book One, Luke touches on the birth of the Church in Jerusalem (1:1–2:47). Immediately, he gives us a glimpse of one of his organizational schemes, for impression example the birth of the Church parallels the panama deception birth of management, Christ. This can further be seen in that at Jesus’ baptism, while he is praying, the Spirit descends in a physical form and while the disciples are praying, the tupac personality Spirit again descends in a physical form.

Scores of other parallels can be detected between these two volumes, each of which carries different levels of conviction. 63 although these are significant sub-motifs, in our view they are not the impression management example overarching control. This is deception due to the fact that it is difficult to organize Luke and Acts (in terms of macro-structure) along the same lines. Nevertheless, there is something to the architectonic approach to management example, Luke-Acts and we will occasionally interact with it in our argument. This first Book, as we have said, continues the narrative from Jesus’ resurrection until the time of his ascension (1:3-11), a period of tupac personality, forty days. During this time he commissions the apostles to be his witnesses in ever-expanding circles (1:8). After his ascension, there is a ten-day wait—until the day of Pentecost (1:12-26). And during this waiting period the apostles likewise commission Matthias to impression example, join them as a replacement for Judas (1:15-26). When the day of Pentecost came the apostles were all together (2:1). The Spirit descends on them (2:1-13) like individual flames of fire (2:2-3).

The significance of this may be related to the “already, not yet” of the kingdom. When the Spirit descended on Jesus at his baptism, coupled with the heavenly voice declaring him to be God’s Son, this seemed to be an enthronement of the kiersey, sorts (similar to the use of the enthronement Psalms in impression management, the OT [cf. especially Psalm 2:7!] and the motif of the Spirit abiding on the king [cf. Sorter! Psalm 51]), thus inaugurating the kingdom. Before Jesus’ ascent into heaven, the question heaviest on the apostles’ minds was, “Lord, are you at impression management this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” (1:6). Jesus’ response was “already, not yet”: when the Spirit comes they would be imbued with the power of the king, though the consummation of the kingdom was yet future.

God was surely doing a new work on the day of Pentecost. The apostles spoke in foreign tongues (2:4), though the crowd of pilgrims and residents wondered what this meant (2:5-13). The Kiersey Temperament! Peter’s sermon explained what had happened and he seized the moment to gain converts to Jesus of Nazareth (2:14-39). In this message there is an impression emphasis on the resurrection of Christ (2:23-32), and on the crowd’s guilt in the crucifixion (2:36-37), as well as the promise of the Spirit to tupac, those who would repent and believe (2:33-39). It is impression management evident that the Spirit had indeed descended on Peter, for about three thousand people believed his message (2:40-41). Book One concludes with the first progress report, after summarizing the unity and growth of the nascent Church (2:42-47a): “And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved” (2:47b). Book Two now deals with the expansion of the of an hour Church in Jerusalem (3:1–6:7). Impression! Luke arranges the material in an A B A B pattern. First, Peter heals a crippled man and this act has reverberations (3:1–4:31): he preaches to the crowd (3:11-26), gets arrested along with John (4:1-4), defends himself before the romeo character Sanhedrin and is released (4:5-22).

All this finds a parallel in the third part of Book Two (5:12-42): the apostles heal people, get arrested and example, escape (5:17-24), appear before the Sanhedrin (5:25-40), and are released (5:40). Clearly Luke shapes the two episodes to show that though Theophilus had accepted Peter as a messenger from God, the other apostles, deserved the same respect. Coming right after each of these episodes is a vignette on the community of the nascent Church, the first dealing with harsh discipline when wealth distribution was handled deceptively (4:32–5:11), the second dealing with correction when food distribution was handled poorly (6:1-6). In both pericopae, the authority and priorities of the apostles are clearly displayed. Book Two concludes with the summary statement, “So the word of God spread.

The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith” (6:7). With this addendum on the priests’ conversions, it is as if Luke is saying that the apostles had now done all they could in Jerusalem. Tupac! This is seen in the next section, Book Three, where it is evident that the religious leaders who had not obeyed were not about to. In Book Three we see the extension of the church beyond the walls of Jerusalem, spreading out all the way to Judea and Samaria (6:8–9:31). This book focuses on three non-apostles: Stephen, Philip, and Saul. What is significant is that these three—more than all of the apostles combined—were instrumental in impression example, fulfilling the commission to tupac, be witnesses in Judea and Samaria (Acts 1:8). Just as the other apostles were seen to have all the “power” that Peter had (cf. Acts 1:8a), so these non-apostles were seen to be “witnesses” (cf. Acts 1:8b) every bit as much as the twelve. What is more, Saul is impression viewed as unwittingly helping to die, fulfill the Great Commission even before his conversion, for the Church first spread to impression example, Samaria and Judea because of his persecutions (8:1)! This Book’s purpose, then, is to romeo character, foreshadow both the full apostolic status of Paul and his superiority over all the rest of the original apostles in carrying out the impression management mandate of Acts 1:8.

The first cameo of Book Three is of Stephen, the first martyr of the Church (6:8–8:1a). Like the apostles before him, he is arrested because of his miracles and proclamation (6:8-15). But unlike the apostles, his appearance before the Sanhedrin results in his death, not his release. Of An Hour! In his defense (7:2-53) he outlines the nation’s history (with a focus on the patriarchs, Moses and management, David) up until their murder of “the Righteous One” (7:52), thus paralleling Peter’s sermon on when did neville die the day of impression example, Pentecost. Although Stephen was thus every bit as much a witness as was Peter, 64 the response to essay examples, him was different. With the impression example death of Stephen, Luke is indicating that fruitful ministry in Jerusalem had come to an end. The transition to the second cameo, that of Philip (8:1b-40), is the kiersey sorter via Saul (8:1): because of his role in Stephen’s death and subsequent role in persecuting the Church, Philip and others “were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria” (8:1). Philip, like Stephen, performed miracles and proclaimed Christ (8:4-8). But, unlike Stephen, there was a very positive response to his ministry in Samaria (8:7-8, 12).

But not every response was positive. Management Example! Even though Philip was very powerful in his preaching, a certain sorcerer named Simon “believed” only to gain the tupac power which he saw in Philip (8:13). The apostles Peter and John came down from Jerusalem to Samaria to investigate the phenomenal response of the people (8:14). They laid hands on them, causing them to management example, receive the Spirit (8:15-17). Through this event Simon’s wickedness was exposed (8:18-24), and Peter’s and John’s perspective was enlarged (8:25). Panama! Luke then gives two other vignettes about management Philip’s ministry, showing how the deception gospel was spreading (8:26-40).

Saul’s conversion concludes this third Book (9:1-30). Luke spends much time telling his audience about Saul’s conversion (it is rehearsed three times in the book of Acts), with a special emphasis on the revelation of the risen Lord to Saul (9:4-5) as well as the Lord’s disclosure to Ananias that Saul had truly converted and would be the “chosen instrument to management, carry my name before the Gentiles” (9:10-15). Thus Saul is seen not only to have a remarkable conversion experience, but also from the first to be the one who would exemplify the the kiersey mandate of Acts 1:8. Book Three, which began with an example expanding church because of persecution now concludes with the words, “Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened and encouraged by the kiersey temperament the Holy spirit and it grew in numbers, living in the fear of the Lord” (9:31). To make sure that Theophilus would not be forced to choose between Peter and Paul Luke now demonstrates, in Book Four, that Peter too promoted the Gentile mission (9:32–12:24). But it was not just Peter who promoted this; it was the Lord himself. Luke begins by impression affirming Peter’s apostleship in the kiersey temperament sorter, that he healed Aeneas (9:32-35) and even raised Dorcas from the dead (9:36-43). While in Joppa (where Dorcas had been raised), Peter saw a vision of unclean animals descending from heaven accompanied by a voice which bid him to kill and eat (10:8-23a). The message was clear: the “unclean” Gentiles should not be shut out of the kingdom (10:15, 28).

Peter subsequently went to management, the house of a Roman centurion named Cornelius and proclaimed the gospel to him and his friends (10:23b-48). The response of the Gentiles was the same as that of the first hearers on the day of Pentecost (10:44-48); the Gentiles even received the gift of the Spirit. Peter was thus convinced that the Gentile mission was from panama God. Not only impression example did Peter have to be prepared for the Gentile mission; the Jerusalem church did, too (11:1-18). Since Peter was recognized by the kiersey sorter all as a legitimate spokesman for management God, his recounting of essay introduction, what happened at Cornelius’ house was enough to example, convince the romeo character Jewish believers. Chapter 11 concludes with the account of the birth of the church at Antioch (11:19-30)—a birth which paralleled the birth of the Jerusalem church. To show that there was no animosity between the two churches, the Antiochian Christians sent financial aid to the Jerusalem church via Saul and Barnabas (11:27-30). Book Four, which began with peace in Judea and Samaria, now reaches an ironic climax with persecution in management, Jerusalem (12:1-23). This time, rather than Saul, Herod is the one persecuting the church.

First, he executes James (12:1-2), then arrests Peter (12:3-19). But Peter miraculously escapes (12:6-11) and Herod dies (12:20-23). Reflective Essay! This is the last we see of Peter in his evangelistic efforts. Management! 65 The stage is thus set for the comparison and contrast with Paul, the man with whom the rest of Acts is concerned. What may be of significance is that there is no parallel with Paul—within the pages of Acts—with Peter’s final arrest and release . Personality! It is our conviction that Luke has written his book in such a way to beckon Theophilus to “write the final chapter.” Book Four concludes with the words, “But the word of God continued to increase and spread” (12:24). The Fifth Book addresses the extension of the Church to Asia Minor, but might just as properly be called “The Book of the impression management Establishment of Paul’s Apostleship” (12:25–16:5). Here we begin to see the deja vu pattern emerge once again. But rather than between Luke and Acts, or Peter and introduction, the other apostles, this Book now compares Peter and Paul.

The Fifth Book opens with the impression management commission of Barnabas and Saul by the Spirit to take their first missionary journey (12:25–13:3). Saul, who was also called Paul (13:9), has his apostleship authenticated on Cyprus and in Pisidian Antioch. On Cyprus (13:4-12), he is seen to be just as much a “witness” as was Philip—and to have the same power of discernment as Peter, for in Paul’s confrontation with a sorcerer (13:6-12 cf. 8:9-13), he, like Peter, pronounces judgment on the man—accompanied by a miraculous blinding. In Pisidian Antioch (13:13-52) Paul is seen to be just as much an orator as Stephen and Peter (13:14b-41). In fact, his message is an amalgamation of both Stephen’s speech and Peter’s sermons. In these first two stories we see that Paul, by himself was equal to both Philip and Peter, and then Stephen and Peter. When Paul travels to South Galatia (13:51–14:21a), to the city of Lystra (14:8-18), he is seen to have the same miraculous powers as Peter (cf.

3:1–4:31). The parallels are hard to miss: (1) both Peter and panama, Paul healed a man crippled from birth (3:1-8/14:8-10); (2) there was a positive response from the crowd (3:9-10/14:11-14); (3) both addressed the crowd (3:11-26/14:15-18); (4) both were accompanied by another apostle (John, Barnabas); and (5) both suffered at the hands of the Jews, though Paul’s suffering was far worse (4:1-4/14:19). Clearly, Paul was just as much an apostle as was Peter. 66. After a brief return to impression management example, Antioch (14:21b-28) where the issue of the Gentile mission came to a head (15:1-5), Paul goes up to the kiersey temperament sorter, Jerusalem to where the apostles and elders met to consider the matter. Here Paul’s mission is rat i fied by the Jerusalem Council (15:6-21)—a council in which Peter plays a part (15:7b-11).

Paul and Barnabas are selected as letter-bearers (15:22), and management example, are to bring the good news of the Council’s decision back to Antioch and romeo character, elsewhere. This stands in bold relief against the last time Paul carried a letter for a Council (9:2)! The second missionary journey (15:36–18:22) begins after a brief rest in Antioch, but Paul took Silas instead of Barnabas and Mark because of Mark’s earlier desertion in Pamphylia (15:36-41). On this journey Paul takes the northern route, allowing Barnabas and Mark to retrace their steps by going to Cyprus once again (15:39b). The journey begins with a confirmation of the churches in South Galatia (16:1-4). Impression Management! On this positive note, Book Five concludes: “So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in tupac, the numbers” (16:5). On Paul’s second missionary journey, his own widening net now extended as far as the Aegean region, the topic with which Book Six (16:6–19:20) is occupied. Having established that Paul was an management example authentic apostle and that his message was ratified by Peter himself, Luke now concentrates especially on panama deception the historical side to management, his tome.

There is no dichotomy between the history and apologetic of Luke, but the emphasis now is on the former, while through Book Five it was on the latter. Still, there are parallels to be seen between Paul and Peter even here (cf. e.g., Paul’s vision to come to Macedonia [16:8b-10] with Peter’s vision of accepting “unclean” Gentiles [10:8-23]; the twelve disciples of John in the kiersey sorter, Ephesus speaking in tongues when they receive the Spirit [19:1-7] with the twelve apostles speaking in tongues on the day of Pentecost when they receive the Spirit [2:1-4]; etc.). Paul’s missionary travels take him to Philippi (16:6-40) in Macedonia, where a small church is planted. Luke then records that Paul and Silas bypass Amphipolis and Apollonia (17:1a) because there was no synagogue there. This becomes a motif throughout the rest of Acts: Paul consistently went to the Jews first and impression, then the of an conflict Gentiles, even till the example very end (28:17-28). Yet, equal to essay introduction examples, this motif, is Jewish hostility wherever the apostle went.

The next stop was the thriving metropolis of Thessalonica (17:1-9), where Paul preached for three Sabbaths before being driven from the city. A short stay at Berea (17:10-14)—again due to persecution initiated by the Jews—resulted in his trek to Athens (17:15-34). After a relatively unsuccessful ministry with the philosophers there, he traveled to Corinth (18:1-18a), where he was able to settle down for the first time because of God’s protection of his ministry (18:5-11). After a court appearance before the management example proconsul Gallio, in which the case was dismissed (18:12-18a), Paul returned to Antioch, his home base (18:18b-22). After a very brief stay in Antioch, Paul began his third missionary journey (18:23–21:16). He had left Priscilla and Aquila, two of the kiersey temperament sorter, his co-workers, in Ephesus on his return trip to Antioch. Now he returned to Ephesus, by way of the South Galatian region (18:23). Example! Altogether he would stay there almost three years and Ephesus would effectively become what Antioch had been: a base of operations for his missionary endeavors.

Book Six ends with Paul having a successful ministry in panama deception, Ephesus, though not one lacking in conflict (cf. 19:8-9a, 11-19). Impression! but because of a final victory over one opponent, namely, the occult, “the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power” (19:20). After disclosing some of the missionary endeavors of Paul in the Sixth Book, primarily with a historical purpose in mind, Luke now returns to his apologetic emphasis. But rather than further comparison of Paul with Peter, his primary thrust is to prepare a trial brief for Paul. Since Theophilus was apparently an influential Roman official, and hour conflict, one who had had at least a sympathetic ear toward Christianity, especially in its Petrine forms, 67 he needed to have as much information at management his disposal which would be helpful in court. Book Seven (19:21–28:31) provides just such information. The Book begins with Paul’s announcement to go to personality, Rome (19:21-22) and management example, ends with him getting there. The Kiersey! But there is irony seen here, for Acts began with the growth of the church being stimulated by management the persecutions of Saul the Jew; it closes with the Church reaching all the when did neville chamberlain die way to Rome because of the imprisonment of Paul the Christian. A riot at Ephesus over the adverse impact Paul’s gospel was having on idolatry (19:22-41) provides the catalyst for Paul to move on. But before he could go to Rome, the capital of the Gentile world, he felt it necessary to go to Jerusalem, the impression management capital of the Jewish world. Surely this was in keeping with his own missionary principle, “To the Jew first, and then to the Greek.”

The journey to Jerusalem (20:1–21:16) involves a circuitous route in which Paul comforted his converts along the way. He went through Macedonia and tupac, Greece (20:1-6) and came to example, Troas, where he raised Eutychus from the dead (20:7-12; cf. 9:36-43). From there he sailed for Miletus and met the Ephesian elders for the last time (20:13-38). Romeo Profile! From Miletus Paul traveled to Tyre (21:1-6) and then to Caesarea (21:7-14). At Caesarea Agabus predicted that Paul would be imprisoned if he went on to Jerusalem (21:10-14). Agabus’ prophecy came true.

When Paul arrived in management example, Jerusalem he was arrested in romeo, the temple on trumped up charges of violating the management temple by bringing in a Gentile (21:27-36). The recounting of his conversion (22:1-21) only angered the Jewish crowd more (22:22), which prompted him to seek protection on the basis of his Roman citizenship (22:23-29). There follows a series of trials, all properly documented to reveal Paul’s innocence. First, Paul was brought before the Sanhedrin (22:30–23:10) who almost broke out in a riot themselves (22:30–23:10). A Jewish plot to kill him (23:12-22) led to more protection by the Romans (23:23-30) as they escorted him to Caesarea to be tried before the Roman governor, Felix. Paul was then successively tried before Felix (24:1-26), Festus (24:27–25:12) and Agrippa II (25:23–26:32) over panama deception a period of two years.

Ironically, he would have been found innocent but because he had appealed to Caesar (26:22-23), he would have to go to Rome (26:30-32). Impression Management Example! Most likely, Paul made such an appeal because he believed he would get fairer treatment from the Roman government than from his fellow countrymen. Throughout Acts, in panama deception, fact, Luke seems to embrace the same position. The voyage to Rome (27:1–28:10) commences with a shipwreck (27:1-44) in which Paul is seen both as survivor and savior. The pagans of the impression management day believed that those who survived shipwrecks must be innocent. 68 Whether or not Theophilus held to this superstition, it could certainly come in handy in the trial.

The book of hour, Acts then concludes with Paul meeting his final destination, Rome (28:11-31). Once there, although in management, chains, he first proclaims Christ to the Jews (28:16-24), then to the Gentiles (28:25-28). Book Seven ends with Paul imprisoned for reflective examples two years (28:30), though “Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ” (28:31). That the outcome of the trial is not mentioned is no accident: it had not happened yet. But like Peter’s angel in chapter 12, Luke wants Theophilus to do what he can to get Paul out of management example, prison that the gospel might continue to spread.

After all, the Gentiles “will listen” (28:28). Thus in a masterful series of when did neville chamberlain die, Seven Books, Luke has not only shown how the Church grew from its humble beginnings, but he has also vindicated both Paul’s apostleship and his innocence. His literary labors to impression example, get Paul free were successful: the apostle to the Gentiles was released; he ministered for three more years and wrote three more epistles before his beheading by Nero in the summer of 64 CE. I. Book One: The Birth of the Church in Jerusalem (1:1–2:47) B. Essay Introduction Examples! Anticipation: From Resurrection to Pentecost (1:3-26) 1. Impression Management Example! From Resurrection to ascension: Christ’s Forty Day Ministry (1:3-11) a. The Apostles’ Commission (1:3-8) b. The Ascension (1:9-11) 2. The Kiersey! From Ascension to management, Pentecost: The Apostles’ Ten Day Wait (1:12-26) a. Praying in the Upper Room (1:12-14) b. Selecting a Replacement for Judas (1:15-26) C. Realization: The Day of Pentecost (2:1-41) 1. The Descent of the Spirit (2:1-13) a. The Response of the Apostles: Speaking in Tongues (2:1-4) b. The Reaction of the Crowd (2:5-13)

2. Panama! The Proclamation of Peter (2:14-39) a. Introduction: Fulfillment of Prophecy (2:14-21) b. Body: Jesus Is the Messiah (2:22-39) 1) Proof: Miracles (2:22-32) a) During His Life (2:22) b) After His Death: Resurrection (2:23-32) 2) Promise: Holy Spirit (2:33-39) 3. The Response of the management example Crowd (2:40-41) D. Conclusion of Book One (2:42-47) II.

Book Two: The Expansion of the Church in Jerusalem (3:1–6:7) A. Panama! A Healing by Peter and Its Consequences (3:1–4:31) 1. The Healing of a Man Crippled from Birth (3:1-8) 2. The Response of the Crowd (3:9-10) 3. Management! The Message of Peter (3:11-26)

4. The Arrest of Peter and John (4:1-4) 5. Peter and John before the Sanhedrin (4:5-22) a. Peter’s Defense (4:5-12) b. The Story Conflict! The Debate in the Sanhedrin (4:13-17) c. Example! The Release of Peter and panama deception, John (4:18-22) 6. The Thanksgiving of the example Saints (4:23-31) B. Community and Discipline (4:32–5:11) 1. The Sharing of All Possessions (4:32-37)

2. The Deception of Ananias and Sapphira (5:1-11) C. Healings by did neville chamberlain die the Apostles and their Consequences (5:12-42) 1. Healings of the Apostles, Responses of the Crowds (5:12-16) 2. The Arrest and Escape (5:17-24) 3. The Apostles before the management example Sanhedrin (5:25-40) a. The Sanhedrin’s Rebuke (5:25-28) b. The Apostles’ Defense (5:29-32) c. The Debate in the Sanhedrin (5:33-39) d. The Release of the Apostles (5:40) 4. The Rejoicing of the Apostles (5:41-42) D. Community: Distribution and Administration (6:1-6) E. Romeo Character Profile! Conclusion of Book Two (6:7) III. Book Three: The Extension of the Church to Judea and Samaria (6:8–9:31)

A. Stephen’s Martyrdom (6:8–8:1a) 1. His Arrest (6:8-15) 2. His Defense (7:1-53) a. The High Priest’s Question (7:1) b. Stephen’s Response (7:2-53) 1) The Patriarchal Age (7:2-8) 2) The Nation in Egypt (7:9-19)

3) The Rejection of Moses by the Nation (7:20-39) a) Moses’ Early Years (7:20-29) b) Moses’ Call by God (7:30-34) c) The Nation’s Rejection in management example, the Wilderness (7:35-39) 4) The Rejection of the Nation by God (7:40-43) 5) The Tabernacle and the Temple (7:44-50) 6) The Rejection of Christ by the Nation (7:51-53) 3. When Did Neville Chamberlain! His Death (7:54–8:1a) B. Impression Management! Philip’s Ministry (8:1b-40) 1. Setting: the Persecution by Saul (8:1b-3)

2. Philip in examples, Samaria (8:4-25) a. The Activities of Philip (8:4-8) b. The Response of Simon (8:9-13) c. The Coming of Peter and John (8:14-25) 1) The Reception of the Spirit by impression management the Crowd (8:14-17) 2) The Wickedness of Simon the Sorcerer Revealed (8:18-24) 3) The Return of the Apostles to personality, Jerusalem (8:25) 3. Philip and the Ethiopian on the Road to Gaza (8:26-39) 4. Philip on the Coast of Palestine (8:40) C. Saul’s Conversion (9:1-30) 1. Impression Management! Setting: On the romeo character profile Road to Damascus (9:1-2) 2. The Conversion of Saul on the Road (9:1-9) 3. The Coming of Ananias in impression, Damascus (9:10-19) 4. The Confrontations with the Jews in Damascus (9:20-25)

5. The Coming of Saul to Jerusalem (9:26-30) D. Conclusion of Book Three (9:31) IV. Book Four: The Extension of the Church to Antioch (9:32–12:24) A. The Preparation of Peter for the Gentile Mission (9:32–10:48) 1. When Did Neville Chamberlain Die! Peter in Western Judea: With Aeneas and Dorcas (9:32-43) a. In Lydda: The Healing of management example, Aeneas (9:32-35) b. In Joppa: The Raising of Dorcas (9:36-43) 2. The Kiersey Temperament Sorter! Peter in Caesarea: With Cornelius (10:1-48) a. Cornelius’ Vision: Send for Peter (10:1-7) b. Peter’s Vision: Receive the Gentiles (10:8-23a) c. Peter at Cornelius’ House (10:23b-48)

1) Setting (10:23b-27) 2) Recounting of Peter’s Vision (10:28-29a) 3) Recounting of Cornelius’ Vision (10:29b-33) 4) Peter’s Message (10:34-43) 5) The Gentiles’ Response (10:44-48) a) Gift of the Spirit (10:44-46) b) Water Baptism (10:47-48a) c) Fellowship (10:48b) B. The Preparation of the Leaders of the Jerusalem Church for the Gentile Mission (11:1-18) 1. The Accusation of the Jewish Believers (11:1-3) 2. The Explanation of Peter (11:4-17) a. Recounting of Peter’s Vision in Joppa (11:4-10) b. Recounting of Peter’s Visit to management, Cornelius in Caesarea (11:11-16) c. Recognition of the Legitimacy of the hour conflict Gentile Mission by example Peter (11:17) d. Response of the Jewish Believers (11:18) C. The Preparation of the Church at Antioch for when the Gentile Mission (11:19-30) 1. Impression Management Example! The Birth of the Church in Antioch (11:19-21) 2. The Response of Jerusalem to Antioch: The Sending of Barnabas (11:22-24)

3. Profile! Barnabas and Saul at Antioch (11:25-26) 4. Management! The Response of Antioch to Jerusalem: The Sending of Barnabas and personality, Saul (11:27-30) a. The prophecy of Agabus: Worldwide Famine (11:27-28) b. The Poverty of the Judean Churches: A Collection Taken (11:29-30) D. Herod’s Persecution of the management Church at Jerusalem (12:1-23) 1. The Martyrdom of James by Herod (12:1-2) 2. The Arrest of Peter by Herod (12:3-19) a. The Arrest and Imprisonment (12:3-5) b. The Kiersey! The Angel and Escape (12:6-11) c. The Response of the Church (12:12-16) d. The Withdrawal of Peter (12:17) e. The Reaction of Herod (12:18-19) 3. The Death of Herod (12:20-23) E. Impression! Conclusion of Book Four (12:24)

V. Book Five: The Extension of the the kiersey Church to Asia Minor (12:25–16:5) A. The Commission of impression management example, Barnabas and tupac, Saul at Antioch (12:25–13:3) [Paul’s First Missionary Journey (13:4–14:28)] B. Impression Management Example! The Mission of Barnabas and Paul In Asia Minor (13:4–14:28) a. From Antioch to chamberlain, Seleucia to Cyprus (13:4) b. On the Island of Cyprus (13:5-12) 1) At the Synagogue in Salamis (13:5) 2) At Paphos: Confrontation with Bar-Jesus the Sorcerer (13:6-12) 2. Pisidian Antioch (13:13-52) a. From Paphos to Perga in Pamphylia: John Mark’s Departure (13:13) b. From Perga to Pisidian Antioch (13:14a) c. In Pisidian Antioch (13:14b-52) 1) Paul’s Message on the Sabbath (13:14b-41) a) Setting (13:14b-15) b) Introduction (13:16) 1] Preparation for Christ in the OT (13:17-22) 2] Proclamation of Christ to the Hearers (13:23-37) d) Application (13:38-41) 2) Initial Jewish Response to management, Paul’s Message (13:42-43) 3) Later Gentile Response and Jewish Opposition to Paul’s Gospel (13:44-50)

3. South Galatia: Iconium, Lystra, Derbe (13:51–14:21a) a. In Iconium: Jewish and Gentile Response (13:51–14:5) b. In Lystra and Derbe (14:6-21a) 1) From Iconium to Lystra and Derbe (14:6-7) 2) A Healing in Lystra (14:6-18) a) The Healing of a Man Crippled from Birth (14:8-10) b) The Response of the Crowd (14:11-14) c) The Message of Paul and Barnabas (14:15-18) d) The Stoning of the kiersey temperament, Paul (14:19) 3) Escape to Derbe (14:20-21a) 4. Impression Management! Return to Antioch (14:21b-28) C. The Council at Jerusalem Concerning the Gentile Mission (15:1-35) 1. The Occasion: Judaizers in Antioch (15:1-5) 2. The Meeting of the Apostles and Elders at Jerusalem (15:6-21) a. The Setting (15:6-7a) b. Panama! Peter’s Message (15:7b-11) c. Barnabas’ and impression example, Paul’s Testimony (15:12) d. James’ Concluding Thoughts (15:13-21) 3. The Council’s Letter to Gentile Believers (15:22-35) a. The Selection of Barnabas and Paul as Letter-Bearers (15:22) b. The Contents of the Letter (15:23-29) c. The Response in Antioch (15:30-35)

D. The Confirmation of the Churches in Asia Minor (15:36–16:4) [Paul’s Second Missionary Journey [15:36–18:22] 1. The Dispute between Paul and Barnabas over John Mark (15:36-41) a. The Desire to the kiersey, Return (15:36) b. The Discussion over management John Mark (15:37-39a) c. Barnabas and Mark Depart for Cyprus (15:39b) d. Romeo! Paul and Silas Depart for Tarsus (15:40-41) 2. In South Galatia (Derbe, Lystra): Timothy Joins Paul and Silas (16:1-4) E. Conclusion of management, Book Five (16:5) VI. Book Six: The Extension of the Church to when did neville chamberlain die, the Aegean Area (16:6–19:20) A. Management Example! Philippi (16:6-40) 1. Throughout the Phrygian-Galatian Region (16:6) 2. Romeo Character Profile! To Troas in Mysia (16:7-8a) 3. Paul’s Vision: Come to impression management, Macedonia (16:8b-10) 4. Troas to Samothrace to Neapolis to Philippi (16:11)

5. In Philippi (16:12-40) a. The Conversion of Lydia (16:12-15) b. The Exorcism of a Slave Girl (16:16-18) c. The Conversion of a Philippian Jailer (16:19-34) 1) Paul and Silas Arrested (16:19-24) 2) An Earthquake: Shackles Released (16:25-28) 3) The Response of the Jailer (16:29-34) d. The Release of Paul and Silas (16:35-40) B. Thessalonica (17:1-9) 1. Through Amphipolis and Apollonia (17:1a)

2. The Kiersey Temperament Sorter! In Thessalonica (17:1b-9) a. Paul’s Proclamation in the Synagogue (17:1b-3) b. The Conversion of impression management, Some Jews and Greeks (17:4) c. The Hostility of other Jews (17:5-9) D. Romeo! Athens (17:15-34) 1. Discussion in impression, the Agora (17:15-18) 2. Dispute on profile the Areopagus (17:19-34) a. Paul’s Message (17:19-31) b. The Athenians’ Reaction (17:32-34) E. Corinth (18:1-18a) 1. With Aquila and Priscilla: Tentmaking and Preaching (18:1-4) 2. Impression Management! With Silas and Timothy: Eighteen Months of Ministry (18:5-11) 3. Romeo Character! Before Gallio (18:12-18a) F. Return to Antioch (18:18b-22) 1. Impression! From Cenchrea to Ephesus to Caesarea (18:18b-22a) 2. Arrival in Antioch (18:22b)

G. The Kiersey! Ephesus (18:23–19:19) [Paul’s Third Missionary Journey (18:23–21:16)] 1. Return to the Galatian-Phrygian Region (18:23) 2. Apollos in Ephesus: Forerunner to Paul (18:24-28) a. Apollos’ Arrival in Ephesus (18:24) b. Apollos’ Instruction by example Aquila and when chamberlain, Priscilla (18:25-26) c. Apollos’ Departure for Corinth (18:27-28) 3. In Ephesus (19:1-19) a. With Twelve Disciples of John (19:1-7) b. In the Synagogue of the Jews (19:8-9a) c. In the impression Lecture Hall of Tyrannus (19:9b-10) d. In Conflict with the Occult (19:11-19) H. Conclusion of Book Six (19:20) VII. Book Seven: The Extension of the Church to Rome (19:21–28:31)

A. Profile! The Plan Announced (19:21-22) B. The Riot in Ephesus (19:22-41) 1. The Accusations by the Silversmiths (19:22-27) 2. The Demonstration in the Theater (19:28-34) 3. The Quieting of the Mob by the Town Clerk (19:35-41) C. The Journey to Jerusalem (20:1–21:16) 1. Through Macedonia and Greece (20:1-6)

2. In Troas: The Raising of Eutychus (20:7-12) 3. From Troas to Miletus (20:13-17) 4. In Miletus: Farewell Message to the Ephesian Elders (20:18-38) a. Paul’s Message (20:18-35) b. Impression! The Elders’ Response (20:36-38) 5. Temperament! From Miletus to Tyre (21:1-6) 6. Impression! From Tyre to Caesarea (21:7-14) a. Staying with Philip (21:7-9) b. Sorter! The Prediction of impression management example, Agabus (21:10-14) 7. Arrival at Jerusalem (21:15-16) D. Paul In Jerusalem (21:17–23:30) 1. The Meeting with James and the Elders (21:17-26) 2. The Arrest of Paul in tupac personality, the Temple (21:27-36) 3. The Address of Paul to the Crowd (21:37–22:21) a. The Request to Speak (21:37-40) b. Management Example! Recounting His Conversion (22:1-11) c. Recounting His Call (22:12-21) 4. The Disclosure of Paul’s Roman Citizenship (22:22-29)

5. Paul before the Sanhedrin (22:30–23:10) a. The Story Of An Hour Conflict! Confrontation with the High Priest (22:30–23:5) b. Dispute over the Resurrection (23:6-10) 6. Example! Night Vision of the Lord (23:11) 7. The Plot to Kill Paul (23:12-22) a. The Plot by the Jews (23:12-15) b. The Revelation to the Romans (23:16-22) 8. The Protection of the Romans (23:23-30) a. Protection provided (23:23-24) b. Cover-Letter Written (23:25-30) E. Paul in sorter, Caesarea (23:31–26:32) 1. A Roman Escort to Caesarea (23:31-35)

2. The Trial before Felix (24:1-26) a. Accusations of the Jews (24:1-9) b. Defense of Paul (24:10-21) c. Adjournment by Felix (24:22-23) d. Intermittent Interviews by management example Felix (24:24-26) 3. The Trial before Festus (24:27–25:12) a. Felix Replaced by Festus (24:27) b. Arrival of Festus in Jerusalem (25:1-5) c. Temperament Sorter! Paul before Festus: Appeal to Caesar (25:6-12) 4. Consultation of Festus with Agrippa II (25:13-22) 5. Paul before Agrippa (25:23–26:32) a. The Briefing by Festus (25:23-27) b. The Defense by impression management example Paul (26:1-23) 1) Introduction (26:1-3) 2) The Jewish Hope of Resurrection (26:4-8) 3) Paul’s Persecution of Christians (26:9-11) 4) Paul’s Conversion (26:12-18) 5) Paul’s Commission to the Gentiles (26:19-20) 6) Paul’s Arrest in Jerusalem (26:21) 7) Concluding Appeal (26:22-23) c. Interchange between Festus, Paul and Agrippa (26:24-29) d. Introduction! Paul’s Innocence and management example, the Irony of his Appeal to Caesar (26:30-32)

F. The Voyage to Rome (27:1–28:10) 1. The Shipwreck (27:1-44) a. Did Neville Chamberlain Die! Setting (27:1-12) 1) From Caesarea to Myra (27:1-5) 2) From Myra to Fair Havens in Crete (27:6-8) b. Warnings of Imminent Shipwreck (27:9-26) 1) The Season: After the Day of Atonement (27:9a) 2) Paul’s Warning (27:9b-12) 3) The Storm (27:13-20) 4) Paul’s Vision (27:21-26) c. The Shipwreck on Malta (27:27-44) 1) A Foiled Escape by the Sailors (27:27-32) 2) A Last Meal on Board (27:33-38)

3) The Ship Runs Aground (27:39-41) 4) All Safe Ashore (27:42-44) 2. On Malta (28:1-10) a. Paul’s Snake Bite (28:1-6) b. Paul’s Miracles (28:7-10) G. Impression Management Example! Paul In Rome (28:11-31) 1. Arrival at Rome (28:11-16) 2. Paul’s Proclamation to the Jews (28:16-24) 3. Paul’s Proclamation to panama deception, the Gentiles (28:25-28) H. Conclusion of Book Seven (28:30-31) 1 In particular, Apollonius’ Canon and its corollary suggest that (1) in impression management, Greek, normally both the nomen regens and the nomen rectum either have the article or lack it; and (2) when both lack it, the sense is still usually definite for both (hence, “ The Acts of the Apostles”).

2 Guthrie, 114. For more arguments on Lukan authorship based on external evidence, cf. our discussion of Luke. 3 G. B. Caird, Saint Luke , 16-17. 4 Cf. the hour various studies by Hort, Metzger, Aland, Snodgrass, Holmes, and especially Thomas Geer. 5 So B. M. Metzger, personal conversation (March 1989); cf. also his The Canon of the New Testament and The Text of the New Testament . 6 Although ancillary to this paper, this conclusion also helps to establish the Western text as very early—going back deep into the second century ( contra Aland-Aland, Text of the New Testament ). 7 See Guthrie for an expanded treatment, 115-19. This section is merely a distillation of Guthrie’s arguments.

8 For an impression example additional piece of deception, (external) evidence for common authorship, cf. the management last paragraph in our discussion of external evidence. 10 C. H. Talbert, Literary Patterns, Theological Themes and panama deception, the Genre of example, Luke-Acts , 17. Talbert notices, for introduction example, that both Jesus and Paul are well received by the populace; they both enter the impression example temple in a friendly manner; the Sadducees do not believe in the resurrection, but the scribes support Jesus/Paul; they both “take bread, and after giving thanks, break it”; a mob seizes Jesus/Paul; Jesus/Paul is slapped by the priest’s assistant; each undergoes four trials. 11 Ibid., 23. Although we would affirm this statement of Talbert, there is essay examples one caveat : Talbert goes on to suggest that Luke created much of his material, while we would argue instead that he selected and arranged it. Impression Example! The purpose for this will be seen when we look at the kiersey temperament Acts, but suffice it to impression example, say here that it would certainly create in Theophilus a sympathy for character profile Paul. 12 This can be further seen in that the gospel itself displays an incredible internal structure, as does Acts. Impression Management Example! Thus the supposition that two different authors wrote these books means that the mimic is even more brilliant than the panama deception original author! 15 This is impression management example doubtful, however, since only in c. 60 would Luke have met Mark, if Mark had been in Rome since the mid-50s. Nevertheless, upon meeting him after having employed his gospel to essay introduction, write his own, Luke would have certainly become his friend. Luke’s favorable attitude toward Mark—not just personally but as a reliable source on the life of Jesus—might be implied in his calling Mark an “assistant” ( ???????? ) in Acts 13:5. “Luke’s term frequently designates a man who handles documents and management example, delivers their content to men . The Story Hour Conflict! . .” (Lane, Mark , 22).

Lane goes on to mention Acts 26:16 where Paul is impression appointed as a ???????? and witness to the truth, and Luke 1:1-2 where “the evangelist links the servants [ ???????? ] of the word with those who were the when did neville die eyewitnesses and guarantors of apostolic tradition.” The connection of impression, ???????? with both Mark and Luke’s sources suggests that Mark’s Gospel may well have been one of those sources which Luke used to compile his gospel—and one which he himself deeply appreciated. 16 Style and panama, Literary Method of impression management example, Luke. 17 It has been frequently quipped that Cadbury earned his doctorate by taking away Luke’s! 20 There is tupac another subtle indicator of Luke’s race. In Acts 16, after the beginning of the impression example first “we” section (16:11-17), Luke mentions that he was with Paul in Philippi up to the time that Paul cast out the evil spirit from the servant girl (v. 17—“she followed Paul and us”). Then, in when did neville chamberlain, 16:19, the person changes from first to third (“her owners . . . seized Paul and Silas”). In vv.

20-21, the reason why Paul and Silas were singled out becomes clear: “These men are Jews and they are disturbing the city. Impression! They advocate customs which it is not lawful for romeo character profile us Romans to accept or practice.” On the assumption that the “we” sections should be taken at face value, and that Luke was a Gentile, the fact that Luke was not seized makes perfect sense—for the point of vv. 20-21 has its sting in the fact that Paul and Silas are Jews . (What may further confirm this is that Timothy is not mentioned here [though he might not have been with the missionaries in Philippi] And Timothy was a half-Jew.) In the least, if one wants to deny that Luke was a Gentile, he must explain why the first person plural is used in 16:17, but is management example immediately switched to third person when the the story conflict Philippians make their accusation against the missionaries on the basis of their race. 21 Guthrie mistakenly says that Luke was possibly from Philippi, supposing that the ‘we’ sections start there (118-19). 22 However, more than one church father thought that Luke came from example Antioch. Even codex D suggests this, for it begins the ‘we’ material at Acts 11:28! 23 We will deal with this issue in our introduction to Galatians. 24 We will deal with this issue in chamberlain, our introduction to 1 Thessalonians.

25 The customary approach in critical circles when faced with such discrepancies is to give the benefit of the doubt to impression, Paul, since his material is deception autobiographical. No doubt this is partially legitimate, though one ought not discount the fact that Luke is selective in his portraiture of Paul—and, in fact, that Paul is selective in what he wants to say, too! If they make different selections, this does not prove either one at impression fault necessarily. 27 One thinks in the story of an conflict, particular of Luke 2:19 (“Mary kept all these things in her heart”), in which Luke probably used the mother of Jesus as his source for the early life of the Messiah. (This is not only suggested by Luke 2:19, but it is corroborated by the highly Semitic Greek of these first two chapters, which disappears once Luke gets to chapter 3.) 28 This also is a historical problem, as we saw earlier, though it is sufficiently difficult to warrant a discussion here. 29 There is another discrepancy (or silence) between Paul and Luke-Acts that has been bantered about at management example SBL meetings in did neville die, recent years: the lack of a substitutionary atonement in Luke-Acts (note in particular Luke’s omitting of Mark 10:45), while Paul is quite strong on this point. It may be that either this was not the key to Christ’s death for Luke, even though he embraced it; or he may have not fully grasped its significance; or he perceived that Theophilus would not appreciate its significance (or even that it was ancillary to impression management, the thrust of tupac, Luke-Acts). 30 R. N. Example! Longenecker, The Acts of the Apostles , in vol. 9 of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, 226. It should be noted that Longenecker is emphasizing a different perspective (he is dealing with history rather than theology per chamberlain, se , and Paul’s autobiographical statements as opposed to Luke’s biographical remarks regarding Paul’s miracles), but his point is still valid for theological concerns as well.

31 Longenecker adds a helpful analogy: “The situation is somewhat comparable to Plutarch’s treatment of the members of the impression Roman family Gracchus in his Parallel Lives and Appian’s depiction of these same leaders in his Civil Wars . While both wrote in the second century A.D., Plutarch was interested in the Gracchi primarily as statesmen whereas Appian was interested in the kiersey temperament, them as generals. So their differing interests drastically affected each writer’s selection and shaping of the management material and the impact of each one’s work. Yet there is also a large body of agreement between Plutarch’s and Appian’s treatment of the Gracchi” (226-27). 32 Thucydides I.22:1-4 is the romeo profile relevant text (my translation follows): “And concerning whatever each of these men actually said, either when they were about to engage in battle or when they were already in it, the precise accuracy of what was said has proved itself difficult to impression, remember—both for me, of what I myself heard, and regarding those things which were reported to panama, me from other locales. But as it seemed to impression, me that since each of these men had something especially fitting to say concerning the ever-present circumstances, by adhering as closely as possible to character, the general intent of what was truly said, [the speeches] were thus recorded.”

Contrary to the popular conception held by many NT scholars, it is evident from this statement that Thucydides did not invent speeches ex nihilo. My reading of this text suggests that speeches really were made, though their precise wording was often too elusive to get down on paper. Yet, as difficult as it was to record the ipsissima verba , Thucydides did attempt to give the example ipsissima vox . 33 Plutarch is the story of an hour conflict another parallel of one who sought to give the impression example ipsissima vox , though not necessarily the ipsissima verba . Cf. Plutarch’s Lives: Alexander 1.1-3 (my translation follows): “In this book we are writing about the life of Alexander the king and that of Caesar, [the latter] by whom Pompey was destroyed. Because of the vast number of acts which are to deception, be set forth, we will say nothing beforehand other than that we ask the readers not to criticize [our efforts] if we do not report everything in precise detail of their well-known deeds, but abridge most of them. Example! For we are not writing histories but biographies. And in the most distinguished deeds [of these men] there is not always evidence of excellence or of evil. But often a small deed or a quip or some pastime has made an impression [on me] of when did neville chamberlain die, one’s character far more than battles in which tens of thousands die, or even than the greatest campaigns or sieges of cities.

Therefore, in the same way that those who paint the likenesses of one’s face and of facial features—by which one’s character is revealed—draw their picture reflecting minimally on the remaining parts [of the body]; so also one must allow us to impression management example, penetrate the windows of the when did neville soul and, through these windows, to portray each life, leaving the highs and lows [of these individuals] to others.” The key statement here is that Plutarch felt it thoroughly appropriate not “to report everything in precise detail . . . but [to] abridge most of them.” 34 See our discussion of some of the management linguistic similarities in the introduction to those books. 35 Guthrie writes: “The only Acts speech which bears any analogy to the situation behind the Pauline epistles is deception Paul’s address to the Ephesian elders at Miletus. And it is significant that this speech approximates most closely to Paul’s epistles in language and thought” (123, n. 5). 36 I have not seen this argument in print, though I believe it bears quite a bit of force. Impression Example! It is character rather obvious that the author of management, Acts had an deception extremely high view of Paul. If so, and if he had access to impression, Paul’s letters (a supposition that becomes increasingly probable the the kiersey later this book is dated), why would he seemingly contradict Paul at so many points?

If we are to believe the skeptics, he has contradicted Paul—but he’s also written at least thirty years after Paul’s genuine epistles (the Hauptbriefe ) were published? This is a blatantly self-contradictory supposition. Further, the argument that some suggest, viz., that Acts was written to reinstate Paul’s letters among the churches, suffers from the same self-destructive inconsistency—except that here an explicit knowledge of Paul’s letters is assumed! 37 It is example certainly doubtful that he became a physician afterwards ! 38 This is not nearly as weighty an argument as the converse, viz., that Matthew should be dated near to the time of Luke. Some circularity is surely involved if neither gospel has better arguments in favor of an early date than this! In our view, however, the internal evidence within Acts becomes the single most important factor in the dating of the synoptic gospels. And since Acts is directly related to Luke, the argument of Luke’s date derived from when Matthew was written carries less weight (though still, some weight should be given to the difficulty of placing Matthew’s Gospel after 70 in light of the tupac special problems involved in his Olivet Discourse). 42 See our discussion of the example authorship of 2 Peter for data.

44 There may be some merit to the suggestion, however. Luke might have intended ?????? to the kiersey sorter, indicate a third volume—rhetorically, not literally. For the details of this proposal, see our discussion of impression, purpose/occasion. 47 As quoted by Robinson, 89-90. 48 The codex form was not invented until the middle of the first century. Thus although it is possible that Luke employed it, it is die extremely doubtful—especially since his prologue to example, Acts mentions “the first book” in conscious imitation of ancient historians who wrote their multi-volume works on scrolls. Character Profile! Further, although almost all of the extant NT MSS are in codex form (all but three), the earliest is c. 100-150 (P 52 ), giving no help to first century practices. Finally, the vast bulk of extant second century (secular) writings is in scroll form, indicating that even though the codex might have been invented in the first century, it really did not “catch on” until the second or third. (Incidentally, the management example great probability that Mark was written on a scroll nullifies any notion that the the story of an hour conflict end of his gospel was somehow lost. He meant to end it at 16:8.) 49 The Gospel ends with the ascension and the Acts virtually begins with it.

50 In fact, there is really no substantial reason to deny that Luke and Acts might have been sent to Theophilus at exactly the same time. That there is some transition between Luke and Acts (the repetition of the ascension) would be only natural if Luke expected the impression management work to be copied onto two scrolls; but this repetition does not need to suggest any gap in date any more than a modern author’s initial paragraph at romeo the beginning of , say, chapter four summarizing the conclusion of chapter three implies any interval. 51 Cf. its use in Acts 23:26; 24:3; and 26:25 of the Roman governors Felix and Festus. 52 In particular, the exoneration at almost every turn of the Romans and the heavy blame on the Jews throughout both works, coupled with a quite universal outlook (culminating in the legitimacy of the Gentile mission of Paul—especially after repeated attempts to bring the impression gospel in each town first to the Jews), render this judgment certain. 53 Cf. the introduction examples helpful discussion in Caird, Luke , 44. 54 Although Theophilus could mean “loved by God,” since the impression example NT nowhere speaks of God having ????? , ????? toward unbelievers, to call this man “loved by panama deception God” probably implies that he was a believer. On the other hand, if Theophilus means “one who loves God” then this, too, suggests that he is a believer. That Luke plays on impression example names in his second volume (cf. Talbert’s work, and personality, classnotes of student in Zane Hodges’ “Acts” [Dallas Seminary, 1978]) suggests that the management example name here is symbolic, too. 55 The issue is quite complicated and cannot be divorced from a carefully nuanced view of the multiple purposes of both Luke and Acts. One of the issues which seems to have been neglected is the amount of time Luke spends on Peter in sorter, Acts, and then parallels this with events in the life of Paul.

It is as if Luke is trying to show that Paul is as much an apostle as is impression example Peter. If so, then this presupposes that Theophilus had already embraced a Petrine form of Christianity . We will discuss this in our look at the purpose of Acts, but suffice it to the kiersey, say here that Theophilus is in all probability a believer, though he had had doubts about Paul. 57 See Longenecker’s treatment for an expanded list of options. 58 Again, this does not deny a more long-range perspective on management example the part of Luke which included a more general apologetic as well as a historical aim. Our contention, however, that the catalyst for the writing of profile, Acts was the upcoming trial of Paul. 59 See especially A. N. Sherwin-White, Roman Society and Roman Law in the New Testament , 108-19.

61 C. H. Management! Talbert, Literary Patterns, Theological Themes and the Genre of Luke-Acts . 62 Guthrie, 373. Guthrie cites D. Ladouceur, “Hellenistic Preconceptions of Shipwreck and Pollution as a Context for of an conflict Acts 27–28,” HTR 73 (1980) 435-49; and impression management example, G. B. Miles and G. Trompf, “Luke and Antiphon: The Theology of Acts 27–28 in the Light of Pagan Beliefs about Divine Retribution, Pollution and Shipwreck,” HTR 69 (1976) 259-67. 63 For the best treatment on this subject, cf. Deception! C. Management Example! H. Talbert, Literary Patterns, Theological Themes and the Genre of Luke-Acts , 15-23. 64 It seems to be Luke’s intention to draw out the the story of an conflict parallel.

At the conclusion of impression example, each message, the author tells us that “they were cut to the heart” (2:37; 7:54, though a different verb is used each time). The point seems to be that the reason for hour Stephen’s death lay not with him, but with his audience which responded incorrectly. 65 His appearance in Acts 15 is for the purpose of sanctioning the Gentile mission. He is not there functioning as a “witness.” 66 That this reading of Acts is derived from the author’s intention can be seen by his establishment of this very motif in impression management example, Acts 10–11: since the Gentiles had experienced the same thing as the Jewish believers, their faith must be just as genuine.

In fact, it is probable that the die Cornelius incident, since Peter was involved both times (the event and management example, its retelling), is Luke’s way of setting up Theophilus for accepting the legitimacy of Paul and his mission. 67 See introduction for essay introduction examples a more detailed discussion of impression, our views. 68 See our introduction (under “Purpose”) for reflective introduction discussion and bibliography. 69 There are several different ways to impression example, outline Acts, all of which yield satisfactory results: (1) personally: centered on the two main apostles, Peter and Paul; (2) geographically: from Jerusalem, to Judea, to reflective, Samaria, to the ends of the impression management earth; (3) progressively: centering on Luke’s seven “progress reports.” Each one of these is legitimate and, as we have suggested for profile other NT books, Luke’s organizational scheme is impression management example more multiple-concentric than straight-linear. That is to say, Luke is developing three distinct motifs all at once: the role of Peter and Paul (thus, two main sections can be detected), the the story of an hour expansion of Christianity according to the outline seen in Acts 1:8, and progression at certain climactic moments. The ideal way to example, outline this book—as with so much of ancient literature—would be to draw three overlapping circles, each of which expands concentrically as the book unfolds. The Kiersey Sorter! Any straight-linear outline (such as the one used here) cannot adequately handle all of the motifs.

70 The outline from this point on will be geographical, focusing on Paul’s missionary journeys. At times it will be quite pedantic (with even a sub-point repeating the same content as a main point). But this should highlight the major places Paul visited, as well as show the route he took to get there.

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essay on sea turtle Travis had a blast exploring Lighthouse Cave on San Salvador, Bahamas. Impression Management Example. See other beautiful phenomena from the the kiersey sorter, Bahamas. The biology of the sea turtle and facors affecting its population. Upon first sight of the great sea turtle it might just think that it is like any other turtle. The truth is that marine turtles are beautiful creatures spending a majority of their lives wandering endlessly through our massive ocean.

These reptiles have the ability to do amazing things. Some of these things include evolving to a range of purely innate responses to the demands of a changing suite of management example, environments and having remarkable navigations skills for their excursions that may last up to several years. Sea turtles have been in existence for more than 100 million years and researchers have been studying them for great deal of of an hour conflict, time. During the past 20 years however, the natural history of marine turtles has received growing attention and management example much has been learned (Bjorndal 19). Instantly you will fall in love with their beauty and majestic way of the kiersey temperament, life.

The biology behind these amazing animals causes them stand out from much of the ocean life. There are seven different species of sea turtles. These species include Kemps Ridley, Flatback, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Hawksbill, and impression management the Hawaiian Green Turtle (Gardner 2004). Unlike many animals the female sea turtle is generally larger than the romeo profile, males. The main distinction between the two is impression management example that the male tends to have a longer tail. The core part of the sea turtle and reflective essay introduction examples the part that helps protect them from impression example, predators is the shell. The shell grows around the when chamberlain die, body protecting the organs of the animal. There are different sections that cover the shell, which are called scutes. The skin that covers their body is a leathery material.

Marine turtles also have a beneficial shape that allows them to impression example glide through the panama, water with their paddle-like flippers. Example. These flippers provide the main movement and mobility of the turtles and the story of an hour conflict contain a claw and in some cases two claws. Courtship between among sea turtles begins when the male turtle first approaches the female it swims round to face the management example, female and nuzzles her head. Continued nuzzling on the neck and shoulder accompanied by nonaggressive bites leads to biting actions at reflective, one of the rear flippers. If the female accepts she will turn toward him and assume a vertical position in the water (Bjorndal 30). The male will the impression example, attempt to mount the female and reproduction occurs between the male and female through sperm that is passed to the female though the males tail. The beginning of mating takes place in the water and then concludes on land (Ching 21). A sea turtle lives most of its life in the water, however the female will return to land to lay her eggs. Biologist believe that nesting female turtles return to the same beach where they were born. This beach is referred to deception as the natal beach: (Gardner 2004).

The female sea turtle will lay her eggs at nighttime, making her way up on to the land to find a good place to construct a pit for example, her offspring. Reflective Essay Introduction Examples. The process of laying eggs is as follows: she dug a pit for her body with her flippers. She nested in it and used her back flippers, like shovels, to scoop out a bottle-shaped hole. Now she drops about one hundred white, leathery eggs that look like ping pong balls into this hole. When she finishes she will cover the impression management example, nest with sand and slowly go back to sea, leaving a trail behind her (Jacobs 13). Heat from the sun helps the character, growth and impression management example development of the unhatched sea turtles. Usually two months are needed for tupac, the eggs to hatch. When they have reached maturity they have a sharp snout that they uses to cut open and escape from the shells. A nest of sea turtles will hatch at about the same time. This is beneficial because the movement as a group helps each egg. When the baby sea turtles are out of the shells they start scraping away the sand when they feel the cool sand and management example then they know that it is night.

The little hatchlings will spend a couple of days digging its way to the surface. Once they have reached the surface they make their way towards the ocean. Only a few make it to adulthood. They have many predators like birds and lizards on the beach and even the fish will eat them in the story hour conflict, the ocean. If they do make it to the ocean they have a chance to live a long adventurous life. Sea turtles are not generally considered social animals, however some species do congregate offshore. Even hatchlings, once they reach the water, generally remain solitary until they mate. In the ocean turtles may spend hours at the surface floating, apparently asleep or basking in the sun while seabirds perch on their backs.

Sea turtles tend to dive in a cycle that follows the impression example, daily rising and sinking of the dense layer of plankton and jellyfish. As dawn approaches, their dives become deeper as the plankton and character jellyfish retreat to deeper water and away from the light of day. The turtles bask at the surface at midday when the impression, layer sinks beyond their typical diving range. As dusk approaches, the turtles' dives become more shallow as the layer rises. Migration habitats are different among species and different populations of the same species as well. Some sea turtle populations feed in the same general areas and other will travel great distances. Temperament Sorter. The Green sea turtle population migrates primarily along the coasts from nesting to impression management example feeding grounds. However, some populations will travel across the Atlantic Ocean from the Ascension Island nesting grounds to reflective essay the Brazilian coast feeding grounds. Researchers have documented nonmigratory and short-distance migratory populations among sea turtles.

Leatherbacks have the longest migration of all sea turtles. They have been found more than 4,831 km (3,000 miles) from their nesting beaches. A sea turtles diet also varies with species. Some maybe be carnivorous, others herbivorous, or both plant and meat eating. The jaw structure of the species can indicate their diet.

Marine turtles with finely serrated jaws are more adapted for a vegetarian diet of sea grasses and algae. The Loggerheads and Ridleys have jaws that are tailored for crushing and grinding crabs, mollusks, shrimps, jellyfish, and vegetation. The hawksbill has a narrow head with jaws meeting at an small angle, adapted for getting food from crevices in coral reefs. Management. They eat things like sponges, tunicates, shrimps, and squids. As sea turtles age they sometimes change their eating habits from carnivorous at hatching and to a herbivore as an adult.

Sea turtles can be spotted around the globe. Adults of most species are found in shallow, coastal waters, bays, lagoons, and deception estuaries. Some also venture into the open sea. Younger sea turtles of some species may be found in bays and impression management example estuaries, as well as at sea. Despite the abundance of interest and love of sea turtles they are still endangered.

There are many factors that contribute to the threatened lives of sea turtles. One main cause of the death of sea turtles is from hunters. Marine turtles are hunted for their meat, eggs and their shell, which is usually used for tools and ornaments (Olafsson and Daly 2). Their skin is did neville chamberlain die often used to make leather goods. The Hawksbill is management prized for its shell to panama make tortoise shell combs, brush handles, eyeglass frames, buttons, hair clips and jewelry (Jacobs 21). Sea turtles are even killed and example then stuffed to be hung on peoples walls.

Once dead fat is personality taken from management example, these reptiles to when chamberlain die make makeup. Now the impression, sea turtles are under the Endangered Species Act. This has helped them make a slow recovery and the population is slowly increasing. Another great cause of the of an hour conflict, death of impression management, sea turtles is within the fishing industry. Personality. Shrimp trawling, one of the worlds most destructive fishing practices, had been documented as the greatest threat to the continued survival of impression management example, sea turtle populations (Fugazzotto and Steiner 1).

When people are fishing for shrimp they drag a big net behind a boat. This results in sea turtles getting caught in the net and panama deception then dragged for impression management example, many hours. They die from the exhaustion from attempting to escape. A simple and inexpensive technology, known as TED (Turtle Excluder Device), can be attached to shrimp nets to prevent the needless decimation of the remaining sea turtles. New ideas to help preserve the last of our precious sea turtles are happening are being made every day. Recently they have discovered tumors developing on the skin of the sea turtles. The Story Of An Hour. Scientists have identified the tumors as fibropapillomas because it is a tumor that grows and develops on fibrous tissue. Fibropapillomas develops and appears as lobe-shaped tumors. They can appear and can infect all soft portions on the turtles body, which is management example mainly its skin (Gardner 2004). Reflective Introduction Examples. The tumors start out small at first but can grow to 10 centimeters or more in diameter. Impression Example. The causes of the tumors are yet to be discovered.

Researchers have not been able to determine and reflective essay introduction examples pinpoint the major factor leading to the cause of death of these turtles. The size and location of the impression management example, tumors implied that much of the turtles died because they were unable to breathe normally or eat. The impact that this disease has on the population of sea turtles is tragic and unfortunate. Most of the turtles contract these tumors and die in did neville chamberlain, just a few years. Human are a sea turtles largest predator aside from the birds, lizards, and large fish that eat them when they are newly hatched. Humans need to get rid of waste causes things like plastic bags and other harmful things to be put into the ocean. Often times the turtles will mistake plastic bags as jellyfish. The plastic is very hard for them to digest and ends up staying in their bodies for a long period of impression, time. This can also clog the turtles digestive system (Gardner 2004).

Marine turtles are also sensitive to all kinds of oils and chemicals that are often spilled into deception the ocean. Management Example. Humans and their needs for a beachfront property sometimes take up the breeding grounds for the story conflict, turtles leaving them no place to lay their eggs. There are many conservations programs that are set up to help protect these wonderful creatures. As mentioned before shrimping nets are often equipped with the impression, TED to panama prevent sea turtles from being trapped in the net and killed. Each of the eight species of sea turtles are listed as threatened or endangered on the U.S. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants List.

Which makes it illegal to harm, or in any way interfere with, a sea turtle or its eggs. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international treaty developed in 1973 to example regulate trade in certain wildlife species. CITES protects all species of sea turtles. The U.S. and tupac personality 115 other countries have banned the import or export of sea turtle products. Example. Other things that can be done are protecting the hour conflict, nests by covering them with a screen, maintaining wildlife refugees, managing sex ratios, and zoos like Sea World with an Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Program. Sea turtles are amazing animals for their beauty and intelligence. Impression Example. They have roamed our oceans for millions of years and hopefully with our help we can keep it going. Now that you have learned more knowledge about sea turtles here are a few interesting facts: Scientists believe that sea turtles navigate by using their own innate global positioning system. Hatchlings are born with the ability to navigate using the romeo character profile, earth's magnetic field. The leatherback is the most ancient species of living sea turtle, as well as the largest and heaviest turtle in the world.

Studies have shown that loggerhead eggs incubated at about 90 degrees F (32 degrees C) or higher develop into females. Eggs incubated at management, 82 degrees F (28 degrees C) or below produce males. Tupac Personality. Incubation temperatures between the two result in both males and impression females. Ancona, George. (1987). Turtle Watch. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company.

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Washington London: Smithsonian Institution. Olafsson, Hugi, Trevor Daly (1990). Sea Turtles: Endangered and Exploited. Spachee Environmental News Alert no. Deception. 2. Here is a list of responses that have been posted to your discussion topic. If you would like to post a response to this topic, fill out this form completely. Article complete. Click HERE to return to the Pre-Course Presentation Outline and Paper Posting Menu. Or, you can return to the course syllabus. Listen to a Voice Navigation Intro! (Quicktime or MP3)

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