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Nov 12, 2017 Southern Baptist Church Essay, write my essay, paper -

Jimmy Carter s essay on quitting church is

How to Present Your Résumé, Bio Repertoire List. Resumes, biographies and audition repertoire lists are the print materials most commonly requested at Southern Baptist Church auditions and for Young Artist Program application submissions. Clear, well-formatted print materials are extremely effective tools for presenting your voice and mark tauger, your story to audition panels and pre-screening administrators. By contrast, a poorly organized bio or resume can be very confusing and frustrating to read; not only do they make you look unprofessional, they may also make it look as though you have something to hide. When creating and updating your print materials, remember the purpose these materials serve: to present a robust and accurate picture of your training and performance history, your accomplishments, and your artistic focus. List items in a clear chronological order so that the reader understands where youre coming from and how things are now developing for you. List not only what you have done, but also when and where. Baptist Church Essay. List the names of music and opera professionals with whom you have worked who are in a position to styles, provide you with a positive and nuanced reference.

Keep things as simple and factual as possible, especially where your resume is concerned. If you imagine yourself in Baptist Church Essay, the position of the administrator or casting director who will receive and evaluate your materials, you will appreciate the need for , clarity and brevity. They do not have a great deal of time to spend on every bio or resume that passes through their hands and must scan each quickly for relevant information. Southern. While its only natural for you to want people to Essay, be excited by your accomplishments, do not exaggerate or distort information on your resume to Baptist Essay, make it appear more impressive or clutter up your bio with superlatives. Your singing resume should be a single page in length and should include: Your name and contact information. Your Fach. Keep it simple, i.e. Theory. Soprano or Baritone rather than Light Lyric Coloratura Soprano or Dramatic Baritone the roles you have performed will make that distinction for you. Performance experience, including company/location and year.

Awards and competitions. Education and Southern Baptist Church, training. Teachers, coaches, conductors and compared atom as a, directors with whom you have worked. Baptist Essay. Relevant special skills. List all performance and sonnet 141, educational experiences in reverse chronological order (most recent first). The information you present should be representative and recent, not exhaustive; include only as much information as you can clearly present on one page. Format all material with clean columns and Southern Church, tabs. Use a serif font you may choose a different, more stylized font for your name and contact information if you wish, but apply a single serif font for the rest of your content. Mezzo-soprano Cindy Sadler is dedicated to helping singers take ownership of mark tauger, their talent and leadership of their careers. Cindy provides advice and mentoring on Southern Church the business of singing through a monthly Classical Singer column Ask Erda, her Business of Singing seminars and in private consultations. What categories of information belong on learning a singers resume?

In what order s hould they appear? This isnt a simple question! The answer is going to Baptist Church, differ depending on where you are in your career and where youre trying to go. But some things are universal. The first thing to ask yourself when writing a resume is, What kind of work am I trying to get? Your resume should be tailored to that list the experience which is most relevant to of alexandria, that work first.

The second question is, What experience do I have? The third is, How can I organize my experience to show myself in the best possible light? Lets say, for arguments sake, youre a young singer applying for Southern Baptist Essay, a YAP, pay-to-sing, or an audition with an opera company or agent. List all your solo work first, chronologically by year, most recent first. Your first category should be OPERA. Learning Theory. This is a list of all the full roles youve done. You can include anything upcoming at Southern Essay the top of the list, in bold. If you have a few musical theater roles, just lump them in with the opera; if you have a lot, you can always create a separate category for MUSICAL THEATRE. Learning Theory. Next, if (and only if) you have room on your resume, you can list OPERA EXCERPTS. (I hate the Southern Baptist, term partial role it seems self-aggrandizing. Learning Styles. We all know that means you did a scene).

List CONCERT/ORATORIO, which should encompass all solo work you have done on Baptist Church Essay concerts (you can include recitals if you dont have much else to list). As a young artist, its fine to list chorus work on your resume, especially if it was opera and you dont have a lot else to list. But make sure you list CHORUS after all other solo work. After youve listed all your performance credits, you can add categories such as: AWARDS/SCHOLARSHIPS (be judicious, choose only the most impressive. Theres no need to list every honorable mention you ever got). EDUCATION/TRAINING (your degrees, YAPs and other training programs youve done, etc. Please dont list master classes. Singing once for someone for 20 minutes is not a credit. If you did a semester-long workshop, thats a different story).

TEACHERS, COACHES, CONDUCTORS, DIRECTORS - List only the origen of alexandria, most influential teachers and Southern Church Essay, coaches; list all the mark tauger, conductors and directors. Only list people who would give you a nice review if someone were to Southern Essay, contact them as ask about you. Also, dont list a conductor unless you worked with them as a soloist (unless your whole resume is for choral work). If you still have room on the resume, you can list things like LANGUAGES and origen, SPECIAL SKILLS, but these are pretty much filler categories that should exit your resume as soon as you have more performance credits to fill up all the white space! Should I list roles that I have in preparation, or only roles I have performed? I sometimes advise people to list Roles in Preparation or Roles in Repertoire which they have not yet performed.

It depends on the circumstances. Southern. No one is going to look at these and think of it as a credit, but it can show what you are working on and can be useful for reflecting a Fach change or a return to singing after time off. The rule of reference, thumb is dont list them if you dont have to (you can always have a repertoire list on your website with ALL the roles you feel qualified to sing, whether youve had the pleasure or not). Church Essay. Also, if youre going to list Roles in Preparation, list no more than three. I dont believe youre actively working in more than 3 roles at a time, learning all the recitatives and ensembles. Apa Formatted Reference. Just because youve learned the arias doesnt mean youre studying the Southern Church, role. Should I list the teachers I have studied with? Yes, but you only styles theory need to list the most influential and then only if they would say nice things about you if someone were to call them and ask.

Should I list the dates of my performances? I am squarely in the list dates camp. While some administrators and agents wont care, too many will see a red flag if you dont list dates. Theyll think youre trying to hide your age or the fact that its been 15 years since you sang a role. Its better to deal with any issues up front. While were talking about dates please DONT list May 2013 or Fall 2011. The year is plenty of information; the Essay, rest is just clutter. What if I dont have much performance experience yet? Just list all the performance experience you DO have under a single category, PERFORMANCES.

Dont worry about a thin resume just make sure you apply for opportunities that are appropriate for your level of experience and youll be fine. What if there is compared atom a gap in my performance history? Read my article in the November 2014 issue of Southern Baptist Church Essay, Classical Singer Magazine , where I address those issues in detail. Theres no one-size-fits all answer; but I work with many clients with this issue and there are always things you can do. Your biography can be of any length so long as you organize information with the same inverse pyramid style recommended for press releases. Learning. Front-load all of the most important details you want the reader to know about you in the first few sentences, then flesh out those details in subsequent paragraphs beginning with the Baptist, ones most relevant to the organization receiving your bio and ending with the most incidental. Your resume must stick to the facts, but your biography tells your story in narrative form. It is Stories Essay up to Southern Essay, you whether you would like to present a crisp, factual approach or use more poetic language to describe your voice, artistry and accomplishments.

If you prefer a more subjective approach, get advice from people you trust to make sure that this language comes across as authentic rather than exaggerated when possible, let others make those claims for you by incorporating press quotes. Artist management firms post bios for the singers on their rosters, and you can draw ideas and mark tauger, inspiration from their formatting choices. Essay. In baritone Weston Hurts bio, Opus 3 sticks to origen, the facts but features an Southern Baptist Church, admiring quote from a Boston Globe review. Soprano Layla Claires bio on IMGs web site is a much longer, more descriptive narrative, opening with the vocal qualities and repertoire specialties for which she is best known. In crafting your bio, be specific and sparing with superlatives. Laylas bio can accurately include the claim that she has been celebrated as a unique artist with a voice of special color and expressivity because it is supported by the quote from Musical Toronto stating that Her ample, clear, flexible soprano has power as well as grace, with a tone coated in addictive, sweet carmel. Too often, however, I see bios that describe an compared to an atom an atomic, artist as the most sought-after soprano of her generation or the like! Google the phrase sought-after soprano and youll find this phrase in the bios of hundreds of singers. Who is seeking after all these sopranos, and Church Essay, who is keeping tabs so that we can calculate who is the most sought-after one? Non-specific superlatives like this just make it look like youre trying too hard. If you dont have any juicy press quotes yet, thats fine its really okay to reference, let your voice, and the simple facts, speak for themselves.

It is both useful and courteous to provide your audition panel with a printed list of the Southern Church Essay, repertoire you are prepared to offer. Even though they will hear at Vampire Stories most only two or three of your aria selections, the list provides them with an informative snapshot of what you sing best right now. It relieves you of the responsibility to Southern Church Essay, recite a list of arias and the operas from which they are excerpted in several different languages, and it absolves the of alexandria, panel from Baptist Church having to reference, remember what you said. When formatting your repertoire list, include your name, Fach, and contact information. List not only your arias but also the operas they are from and the composers name. Check spelling and capitalization to make sure they are impeccable and Baptist Church, have a couple of trusted friends or mentors proofread your work.

Include all diacritical marks if you dont know how to type these on your keyboard, get some assistance. Learn and apply the capitalization rules for titles of operas in all languages represented: In Italian and French, only the first letter of the title and sonnet 141, proper names should be capitalized; In German, only the first word and all nouns should be capitalized; In English, the first word and then all words except articles, conjugations and prepositions are capitalized. While youre at it, make sure that you have been meticulous with your spelling, diacritical marks and capitalization in your resume and bio as well! As an Artist Manager with IMG Artists, Sam Snook frequently reviews print materials submitted by singers; he also works with the Southern Church Essay, singers on his roster to make their materials as clear, effective and attractive as possible. Here is mark tauger his advice for Southern Baptist Essay, creating and of alexandria, formatting professional quality resumes, bios, and repertoire lists. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to field many resumes, biographies and Southern Baptist, repertoire lists from singers. As an sonnet 141, artist manager, I also have the responsibility of writing and updating biographies for my artists, helping tweak resumes, and advising on audition repertoire. I will provide some bullet points on Southern the salient points for theory, each of these important documents. A resume should be one page. Southern Baptist Essay. If it is longer, please do not shrink the font; it is time to remove some engagements.

In the header, list the reference, usual: Name, voice type, E-mail, phone number, mailing address. I appreciate when singers list their height. Please list your current teacher in addition to important conductors, directors and Southern Essay, coaches in your life. If you are not currently studying with a teacher, list the dates that you last studied, and with whom. If you have a special skill, please think about what is useful to opera. 8 years of hip-hop dance is not relevant to your singing career. Double, triple, quadruple check that the spelling and diacritical marks on sonnet 141 the engagements you have listed are correct. I will spend your audition correcting your resume otherwise. If you are managed, please make that clear. I cannot tell you how many times I have approached an exciting singer, only for Southern Church, them to atom an atomic nucleus, tell me that they have management. Southern Baptist Church. Wear it as a badge of honor; youve earned it! As you endeavor upon compared to an atom as a whole an atomic nucleus, your professional career and have several seasons worth of professional engagements, your biography can play double duty, and you may phase out your resume.

It is most helpful to organize a biography by season, but not to list more than three seasons. Once three seasons have been listed, a new paragraph should be considered along the Southern Baptist Essay, lines of In past seasons, Sam Snook has performed followed by a general list of engagements with no specific dates. Apa Formatted. A sample layout: List engagements in order of Southern Church, prestige within a season, not chronologically. Introductory paragraph 2014/15 Season paragraph 2013/14 Season paragraph 2012/13 Season paragraph Past work paragraph; opera (non-date specific) Past work paragraph; orchestral/recital (non-date specific) Awards and , other professional details List important directors, conductors, productions and Southern Church Essay, colleagues, In the learning styles, 2014/15 season, Sam Snook will debut at the Metropolitan Opera as Pollione in Norma , opposite Monserrat Caballe, in Franco Zeffirellis timeless production, conducted by Baptist Church, Arturo Toscanini. Pepper your biography with critical acclaim. It helps to styles, break up the listing of engagements and lends credence to your career.

When selecting a quote, the same rules apply as when you were high school: stick to scholarly journals; newspapers, magazines, etc. Essay. It might be tempting to use a blog, and some are very good, but they do not provide the gravitas that a professional news agency has. Apa Formatted. If youre not enjoying a full season of work, there is a magic word: highlights; when used, it gives the Southern, reader the mark tauger, impression that you are only choosing to list the most important engagements. Southern Church Essay. Avoid listing your education if you are in your thirties, do not list awards that are more than five years old (and if you were not the winner), and please refrain from Vampire Stories personal details. Baptist. This is a narrative that represents what you have to offer professionally.

List the aria you will start with first. Center justify all of origen, your arias and please list them: Tarquinius Ride from The Rape of Southern Essay, Lucretia by Britten Make the repertoire list header the same as your resume; it looks good and shows consistency. To An. I am equally happy for singers to list arias as they are titled or colloquially, i.e. Ou va la jeune Hindoue? or Bell Song. If you dont want to Church, sing an aria, or havent coached it in a while, take it off your list, because Murphys Law says it will be chosen. There is a lot of emphasis on Vampire Stories having five arias, but four is good, as long as they are contrasting. Tailor your list to show off your best qualities; do not change your repertoire from audition to audition; a skilled casting person will be able to see what role would be good for you within your offerings, regardless of what they are casting.

So I've attached my resume here and am looking for feedback :) After reading this article, I changed a couple of headings and removed Masterclasses from the Teachers/Coaches/Directors/Conductors column - and I added my height as well based on Baptist what Mr. Snook had to say. The big thing I'm struggling with is what I need to list in the Related Skills section. I have been told to list everything that is atom as a presently there, but I'm sure some of Southern Church Essay, it is more important to have listed, and it looks very cluttered! Of course, any other feedback is apa formatted reference welcomed as well. And to contextualize where I'm at Baptist Church Essay for this stage of my career. finishing my MMus at Eastman.

So far, I'm auditioning for Santa Fe Opera and Opera on the Avalon. I've applied to a couple of YAPs and some other summer programs as well. Hi Joel! Your resume is in learning styles theory, pretty good shape! Here is some feedback for Southern Baptist Church Essay, you:

Get rid of the opera composers - we know who wrote Rigoletto . We may not know who wrote El Canguro , so after the title you can just put (von der Nahmer) to clarify (see DSF's resume - he has a number of compared to an whole, contemporary or lesser-known works listed like this). Southern Church. The less stuff there is too look at, the sonnet 141, more easily we can see what is important. Baptist Church Essay. Then you can space the tabs out better so you don't have crowding like we see on apa formatted reference the Marquis de la Force entry. Check your date tabs - they're off in a couple of places. For Concert Oratorio, list the major work first and only list roles when clarification is needed (e.g.

Pilatus). We will assume your role is baritone soloist, and Baptist Church Essay, there should not be a role listed for works like the Peter Maxwell Davies (I do not know the Brottmann but I'm assuming the same is true for that). . For Education, list the institution first, then the Baptist Church Essay, degree + major as a single entry, then the year. Atom An Atomic Nucleus. This may be just my opinion, but with the Baptist Church, exception of your BM major I would remove all references to sonnet 141, your work in Essay, composition and conducting. It is not relevant to your work as an opera singer. Well, obviously it is relevant to you ! but everyone else just needs to evaluate you based on your singing. Likewise, I would mention your skill at piano, violin and euphonium, but get rid of the compared atom, details that make it look like your attention has been divided. Let us think that singing is your singular passion, even if it isn't. Once we get to know you better we'll find out Southern, about these other mad skills of yours. I myself have an compared as a whole, MM in clarinet but I didn't mention that on my vocal performance resume.

Do mention that you speak French well. No need to list the languages you have sung in - we will surmise most of that from your performance experience. Baptist. I suppose you could list something like proficient singing diction in Czech, Russian and Norwegian but I think it's not necessary unless you are auditioning for an opera in one of those languages. If Onegin is on origen of alexandria your aria list we will see that you know how to sing in Russian. So those are my suggestions. However, everything is laid out Church Essay, very clearly here - this is compared as a whole an atomic nucleus already a very well-designed resume!

Permalink Reply by Joel Balzun on October 18, 2014 at Southern Baptist Essay 12:51am. Thanks Claudia - all of those suggestions were extremely helpful! I think my resume looks less cluttered now. and now I have room to to an atom nucleus, add a couple of important notes that I felt were important (world premieres, etc.) - I've uploaded it again, as I want to see what you think of the Baptist Essay, alignment of the Teacher/Coach/Director/Conductor section. and of course anything else you may notice. also, another question. . You mentioned in the article to Baptist, use the same heading style for your repertoire list. on my resume, I have a thumbnail of my headshot. Would I omit that on learning theory my repertoire list? Wow, Joel!

This is fantastic. Everything is so clear. Your resume now does exactly what you need it to Baptist, - present a clear picture of your performance experience and training at a glance. Great job! The only further suggestions I have would be 1. Sonnet 141. don't include Cowtown w/ your degree programs - we can see that you did this festival from your performance history and it isn't on Baptist Church Essay the same level as a BM or MM and 2. Tab the theory, column with your degrees rather than centering them, as this would be more consistent with the Baptist Church, overall layout. Permalink Reply by Courtney Ruckman on October 18, 2014 at 12:29pm.

Thank you for offering to proof read and styles, edit our resumes! I enjoyed reading your article and Baptist Essay, other ones on the musical exchange site. There's so many great resources available now! Hi Courtney looks pretty sharp! Switch to a serif font.

You do not need to state which events are upcoming, even if the compared to an an atomic nucleus, dates do not make that immediately clear. Southern Essay. We just need to see what you're up to, not whether or not you've already completed the compared, assignment. So I'd get rid of those asterisks. Do not capitalize elisir or amore Tweak the Baptist Essay, tabs a little to make things less crowded and balance out the space between columns. The main fix is to make it so that (Barab) does not need to be in a smaller font, but the whole layout will benefit from more even spacing. Put the , name of the Church Essay, competition first and your place in the next column. Consider deleting the bottom two - they were a while ago, they aren't as prominent as many of the mark tauger, others, and this section need not have so much space devoted to it. For training and education, find a way to make your BM stand out. Even though it is Baptist Church Essay earlier than the rest, I'd list it first and then leave a space between it and the other training programs. Name your major (was it voice performance?) Only include those special skills that are applicable to opera performance. For dance, list those forms that are useful and perhaps years of training.

Judo could apply for stage combat, I suppose, but yoga and Vampire Stories, zumba not so much - I'd leave them off. List your instruments. We don't need to know you've recently taken up running, so delete that part. Hope you'll find these suggestions useful - post again when you have decided on any changes! Permalink Reply by Joyce DiDonato on October 18, 2014 at 4:31pm.

Claudia! Thank you for compiling this article. It's hugely helpful. And SAM! Thanks for pitching in! (Go Shockers!) I just wanted to chime in and say that your resume/bio (as well as head shot) is your very first line of attack in securing an Baptist, audition. Treat it as seriously as if you were applying to the top law firm in the country, or for a position at the White House. It will speak volumes about your professionalism and origen of alexandria, your dedication. Southern Baptist. There are a LOT of mark tauger, wonderfully talented singers out there, and if it comes down to a small thing giving you the Essay, edge, let it be this - something you have full control over! Also - my humble $.02? Don't lie. Don't exaggerate.

You will be found out, and people will see through it. Tell the truth, and then let your singing do the origen, convincing. Wishing you guys all the best! Permalink Reply by Claudia Friedlander on Southern Baptist Church October 20, 2014 at 11:56am. Thank you so much for weighing in, Joyce! Now that we are reviewing applications for your master classes, I can enthusiastically confirm that the Essay, content and Church, layout of a singer's resume is indeed of great importance. The video submissions are crucial, but they can only tell us so much about the Vampire Stories, breadth of a singer's experience, repertoire interests, and Southern Church, training. The fiercer the competition, the more important these details become. And yes: never lie or exaggerate on your resume. Our world is so small that you will be found out.

I was once on an evaluation panel and received the resume of a singer who claimed to have been in the cast of the workshop/premiere of a contemporary opera that a student of compared atom an atomic nucleus, mine had participated in, so I knew she hadn't been involved! She must have thought that this was so obscure that no one would know, but boy was she was wrong. We really were only evaluating the Baptist Essay, strength of the applicants' demos, too, so it didn't matter whether or not she had tons of performance experience, but the compared to an atom, fact that she lied took her out of the running immediately. Permalink Reply by Emma Lynn on October 21, 2014 at 12:39am. Thank you so much for offering to do this, this is exactly what I've been looking for! I am at Southern Baptist Essay a much earlier stage in my career than some of the other singers.

I'm currently applying for compared as a an atomic, graduate school and Southern Church, definitely don't have as much professional experience, but I would love your opinion! There are a few areas in compared to an whole an atomic, which I would like specific feedback, the Southern Baptist Church, first being how much information I need to provide about of alexandria concert engagements. If I was hired to sing just a few selections on a bigger program, how should I denote that? I don't want it to appear as thought I'm obfuscating or making engagements look bigger than they are, but I'm afraid of adding too many qualifiers for Baptist Church, fear of compared atom as a an atomic, clutter. Secondly, I have an eyebrow ring, and I have heard various opinions about whether or not I should wear it for head shots and Baptist, auditions. Mark Tauger. Some say, no problem, they can imagine you without it, as much as they can imagine you with a wig on and others say that it's unprofessional. What do you think? Thirdly, I also uploaded two head shots, and I would love your opinion on which you think is Southern Baptist Essay more appropriate (or if they're egregious and I should get different ones. )! I understand that as I get more roles and sonnet 141, more experience I will weed out some of the smaller things currently on my resume, but I would love any feedback as it stands now! Okay Emma!

I will help you organize your resume, but I need you to do some homework for Southern Baptist, me first. To the best of apa formatted reference, your ability, bring the format into alignment with the Southern Baptist Essay, guidelines we have presented here: Keep it to one page. Use a serif font. Get the tabs aligned properly - there are dates and other info scattered all over the page, and they need to appear in neat columns. Post it again, and mark tauger, then we'll go into further detail. And don't worry - it looks like the basic content is all very appropriate.

It just needs to be presented in a way that we can read it quickly and Church Essay, easily. I'm also happy to vote on your head shot, but I request that you repost your options to the head shot discussion so that out other members can read our interaction in context and mark tauger, benefit from it. As regards your eyebrow ring: The general rule for audition presentation and attire is to Southern, make yourself look as flexible as possible so that it is sonnet 141 easy for panelists to envision you as a variety of Southern Church, characters in productions they are casting (and you may not even know what those are). So while you want to look stylish and attractive, to a certain extent you also need to be a neutral screen that they can project things onto. This is mark tauger helpful for you also, because you may have to embody two or three very different characters in the course of Southern Church, your audition, and you want to be able to apa formatted, easily slip in Baptist Church, and out of them - while one of learning theory, those characters might rock an eyebrow ring, probably all of them don't. So do not wear it in auditions. It's important to let your creativity and personality shine through in auditions, but the best way to do that is Baptist with your singing! We will cover issues like this in greater depth in a future post on atom as a whole Audition Preparation Etiquette.

Permalink Reply by Emma Lynn on October 21, 2014 at 12:57pm. I have done some rearranging! Instead of having an Opera column, because I don't have much experience there, I created an Southern Church, Opera Excerpts column so that I don't have to denote which are partial roles. For the Concert section I modeled it after some of the other resumes that have been posted, but I'm still not sure if I'm happy with that area, so I would love any feedback that would make it more clear and concise! I specialize in art song, and apa formatted reference, many of the Southern Church, programs I do are quite varied, so it's not as clear cut as just listing an oratorio and the composer. How do you suggest I present that information? Thank you so much for your help and advice! Permalink Reply by Emma Lynn on October 21, 2014 at 1:04pm. I have done some rearranging!

Instead of having an Opera column, because I don't have much experience there, I created an Opera Excerpts column so that I don't have to apa formatted reference, denote which are partial roles. Baptist. For the apa formatted, Concert section I modeled it after some of the other resumes that have been posted, but I'm still not sure if I'm happy with that area, so I would love any feedback that would make it more clear and concise! I specialize in art song, and many of the programs I do are quite varied, so it's not as clear cut as just listing an oratorio and Church, the composer. How do you suggest I present that information? Thank you so much for your help and atom as a an atomic nucleus, advice! Carnegie Hall Musical Exchange. Connect with other young musicians (ages 13 and up), share your performances and Southern Baptist Church, compositions, and join creative projects led by professional artists from Carnegie Hall.

Digital music workshops produced by Carnegie Hall in partnership with Building Beats are supported by sonnet 141, the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in the New York Community Trust.

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Abortion and Religions Essay Sample. Baptist Essay? The dictionary definition of mark tauger abortion is; the premature termination of a pregnancy that may be induced or spontaneous. An induced abortion is a surgical, pharmaceutical or another medical way of ending a pregnancy . A spontaneous abortion is a natural loss of a fetus, usually before 20 weeks, this is called a miscarriage. In 1967 the Abortion Act was put into Church, place,this did not legalise abortions but rather provided a legal defence for those carrying them out. It also meant that abortions could be carried out under certain conditions. One condition is that the continuance of the sonnet 141 pregnancy would cause more physical or mental problems to the mother than a termination. Also the women#8217;s foreseeable future environment like her home may be take into account. Baptist Church Essay? Abortion is allowed up to twenty-four weeks and is also allowed if there is a risk that when the child is Stories Essay born, it would suffer from physical or mental abnormalities or be seriously handicapped. Southern Baptist? It must be permitted by two doctors unless it is an emergency abortion where it can be decided and carried out by just one. Abortions must also be carried out in a government approved hospital or clinic. Abortion and Religions.

Although abortion is legal it is not accepted among many people Abortion may be seen as murder depending on when people think that life begins. The Roman catholic church believe that a child is formed at the moment of conception therefore abortion is wrong as it is killing a child, that is murder and murder is nucleus wrong. And so if murder is illegal, why isn#8217;t abortion? However they accept that a pregnancy may end as a result of an ectopic pregnancy and Baptist Church therefore double effect, if the women has the child she and the child must die, so an abortion may be the only sane way of making sure no deaths occur a Roman Catholic has an sonnet 141, abortion they are excommunicated from the church. In Genesis (Bible) it says that #8220;life is good#8221;, #8220;do not kill#8221; it talks about consequences, through Adam and Essay Eve#8217;s eating of the apple, and therefore implying that nobody and nothing is perfect. This relates to Stories Essay abortion because if life is good who are you to abort a child#8217;s life and so that if they are born they will not have a good life? To kill is against the 10 commandments, therefore by having an abortion you are killing life or a future life and therefore it is wrong. Consequences of an abortion are rarely thought of due to the thinking of Southern you are doing it for good however it may cause depression as what you have done dawns on you, example of this can be found with the charity #8220;SPUC#8221;, Society for sonnet 141 the Protection of the Southern Unborn Child,#8221;Not a day goes by when I don#8217;t think of of alexandria my lost child.

When I wake up in the morning I know I#8217;ve had an abortion. I would never wish this pain on anybody.#8221; Ruth (American SNM leaflet).The Roman catholic church also look at natural law (Bible). Southern Baptist Church? An example of natural law is that babies are gifts, so why not want a gift? We need to origen pro-create to develop the world. Natural law gives you freedom, with freedom comes sexual control therefore if you don#8217;t want children do not have sex. Also what principles are most important? The principle of Baptist giving life or the principle of killing it for sonnet 141 your own selfish pleasures? Other churches that prohibit abortion are Jehovah#8217;s witnesses and the Evangelical Christian.

Churches that do not prohibit abortion but also do not agree with it are Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches, Orthodox Judaism and Hinduism. These churches believe abortion can only be justified to Baptist Church Essay save the to an as a women#8217;s life. Churches like the Church of England,and Islam think that abortion is sometimes a #8220;necessary evil#8221;, and Southern Baptist Church should not be used for trivial reasons. Buddhism, Sikhism and Quakers believe that there is no written law on abortion, they believe that abortion is a sin as they pregnancy increases but they do allow for origen abortion to be used to protect the health of the women and in other limited circumstances like rape. Humanists and the Methodist Church believe abortion is an individual decision.

They teach that you should have compassion for women as well as reverence for life. They also say you should weigh up the pros and cons of abortion before making any decisions. The Sanctity of Life. The sanctity of life is a religious phrase that refers to Southern Baptist Essay the idea that life is sacred. It debates the moral ideas of abortion, and what makes a person how old do you have to be to be classed as a person?

Christian believe that all life is a gift from God and human life is special and sacred. Men and women are created in the image of God and therefore superior and different to Baptist Essay all other forms of life. Reference? Since we are given domain over all other living things we can shape events like nothing else can. Since we were all made in God#8217;s image , we are all to Essay be nurtured, supported and protected. If a human decides to abort a life, they are rejecting God, and reference this person who is being killed does not get to be nurtured, supported and protected, therefore as well as rejecting God you are denying his will. (The Bible, Psalm 139 verse 13) says #8220;You created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother#8217;s womb#8221;. Christians believe that God alone should determine a person#8217;s moment of conception as well as their moment of death., not us. Methods of Induced Abortion. Suction abortion is when the fetus is dismembered by Southern Church a vacuum machine . This is the most common early abortion technique, it accounts for around 90% of abortions in England and Wales for up to twelve weeks of pregnancy. This technique is promoted as the #8220;safe and early#8221; abortion, however the vast majority are performed on young, healthy women with no medical reason for abortion. Dilation and mark tauger curettage is when the fetus/baby is dismembered with a loop bladed knife called a curette.

This procedure is not that popular because it can leave bits of the body in the uterus and Church so a nurse has to check the dismembered body parts to Essay see if they are all out. Also it can cause haemorrhage#8217;s and sepsis. A third method of induced abortion is salt poisoning. This is when a concentrated salt solution is Baptist Church injected into the amniotic fluid, killing the baby by acute salt poisoning. It takes over an hour to kill the baby and the women has to give birth to the dead child 24 hours later. Also children have been known to survive from this treatment.

There are also pharmaceutical ways of abortion for example the morning after pill. Many people do not see this as an abortion because it is a pill you take for up to learning theory 3 days after having unprotected sex. Development of a fetus in relation to abortion. You can have an abortion up to twenty-four weeks into a pregnancy. Here is Southern Baptist how the baby develops over those weeks to learning styles help decide whether this amount of Essay time is just. On the 21st day of conception the Baptist Church unborn babies heart begins to beat. Days twenty-eight to thirty-two the body takes shape with tiny arms forming, features of the mouth and nose take place and blood flows through the babies veins.

On day thirty-six the eye color develops. On day forty the baby can make their first reflex movements. Baptist? On day forty-four tiny buds of milk teeth appear. Mark Tauger? On day fifty-two spontaneous movement begins. The baby can now yawn, stretch and suck. At eight weeks old the baby is the size of a thumb.

And well proportioned. Church? At nine weeks genitalia become visible. At 10 weeks fingerprints form. Every person has different fingerprints, this means that these fingerprints are unique and if printed could define the fetus, does this make the fetus human or not if only that fetus will have them fingerprints in the whole of the time and universe? At eleven weeks the baby practices breath and can urinate. At this point they can smile. Between twelve and fifteen weeks the baby begins to sonnet 141 swallow, has skin stimulation, makes distinct facial expressions, and nerve cells begin and continue for a month. At four months old the fetus or baby can suck their thumb, and develop sleeping habits. At four and Baptist Essay a half months they can feel pain. At five months you can feel the baby move. At six months you can still abort the baby.

The bay will be staring to hear at this age The child sleeps and wakes, nestling in her favorite positions to sleep, and stretches upon waking up. This is the latest legal abortions can take place. Depending on the circumstance the baby can be aborted later than the 24 weeks, however these causes are very rare. Many people think that the Southern Baptist abortion cut of date is too late, and should be cut down. Compared As A Whole? Some people think this because babies have been born at twenty weeks old and survived and therefore at 24 weeks a baby could survive if born so why should we abort it when it could be born and Baptist given up for sonnet 141 adoption instead of terminating its life or future life. Southern Church? Facts and Figures. One in three pregnancies will end in induced abortion. Women aged 20 to 34 are most likely to have an abortion.

60% of abortions are carried out between 4 to 9 weeks. 63% of abortions are carried out by single women. 95% of legal abortions are carried out due to the pregnancy involving greater risk than if terminated. Over six million children have been aborted. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Abortion and compared to an atom as a whole an atomic Religions. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Church Essay? Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Abortion and Religions. Abortion can be defined as the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb before pregnancy reaches forty weeks (full term). A miscarriage or spontaneous abortion happens naturally; up to#8230; Abortion Is Not an Option. Southern Essay? Should a helpless child die because their parent doesnt want them?

In many cases, a woman will abort because she is not ready, she doesnt want the Stories child for various#8230; Pro-Choice of Southern Church Essay Abortion. I.The term #8220;abortion#8221; actually refers to any premature expulsion of a human fetus, whether naturally spontaneous, as in a miscarriage, or artificially induced, as in a surgical or chemical abortion#8230;. ?Abortion Should Not Be an Option. Sonnet 141? Are women being fully informed of the possible consequences of abortion? A child does not deserve to die because his or her mother or father were irresponsible. Essay? Abortion should not#8230; Pro-life and they believe that abortion is murdering an unborn child.

Abortion is an reference, issue that impacts human society and the world, because of the debate about moral, religious, health#8230; Adoption vs Abortion. Eighty three percent of all pregnancies are #8220;unexpected.#8221; By that I mean the parents were not trying to get pregnant. When experiencing an unexpected pregnancy there are three basic options;#8230;

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Foreign Direct Investment in Russia. Term Paper, 2006. 25 Pages, Grade: A- 1 FDI during the period of transition: a failure or success? 2 Spatial and Southern Church, sector distributions of FDI in sonnet 141 Russia. 3 Factors behind investment performance of Essay, Russia. Foreign direct investment constitutes a highly important part of contemporary world economy. Of Alexandria? Globalization of international economic relations have led to Southern Baptist, the situation in which many countries face the necessity to compete with each other and, thus, to enhance their competitiveness through attraction of foreign capital. FDI in this respect appears to origen of alexandria, be the most desirable option for many economies, as they are more stable than other forms of Southern Baptist, investment. Apa Formatted? For the developing and emerging markets they provide specific opportunities, such as.

- integration into the global economy, - enhancement of the aggregate rate of investment, - transfer of soft technology (management, organization, sourcing and marketing), - development of patterns of networking and Southern Baptist Essay, subcontracting with other firms in the host country [1] . Currently, there is a debate among researches on the relationship between foreign direct investment and crucial economic indicators, such as output growth, accumulation of human capital stock, higher productivity rates, etc. According to the most widespread point of view, inflows of foreign direct investments are deemed to improve economic growth and restructuring of the mark tauger host countries. However, the empirical literature has not proved this opinion, since in many countries with high rate of FDI other economic indicators appear to be worse than in those which accept less inflows. Borensztein found that a positive impact of FDI on growth is observed only in countries with a certain level of accumulated minimum threshold stock of human capital. Blomstorm, on his part, stated that FDI positively influenced growth only in the low quality data countries [2] . Saltz even found that FDI have a negative impact on domestic capital formation. Naurto F. Campos and Yuko Kinoshita argue that the discrepancy between the authors appears to be a result of the fact that the former tended to equate FDI to technology transfer while in most countries and regions of the world FDI encompasses arrangements that goes well beyond pure technology transfer. However, even taking into Southern Essay consideration different results of the studies provided by the authors, it is evident, that some more developed fast growing countries tend to export FDI more than import, while the others, which import more, show very modest achievements in economic growth (the examples are Bolivia and Papua New Guinea with FDI inflows of nearly 2% of GDP) [3] . Sonnet 141? Transition economies, in this respect, can be viewed as a unique case. On the one hand, according to Naurto F. Campos and Yuko Kinoshita, they possess some kind of enabling environment that is lacking in many developing economies, and Southern Baptist Church Essay, thus present an excellent testing ground for the impacts of FDI on growth [4] . On the other hand, all these countries encounter many problems, as they develop in specific environment, characterized by strong influence of the Soviet past. In certain cases distortions, inherited from the past (such as lack of entrepreneurial culture, sluggishness of the origen transformation of legal system, etc.), can slow down, or even eliminate improvements, associated with the Baptist FDI inflows to the country. Generally, it is quite difficult to mark tauger, assess the impact of FDI on the transition economies, as studies like that are lacking.

In Russia it is even harder to find information, which is due to the fact that economic growth was not characteristic to the country for the whole decade. Southern Church? However, the success or failure of FDI within the country is largely attributed to mark tauger, the success or failure of the transition process and vice versa, which means that FDI is obviously interrelated with other economic indicators. The United Nations Economic Survey [5] , for instance, views success of many CEE countries in attracting FDI primarily as a consequence of macroeconomic stabilization. Church? However, while observing the failures with FDI of the CIS countries, it involves such explanatory factors as political instability and unfriendly investment environment, which relate more apparently to the sphere of sonnet 141, decisionmaking. Taking into consideration highly controversial character of the subject, in this paper I will try to find out the factors behind investment performance of the country during the Southern period of transition, and, thus, answer the mark tauger question of why Russia attracted such a small amount of FDI since the beginning of the transition process.

Starting analysis from the Baptist Church Essay observation of foreign investment profile of the country after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, I will then look at major determinants of FDI inflow to the country as well as factors of compared to an atom as a an atomic, their spatial and sectoral distribution within the state. Additional questions will be as follows: Has Russia benefited from foreign direct investments during the transition period? How did various factors (spatial distribution of FDI, reform progress in regions, investment climate, etc.) influence its effectiveness? Answering these questions I will embark on different approaches toward the assessment of the Church FDI effectiveness, and then refer to Essay, the analysis of sectoral and Baptist Church Essay, spatial distribution of FDI within Russia. Trying to origen of alexandria, answer the Southern Church main and additional questions, I will involve some comparisons from other transition economies, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, China. I hypothesize that poor investment climate served as one of the main reasons for both poor investment performance of Russia and capital flight during the transition period.

Thus I suppose that the determinants of bad investment performance and capital flight out from Russia significantly coincide. The paper will largely focus on assessment of the environment for FDI in origen Russia during the period of transition and the contemporary period. It will also raise some questions about the factors that might be strongly discouraging for the enhancement of Southern Baptist, FDI in Russia [6] . 1 FDI during the period of transition: a failure or success? According to available statistics, foreign direct investment in Russia remained relatively low for much of the 1990s, usually less then $ 2 billion per annum. Generally, as many authors observe, investing in Russia proved uncompetitive for foreign investors. Russia attracted $10.3 billion worth of FDI in the period 1994-1999 that is on average $1.7 billion per Vampire Essay, annum. Essay? After the 1998 crisis the FDI even declined [7] . The OECD report states that the cumulative figure for FDI in Russia from 1991 through the end of reference, 2001 represents $18.2 billion, or only Southern Baptist Church Essay 5 percent of domestic fixed capital formation. If compared with other countries these figures appear to be rather small: in China FDI accounted for $46 billion in 2000 alone, in the USA they accounted $200 billion for the year 2001, while global total in 2000 was $1,270 billion. The level of FDI in Russia is also very low relative to other transition countries in the region: on a per capita basis, cumulative FDI in Russia is apa formatted reference 15 %, compared to 84 % for Poland, 118 % for the Czech Republic and $221 for Southern Baptist Essay, Hungary [8] . At the Stories Essay same time Russia appeared to be the leading investor in the CEE region, providing about 75% of the Southern Baptist Church regional outflows.

However, according to Ditlbacher, Fidrmuc, Walter, and many other authors, interest in Russia as a destination for compared to an as a an atomic nucleus, investments has been steadily growing, and in spite of the fact that FDI levels have remained relatively low for much of the Baptist Essay 1990s, usually little over $2 billion per annum, recently the inflows have increased including returning flight capital from Cyprus and elsewhere and there are prospects for higher FDI in Stories Essay future [9] . In 2005 the amount of foreign investments into the Russian economy doubled as compared to the previous year. Contrary to Southern Baptist, the predictions of many Russian officials, net capital that year the styles theory country registered net capital inflow, which meant that inflows outpaced the outflows. FDI jumped from Baptist, $12.8 billion in 2004 to $17.8 in 2005. UNCTAD explains this positive shift primarily by reference, two reasons: high oil prices and Southern Baptist, the appearance of Chinese capital inflows. Other sources, trying to explain such an unpredicted rise of inflow, add to sonnet 141, the reasons the massive borrowing of Baptist Church Essay, Gazprom (over $13,1 billion from a consortium of foreign banks) to of alexandria, purchase Sibneft [10] , the deal, which had a huge effect on statistics, preventing a net inflow from being negative.

However, the growing level of inflows in Essay 2005 significantly coincided with other positive economic indicators in Russia and the rise of FDI throughout the world (in 2005 $ 897 billion, which is 29% higher than during the previous year). illustration not visible in this excerpt. According to origen of alexandria, the UNCTAD data, the Southern Church Essay largest investor in Russia has always been the United States providing a share of 20% of the Russian FDI stock (in 2001 and 2002). Origen Of Alexandria? According to the OECD report, the largest investor in Russia by the end 2000 in cumulative terms was Germany (17,1 percent), the Baptist Church Essay United States (15,6) and Cuprus (14.9 percent). Other large investors to Russian economy are the Netherlands, the UK, and Japan. It is interesting that Cyprus, which has never been a particularly active investor on the world scene (according to UNCTAD (2003) the outward FDI stock of Cyprus was $731 million whereas the reference inward stock was much higher - $4827), during many years provided nearly the Southern Baptist same amount of mark tauger, FDI to Russia, as the United States.

The study of Pelto, Peeter Vahtra and Kari Liuhto shows that by July 2003 the investment stock from Essay, Cyprus to Russia was $ 6 606 million. Of these, $ 4432 million were direct investments, making Cyprus the sonnet 141 main source for FDI to the Russian economy with a 20-% share of the Southern Baptist Church Essay Russian total inward FDI. Thus, during the mark tauger first half of 2003, the FDI stock of Cyprus exceeded that of the USA [11] . The fact that Cyprus has been one of the Baptist Church main investors to the Russian economy for many years, and at the same time one of the of alexandria main destinations of Russian FDI, gives an opportunity to suggest the return of Russian capital. In this respect, the study of Elina Pelto, Peeter Vahtra and Kari Liuhto, suggests that Cypruss FDI that are declared in Russia, are actually not of Cypriot origin, but most likely originate in Russia. This transfer of funds abroad in order to bring them back, partly or wholly, as FDI, and Essay, obtain the tax and other benefits offered to foreign investors is known as a phenomenon of round tripping, that is connected to Russian capital flight. Generally, the share of reference, Cyprus in the Russian inward FDI is strikingly large, considering that Cyprus has a population of only 750000 and does not play active role as a Russian regular trade partner. The phenomenon of round tripping is characteristic not only to Russia, but also to some more developed countries (as, for example, China). However, for Russia, which, unlike China, has been characterized by slow growth of foreign investment, this phenomenon proves to Southern Essay, be particularly harmful.

As it is exemplified in literature, Russian investors tend to diversify themselves through both visible and hidden channels into offshore investments. By the fact, many foreign companies trading with Russia use Cypriot subsidiaries in order to take advantage of the favorable taxation in Cyprus and doubletaxation agreement between Cyprus and Russia. Table 1 The Structure of Accumulated Foreign Direct Investment to Southern Baptist Church Essay, the Russian Economy [12] illustration not visible in this excerpt. The other phenomenon largely influencing Russian economy is investment withdrawal. Many globally operating multinationals have disinvested in manufacturing projects, due to the risks of local environments. Generally, low levels of FDI in Russia, as well outflows of capital and disinvestments are commonly used to illustrate the unsuccessful investment performance of the country during the Baptist period of transition. However, so that to understand whether the FDI story was a success or failure, we must also try to answer the question of whether Russia benefited from foreign direct investments during the transition period, i.e. have those amounts of FDI which Russia received, a success story? If we look at the share of output of foreign owned firms in total output, we will see that it significantly increased during the period of transition (being around 2-3 percent in origen the beginning of the Church 1990s, it has grown up to 6-10 percent).

Figure 2 - Share of Output of compared to an atom as a an atomic nucleus, Foreign Owned Firms in Total Output (%) [13] illustration not visible in this excerpt. While comparing the productivity of Southern Church Essay, foreign and Russian owned firms, Yudaeva K., Kozlov K., Melentieva N. and Ponomareva N. found that the former are more productive than the latter, as they have advantages on access to technologies and better management [14] . Reference? In spite of the fact that involvement of foreign capital had negative effect on firms in apa formatted vertically related industries (hence, negative effect for the suppliers), it was shown that Russian economy benefits from foreign direct investment both directly (by receiving money) and indirectly (through spillovers to domestic firms). Liudmila Bzhilianskaya [15] while observing a case study of foreign direct investments in the Science-Based industries of Russia, also found positive effects of transfer of Baptist Church Essay, management and marketing skills and hard technology. Most studies in the field insist on the positive potential of foreign direct investments in styles Russia. Baptist? However, most arguments are based more on qualitative then quantitative research, and thus can suggest primarily interpretations rather then reliable evidence.

Unfortunately, it is also hard to find studies explaining unsuccessful experience, exemplified by Stories, disinvestments in Russia. If such studies were found, the answer to our question would be clearer. [1] David A. Church? Dyker, Foreign Direct Investment in the Transition Countries: A Global Perspective, in Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer in the Former Soviet Union, ed. By David A. Duker, Edward Elgar 1999. [2] Foreign Direct Investment As Technology Transferred: Some Panel Evidence from The Transition Economies, by sonnet 141, Naurto F. Southern Baptist Church? Campos and learning styles, Yuko Kinoshita, The Manchester School Vol 70 No.3, June 2002, pp. 398-419. [3] Liberalization of capital flows. [4] Foreign Direct Investment As Technology Transferred: Some Panel Evidence from Southern Baptist Essay, The Transition Economies, by Naurto F. Campos and Yuko Kinoshita, The Manchester School Vol 70 No.3, June 2002, pp. 398-419. [5] FDI and the Macroeconomy in Stories Essay the Transition Economies, Background Paper for Special Session on FDI and the Restructuring of the Transition and Emerging Economies, prepared by Economic Analysis Division UN/ECE, December 6-7, 2000 // [6] Following Russian legislation, we can define FDI as purchase of at least 10 percent of shares in a Russian firm.

[7] On the Determinants of Capital Flight from Russia, by Marcella Mulino, in AEJ March 2002, Vol. 30, No. 1. [8] Attracting Foreign Direct Investment For Russias Modernization. Battling against the odds, OECD-Russia Investment Roundtable, June 19, 2002, St. Petersburg, Russia // [9] The Great transformation: Russias Return to the World Economy, Paul Hare, Mark Schaffer, Anna Shabinina, Centre for Economic Reform and Transformation, Heriot-Watt University, January 2004, A report for Media Strategy on Foreign Direct Investment in Russia // [10] Shaun Walker, A Reverse in Baptist Capital Putflow, Russia Profile, Feb 17, 2006 // [11] Cyp-Rus Investment flows to Central and mark tauger, Eastern Europe Russias Direct and Southern, Indirect Investments via Cyprus and CEE, Elina Pelto, Peeter Vahtra, Kari Liuhto, Turun Kauppakorkeakoulu, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute, 2/ 2003 // [12] Pelto E., Vahtra P., Liuhto K., Kauppakorkeakoulu T., Cyp-Rus Investment flows to Central and styles, Eastern Europe Russias Direct and Indirect Investments via Cyprus and CEE. emTurku School of Economics and Business Administration, Electronic Publications of Church, Pan-European Institute, 2/ 2003, p.12/em // [13] Yudaeva K., Kozlov K., Melentieva N., Ponomareva N., Does Foreign Ownership matter?

The Russian Experience, emEconomics of Transition Volume 11 (3) 2003, 383-409, p.389/em // [14] Yudaeva K., Kozlov K., Melentieva N., Ponomareva N., Does Foreign Ownership matter? The Russian Experience, emEconomics of Transition Volume 11 (3) 2003, 383-409, p.389/em // [15] Bzhilianskaya L. Foreign Direct Investment in reference the Sciencebased Industries of Russia, in Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer in Southern the Former Soviet Union, ed. By David A. As A An Atomic? Duker, Edward Elgar 1999. Research Paper (undergraduate), 35Pages. Master's Thesis, 108Pages. Bachelor Thesis, 65Pages. Scientific Essay, 8Pages.

Research Paper (undergraduate), 27Pages. Research Paper (undergraduate), 11Pages. Diploma Thesis, 101Pages. Term Paper (Advanced seminar), 19Pages. - Publication as eBook and book - High royalties for Southern Church, the sales - Completely free - with ISBN - It only takes five minutes! - Every paper finds readers. Research Paper (undergraduate), 35Pages. Master's Thesis, 108Pages. Bachelor Thesis, 65Pages. Scientific Essay, 8Pages. Research Paper (undergraduate), 27Pages. Research Paper (undergraduate), 11Pages.

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